University Archives Digital Collections

The materials in the digital collection provide a rich look into Louisiana State University’s past. They include photographs of buildings, the campuses, students and student life, athletic teams, band, faculty and administrators, clubs, departments, classes, laboratories and printed materials such as campus maps and plans as well as programs from anniversaries and commemorations.

University Archives Photograph Collection

The LSU University Archives Photograph Collection consists of images dating from 1862 through 1936, focusing primarily on the period from 1885 to 1925. These include athletics (football, baseball, tennis, track and field, fencing, basketball, and playing fields) from 1894 to 1936 classes and classrooms (biology, bookkeeping, chemistry, entomology, zoology, veterinary science, English, drafting, civil engineering) from c. 1890 to 1936, graduating classes from 1871 to 1906, individual students and student groups from 1862 to 1918, faculty and administrators from 1860 to 1916, the Audubon Sugar School from 1887 to 1907, cadet life (drill, cadet bands, rifle and artillery firing) from 1890 to 1916, and the campus buildings and grounds (downtown campus) from 1887 to 1925.

LSU University Archives Printed Materials Collection

The LSU University Archives Printed Materials Collection consists of programs commemorating campus events (1910-1976), promotional brochures (1936, 1959), maps of campus (1895-1958), and sheet music entitled L.S.U. Semi-Centennial Waltz composed for LSU’s fiftieth anniversary in 1910. Commemorative programs include Jubilee Banquet Tendered the Officers and Guests at the Celebration of the Semi-Centennial of Louisiana State University (1910), Dedication Exercises of the New Campus and Buildings (1926), LSU at Mid-Century (1950), Program Commemorating Fifty years of Coeducation at Louisiana State University 1906-1956, Centennial programs for the dedication of the new LSU Library (1959) and a symposium on public education in Louisiana (1960), and April 30th at LSU: A Bicentennial Convocation Observing the 50th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Present Campus (1976). Promotional brochures consist of Louisiana State University Views and Activities 1936 and This Is LSU (1959). Campus maps include plans of the downtown campus (1895-1908), topographical map of Williams Plantation (1920), Map Showing Campus Property of Louisiana State University (1940), maps of the quadrangle (c. 1936, 1975), planimetric (shows horizontal features without regard for topography) map of campus (1958), and a topographical survey of the Mississippi River created by the LSU Department of Civil Engineering in 1909.

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