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Retention Policies and Tools for Transferring Records

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Policies for Transferring Records

All records designated for transfer to the University Archives must be transferred upon completion of the administrative value of the records series as specified in the Records Retention and Disposal Schedule. Records series to be transferred to the University Archives will be shown on the schedule provided by the University Archives.

Please follow the following procedures:

  1. Remove records from file cabinets and place file folder in the boxes in the same order as they were arranged in the file cabinets. Leave records in their original folders. Although folders should not be written on at this time, any writing already on them should not be erased or crossed out.
  2. When possible place each records series in its own individual box. If a records series is too small to fill a box, more than one records series can be placed in a single box with a sheet of paper inserted to separate the individual series.
  3. Pack boxes in such a way as to allow easy removal and return of files. Folders should stand upright unless there are not enough files to fill the box, in which case they may be stacked flat. Do not stuff boxes or lay additional folder on top of folders standing upright.
  4. Label boxes clearly in the lower left hand corner. Include the office name, records series title, beginning and end dates, and sequential box number (1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.).
  5. Contact the University Archives to arrange transfer at a mutually convenient time. Please provide the number of boxes to be transferred.
  6. When possible, University Archives personnel will be available to help with the physical transfer of the records. The records are, however, the responsibility of the office of origin until such time as the transfer is complete.