History of KLSU

In 1915, Louisiana State University professors installed a wireless station, laying the groundwork for the campus radio station that would eventually become KLSU.

This exhibit walks through a century of campus radio evolution and draws from newspaper articles, university archives materials, and oral histories-all of which are available through LSU Libraries Special Collections. All oral history interviews from which excerpts were taken are housed with the Williams Center for Oral History and can be accessed through LSU Libraries Special Collections, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For specific citation information regarding each interview, please contact Center staff at http://www.lib.lsu.edu/oralhistory. All other citations for materials are contained within the exhibit.

The digital exhibition was curated by Charlotte Willcox, on staff with the Williams Center for Oral History. Jennifer Abraham , Center Director, was responsible for concept, oversight, and editing. Erin Hess, the Center's Manuscript Processor copy edited text. The listening station interface was designed and installed by Kyle Tanglao, Computer Analyst, who also engineered the audio.

We appreciate the help of many other staff members for their assistance throughout various stages of planning and installation.

T. Harry Williams
Center for Oral History