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      The Life and Times of Andrew D. Lytle
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Andrew D. Lytle's Photo Gallery

This page presents a very small part of the work of
Andrew D. Lytle, Baton Rouge Photographer (1858-1917).

1. Early Baton Rouge and the Civil War
Baton Rouge: Main Street North and Lafayette Streets Aerial View, Baton Rouge Union Naval Officers Union Soldier Confederate Governor Henry Watkins Allen Mortar Schooner Federal Ram, The Defender US Navy Gunboat Union Ironclad, USS Choctaw First Indiana Heavy Artillery Federal Encampment Federal Occupation National Cemetery

2. Baton Rouge at Peace
Baton Rouge: Aerial View Baton Rouge: Aerial View Third Street Near Main Water Works Company and Old State Capitol

3. The Importance of Agriculture
Sugar Cane Production Sugar Cane Production Baton Rouge Sugar Company Refinery Paddle Steamer: Hallette Paddle Steamer: America Paddle Steamer: ERA No. 10 Paddle Steamer: Wm. Garig Paddle Steamer: Fred A. Blanks Paddle Steamer: Natchez

4. Troubled Times
Grounded Paddle Steamer Grounded Paddle Steamer Baton Rouge: Main Street Fort Vigilant, Yellow Fever Quarantine Camp Fort Vigilant, Yellow Fever Quarantine Camp

5. Good Times
Turkish Bazaar Parade Float, Pike's Row Parade, Pike's Row Parade Parade Float Firemen's Parade Firemen's Parade Firemen's Parade Burlesque Baseball Team

6. Progress
Sewer Line Construction Levee Construction Louisiana State Penitentiary: Kleinpeter Camp Horse Cars Baton Rouge Street Railway Railroad Track Railroad Track Railroad Track

7. Nature
Riverscape Amite River Bayou Teche Boy Fishing Cypress Tree

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