Spell (Viela) Photographs

(Mss. 4633)

Container List

Dates: [ca. 1910-1940]

Box 1, folder 1
A.    Negatives
A.1.    Women in field (center person possibly a man?)
A.2.    Women with man in hat
A.3.    Woman in front of tree
A.4.    Woman wearing hat, standing
A.5.    Woman working
A.6.    Men working
A.7.    Men working and children
A.8.    Woman with hat
A.9.    Woman with hat
A.10.   Women on porch
A.11.   Woman sitting on tree branch
A.12.   Men working
A.13.   Woman standing
A.14.   Man on horse-drawn cart

Box 1, folder 2
B.  Original and copy negatives
B.1.    Three women, two men before house
B.2.    Men working
B.3.    Men working
B.4.    Man and woman seated in horse-drawn buggy
B.5.    Group, men
B.6.    Woman with flowers and man
B.7.    Woman with flowers and man
B.8.    Woman and two men sitting on stairs
B.9.    Three women, one man (?), eating watermelon?
B.10.   Woman in front of automobile
B.11.   Man sitting, woman standing
B.12.   Man and woman in front of automobile
B.13.   Man in front of automobile
B.14.   Old woman sitting

Box 1, folder 3
C.  Negatives: Women (singular), Couples, and Groups, etc.
C.1.    Two women, one man in front of automobile
C.2.    Seven women, outside
C.3.    Woman in tree
C.4.    Three women and photographer's shadow
C.5.    Four women and palm
C.6.    Two women standing, seashore
C.7.    Woman, graduation, 6/4/36
C.8.    Woman, graduation, 6/4/36
C.9.    Woman, outside
C.10.   Four women standing before large palm
C.11.   Woman seated on horse, two women standing
C.12.   Woman standing by automobile
C.13.   Woman standing in front of automobile
C.14.   Woman on horseback
C.15.   Two women (?) driving tractor
C.16.   Woman standing, outside
C.17.   Woman standing, outside
C.18.   Woman standing by automobile in front of house
C.19.   Four women playing string instruments
C.20.   Couple standing, outside
C.21.   Group shot, outside
C.22.   Two women standing on tree limbs
C.23.   Woman in front of house
C.24.   Group shot, outside
C.25.   Group shot, outside
C.26a.  Two woman, outside
C.26b.  Woman standing
C.27.   Woman and automobile
C.28.   Woman standing in front of palm
C.29.   Woman standing, outside
C.30.   Woman standing, outside
C.31.   Horse and two people
C.32.   Woman standing in front of house
C.33.   On horseback, group shot
C.34.   Three women, outside
C.35.   Four women, automobiles and palm
C.36.   Six women, outside
C.37.   Four women, outside
C.38.   Two women, outside
C.39.   Two women, outside
C.40.   Three women, with string instruments, outside
C.41.   Four women, with string instruments, outside

Box 1, folder 4
D.  Negatives: Men (singular) and Couples
D.1.   Two men in front of automobile
D.2.   Military man in front of automobile
D.3.   Man with foot resting on running board
D.4.   Man with truck marked, "Spell...Crowley..."
D.5.   Man, outside
D.6.   Man and dog, outside
D.7.   Man, outside
D.8.   Two men in hats, outside
D.9.   Man outside, head shot

Box 1, folder 5
E.  Negatives: Women and Men, Group Portraits
E.1.   Two women, outside
E.2.   Woman, outside
E.3.   Woman sewing
E.4.   Group shot in front of house
E.5.   Group shot, with children, on porch steps
E.6.   Group shop, outside
E.7.   Couple and child seated on porch steps
E.8.   Group shot, with children
E.9.   Group shot
E.10.  Group shot, eating watermelons (?)
E.11.  Group shot, eating watermelons (?)
E.12.  Group shot by automobile
E.13.  Group shot on porch steps with horse head
E.14.  Three children with dolls, outside
E.15.  Group shot, outside
E.16.  Group on porch steps with horse head
E.17.  Couple, with tennis rackets
E.18.  Automobile and group
E.19.  Man with children on porch steps

Box 1, folder 6
F.  Negatives: Children, Adults, and Groups
F.1a.  Girl on porch
F.1b.  Close-up of girl on porch
F.2.   Woman and girl
F.3.   Elderly woman and girl in dining room
F.4.   Woman holding baby girl
F.5.   Woman seated with two children
F.6.   Child, standing
F.7.   Tow girls on downed tree
F.8.   Baby on lawn chair
F.9.   Woman with young girl
F.10.  Child on tricycle
F.11.  Man reclining with child
F.12.  Child on rocking horse
F.13.  Child by rocking chair
F.14.  Woman holding child
F.15.  Woman seated and child standing, on porch
F.16.  Woman and child in rocking chair, on porch
F.17.  Chair with dog on chair, outside
F.18.  Child standing, outside
F.19.  Child posing, outside
F.20.  Two women, outside
F.21.  Three children in coats
F.22.  Children, group shot
F.23.  Girl, outside
F.24.  Man seated and girl standing on porch steps
F.25.  Group shot
F.26.  Two children with bike
F.27.  Two children with cow
F.28.  Child at wooden gate
F.29.  Child with calf
F.30.  Man, woman, and girl
F.31.  Couple
F.32.  Two women
F.33.  Couple
F.34.  Elderly couple
F.35.  Couple in front of automobile
F.36.  Couple
F.37.  Two women
F.38.  Elderly couple, outside
F.39.  Couple, outside

Box 2, folder 1
G.  Negatives: Agriculture and Industry
G.1.   "Spell Bros., Crowley, LA" truck
G.2.   Men in field with equipment
G.3.   Industrial equipment
G.4.   Man and livestock
G.5.   Men and farm equipment
G.6.   "Spell Bros."truck and industrial equipment
G.7.   Group and livestock
G.8.   Men in field
G.9.   Men with fish
G.10.  Men at industrial site (2 negatives)
G.11.  Man on tractor
G.12.  Men and farming equipment
G.13.  Man and child on horse
G.14.  Man on horse
G.15.  Woman, girl, and doll in field
G.16.  Group with dead pig
G.17.  Horse-drawn farming equipment
G.18.  Horse-drawn tiller and man on horseback
G.19.  Men and horse-drawn tiller
G.20.  Men on horses
G.21.  Men, hunting dog, and the kill
G.22.  Men, tractors, and equipment
G.23.  Dog, livestock, and individual
G.24.  Spell Bros. truck and industrial equipment
G.25.  Industrial site
G.26.  Industrial equipment
G.27.  Spell Bros. truck at industrial site
G.28.  Boy on horseback
G.29.  Spell Bros. truck and equipment
G.30.  Field
G.31.  Two men at industrial site
G.32.  Men and industrial equipment
G.33.  Man and industrial equipment
G.34.  Men at industrial site
G.35.  Men at industrial site
G.36.  Men at industrial site
G.37.  Man in front of industrial equipment

Box 2, folder 2
H.  Negatives:  Duplicate Prints
H.1.   Man in hat
H.2.   Men and farm equipment
H.3.   Group shot
H.4.   Group shot, field
H.5.   Military man
H.6.   Man with automobile
H.7.   Field and workers
H.8.   Elderly woman seated, outside
H.9.   Horse-drawn equipment
H.10.  Couple with tennis rackets
H.11.  Couple with automobile
H.12.  Woman and child on porch
H.13.  Man and horse-drawn cart
H.14.  Woman hanging the wash
H.15.  Men and farm equipment, one child
H.16.  Men working, farm
H.17.  Two women on tractor
H.18.  Woman on horseback
H.19.  Two women, posed
H.20.  Woman and automobile
H.21.  Four women, outside
H.22.  Woman, outside
H.23.  Two women in tree
H.24.  Woman before house and tree
H.25.  Woman on horseback
H.26.  Four women, outside
H.27.  Young girl with hand on head
H.28.  Two women in tree
H.29.  Two men and one woman on front porch steps
H.30.  Men working in field
H.31.  Men working in field
H.32.  Two children with cow and dog
H.33.  Four women on sidewalk