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Landry Family Papers

(Mss. 731)


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

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446 items; 12 volumes

Geographic locations.

Assumption Parish, La., Thibodeaux, La.; Barataria, La.; Quebec; Paris

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French, English


Personal and business papers of the Landry Family of Assumption Parish, La. The majority of papers are in French.


Series I, Personal Papers, 1837-1887

Series II, Business Papers, 1837-1900

Series III, Manuscript Volumes, 1840-1883

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Landry Family Papers, Mss. 731, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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U:198, G:15

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MF 5322, Series I, Part 1, Reel 8

Omission: 1866-1900

Biographical/Historical Note

The Landry family lived in the vicinity of Paincourtville, Assumption Parish, Louisiana, as well as various cities in Québec. Family members include Severin Landry, his wife Zulmée Fernandez, her brothers Manuel and Théophile Fernandez, J. Oscar McDonald, his sister Adeline McDonald Gauthier, and her husband C.J.E. Gauthier. Also included in the collection are Mr. and Mrs. William A. Marks, daughter and son-in-law of Severin and Zulmée Landry, and Emma Landry, sister of Severin.

Scope and Content Note

The majority of the letters, written by various members of the family, pertain to personal matters, including some relatives from Quebec. The later correspondence includes many business letters, with few written in French. The documents are composed chiefly of bills, receipts, and sugar sales.

Two of the notebooks contain the inventory and sale of property of the estate of George Rupp (1849), who lived in Allan Township, Pennsylvania. The remaining 10 volumes contain information pertaining to plantation and household expenses.

Series Descriptions

Series I, Personal Papers, 1837-1887

Most all of the letters are written in French by members of the family and pertain to personal matters. The earliest letter in the collection is written to Zulmée Fernandez from a friend who inquires about her family, especially her sick brother (February 27, 1837). A letter from Manuel Fernandez at Collège Ste. Marie to his mother discusses the family and tells of his studies, including his flute lessons (September 1, 1840) and a letter from Théophile, also at the school, to his sister Zulmée discusses the same (August 27, 1840). A copy of a Baptism certificate of André Aristide (son of Andre Leblanc and Margueritte Landry), born 1828, is included (August 6, 1842). Two letters are written to Adeline McDonald Gauthier in Québec, one from her friend Catherine Jacques (October 5, 1846), another from her niece Henriette Gauthier (August 5, 1847), and a later letter to Adeline from her husband C.J.E. Gauthier is addressed to her in Paincourtville, La. (November 26, 1847). A number of letters to Adeline come from her brother J. Oscar McDonald and her sister Flora McDonald, both in Québec (1848-1855), as well as a letter from Oscar to his brother-in-law C.J.E. Gauthier (October 9, 1852).

A letter from Emma Aucoin at Mount Carmel Convent to her father discusses school and news from home (January 17, 1871) and a letter from A.L. Aucoin to Mr. and Mrs. William Marks announces the birth of Aucoin's son (July 5, 1881). Also included is a letter from Mrs. A. Marks to her father Severin Landry (October 25, 1881) and a letter from Mr. William Marks to his mother-in-law wishing her well for the new year (January 1, 1887).

Also included are a poem written to Flora from Adeline (undated), a letter to Severin Landry from his sister Emma (undated), a contract involving the creation of a church in Assumption Parish (undated), and a number of invitations and visiting cards (undated).

Series II, Business Papers, 1837-1900

A large amount of the business correspondence is to Severin Landry or William A. Marks from New Orleans commission merchants, Henry Tete (1855-1871), E.M. Scott (1880-1889), Raphael Beltran (1883-1886), and Berkson Brothers (1884) discussing prices and sales of sugar. A circular from Southern Chemical Works in New Orleans announces they are ready to fill orders of bi-sulfate of lime (September 1, 1860).

Other business papers belong to various family members, the majority being from Severin Landry and concerning plantation and household expenses and sales of sugar. These include account sheets, receipts, invoices, price lists, and canceled checks (1837-1900).

Series III, Manuscript Volumes, 1840-1883

Manuscript volumes contain various lists of expenses, sales, and supplies as well as account figures. Volumes 1-4 and 11-12 can be found on microfilm.


Notebook belonging to C.J.E. Gauthier, (ca. 1840s)


Notebook entitled “Mémoire de C.J.E. Gauthier pour le voyage de Paincourtville à Québec Bas Canada, 1847,” contains mostly blank pages, few notes and figures


Ledger of C.J.E. Gauthier, Paincourtville (1852)


Account book of Dufossard Landry, also contains information regarding succession of J.J. Rousseau (1855-1857)


Notebook belonging to Mme Paul Aucoin (ca. 1868)


Notebook belonging to Severin Landry (1872)


Notebook belonging to George Washington (1872)


Memorandum book (1877)


Memorandum book (1882)


Account book (1883)


2 notebooks listing inventory of the personal property of George Rupp (Allen township), (May 31, 1849)

Index Terms

Account books

Assumption Parish (La.)--History.

Commission merchants--Louisiana--New Orleans.


Fernandez, Zulmée.



Journals (bookkeeping)

Landry, Dufossard.

Landry Family.

Landry, Severin.

Paincourtville (La.)--Social life and customs--19th century.

Plantation owners--Louisiana--Assumption Parish.

Plantations--Louisiana--Assumption Parish.

Québec (Province)-- Social life and customs--19th century.

Receipts (financial records)

Scott, E. M., merchant.

Sugar growing--Louisiana.

Sugar--Manufacture and refining.

Sugar trade--Louisiana.

Sugarcane industry--Louisiana--Assumption Parish.

Tete, Henry.

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Personal Papers, 1837-1847


Personal Papers, 1848-1858


Manuscript volumes, 11-12 (1849)


Personal Papers, 1866-1889


Personal Papers, 1860-1862


Personal Papers, undated


Personal Papers, undated




Business Papers, 1831-1850


Business Papers, 1851-1859


Business Papers, 1860-1865


Business Papers, 1866-1869


Business Papers, 1870-1879


Business Papers, 1880-1903


Business Papers, undated




Manuscript volumes 1-10

MF:5322, Series I

Part 1

Reel 8

Omission: Papers and volumes, 1866-1900