Questions for Dwayne Breashears

Where were you born?
Can you describe the neighborhood you grew up in?
How did it shape your childhood/adolescence?
Who are your parents?
What did they do?
Was your family and home more nuclear or extended?
Did you have any influential family members that perhaps sparked your interest in radio
and music? Did you have a mentor figure in your formative years? Can you describe him or her?
Where did you attend school as a child?
What was your high school experience like?
Did you attend college? Where?
How did you get involved at WWOZ?
How long have you been working at WWOZ?
When did you become Program Director?
What is the role of a Program Director?
What kind of genres does WWOZ play?
How was the station affected by Katrina?
How is radio different than when you started? How has it evolved?
How do you see OZ's place in New Orleans culture?
Can you describe how the Jazz Fest broadcast works? Do you broadcast specifically from the WWOZ tent?
Are interviews from the heritage stage included in the broadcast?
What are the challenges of broadcasting from Jazz Fest?
Are there any changes in Jazz Fest you have noticed since you have been working it?
Can you describe Piano Night?
What is the atmosphere like?
Do you book the artists yourself?