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Finding aids are descriptions of archival collections.  Among other elements, they typically provide biographical or historical information about the creator(s), details about what types of materials are found in a collection and what topics they are “about,” and a list of boxes and folders to help you identify what you want to request.   The list of collections below includes links to our finding aids that are available in electronic form.  Please note that some finding aids are currently only available in paper form in the library.


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Finding Aids & Inventories to Manuscripts Collections


Acadia Plantation Records (Mss. 4906) Inventory
Acadian Handicraft Project Records (Mss. 1880) Inventory
Actors and Musicians Photographs (Mss. 2116) Inventory
Acy (William) Papers (Mss. 717, 722) Inventory
Adams (Israel L. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3637) Inventory
Affleck (Thomas) Papers (Mss. 3, 4, 1263, 1264) Inventory
Alexander (William H.) Papers (Mss. 4456) Container List
Allen (William M.) Correspondence (Mss. 701, 2287) Inventory
Allendale Plantation Records (Mss. 3824) Inventory
Amacker (Obadiah Pearson and Family) Papers (Mss. 1604) Inventory
American Psychological Association Division 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Records (Mss. 4745) Inventory
Anderson (Dupuy H.) Papers (Mss. 5114) Inventory
Anderson (John Q.) Papers (Mss. 2156, 2162) Inventory
Andrews (James M.) Papers (Mss. 861) Inventory
Andry (Michel T. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1318) Inventory
Arbour (Sidney V., Jr.) Family Papers (Mss. 5075) Inventory
Arceneaux (William) Papers (Mss. 4107) Inventory
Army Corp of Engineers river snagboat C. R. Suter photographs, ca. 1885 (Mss. 4966) Inventory
Aswell (James B.) Papers (Mss. 1408) Inventory
Audubon (John James) Drawings and Proofs (Mss. 5160) Inventory
Avault (James W., Jr.) Papers (Mss. 2271, 2334, 2434) Inventory
Bacon (Edmund) Letters (Mss. 2178) Inventory
Badin (Norbert) Papers (Mss. 825) Inventory
Badley Family Papers (Mss. 3062) Inventory
Bagwell (Gary) Letters (Mss. 3279) Inventory
Bagwell (Harrison G.) Collection (Mss. 2840) Inventory
Baines (Henry) Papers (Mss. 1209) Inventory
Baldwin and Co. Records (Mss. 4597) Inventory
Banes (Alexander and Nannie I.) Family Papers (Mss. 4392) Inventory
Banks (Nathaniel P.) Letterpress Copybook (Mss. 2326) Inventory
Bankston (Jesse) Papers (Mss. 5078) Inventory
Barel (Leona Queyrouze) Papers (Mss. 1204, 1222, 1278, 1314, 1323, 1335) Inventory
Barksdale (Eugene) LSU Photograph Collection (Mss. 4990) Inventory
Barron (Charles) Letters (Mss. 1221, 1248, 1272, 1334) Inventory
Barrow (Abram F. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3696, 3745) Inventory
Barth (William) Papers (Mss. 4421) Inventory
Bass-Farrar Family Papers (Mss. 4907) Inventory
Batchelor (Albert A.) Papers (Mss. 919) Inventory
Batchelor Family Papers (Mss. 1293) Inventory
Baton Rouge Audubon Society Records (Mss. 4133) Container List
Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations Records (Mss. 4813) Inventory
Baton Rouge Funeral Notices (Mss. 643) Inventory
Baughman Family Collection (Mss. 1852, 1981) Inventory
Baxter (Robert G.) Papers (Mss. 1819) Inventory
Beauford (Gertrude M.) Papers (Mss. 4380) Inventory
Bechtold (John Adam) Photographs (Mss. 5175) Inventory
Bell (James T.) Letter (Mss. 3453) Inventory
Bell (William R.) Papers (Mss. 2117, 2118) Inventory
Bennett (George) Account Books and Papers (Mss. 1010) Inventory
Bernard (A. M.) Family Papers (Mss. 2830) Inventory
Bertrand (Alvin Lee) Papers (Mss. 4787) Inventory
Betts (Ephraim) Diaries (Mss. 3433) Inventory
Bills (John H.) Family Papers (Mss. 2075) Inventory
Binning (Wayne) Collection (Mss. 2043) Inventory
Birge (N.A.) Papers (Mss. 918, 1036) Inventory
Bisland (John and Family) Papers (Mss. 29) Inventory
Blackburn (J.) Letter (Mss. 3326) Inventory
Blanche (Alexander) Papers (Mss. 3342) Inventory
Bond (Priscilla Munnikhuysen) Papers (Mss. 2155) Inventory
Boney (Richard Kinsey) Papers and Diaries (Mss. 3041) Inventory
Bonnecaze (Leon) Papers (Mss. 5074) Inventory
Boothby (Charles W.) Papers (Mss. 4847) Inventory
Bordelon (Leonce P.) Diaries (Mss. 4952) Inventory
Bosch (Charles W.) Papers (Mss. 4731) Inventory
Bosley (Hubbard S.) Papers (Mss. 963) Inventory
Boucry Family Papers (Mss. 790) Inventory
Boudreaux (Maximilien E. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1099) Inventory
Bowers (Laura Boddie Jones) Papers (Mss. 3546) Inventory
Bowman (James P. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1372, 1382) Inventory
Bowman-Turnbull Family Papers (Mss. 5059) Inventory
Boyd (Leroy S.) Papers (Mss. 99) Inventory
Boyd (Thomas J.) Papers (Mss.99) Inventory
Boyer (Mrs. Albert P.) Record Books (Mss. 1258) Inventory
Braden (Waldo W.) Papers (Mss. 3352) Inventory
Bradley (James E.) Family Papers (Mss. 1259) Inventory
Breaux (John B.) Papers (Mss. 4922) Inventory
Breazeale (Nita Sims and Family) Papers (Mss. 2442) Inventory
Brent (Joseph L.) Papers (Mss. 1477, 1822) Inventory
Brickell (D. Warren) Papers (Mss. 1430) Inventory
Bridges (Tyler) Papers (Mss. 4899) Inventory
Bringier (Louis A. and Family) Papers (Mss. 43, 139, 544) Inventory
British Museum Map Collection (Mss. 3200) Inventory
Britton (Audley Clark and Family) Papers (Mss. 1403) Inventory
Brooks (Overton) Papers (Mss. 2492, 2520) Inventory
Brooks Read Brer Rabbit Collection (Mss.4476) Inventory
Brouard (Brother Arsene) Papers (Mss. 3568) Inventory
Brown (Harry Bates, Sr.) Family Papers (Mss. 2530) Inventory
Brown (James) Papers (Mss. 44) Inventory
Brown (Sarah Goodwin) Collection (Mss. 1573, 1986) Inventory
Brown (Sarah Goodwin) Scrapbooks (Mss. 2333) Inventory
Brownell Land Company Records (Mss. 5112) Inventory
Bruce, Seddon and Wilkins Plantation Records (Mss. 2668) Inventory
Brunot (James) Family Papers (Mss. 1242) Inventory
Buck-Ellis Family Papers (Mss. 4820) Inventory
Buhler (John Robert) Papers (Mss. 1311) Inventory
Buhler (Mary Edith) Papers (Mss. 1192, 1210, 1333) Inventory
Buhler Family Papers (Mss. 1192, 1210, 1238, 1311, 1333) Inventory
Burden (Ione and Family) Papers (Mss. 3063) Inventory
Burguieres (Jules M., Jr.) Papers (Mss. 1927, 2026, 2134, 2264, 2525) Inventory
Burke (E. A.) Papers (Mss. 547, 620, 641, 893, 1226) Inventory
Burnham (B.) Letters (Mss. 3443) Inventory
Burruss (John C.) Family Papers (Mss. 1209) Inventory
Burrwood (La.) and Southwest Pass Jetties Construction Photographs (Mss. 5068)
Butler (Anna and Sarah) Correspondence (Mss. 581) Inventory
Butler (Edward and Family) Papers (Mss. 4315) Inventory
Butler (Richard) Papers (Mss. 1000) Inventory
Butler (Robert O.) Papers (Mss. 1068) Inventory
Butler (Thomas and Family) Papers (Mss. 2850) Inventory
Butler (Thomas and Family) Photographs and Plantation Journal (Mss. 4347) Inventory
Butler (Thomas W.) Papers (Mss. 888) Inventory
Butler Family Papers (Mss 1026) Inventory
Bynum Family Papers (Mss. 3104, 3174) Inventory
Cable (James B.) Papers (Mss. 1765) Inventory
Caffery (Donelson and Family) Papers (Mss. 1865) Inventory
Calcasieu League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN) Records (Mss. 4799)
Cale (John G.) Papers (Mss. 2304) Inventory
Campbell (Zoe J.) Diaries (Mss. 1274) Inventory
Cannon (Andrew and Family) Papers (Mss. 4979) Inventory
Capell (Eli J.) Family Papers (Mss. 674) Inventory
Capell Family Papers (Mss. 56, 257, 1751, 2501, 2597) Inventory
Carey (Cora E. and Family) Papers (Mss. 2987) Inventory
Carleton (Mark T.) Papers (Mss. 4644) Inventory
Carmouche (Annie Jeter) Papers (Mss. 2878) Inventory
Carnegie (S. Steve) Papers (Mss. 2531) Inventory
Carpenter (George H.) Family Papers (Mss. 2317) Inventory
Carrigan (Jo Ann) Collection (Mss. 2455) Inventory
Carroll (Daniel R.) Family Papers (Mss. 1514, 2296) Inventory
Carrollton Centennial Exhibit Collection (Mss. 1623) Inventory
Cartwright (Samuel A. and Family) Papers (Mss. 2471, 2499) Inventory
Cary (Sylvester L.) Scrapbook (Mss. 2337) Inventory
Casey (Powell A.) Collection (Mss. 1732, 2540, 2712) Inventory
Cazayoux Family Papers (Mss. 4827) Inventory
Chaffraix (Mrs. D. A.) Papers (Mss. 1249, 1258) Inventory
Chambers (Rowland) Diaries (Mss. 839) Inventory
Chambon (Celestin Marius) Papers (Mss. 2047) Inventory
Chase (John C.) Cartoons (Mss. 1414) Inventory
Chatsworth Plantation Store Records (Mss. 4589) Inventory
Chelette (Atala and Family) Papers (Mss. 979) Inventory
Chenel (Louis E.) Family Papers (Mss. 4631) Container List
Chennault (Lt. General Claire Lee) Family Papers (Mss. 3042) Inventory
Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park Commission: Louisiana Commission Photographs (Mss. 4504) Inventory
Chol (Emmanuel) Papers (Mss. 1780, 1906) Inventory
Civil War Letters (Mss. 983) Inventory
Civil War Photograph Album (Mss. 2572) Inventory
Claiborne (William C. C.) Letters and Depositions (Mss. 5018) Inventory
Clark (Charles) Family Papers (Mss. 3982) Inventory
Clark (Daisy Kidd) Papers (Mss. 3304, 3905) Inventory
Clark (Gladys) Papers (Mss. 4953) Inventory
Clarke (Powhatan) Diary (Mss. 893) Inventory
Clary (Hiram T.) Papers (Mss. 361) Inventory
Clay (Henry) Letter (Mss. 3452) Inventory
Clement (George) Papers (Mss. 1148) Inventory
Clifton (Christopher) Papers (Mss. 3022) Inventory
Close (John) Papers (Mss. 1646) Inventory
Coates (Charles E. and Ollie Maurin) Family Papers (Mss. 3579) Inventory
Cochran (Louis) Papers (Mss. 4482) Inventory
Cockfield (E.J. and Family) Papers (Mss. 989) Inventory
Cohn (Isidore) Papers (Mss. 3425) Inventory
Cohn (Margie deBretton and Family) Papers (Mss. 4472) Inventory
Common Cause Louisiana Records (Mss. 4469) Inventory
Conner (Lemuel P. and Family) Papers (Mss. 81, 1403, 1431, 1475, 1551, 1595, 1710, 1793, 1859, 1934, 1999) Inventory
Conrad (Archelus M.) Papers (Mss. 4126) Inventory
Constantinides (Dinos) Papers (Mss. 4613) Inventory
Coody (Archibald Stinson) Papers (Mss. 2446) Inventory
Corbin (Robert A.) Papers (Mss. 705) Inventory
Cottingham (Claybrook C.) Papers (Mss. 2686) Inventory
Cotton (William Davis) Family Papers (Mss. 4780) Inventory
Crosby (Dixie Hammond) Family Papers (Mss. 4805) Inventory
Cuny (Benjamin Philip) Family Papers (Mss. 4246) Inventory
Daigle (Isadore) Family Papers (Mss. 4041) Inventory
Daniels (Josephus) Letters (Mss. 2389) Inventory
Dart (Elisabeth K.) Collection (Mss. 5023) Inventory
Davidson (John M.) Legal Papers (Mss. 1472) Inventory
Davis (Don) Slide Collection (Mss. 4896) Inventory
Davis (E. F.) Papers (Mss. 4312) Inventory
Day (Anita G.) Digital Prints (Mss. 4993) Inventory
de Caro (Francis A. and Rosan A. Jordan) Collection (Mss. 3197, 4089, 4164) Inventory
De La Houssaye (Sidonie) (Mss. 105) Inventory
De La Vergne (Charles E.) Memorial Collection (Mss. 2642) Inventory
De Lapouyade (Robert) Collection (Mss. 1011, 1040, 2629) Inventory
DeClouet (Alexander E. and Family) Papers (Mss. 74, 258, 461, 756) Inventory
Delsarte (Francois) Papers (Mss. 1301) Inventory
Democratic State Central Committee of Louisiana Papers (Mss. 3760) Inventory
Desmond (John) Papers (Mss. 4792)
Devall-Hyams Family Papers and Photographs (Mss. 4242) Inventory
DeWees (John) Family Papers (Mss. 3089) Inventory
Dietz (Walter F.) Papers (Mss. 1894) Inventory
Dixon (Margaret) Papers (Mss. 2545) Inventory
Doke (Fielding Yeager) Papers (Ms. 2215) Inventory
Dore (J. Hugo) Papers (Mss 1389)
Dornier (Jules A. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3468) Inventory
Dougherty (John A.) Papers (Mss. 3528) Inventory
Douglas (Emily Caroline) Papers (Mss. 566) Inventory
Doussan Family Papers (Mss. 4800) Inventory
Dreger (Ralph M.) Papers (Mss. 3900) Inventory
Drouillard (Jean Baptiste) Family Papers (Mss 2590)
Dugas (Claiborne J. Bobby) Memoirs (Mss. 3571) Inventory
Dumas (Woodrow Wilson "Woody") Collection (Mss. 3563) Inventory
Duncan (Stephen) Correspondence (Mss. 1431, 1551, 1595, 1793) Inventory
Dunham (Marshall) Photograph Album (Mss. 3241) Inventory
Duplantier (Armand) Family Letters (Mss. 5060) Inventory
Durieux (Caroline W.) Papers (Mss. 3827) Inventory
Durnin (James and John) Papers (Mss. 697) Inventory
Eager (Paul H.) Papers (Mss. 130) Inventory
East (Charles) Papers (Mss. 3471) Container List
Edwards (Marianne) Letters (Mss. 1850) Inventory
Eggleston-Roach Papers (Mss. 832) Inventory
Elam (James E.) Letter Book (Mss. 672, 2464) Inventory
Elliot (William St. John) Papers (Mss. 1147) Inventory
Ellis (E. John) Diary (Mss. 2795) Inventory
Ellis (E. John, Thomas C. W. and Family) Papers (Mss. 136) Inventory
Ellis (E.P. and Family) Papers (Mss. 663) Inventory
Ellis (Hazel and Nellie) Family Papers (Mss. 467) Inventory
Ellis (William H.) Papers (Mss. 2274) Inventory
Ellis-Farar Papers (Mss. 1000)
Evans (H.) Letter (Mss. 1063) Inventory
Evans (J. Bruce) Papers (Mss. 4664) Inventory
Evans (Simeon A.) Letters (Mss. 1845) Inventory
ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Historic Collection (Mss. 5030) Inventory
Faler (M.) and Company Letterbook (Mss. 1092) Inventory
Farar (Benjamin) Papers (Mss. 1364) Inventory
Feliciana Female Collegiate Institute Record Books (Mss. 757) Inventory
Ferguson (Katie Lee) Papers (Mss. 1416, 1576) Inventory
Ferguson (Samuel Wragg) Papers (Mss. 1416, 1576) Inventory
Fern (A.) Letter (Mss. 3404) Inventory
Ferris (Livingston Polk) Papers (Mss. 2829) Inventory
Fields (Harvey G.) Papers (Mss. 5006) Inventory
Fischer (Max and August) Papers (Mss. 1259) Inventory
Fitzpatrick (Joseph F.) Jr. Papers (Mss. 4945) Inventory
Fleming (Walter L.) Collection (Mss. 890, 893)
Florida Parishes Photographic Collection (Mss. 2355) Inventory
Fluker (David J.) Papers (Mss. 727) Inventory
Fontane (Doralice) Papers (Mss. 3622) Inventory
Fontenot (Ozeme and Family) Papers (Mss. 3248) Inventory
Foster (James and Family) Correspondence (Mss. 2184) Inventory
Foster (Murphy J. and Family) Papers (Mss. 4710) Inventory
Fournet (John B.) Papers (Mss. 2558) Inventory
Fourrier (Henri and Joseph Amedee) Papers (Mss. 1456, 2298) Inventory
Freemasons, Feliciana Lodge No. 31 (St. Francisville, LA) Records (Mss. 4777) Inventory
Freemasons, St. James Lodge No. 47 (Baton Rouge, LA) Records (Mss. 2860) Inventory
Frellsen (Henry) Plantation Diary (Mss. 3497) Inventory
French (George N.) Papers (Mss. 3695) Container List
French Society of New Orleans Papers (Mss. 318, 1012) Inventory
French-Clarke Family Papers (Mss. 3494)
Frenzel (Michael and Mary Anne Hynes) Family Papers (Mss. 5054) Inventory
Fuqua (Henry L., Jr.) Lytle Photograph Collection and Papers (Mss. 1898) Inventory
Furlow (Kent) Photographica Collection (Mss. 4754) Inventory
Gamble (Harry Pollard) Papers, (Mss. 4054) Inventory
Gardiner (John I.) Papers (Mss. 2206) Inventory
Garland (Henry L.) Collection (Mss. 1788, 1978) Inventory
Garland (Henry L.) Papers (Mss. 3087) Inventory
Garland (Kate) Papers (Mss. 154) Inventory
Gasquet (Marshall J.) Record Books (Mss. 1229) Inventory
Gay (Andrew Hynes and Family) Papers (Mss. 2542) Inventory
Gay (Edward J. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1295) Inventory
Gay (Edward J., III) Congressional File (Mss. 1295) Inventory
Gay-Butler-Plater Family Papers (Mss. 4872) Inventory
Gebelin-Walsh-Hynes-Frenzel Family Papers (Mss. 4983) Inventory
Gendron (Lorraine P.) Papers (Mss. 5004) Inventory
George (John Thomas and Family) Papers (Mss. 3292) Inventory
Gianelloni (Sabin J., Jr.) Papers (Mss. 3458) Inventory
Gianelloni (V. J.) Papers (Mss. 1939) Inventory
Giauque (Florien) Papers (Mss. 1900) Inventory
Gibson (Randall Lee) Papers (Mss. 2402, 2412, 2423) Inventory
Giles (G. W.) Letters (Mss. 2133) Inventory
Gillespie (James A.) Family Papers (Mss. 669) Inventory
Girault (Auguste) Papers (Mss. 1145) Inventory
Girod (Joseph) Family Papers (Mss. 4379) Inventory
Girod (Joseph) Papers (Mss. 838, 853) Inventory
Godbold (Edgar) Papers Mss. 2730 (Inventory)
Good Hope Plantation Papers (Mss. 161, 3644) Inventory
Goodwin (Josiah) Diaries and Research Collection (Mss. 4886) Inventory
Goree (Thomas J.) Papers (Mss. 886, 2034) Inventory
Graham (Alice Walworth) Papers (Mss. 4295) Inventory
Graham (James) Papers (Mss. 1031) Inventory
Grand Army of the Republic Papers (Mss. 767) Inventory
Grand Isle Hotel Account Books (Mss. 1144) Inventory
Grant (William) Papers (Mss. 600) Inventory
Gras-Lauzin Family Papers (Mss. 5, 893) Inventory
Gray (Lillie Trust) Papers (Mss. 165, 422, 965) Inventory
Great Southern Lumber Co. Collection (Mss. 3225) Inventory
Green (Charles) Papers (Mss. 166) Inventory
Grisham-Kellogg-Faust Family Papers (Mss. 5048) Inventory
Gudas (Fabian) Papers (Mss. 4562) Container List
Guess (George W.) Letters (Mss. 793) Inventory
Guidry (Emily Chenet) Family Papers (Mss. 4991) Inventory
Guillot (Jean) Family Papers (Mss. 1142) Inventory
Guion (Lewis) Diary (Mss. 826) Inventory
Guion (Lewis) Record Books (Mss. 1903) Inventory
Gumbel (Simon and Family) Papers (Mss. 1490) Inventory
Gunby (Andrew Augustus) Papers (Mss. 3266) Inventory
Gurley (John W.) Papers (Mss. 507) Inventory
Haag (William G., Jr.,) Papers (Mss. 2435) Inventory
Haas (Samuel) Letterpress Copybook (Mss. 3698) Inventory
Hagan (James and Family) Papers (Mss. 1485) Inventory
Hall (George Otis and Family) Papers (Mss. 4320) Inventory
Hamilton (John R.) Papers (Mss. 5066) Inventory
Hamilton-Barrow Family Papers (Mss. 4458) Inventory
Hammer (Carl, Jr.) Papers (Mss. 2011) Inventory
Hardin (J. Fair) Collection (Mss. 1014) Inventory
Harding Field Heroes File (Mss. 0893) Inventory
Harris (John A.) Letters (Mss. 1881, 2548, 2549, 3008, 3661) Inventory
Harris (Nathaniel Harrison and James W. M.) Papers (Mss. 3275) Inventory
Hart-Bonnecaze-Duncan Family Papers (Mss. 3371, 4208) Inventory
Hartzell (Joseph C.) Papers (Mss. 506) Inventory
Hasselmans (Louis) Papers (Mss. 865) Inventory
Hatcher (William B.) Papers (Mss.4242) Inventory
Hawkins (J.E.) Papers (Mss. 982) Inventory
Haymaker (Richard W.) Yoshihiro Hattori Papers (Mss. 4698) Inventory
Hazard Company Correspondence (Mss. 789, 845, 942, 1194, 1232, 1261, 1352, 1371, 1380, 1399, 1404, 1417) Inventory
Head (William H. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3238) Inventory
Heberle (Franziska) Letters (Mss. 3624) Inventory
Heberle (Rudolf) Papers (Mss. 1921, 2254, 2345) Inventory
Hebert (Raphael and Family) Papers (Mss. 4769) Inventory
Hebert Bros. Meat Market Records (Mss. 3833) Inventory
Heldner (Knute A.) Papers (Mss. 3650) Inventory
Helluin (Pierre Firmin) Letters (Mss. 4649) Inventory
Henderson Family Papers (Mss. 2876) Inventory
Hennen-Jennings Family Papers (Mss. 748) Inventory
Hero (Andrew Jr., and George) Papers (Mss. 976, 977, 994, 1030, 1039) Inventory
Heroman (George M.) Family Papers (Mss. 1882) Inventory
Heroman (John B. Sr.) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4951) Inventory
Hilda Moss Papers (Benjamin Scott Magruder Collection) (Mss.4425) Inventory
Hilliard (Isaac H.) Family Papers (Mss. 1236, 1347) Inventory
Hilliard (Mrs. Isaac H.) Diary (Mss. 178, 762) Inventory
Hinckley (Orramel and Family) Papers (Mss. 970, 1151, 1317) Inventory
Hispanic American Collection (Mss. 1350) Inventory
Hodges (Luella Virginia Sockwell) Diaries (Mss. 3873) Inventory
Honore (Emma Annie) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4435) Inventory
Hornor (Joseph P.) Collection (Mss. 2036, 2055, 2107) Inventory
Hornor (Joseph P.) Papers (Mss. 1471) Inventory
Houston (Samuel R. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3451) Inventory
Huguet (Adolphe G. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3805)
Huguet (Florence Ballantine) Collection (Mss. 3345) Inventory
Hull (Montfort) Letters (Mss. 5042) Inventory
Hunt (David) Letters (Mss. 4788) Inventory
Hunter (Edwin) Papers (Mss. 4918) Inventory
Hunter (Napoleon Bonaparte) Papers (Mss. 2360) Inventory
Hutchinson (Edwin and Family) Papers (Mss. 751) Inventory
Hutchinson (Holmes) Family Papers (Mss. 751, 802, 889) Inventory
Hutson (Charles Woodward) Papers (Mss. 1291, 1420, 1889) Inventory
Hyams (Henry M. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1392, 1564) Inventory
Hyatt (Arthur W.) Papers (Mss. 180) Inventory
Innerarity (John) Papers (Mss. 1271, 1273) Inventory
Ives (Clarence Albert) Papers (Mss. 2002, 2227) Inventory
Jackson (Isaac F.) Papers (Mss. 698) Inventory
Jacobs (Andrew Jay) Papers (Mss. 2069, 2074) Inventory
Jahncke (Ernest Lee, Sr.) Papers (Mss. 1713, 1805) Inventory
James (Francis Henderson) Papers (Mss. 4960) Inventory
Jasper G. Ewing and Sons, Inc. Photographs and Papers (Mss. 3141) Inventory
Jastremski (Leon) Family Papers (Mss. 2951) Inventory
Jenkins (John C. and Family) Papers (Mss. 141, 142, 184, 187) Inventory
Jennings-Heywood Oil Syndicate Records (Mss. 3262) Inventory
Johnson (Alfred Grima) Family Papers (Mss. 5005) Inventory
Johnson (Charles Andrew) Papers (Mss. 1318) Inventory
Johnson (Charles James) Papers (Mss. 1152) Inventory
Johnson (William T. and Family) Papers (Mss. 529, 561, 597, 770, 926, 1093) Inventory
Johnston (J. Bennett) Papers (Mss. 4473) Inventory
Johnston (Philip Preston, Jr.) Collection (Mss. 1775) Inventory
Jones (Joseph) Papers (Mss. 468, 534, 544, 1036, 1351, 1357, 1393, 1441) Inventory
Jones (William W.) Letter (Mss. 3326) Inventory
Judd (Samuel) Letter (Mss. 3326) Inventory
Jungle Gardens, Inc. Bond Issue Ledger (Mss. 4668) Inventory
Keller (Anatole J.) Family Papers (Mss. 2910) Inventory
Kemp (John) Papers (Mss. 1102) Inventory
Kendrick (Benjamin) Papers (Mss. 906) Inventory
Kenner (Duncan Farrar) Papers (Mss. 198, 1402, 1477) Inventory
Kenner (William) Papers (Mss. 1477, 1491) Inventory
Kenner Family Papers and Diaries (Mss. 775) Inventory
Kent (Amos) Family Papers (Mss. 199, 724, 1101, 2296) Inventory
Kent-Amacker Family Papers (Mss. 4185) Inventory
Ker (John and Family) Papers (Mss. 3539) Inventory
Kernion (George C. H.) Family Papers (Mss. 1629) Inventory
Kerr (E. W.) Papers (Mss. 1308) Inventory
Kidd (Edwin and Family) Papers (Mss. 5178) Inventory
Kidd (William P.) Papers (Mss. 1844) Inventory
Kilbourne (James Gilliam and Family) Collection (Mss. 690, 730) Inventory
Kilbourne (James Gilliam) Family Papers (Mss. 1058) Inventory
Kilbourne (Lillian) Papers (Mss. 4391) Inventory
King (John W.) Papers (Mss. 1372, 1382) Inventory
Kinney (John Coddington) Letters (Mss. 2273) Inventory
Kirby (Thomas A.) Papers (Mss. 4558) Container List
Kiwanis Club of Baton Rouge Inc. (Downtown) Records (Mss. 3875) Inventory
Kleinpeter (George and Family) Papers (Mss. 864, 1029) Inventory
Kleinpeter (George and John) Family Papers (Mss. 4897) Container list
Kleinpeter (Joseph and Family) Papers (Mss. 1241) Inventory
Knapp (James S.) Family Papers (Mss. 880) Inventory
Knapp (Seaman A.) Papers (Mss. 1867) Inventory
Kniffen (Fred B.) Papers (Mss. 3488) Container List
Knight (Bradley Jay) Family Papers (Mss. 2614) Inventory
Knighton (Josiah and Family) Papers (Mss. 651) Inventory
Knox (J.P. and Family) Papers (Mss. 715) Inventory
Ku Klux Klan Records (Mss. 4770) Inventory
La Houssaye (Sidonie De) Papers (Mss. 105) Inventory
Lambert (John Walter) Papers (Mss. 829, 1556) Inventory
Lambremont (John D. and Family) Papers (Mss. 2863) Inventory
Landry (Theodore E. and Lou Bird) Papers (Mss. 3771) Inventory
Landry Family Papers (Mss. 731) Inventory
Landry-Pedesclaux Family Papers (Mss. 3566) Inventory
Lane (Pinkie Gordon) Papers (Mss. 4629) Inventory
Latta (Samuel Rankin) Letters (Mss. 1892, 1924) Inventory
Laughlin (Clarence John) Scrapbooks (Mss. 5010) Inventory
Laycock (John and Family) Papers (Mss. 3194) Inventory
Layssard Family Papers (Mss. 2875) Inventory
Lea (Lemanda E.) Papers (Mss. 704) Inventory
Leary (Richard K.) Correspondence (Mss. 4687) Inventory
Leathers (Thomas P.) Family Papers (Mss. 1548) Inventory
LeBlanc (C. E.) Papers (Mss. 1315) Inventory
LeBlanc (Preston C.) Family Papers (Mss. 4362) Inventory
Ledoux and Co. Record Book (Mss. 964) Inventory
Lejeune (John A.) Papers (Mss. 1690, 2553) Inventory
Leonard (Theodule) Papers (Mss. 1209) Inventory
Leverich (Charles E.) Diary (Mss. 791) Inventory
Liddell Family Papers (Mss. 1209) Inventory
Lincoln (Rod M.) Collection (Mss. 4059) Inventory
LLMVC Ephemera Collection Inventory
Lobdell (John L. and Family) Papers (Mss. 4359) Inventory
Lobdell (Warren R.) Papers (Mss. 4532) Inventory
Long (Carolyn Bason) Papers (Mss. 4020) Inventory
Long (Catherine) Papers (Mss. 4051) Inventory
Long (Gillis W.) Papers (Mss. 4050) Inventory
Long (Huey P.) Published Materials (Mss. 2363) Inventory
Long (Russell B.) Papers (Mss. 3700) Inventory
Louisiana Association of Parliamentarians Records (Mss. 4555) Container List
Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) Records (Mss. 4876) Inventory
Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club Records (Mss. 4471) Container List
Louisiana Folklife Program Project Files (Mss. 4730) Inventory
Louisiana Folklore Society Records (Mss. 4168) Inventory
Louisiana Health Care Campaign Records (Mss. 4957) Inventory
Louisiana House of Representatives Special Committee Minute Book (Mss. 1037) Inventory
Louisiana Industrial Nurses Association Records (Mss. 1969, 2231, 2467) Inventory
Louisiana Leper Home Records (Mss 2515) Inventory
Louisiana Library Association Records (Mss. 4031) Inventory
Louisiana Music Teachers Association Papers (Mss. 2626, 2813) Inventory
Louisiana Postcard Collection (Mss. 3645) Inventory
Louisiana Railroad Depot Photograph Collection (Mss. 4161) Inventory
Louisiana State Bank Records (Mss. 1785) Inventory
Louisiana State Executive Correspondence (Mss. 1332, 2251, 2498) Inventory
Louisiana Sugar Planters' Association Papers (Mss. 266, 1492) Inventory
Louisiana Women's Political Caucus Records (Mss. 4580) Inventory
Louque (Charles) Papers (Mss. 1473) Inventory
Loyd (Gladys Means) Family Papers (Mss. 3224) Inventory
Lusher (Robert M.) Papers (Mss. 696, 788, 1025, 1161, 1353) Inventory
Lyons (Charlton H.) Papers (Mss. 3075) Inventory
Lytle (Andrew D.) Album Photograph Collection (Mss. 3708) Inventory
Lytle (Andrew) Collection (Mss. 2600) Inventory
MacKowen (John Clay) Papers (Mss. 2465) Inventory
Madden (Roberta M.) Papers (Mss. 5022) Inventory
Madison Lumber Company Negatives and Prints (Mss. 176236-176243) Inventory
Magruder (Benjamin Scott) Collection (Hilda Moss Papers) (Mss. 4425) Inventory
Magruder (W.H. Nathaniel) Papers (Mss. 3915) Inventory
Mahy Desmontils (Joseph Henry de) Letter (Mss. 1171) Inventory
Mann (Lawrence) Papers (Mss. 5161) Inventory
Marchand (Sidney A.) Papers (Mss. 3214) Inventory
Marchant (James Alexander) Family Papers (Mss 3641) Inventory
Markham (Thomas Railey) Papers (Mss. 250, 649, 650) Inventory
Marshall (George B. and Family) Papers (Mss. 969) Inventory
Marshall-Furman Family Papers (Mss. 2740, 4042) Inventory
Marston (Henry and Family) Papers (Mss 624)
Martin (Robert Campbell, Jr.) Papers (Mss. 1045) Inventory
Martin (Sigur) Papers (Mss. 460) Inventory
Mather (George) Account Books (Mss. 283, 568) Inventory
Mathews (Charles L.) Family Papers (Mss. 910) Inventory
Mathews-Ventress-Lawrason Family Papers (Mss 4358) Inventory
McCaleb (E. Howard) Papers (Mss. 2713) Inventory
McCarstle (C. M.) Family Account Books (Mss. 486, 652) Inventory
McClure (John W.) Papers (Mss. 3240) Inventory
McCutchon (Samuel) Papers (Mss. 1049, 1060, 1087, 1109) Inventory
McGalliard (William M. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3713) Inventory
McGehee (J. Burruss) Papers (Mss. 1111, 1156, 1157) Inventory
McGrath (John) Papers and Scrapbook (Mss. 1115) Inventory
MckElvey (Peter B.) Papers (Mss. 1068) Inventory
McKinney (Jeptha) Papers (Mss. 273, 718) Inventory
McKowen-Lilly-Stirling Family Papers (Mss. 4356) Inventory
McMorran (Charlotte Cheney) Photograph Collection (Mss. 5040) Inventory
McMurran-Austen Family Papers (Mss. 4795) Inventory
McMurray (Aldridge L.) Papers (Mss. 4502) Inventory
McVea (Charles and Lucy Hilliard) Papers (Mss. 5159) Inventory
McVea-Neville Family Papers (Mss. 3284) Inventory
McVeigh (George W.) Diary and Letter (Mss. 3871) Inventory
Merrick (Edwin Thomas) Papers (Mss. 1137, 1752) Inventory
Mestayer (Marcelite Segura) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4365) Inventory
Metoyer Family Papers (Mss. 836, 837, 846) Inventory
Meyer Brothers Store Records (Mss. 2909) Inventory
Mignon (Francois) Papers (Mss. 4484) Inventory
Miller (Charles W.) Letters (Mss. 4632) Inventory
Milne Asylum Papers (Mss. 1170) Inventory
Mingo Family African American Photographs (Mss. 5113) Inventory
Minor (William J. and Family) Papers (Mss. 519, 594) Inventory
Mississippi River Flood of 1927 Album (Mss. 4373) Inventory
Mississippi River Map Collection (Mss. 4818) Inventory
Monget (Joseph William) Papers (Mss. 2929) Inventory
Monroe (Ethel V.) Papers (Mss. 1779) Inventory
Montgomery (George W.) Papers and Account Books (Mss. 1015) Inventory
Montgomery (Joseph Addison and Family) Papers (Mss. 1019) Inventory
Moody (V. Alton) Papers (Mss. 4570) Container List
Moore (John) Family Papers. Michael D. Wynne Collection (Mss. 2973) Inventory
Moore (Thomas O.) Papers (Mss. 305, 893, 1094) Inventory
Moore (W. Henson) Papers (Mss. 4100) Inventory
Morancy (Honore and Family) Papers (Mss. 2430) Inventory
Morris (Robert P.) Papers (Mss. 4137) Inventory
Morris-Sibley Papers (Mss. 562) Inventory
Mouton (J. Andre) Papers (Mss. 3828) Container List
Moyse-Gottlieb-Sommer Family Papers (Mss. 4671) Inventory
Mugnier (George Francois) Collection (Mss. 1728, 1781, 1968) Inventory
Mugnier (George Francois) New Orleans Scenes (Mss. 1089, 1552) Inventory
Mugnier (George Francois) Stereographs (Mss. 1785) Inventory
Murdoch (James E.) Papers (Mss. 667) Inventory
Murphy (Patrick) Papers (Mss. 309) Inventory
Murray (Hyde H.) Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Papers (Mss. 4691) Inventory
Natchez Fencibles' Constitution (Mss. 958) Inventory
Neathery (James Hansel) Papers (Mss. 5014) Inventory
New Orleans Free Kindergarten Association Records (Mss. 760) Inventory
New Orleans Negative Exposures (Mss.173703-173707, 176212-176235) Inventory
Newell (Robert Aiken) Papers (Mss. 653) Inventory
Nichols (Irby C. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3798) Inventory
Nicholson (George) Papers (Mss. 702) Inventory
Noe (James A.) Collection (Mss. 4117) Container List
Nolan (Philip) Papers (Mss. 859) Inventory
Norman (E.B. and N. Philip) Collection (Mss. 1084, 2458, 2578) Inventory
O'Bryan (Robert P.) Family Papers (Mss. 3100) Inventory
Odom Family Papers (Mss. 4256) Inventory
Opelousas Post Records (Mss. 4581) Inventory
Ott (C. Ellis) Papers (Mss. 1665, 1741) Inventory
Owen (George S.) Account Books (Mss. 332) Inventory
Palfrey Family Papers (Mss. 333, 334, 1409, 1442, 1632, 2076, 2580, 2773, 2857) Inventory
Palmer (J. Norris) Papers (Mss. 3070) Inventory
Palmer-Lincoln Family Papers (Mss. 4628) Inventory
Pearson (Sophie C.) Collection (Mss. 3237) Inventory
Pecquet De Bellet De Verton and Kariouk Family Papers (Mss. 4702) Inventory
Peirce-Haralson-Rumble Family Papers (Mss. 4771) Inventory
Pereboom (Margaret) Papers (Mss. 4958) Inventory
Perkins (Huel D.) Papers (Mss. 4155) Inventory
Peterson (Pattie P.) Papers (Mss. 2955) Inventory
Piccadilly Records (Mss. 5015) Inventory
Pickett (George T.) Papers (Mss. 1074) Inventory
Pilot Club of Baton Rouge Records (Mss. 4630) Container List
Pinson (Hamet and Family) Papers (Mss. 1385) Inventory
Pinson (Nancy) Papers (Mss. 828, 1255) Inventory
Pintard (John M.) Papers (Mss. 887) Inventory
Plauche (Joseph) Papers (Mss. 944) Inventory
Pleasants (John R.) Records (Mss. 4588) Inventory
Polack (Joseph A.) Papers (Mss. 5063) Inventory
Political Campaigns Collection (Mss. 1719, 2020, 2190, etc.) Inventory
Pollock (Oliver) Papers (Mss. 2879) Inventory
Poole (Edward R.) Business Directory (Mss. 1526) Inventory
Porteous (Thomas Clark) Papers (Mss. 1200, 1201, 1316) Inventory
Post (Lauren Chester) Papers (Mss. 2854) Inventory
Pradel (Jean Charles de) Family Papers (Mss. 2866) Inventory
Prolifers for Survival Records (Mss. 4166) Inventory
Pugh (Alexander F.) Papers (Mss. 354) Container List
Pugh (Col. W. W.) Family Papers. Nicholls (Thomas C.) Record Book (Mss. 2160) Inventory
Pugh (Colonel W. W.) Family Papers (Mss. 2052) Inventory
Pugh (Mary W.) Papers (Mss. 897, 1055) Container List
Pugh (Thomas) Family Papers (Mss. 4437) Inventory
Pugh (William W., and Family) Plantation Records (Mss. 740, 753) Inventory
Pugh-Williams-Mayes Papers (Mss. 730, 733, 741) Inventory
Quitman (John Anthony) Family Papers (Mss. 1403, 1431, 1474, 1595, 1793) Inventory
Rabb (Nicholas) Family Papers (Mss. 1843) Inventory
Rabenhorst (Alvin E.) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4110) Inventory
Ramsland (Katherine M.) Papers (Mss. 4464) Inventory
Randolph (E. Sidney) Papers (Mss. 2410) Container List
Randolph (John H.) Papers (Mss. 355, 356) Inventory
Ransdell (Joseph E.) Papers (Mss. 1127, 1243, 1349) Inventory
Rauhman-Turner Family Papers (Mss. 4159) Container List
Reed (A. R.) Diary (Mss. 1582) Inventory
Reed (Thomas) Papers (Mss. 783) Inventory
Reilly (Robert M.) Papers (Mss. 4662) Inventory
Renner (Frank) Papers (Mss. 3442) Inventory
Reyer (Karl D.) Papers (Mss. 2522) Container List
Reynard (Charles A.) - Marian Reynard Baun Papers (Mss. 4772) Inventory
Reynes (Joseph and Family) Papers (Mss. 1038) Inventory
Reynolds (Joseph M.) Papers (Mss. 4529) Inventory
Rice (Anne) Collection (Mss. 4446) Inventory
Richard (Joseph G.) Papers (Mss. 2562) Inventory
Richardson (Henry Brown and Family) Papers (Mss. 2987) Inventory
Risley (Alice Farmer) Family Papers (Mss. 2269, 4901) Inventory
Roberts (Abishai W.) Papers (Mss. 370) Inventory
Roberts (Sylvia) Papers (Mss. 3259) Inventory
Robertson (Maria McKinne Winter) Reminiscences (Mss. 3479) Inventory
Robinson (Elrie) Collection. California Gold Rush Research Materials (Mss. 1369) Inventory
Robinson (Joseph Toole) Papers (Mss. 1413) Inventory
Rogers (Guy and Nell) Papers (Mss. 4848) Inventory
Romaine (Howard M.) Papers (Mss. 3252) Inventory
Rosedown Plantation Restoration Photograph Collection (Mss. 4350) Inventory
Rosenbaum (Max and Family) Letters and Photographs (Mss. 4878) Inventory
Roxborough (Charles A.) Letter (Mss. 1744) Inventory
S. Gumbel (Simon Gumbel) Co., LTD. Records (Mss. 1490) Inventory
Samuelson (Hyman) Papers (Mss. 4934)
Sandifer (Richard M.) Papers (Mss. 699) Inventory
Saucier (Gertrude B. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3293) Inventory
Savoy (Joseph and Family) Papers (Mss. 3022) Inventory
Scheler (Armin) Papers (Mss. 4989) Inventory
Schwartz (John C.) Papers (Mss.385, 4732) Inventory
Scott (Emily T.) Papers (Mss. 386) Inventory
Scott (Eva and Family) Papers (Mss. 2994) Inventory
Seymour (William H.) Papers (Mss. 2200, 2201) Inventory
Sherman (William T.) Letters (Mss. 2378) Inventory
Sherman (William T.) Letters (Mss. 1688) Inventory
Sherman (William Tecumseh) Letters (Mss. 890, 893) Inventory (Part of the David French Boyd Papers)
Sherwood (Emily D.) Family Correspondence (Mss. 2566) Inventory
Shields (Joseph D.) Papers (Mss. 390) Inventory
Shlenker-Hirsch-Moyse Family Papers (Mss 4911) Inventory
Sibley (Mary Lou Richardson) Papers (Mss. 3454) Inventory
Simmons (Sion R. and Washington L.) Papers (Mss. 505) Inventory
Simpson (Lewis P.) Papers (Mss. 4412) Inventory
Skiles (A. C.) Lumber Company Records (Mss. 3143) Inventory
Skimmers Club Records (Mss. 4625) Inventory
Slavery Collection (Mss. 1618) Inventory
Sloo (Thomas) Papers (Mss. 1470) Inventory
Smith (Ronald S.) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4127) Inventory
Smylie-Montgomery Family Papers (Mss. 5038) Inventory
Snee (J. E., Sr.) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4069)  Inventory
Snyder (Alonzo) Papers (Mss. 655) Inventory
Society of American Foresters, Gulf States Section Records (Mss. 3953) Container List
Sommer (Ray) Papers (Mss. 4642) Container List
Soule (Pierre) Papers (Mss. 401, 1044, 1085, 2028) Inventory
Southern Filibusters Collection (Mss. 2260) Inventory
Stafford (Emma T.) Sidonie De La Houssaye Papers (Mss. 1445) Inventory
Stanford, Donald E. Papers (Mss 4717) Inventory
Steamboat Images (Mss. 0893, Mss. 1052, Mss. 1297, Mss. 1331, Mss. 1510, Mss. 1516, Mss. 1584, Mss. 1704, Mss. 1776, Mss. 1877, Mss. 3057, and Mss. 3547)
Stephens (Edwin L.) Correspondence (Mss. 965) Inventory
Stephens (Edwin L.) Memorabilia (Mss. 965) Inventory
Stephenson (P. D.) Papers (Mss. 2482, 2657) Inventory
Stewart (Robert H.) Family Account Books (Mss. 404, 4732) Inevntory
Stewart (William and Walter) Papers (Mss. 703) Inventory
Stirling (Lewis and Family) Papers (Mss. 1866) Inventory
Stokes (Joel A.) Family Papers (Mss. 685) Inventory
Stovall (James L.) Papers (Mss. 4467) Inventory
Stratton (Joseph B.) Family Papers (Mss.0464) Inventory
Strong (George C.) Photograph Album (Mss.1453) Inventory
Stubbs (Jefferson W. and Family) Papers (Mss. 567) Inventory
Surget (Francis) Estate Papers (Mss. 0012, 749)
Survey Collection (Mss. 552, 743, 933, 936, 955, 961) Inventory
Suydam (G. H.) Collection (Mss. 1394)  Inventory
Taliaferro (James G.) Family Papers (Mss. 1001, 1047, 1565) Inventory
Taliaferro (James G.) Letters (Mss. 1562) Inventory
Taliaferro (James G.) Papers (Mss. 5094) Inventory
Tanner (J. Thomas, Jr.) Papers (Mss. 3527) Container List
Tate (Col. Joseph S.) Photograph Album (Mss. 4963) Inventory
Taussig (Charles William) Collection (Mss. 2220, 2284) Inventory
Tauzin (Marcelin and Family) Papers (Mss. 912) Inventory
Taylor (Miles and Family) Papers (Mss. 1378, 1448, 1636, 1826) Inventory
Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Records (Mss. 4171) Inventory
Terrell (Miles and Family) Papers (Mss. 843) Inventory
Terry (William and Family) Papers (Mss. 915) Inventory
Tew (Susan D.) Papers (Mss. 1945) Inventory
Texada (Lewis and Family) Papers (Mss. 2985) Inventory
Texada Family Papers (Mss. 5119) Inventory
Theriot (Joseph) Family Papers (Mss. 2926) Inventory
Thom (Evelyn) Papers (Mss. 5079) Inventory
Thomas (Isaac and Family) Papers (Mss. 4634) Container List
Thornton (William J.) Papers (Mss. 5012) Inventory
Thrasher (Arthur P.) Correspondence (Mss. 2247) Inventory
Thurston (George N.) Papers (Mss. 1124) Inventory
Tower (L. F.) Diary (Mss. 765) Inventory
Trotter (Daniel and Family) Papers (Mss. 990, 999) Inventory
Tureaud (Benjamin F. and Family) Papers (Mss. 427) Inventory
Turnbull (Daniel and Family) Papers (Mss. 4973) Inventory
Turnbull (Dudley) and Family papers (Mss 2907) Inventory
Turnbull-Allain Family Papers (Mss. 4261) Inventory
Turnbull-Bowman Family Papers (Mss. 4452) Inventory
Turnbull-Bowman-Lyons Family Papers (Mss. 4026) Inventory
Turner (Edward) Family Papers (Mss. 1403) Inventory
Tyson (Robert A.) Diary (Mss. 1693) Inventory
Ulrick (George) Papers (Mss. 1143) Inventory
Uncle Sam Plantation Papers (Mss. 408, 602, 1252) Inventory
United Confederate Veterans Association Records (Mss. 1357) Inventory
Upton Family Papers (Mss. 4659) Inventory
Vallas (Antal and Family) Papers (Mss. 4439) Inventory
Vidal (Joseph and Family) Papers (Mss. 432) Inventory
Viener (R.) and Company Account Books (Mss. 518) Inventory
Vignaud (Henry) Papers (Mss. 1281) Inventory
Vinet (John B.) Papers (Mss. 850, 898) Inventory
Violette (Eugene M.) Collection (Mss. 615, 893) Inventory
Viosca (Percy, Jr.) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4948) Inventory
W. P. A. Historical Records Survey Transcriptions of Louisiana Police Jury Records (Mss. 2984) Inventory
Waddill Family Papers (Mss. 4578) Inventory
Wall (Evans) Papers (Mss. 4411) Inventory
Wall-Pettibone Family Papers (Mss. 3344) Inventory
Waller (William) Survey Collection (Mss. 3592, 3910, 4326) Inventory
Walsh (Antonio Patrick) Papers (Mss. 887, 1208) Inventory
Ward (John Langdon) Lantern Slides Collection (Mss. 4875) Inventory
Wartelle (Pierre Gabriel) Family Papers (Mss. 5025) Inventory
Watson (Joseph) Correspondence (Mss. 1872) Inventory
WBRZ Collection (Mss. 2459, 2528) Inventory
Weathersby (Hal Monroe) Papers (Mss. 2656) Inventory
Webre-LeBlanc Family Papers (Mss. 4145) Inventory
Weeks (David and Family) Papers (Mss. 528, 605, 1655, 1657, 1695, 1807) Inventory
Weigel (Henry S.) Family Letters (Mss. 3012) Inventory
Weiss (Seymour) Papers (Mss. 4165) Inventory
Welty (Eudora) Papers (Mss. 4919) Inventory
White (Edith) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4758) Inventory
Wildman (John Hazard) Papers (Mss. 1966, 1967, 2010, 2095, 2169, 2237, 2249, 2371, 2437) Inventory
Williams (T. Harry) Papers (Mss. 2489, 2510) Inventory
Wilson (Henry J.) Papers (Mss. 559) Inventory
Winans (Fonville) Aerial Photographs of Baton Rouge (Mss. 4605) Inventory
Winsor (Daniel L.) Papers (Mss. 4740) Inventory
Witherell (W. Frank) Papers (Mss. 1498, 1503, 1555, 1776)
Womble-Abell-Norman Family Papers (Mss. 4879) Inventory
Women's Social Industrial Association Record Books (Mss. 2137) Inventory
Woolfley (Francis A.) Papers (Mss. 3487) Inventory
Woolley (A.E.) Photographs and Papers (Mss. 4650) Inventory
World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition Stereographic Views (Mss. 4206) Inventory
Wright (Charles L.) Papers (Mss. 4785) Inventory
Wright (Jesse D.) Papers (Mss. 99) Inventory
Wright-Boyd Family Papers (Mss. 3362) Inventory
Wynne (Michael D.) Collection (Mss. 3053) Inventory
Yarbrough (Cornelia) Papers (Mss. 4921) Inventory
Young (Robert T. and Family) Papers (Mss. 4548) Inventory
Zacharie (James Schatzell) Diary (Mss. 965) Inventory
Zielinski (David M.) Collection (Mss. 4223) Inventory