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236 items and 16 manuscript volumes

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St. James Parish, La.; New Orleans, La.; Baton Rouge, La.

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Account books and papers of Sigur Martin, sugar planter and dealer in general merchandise, of Grand Point, Paulina, St. James Parish


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Sigur Martin Papers, Mss. 460, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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U:211; G:18

Biographical/Historical Note

Sigur Martin was a sugar planter of Grand Point Plantation and a dealer in general merchandise and liquor in Paulina, Saint James Parish, Louisiana. He later held office in the Treasury Department at Baton Rouge.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of the business papers of Sigur Martin, a dealer in general merchandise and liquor and later an office holder in the Treasury Department at Baton Rouge. The earlier items are routine store accounts, invoices, and receipts. Also included are letters from when Sigur Martin held public office, such as a notification of his selection to serve as a commissioner of elections (1908). He later operated a sugar cane plantation in St. James Parish, and the collection includes letters from Colonial Sugars Co. detailing the deliveries from the region around Grand Point Plantation. From 1909 onwards, the papers contain mostly bills and receipts from Baton Rouge merchants.

Series Descriptions

The collection is arranged chronologically, but like items are described in groups below. See the Container List for description reflecting physical arrangement

Series I, Financial papers, 1905-1912

A large part of this collection consists of bills, statements, and receipts of Sigur Martin. Checks from St. James Bank in Lutcher, La., are written to various people (1905-1906), while monthly account statements, many from Schmidt & Ziegler, The Capital City Dairy, and a number from Martin himself, list groceries and other supplies (1906-1912). Also included are bills of lading from the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Company (1907) and letters to Martin at the Louisiana Treasury Dept. from Colonial Sugars Company in New Orleans regarding sugar cane deliveries and various accounts for Grand Point tenants (1909-1912). Receipts come from a number of businesses in Louisiana such as Henry Strauss Clothier and Furnisher in Baton Rouge, Godchaux's in New Orleans, and P.F. Collier & Son Publishers in New Orleans (1909-1912).

Series II, Personal Papers, 1908-1912, undated

Other items in the collection include political advertisement cards for state auditor candidates (1908) as well as one for Martin for representative to the General Assembly (undated), a notification to Martin of his selection to serve as a commissioner of elections at the third precinct, first ward of St. James Parish (Jan. 22, 1908), and an invitation to a dance at the Elks Lodge in Baton Rouge (1911). A letter to Martin from his friend Charles P. Harrington in Boston discusses a job he is hoping to secure through Superintendent Gourdain in Convent, La. He asks Martin to put in a good word for him and mentions that he asked Charles Fuqua to do the same (July 1911). Also included is a letter from Martin to Judge L.E. Hall in Monroe about an amendment to Act 228 regarding the sale of property and unpaid taxes (March 15, 1912), as well as a reply from Judge Hall (March 18, 1912).

Series III, Manuscript volumes, 1903-1908

Manuscript volumes make up the remainder of the collection. They include daybooks of sales (1903-1907), journals and ledgers pertaining to his store (1905-1908), checkbook stubs (1906-1907), a poll tax list (undated), and a record of cane shipments to the Colonial Sugars Company (1904-1905). Also included is a personal ledger containing notes, commercial forms, and statistics of Grand Point School, a school attended by children of Grand Point Plantation tenants (1903-1906). For a complete list of volumes, see the container list.

Index Terms

Account books.

Advertising, Political--Louisiana.

Baton Rouge (La.)--History--20th century.

Baton Rouge (La.)--Politics and government--20th century.

Colonial Sugars Company.

Fuqua, Charles K.

General stores--Louisiana--Saint James Parish.

Grand Point Plantation (La.)

Martin, Sigur.

Paulina (La.)--History.

Plantation life--Louisiana.

Plantation owners--Louisiana.

Political candidates--Louisiana.

Poll tax--Louisiana--Saint James Parish.


Sugarcane industry--Louisiana.

Sugar growing--Louisiana.

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Vol.2 Daybook of Sales (Oct.-Dec.1903)

Vol.3 Daybook of Sales (Oct.1905-Jan.1906)

Vol.4 Daybook of Sales (Jan.-Mar.1906)

Vol.5 Daybook of Sales (Apr.1906)

Vol.6 Daybook of Sales (May-June 1906)

Vol.7 Daybook of Sales (Oct.-Dec.1906)

Vol.8 Daybook of Sales (Jan.-June 1907)




Vol.1 Bills Receivable and Payable (1903-1907)

Vol.9 Cane Shipments to Colonial Sugars Company (1904-1905)

Vol.10 Ledger for personal use (1903-1906)

Vol.11 Journal and ledger (1905-1906)

Vol.12 Journal and ledger (1907-1908)

Vol.13 Checkbook stubs (1906-1907)

Vol.14 Checkbook stubs (July 1907)

Vol.15 Checkbook stubs (Sept.-Oct.1907)

Vol.16 Poll tax list (undated)