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Civil War Manuscript Collections in the
LSU Libraries' Special Collections

The LSU Libraries' manuscript and archival materials pertaining to the Civil War are held in the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections (LLMVC). We recommend that you visit the LLMVC webpages and familiarize yourself with the collection if you are interested in using these materials for research.

Staff have prepared a number of subject guides that bring together brief information about our manuscript and archival holdings on various geographic areas, topics (such as business, transportation, politics), specific groups, and particular languages. Among these subject guides is one focused on the Civil War: Manuscript Resources on the Civil War in the Lower Mississippi Valley. A subject guide on Manuscript Resources on the History of New Orleans in the Civil War is also available.

In addition to textual manuscript materials, LLMVC includes many historic photographs, some dating from the Civil War. A selection of these can be seen online via LOUISiana Digital Library: Civil War Photography Album.