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George Kleinpeter and Family Papers

(Mss. 864, 1029)


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library

Louisiana State University Libraries

Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University

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85 items and 3 manuscript volumes

Geographic locations.

Baton Rouge, La.; New Orleans, La.; Tangipahoa, La.; Charlottesville, Va.; Mississippi; Alabama

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English, French, Spanish.


Personal and business papers of George Kleinpeter, a farmer of East Baton Rouge Parish, and other members of his family.


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George Kleinpeter and Family Papers, Mss. 864, 1029, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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B:40; OS:K; Mss. Mf:K

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Microfilm 5735, Series B, Reel 11

Omission: Volumes 1-3

Biographical/Historical Note

George Kleinpeter was a farmer of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. He and Augustine Daigre married about 1830, and they had at least five children--William, George Augustin, Alice, and Josephine.

Scope and Content Note

Personal papers include Civil War letters to Mother from William and George Augustin at camps in Virginia and North Carolina; letters from Frank McGloin, Jr., Alice, Nellie (Alice Kleinpeter McGloin's children), and others primarily discuss family matters. Legal documents consist of deeds (in Spanish), the division of Paul Daigre's estate, an 1860 census of Daphne Grove, a certification (1821) of Jean Louis Georges' baptism (in French), and a framed certification of Frank McGloin's service in the Confederate Army. Tax and other receipts; statements of accounts for cotton and other goods; promissory notes; receipts for tuition and board of William, St. Peter and St. Paul College (1854), and of Alice, St. Mary Academy (1859-1863) in Baton Rouge; bills; cancelled checks; and three memorandum books recording expenditures (1844-1846) for various household and other goods and laborers accounts (1840, 1850) comprise the financial items. Miscellaneous papers include an 1829 map of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama; Lewis Kleinpeter's (George and Francis' brother) funeral notice; and a card celebrating George and Augustine Kleinpeter's 50th wedding anniversary (1880).

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12 items:

2 deeds written in Spanish, one dated 1788 copied in 1817 and recorded in the St. Helena Land Office by the registrar and receiver for the Western District in Lib. A. No. 3 fol.595 to Jose and Pedro Babin, Olivier Tridon (?), and Victor Blanchard and the other to Don George De Passeau in 1803 certified in 1804 and registered in the same book fol. 598. 1

Business papers of George Kleinpeter including 5 receipts in settlement of the estate of Margaret Kleinpeter; 1 receipt of payment for a slave by George Kleinpeter (probably father of George Kleinpeter, born 1800), 1806; 2 miscellaneous receipts and a tax receipt for the town of Baton Rouge, 1824-1830

1 certificate dated 1821 of baptism of Jean Louis Georges in 1788,





31 items:

Funeral notice of Lewis Kleinpeter and receipts to Francis and George Kleinpeter for purchase of minor brother Lewis' estate, 1838-1840; statement of joint account of Francis and George Kleinpeter in selling cotton; miscellaneous statements of accounts; 4 receipts for board and tuition of children, William at St. Peter and St. Paul College, 1854 and Alice at St. Mary Academy in Baton Rouge, 1859-1863; 3 promissory notes 1853-1860; notice of partition of estate of Paul Daigre; and census of Daphne Grove giving the name and ages of whites and blacks, deaths, livestock, and agricultural products on hand, 1860.





38 items:

Letters from William Kleinpeter to his mother in Baton Rouge from a camp in Virginia and from Camp Carondelet, Va., asking for sweets, telling of the cabins, and of an expected battle at Centralville, Va.; and letter from Augustin in Charlottesville, Va. mentioning fight at Port Republic and giving news of Louisiana soldiers from around home; promissory notes; statements of account; receipt from Office Confederate States Depository, Tangipahoa, Louisiana, for which Confederate States bonds will be issued, 1864; 2 copies of notice of appointment of appraisers in suit; and letter from William in New Orleans to Klin on the suit and sale of property, 1869.

Letter from William Kleinpeter in New Orleans to his mother in Baton Rouge about family matters and mentioning hard times, 1876; card for golden wedding anniversary of George Kleinpeter and Augustine Daigre, 1880; 3 letters of Frank McGloin, Jr. to his mother Alice Kleinpeter McGloin and to his grandmother mentioning family matters, 1885-1890; 4 letters from Alice and Nellie to their parents on Christmas and to Santa Claus, 1888-1889; letter of condolence on death of Frank McGloin, Jr., 1890; 2 verses on silver anniversary of Frank McGloin and Alice Kleinpeter; 9 items of Frank McGloin and his wife including letters, cancelled checks, delinquent tax notice, and certification of Frank McGloin's services in the Confederate Army by his former commanding colonel, 1901-1918.





Folder for map of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama published by A. Finley (map in oversize)





Manuscript volumes 1-3:

2 cashbooks books of household accounts and accounts with various stores (the accounts are signed for payment received from George and from George and Francis Kleinpeter); a memorandum book containing debits and credits of laborers giving name of laborer, date, and amount and purpose for which debit was made and credit for cotton picking, washing, ca. 1840-1849.





Certificate of proof of CSA military service of George Kleinpeter





Map of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama published by A. Finley

1 There is no record of such a volume in the inventory of the St. Helena Land District Records of the Western Land District in the Inventory of Federal Archives in the States, Series VIII, The Department of the Interior, No. 17, Louisiana, p. 29. The volumes are not included in the Pintado Papers and the deeds do not appear in the Greensburg claims. The claims do establish the fact that a George Kleinpeter settled and cultivated the land near Fort Manchac in the Manchac District from 1785.

Index Terms

Agricultural wages--Louisiana.

Baton Rouge (La.)

Confederate States of America. Army.--History.

Inheritance and succession--Louisiana--East Baton Rouge Parish

Kleinpeter, Augustine Daigre.

Kleinpeter, George Augustin.

Kleinpeter, George, b. 1800.

Kleinpeter, William.

Maps--19th century.

McGloin, Alice.

McGloin, Frank, Jr., d. 1890.

McGloin, Frank, 1846-1921.

United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.

Virginia--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.

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Correspondence and other papers (1804-1918)

3 manuscript volumes (1840-1850)



Map, 1827


Certificate, 1876

Mss. Mf:K

MF:5735, Series B


Reel 11

Omission: Volumes 1-3