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George Nicholson Papers

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337 items, 3 printed items, and 2 manuscript volumes

Geographic locations.

Holmesville, Pike County, Miss.; New Orleans, La.; Summit, Miss.; Monticello, Miss.; McComb, Miss.; Crystal Springs, Miss.; Hazlehurst, Miss.; Washington D.C.; Utica, N.Y.; Olean, N.Y.; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Lohrville, Iowa; Madison County, Kentucky; Detroit, Mich.

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Personal and business papers of Dr. George Nicholson of Holmesville, Mississippi, and correspondence received by his wife, Salena A. Nicholson from members of the family regarding political and social conditions in Mississippi and Louisiana.


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George Nicholson Papers, Mss. 702, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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E:36; H:8

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Microfilm 5750, Series E, Reels 17-18

Biographical/Historical Note

George Nicholson was a medical doctor of Holmesville, Pike County, Mississippi. He was married to Salena A. Nicholson (nee Quin) and was associated with the Bridges, Crawford, and Costello families.

Scope and Content Note

Papers include a U.S. land certificate (1824); a certificate issued to Nicholson by the Louisiana Medical Board of Examiners (1835); Nicholson's last will and testament (1852); notes of personal loans; papers related to land sales in Mississippi; the appointment of Nicholson as justice of the peace of Holmesville (1871); tax receipts; a New Orleans Price Current (1853); certificates pertaining to Masonry; and subscription papers of the Ladies Mount Vernon Association. Correspondence includes a letter to Nicholson from Irvine Quin concerning the Know Nothing Party and politics in Mississippi; and personal letters to George and Salena Nicholson from members of the Bridges, Crawford, Costello, and Quin families. Letters mention farming conditions during Reconstruction in Mississippi, freedmen laborers, social and economic conditions in New Orleans, and education.

Manuscript volumes include an invoice book of George Nicholson & Co. (1860-1884) and an anonymous ledger (1831-1832). Printed items include an issue of the Magnolia Herald (1878); copies of a small almanac (1866, 1872); and a pamphlet entitled “The Family Friend”.

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1824, 1835, 2 items:

U. S. land certificate to Robert Love of Pike Co. (1824); certificate issued to George Nicholson, M. D., by Louisiana Medical Board of Examiners (1835)


1851-1859, 21 items:

Last will and testament of George Nicholson (1852); New Orleans Price-Current, Nov. 26, 1853, with business letter written on it; Irvine Quin to Dr. Nicholson about Know-Nothing party and politics in region of Marl Bluff, Mississippi; letters regarding organization of Ladies Mount Vernon Association in Pike County; letter from William H. Nicholson to his brother, George (1859); a few personal letters; subscription paper to Ladies Mount Vernon Association signed by subscribers


1860-1879, 38 items:

Personal letters to George and Salena from members of family; two notes for money loaned Dewitt C. Quin from Common School Fund of Pike County; Pike County treasurer's warrant (1862); war tax receipt for Mrs. Martha Quin (1862); sale of land in Magnolia, Mississippi, to George Nicholson (1860), and his resale of the same; personal letter to and business papers of George and Salena; certificate of Governor J. L. Alcorn commissioning George as Justice of the Peace of Holmesville (1871); certificate of Governor R. C. Powers for the same (1871); two certificates appointing George District Deputy Grand Master of Masons of Mississippi, (1873, 1876).


1880-1885, 26 items:

Mostly personal letters to Mrs. Salena A. Nicholson from members of family: her nieces Ida Bridges, Dedie Crawford, and Julia Costello; her nephews R. S. Bridges, and S. G. Crawford; and from their children. Indication that George Nicholson died about 1884;


Jan.-Sept. 1886, 21 items:

Letters to Mrs. Salena Nicholson; Frank Bridges; letter to Mrs. Nicholson from the Office of the Auditor of the Treasury (Mar.4, 1886);


Oct.-Dec. 1886, 18 items:

Letters to Mrs. Salena Nicholson from various family members and friends


1887, 19 items:

Letters to Mrs. Salena Nicholson from various family members and friends; indication that Bob was working at Evan Hall Plantation, Louisiana, about 1886-1887.


1888-1889, 15 items:

Letters to Mrs. Salena Nicholson from various family members and friends, including those from Ida & Bob Bridges, Dedie & Sam Crawford, and Julie Costello; tax receipt


1890-1891, 11 items:

Letters to Mrs. Salena Nicholson from various family members and friends, tax receipt




Feb.-July 1891, 16 items:

Letters to Salena Nicholson


Aug.-Dec. 1891, 16 items:

Letters to Salena Nicholson


1892, 23 items:

Letters to Salena Nicholson; tax receipt


1893, 17 items:

Letters to Salena Nicholson; account sheet for Mrs. Nicholson


1894-1895, 31 items:

“Love's Music was his Life: In Memoriam of the Beloved Rev. Dr. Thos. R. Markham” (1894); letters to Salena Nicholson; post office receipt; tax receipts


1896-1897, 23 items:

Letters to Salena Nicholson



Letters to Salena Nicholson


Undated, 11 items

Miscellaneous notes; newspaper clippings; “E.T. Barnum Wire and Iron Works”


1866, 1872, Printed material:

Pamphlet: “The Family Friend” (1866); Small Almanac (1866), printed in New Orleans; Small Almanac (1872), printed in St. Louis




Account Book, Holmesville, Miss.; probably owned by local merchant, 1831-1832.

Invoice Book, George Nicholson & Co., 1860-1867; also contains diary entries by unidentified person, approx. 1879-1884.

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Description of relevant documents

Advertising--United States.

1866-1892, undated

almanacs. 1866, 1872; James Vick Seedsman Floral Guide. July 22, 1889; 2 broadsides advertising auction of land by W. I. Hodgson and E. T. Barnum Wire and Iron Works. undated

African American agricultural laborers--Mississippi.

1874, 1887

“sick of farming under our admirable labor conditions.” July 22, 1874; farm laborers won't work without being paid; collect rental for garden in advance, Jan. 13; laborers paid in Hazlehurst 50¢ a day and a meal, and work from 7:30 to 12, and 1-5. Ida Bridges, Jan. 13 and Feb. 11, 1887.

Alcorn, J. L. (James Lusk), 1816-1894.


commission bearing signature and state seal of George Nicholson as justice of peace for Holmesville. Mar. 27.


1866, 1872

Southern Almanac contains lives of Confederate generals including Robert E. Lee, P. G. T. Beauregard, Joseph Johnston, Braxton Bragg, and others, 1866; The Grafton Medicine Co.'s family almanac.

American Party (Miss.)


“good chance to come in and take the spoils” while others quarrel over strongest man. O. K. Irvine letter, Mar. 24.

Amulets--New York (State)--Olean.


amber beads prevent wearer from getting croup or toothache. Jan. 31.


1858, 1867, 1869

child attends monkey and dog show. Jackson. Jan. 8, 1858; comments on “give away show” include performance of dogs, goats, birds, slight of hand tricks, and mesmerism. Feb. 4, 1867; “Velocipede Club” invitation to Grand May Ball at Masonic Hall lists committee membership and music by Jaeger's Celebrated String Band. Osyka, May 12, 1869.

Cable cars (Streetcars)--Louisiana--New Orleans.


strike begins at noon; carriage drivers have not worked for a week. Emma Girling, Nov. 5, 1892; electric cars only new thing in city and a strange sight to those who never saw them before. Bob Bridges, Feb. 12, 1893.

Chautauqua National Assembly.


description of meeting at Woodland Park, Lexington, Ky.—similar to camp meeting but not altogether religious; some fine lectures. Katie Quin Wood, July 5.

Children--Mississippi--Copiah County--Conduct of life.


family advice concerns health, study habits, obedience, politeness, assistance to elderly, respect for teacher, truthfulness, save shoes by going barefoot, and cautiousness with gun. Jan. 8 and 31, Apr. 2 and Sept. __.

Children--Mississippi--Pike County--Conduct of life.


family advice concerns health, study habits, obedience, politeness, assistance to elderly, respect for teacher, truthfulness, save shoes by going barefoot, and cautiousness with gun. Jan. 8 and 31, Apr. 2 and Sept. __.

Children--United States--Correspondence.

1858, 1886-1896

Laura Quin. Jackson, Mississippi, Jan. 8, 1858; Jess Bridges. [Mississippi]. [Jan.] 1886; Malcolm Bridges. New Orleans. Feb. 23 and Mar. 31, 1891; Nov. 25 and Dec. 16, 1892; Feb. 6, 1893; Jessie Crawford. Lohrville, Iowa. July 31, 1891; Jan. 31 and Mar. 1, 1896; Jessie Costello. New York. Jan. 19, 1896.

City dwellers--Iowa--Lohrville.


32 friendly letters comment on family activities, hired help, and hard times.

City dwellers--Louisiana--New Orleans.


77 grocery bills and friendly letters comment on local news, hard times, household management, street car and musician strikes, children's activities, railroad employment, lottery, Halloween, and interest in Women's Christian Temperance Union, YMCA, and labor union.

City dwellers--Mississippi--Hazelhurst.


22 letters comment on preparations for opening of millinery store, customers, lack of employment in community for husband, hard times, local news, and African American farm hands.

City dwellers--New York (State)--New York.

1883-1896, undated

36 friendly letters comment on family activities and medical fees.



neighborhood panic caused by deaths of father and son. Ann Holleman, Jan. 14.


1859, 1893

use in restoring menstruation and treatment of insane. Jan. 22, 1859; Brown's mixture and applications of flannel saturated in mutton tallow, camphor, ammonia, and sweet oil prescribed for coughs. Jan. 5, 1893.

Evan Hall Plantation (La.)

1886, 1891-1892

mention of employment of husband and son during grinding season. Ida Bridges, Sept. 23, 1886; Dec. 2, 1891; Dec. 22, 1892.

Fourth of July celebrations--Mississippi-- Rankin County.


celebrated at Spears Mill with barbecue, speeches on Gulf and Ship Island Railroad, and evening barn dance. Laura Ann Quin, Aug. 2.


1858, 1866-1881

completion of 3rd degree with only limited knowledge of organization. O. K. Irvine, Marl Bluff, Mar. 24, 1858; Holmesville Lodge #69 receipts for payments and certificate from Grand Lodge of the State of Mississippi. Jan. 18, 1866; Feb. 8, 1875; and Mar. 14, 1876; appointment and correspondence of Nicholson as grand master for 7th District. Feb. 6, 1873, and Feb. 4 and 26, 1876; receipt for membership dues in McComb City Lodge #82. Dec. 1, 1881.

Halloween--Louisiana--New Orleans.


ladies' costumes for masquerade party of cream-colored cotton flannel, made Empire style with masks to match. Mamie, Oct. 18.

Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)--Description and travel.


description of country as to crops, exports, amusements, houses, and drinking water. Julia Costello, Mar. 11.

Hurricanes--Louisiana--Baton Rouge.


comments on destruction at Penitentiary; south side of governor's mansion blown down. Ida Bridges, July 8.

Hyde and Goodrich.


receipt for payment of watch purchased by DeWitt Quin. Jan. 23.

Illinois Central Railroad Company.


train wreck caused death of fireman and head expressman, and resulted in discharge of old conductors. June 24.

Labor unions--Louisiana--New Orleans.

1892, 1896

adversely criticized because employers forced to accede to unjust demands. Emma Girling, Nov. 5, 1882; Central Union elects Ida Bridges as treasurer, and chairman of music committee, Feb. 14, 1896.

Lottery winners--Louisiana--New Orleans.


mention of $7,500 won by Hilary Quin. Ida Bridges, Feb. 23.

Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.


certificate issued George Nicholson for practice of physic and surgery, Sept. 5.

Louisiana State Penitentiary (Baton Rouge, La.)


hurricane destroys building, kills 10 convicts and wounds 33 (?). Ida Bridges, July 8.

Maiden aunts--Mississippi.

1885-1896, undated

family letters to childless aunt express devotion, show willingness to assume financial responsibilities, offer assistance in sewing, and give advice in management of home and garden.

Markham, Thomas R., d. 1894.


printed poem by William Purnell Wayne on death of Reverend Markham, minister of Lafayette Presbyterian Church, Mar. 12.

Medical fees--New York (State)--Utica.


cost of treatment to avoid miscarriage includes $10 a week for board and room, $2 for treatment every other day, and $1 to nurse for treatment. Julia Costello, Oct. 21.

Mentally ill--Care--Mississippi--Panola County.


remarks on Dr. Martin's treatment of the insane, June 22.

Merchants--Mississippi--Pike County.

1866-1896, undated

bills, receipts, and statements from small town dealers in general merchandise, including the following: William M. Conerly and Co., Nov. 1, 1866; Simon Cohn. Holmesville, Sept. 25, 1880; W.T. Tyler. McComb. Sept. 5, 1885; W.T. Johns. [Holmesville]. Aug. 29, 1893; Apr. 19 and Nov. 8, 1895; McCarlin Bros. Holmesville. Jan. 1, 1896; George W. McCorlin. [Holmesville]. undated.

Mississippi--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Confiscations and contributions.


receipt for payment for articles furnished for military purposes. Jan. 28.

Monroe, James, 1758-1831.


patent for land in Washington District, Mississippi, issued Robert Lowe, signed by President Monroe with seal probably of land office. Sept. 4.

Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union.


correspondence regarding appointment of agents to solicit funds for purchase of “Home and Grave of George Washington,” May 5 and 8; list of contributors in Pike County, ca. 1858; broadside urging contribution to fund, ca. 1858.

Music--Louisiana--New Orleans.


mandolin inlaid with pearl purchased for $25. Mamie, Oct. 18, 1891; union members on strike refuse to play for matinee performance of opera. Emma Girling, Nov. 5, 1892.

New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern Railroad.


freight bills for shipments of oats and salt to Mrs. Quin. Dec. 28 and 30.

Nicholson, George.


medical certificate; family letters; land sales; commission as justice of peace; letters, receipts, and certificates concerning freemasonry; receipts for payment of merchandise, subscriptions, and land taxes.

Nurseries (Horticulture)

1878, 1889

plants ordered from Nantz and Neuner include crepe myrtle, verbena, Fairest of the Fair, black diamond, and phlox. Mar. 4, 1878; James Vick Seedsman Floral Guide. July 22, 1889. New York.

Persons--Mississippi--Pike County.


bills and receipts for taxes and merchandise purchased; medical and Masonic certificates; land sales; commission as justice of peace; friendly letters reflecting family attitude towards elderly and social and community interests.

Persons--Mississippi--Rankin County.


6 friendly letters comment on Know Nothing Party, freemasonry, July 4th celebrations, social customs, African American labor, and family matters.

Presbyterian Church--Louisiana--New Orleans--Clergy.


printed poem by William Purnell Wayne on death of Reverend Markham, minister of Lafayette Presbyterian Church, Mar. 12.



Bishop Galloway lectures on prohibition; McComb, a prohibition town, opposed to mixing prohibition and religion; interest expressed in county going dry. Ida Bridges, July 18.

Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877)--Mississippi--Marl Bluff.


farmer comments on pressure in money matters and disgust with farming “under our admirable labor system.” J. M. Quin, July 22.

Salem Female Academy (Salem, Winston-Salem, N.C.)


mentions prolonged illness, school entertainment to be followed by examinations, and possible transfer of sister to Patapsco, Maryland. Laura Ann Quin letters, Mar. 25 and Aug. 2.


1860, 1862

lack of teacher for new stone academy. Marl Bluff, Rankin County. Aug. 2, 1860; cancelled notes for money borrowed from Common School Fund. Pike County. Apr. 1862.

Soule College (New Orleans, La.)


no student able to take charge of books in less than 8 months or a year. Ida Bridges, Feb. 2.

St. Charles Hotel (New Orleans, La.)


newly completed hotel crowded for Mardi Gras. Ida Bridges, Feb. 14.

Taxation--Confederate States of America.


receipts furnished J. M. and Mrs. M. Quin for payment of land, personal and special tax. Mar. 21 and May 9, 1862; Mar. 28, 1863.

Taxation--Mississippi--Pike County.

1856, 1875-1895

receipts for payments of land, personal, state, county, and teachers' fund taxes. 1856, 1875-1895.

Tulane University.


dining hall opened and serviced by members of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Ida Bridges, Dec. 9.

Woman's Christian Temperance Union.


Women's Christian Temperance Union open and service dining hall at Tulane University. Ida Bridges, Dec. 9.

Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Company.


comments by employee's wife on the “grab,” a store on wheels, include employment conditions, nature of husband's work, service to employees, and possibility of its discontinuance. Ida Bridges, May 6 and Oct. 5, 1892; appointment of Mr. Winder as traveling inspector at Vicksburg to report on wrecks. Ida Bridges, Dec. 16, 1892; Jan. 5 and Feb. 8, 1893.

Young Men's Christian Association (New Orleans, La.)


member mentions participation in activities; reception for Helme family, the donors of $2,000 for furnishings of auditorium; and opening of new building. Mar. 3, June 6, and Nov. 20, 1895; Jan. 2, 1896.

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1866, 1872, 1891-1897


Account Ledger 1831-1832

Invoice Book 1860-1884

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