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      The Life and Times of Andrew D. Lytle
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The Family Lytle: Faces to the Light

Ethel Lytle
Ethel Lytle

        A.D. and Mary Ann Lundy Lytle, married on June 20th, 1855, lost their first child during his second year and their second child during his sixth year. Their third child, Howard, lived into adulthood, as did their fourth and last child, Ethel (left).

        Mary Lytle, the daughter of a Cincinnati pen maker, met and married A.D. in Ohio. In the early years of their married life A.D., working as an itinerant photographer, would leave for extended tours in other states. Mary lived with A.D. in Baton Rouge from at least 1860 until 1898 when she died at 62 years of age.

        Howard Lytle married Lillie Dickenson on January 1871. Their eldest child, Andrew David Lytle, Jr., died in 1911. Their second and last child, Mamie Sue Lytle, lived into maturity.

        Ethel Lytle married Don B. Hearin, a levee contractor. Their three children, Lytle Don Hearin, Ethel Hearin, and Don Bussy Hearin, lived to adulthood.

        The five images below give us a chance, at least to some small degree, to see the extended family of Andrew and Mary Lytle. Most of the family members in these pictures played many roles in the social life of Baton Rouge at the close of the 19th century. Other images in this web exhibition include other members of the family.

Mary Ann Lundy Lytle
Mary Ann Lundy Lytle

Lillie Dickenson Lytle
Lillie Dickenson Lytle

Ethel and Son, Lytle Don Hearin
Ethel and Son,
Lytle Don Hearin

Howard Lytle
Howard Lytle

Don B. Herrin
Don B. Hearin

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