Mossville History Project


The Imperial Calcasieu Museum, in partnership with the Louisiana State University Libraries T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History and local writer/journalist Bill Shearman, was awarded a grant from Sasol of more than $275,000, to capture, record, preserve and make available the written and oral history of the people and community of Mossville. The over all project's goal is to document, archive, and make available the written and oral history of the people and community of Mossville, Louisiana.

The oral history component of the project, under the direction of the Williams Center's director, Jennifer A. Cramer, includes collections of recorded interviews from Mossville community residents to help preserve the culture and history of this community currently at the crossroads of major changes. The Center will archive these oral histories and make them available to the public. Master copies will be preserved by LSU Libraries, and copies of the collections will be made available at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, the Rigmaiden Recreation Center, and McNeese State University, and accessible through the Louisiana Digital Library. Complete written and oral histories, copies of family photographs, aerial photographs, video and photographs of standing structures and artifacts will be collected and made available for public viewing through the Imperial Calcasieu Museum.

The Center's oral historians are focusing their interviewing efforts around the 1930s-1980s time period to document information not found in the current records. To that end, we are aiming to capture stories relevant to regional culture, traditions, religious establishments, education, social gatherings and events, home remedies and recipes, athletics, politics and any other information that will help in the preservation of Mossville's unique history.