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West Feliciana Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana; Wilkinson County, Mississippi; Mexico City, Mexico.

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English, Spanish, some French


Personal and business papers of Captain Antonio Patrick Walsh reflecting his military and maritime service; and commercial interest as commander and of the Louisiana and owner of La Mexicana; and as a planter in West Feliciana Parish, La.


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Antonio Patrick Walsh Papers, Mss. 887, 1208, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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A native of Dublin, Ireland, Antonio Patrick Walsh served in the Spanish military and in the militia of colonial Louisiana under Spanish rule. He later became involved in shipping, serving Spanish commercial interests in the Caribbean and Mexico as third commander of the ship Louisiana and as the owner of the ship La Mexicana. Following his maritime service, Walsh settled in West Feliciana Parish, La., where he owned a cotton plantation.


Personal and business papers of Antonio Patrick Walsh. Documenting his military career in Europe and colonial Louisiana and his involvement in maritime shipping, the early papers in the collection consist of military orders from Spanish authorities conveying instructions to Walsh regarding ships he is to procure for use in possible hostilities with the British; passports granting Walsh entrance to Philadelphia, Pa., Vera Cruz, Mexico, Bordeaux, France, and other cities; and documents concerning Walsh's employment on the ship Louisiana. They include a letter from Manuel Gayoso de Lemos, the Spanish governor of Louisiana, commending Walsh for his military service on the Louisiana; papers related to cargoes of goods shipped from Vera Cruz, Mexico, to New Orleans, La.; a letter from Baron de Carondelet concerning the arming and staffing of the ship Louisiana; and a letter from Andres Lopez de Armesto, secretary of the government of the Spanish province of Louisiana and West Florida, naturalizing Walsh as a citizen of the province and mentioning his service as commander of squadron of galleys of the Mississippi.

Later papers reflect Walsh's more settled life as the owner of a cotton plantation in West Feliciana Parish. They comprise receipts from merchants for purchases of building implements, foodstuffs, clothing, and other dry goods; bills of sale for the purchase and sale of slaves; travel to Dublin, Ireland, to visit family and attend the wedding of his daughter, Maria; letters concerning cotton growing and trade; and documents related to debts owed to and by Walsh. Included among the papers are a bank book (1794-1814) and a memorandum book (1807-1809).





Fragment of a document concerning the sale of indigo, Pointe Coupee


Acknowledgement of debt of money for books to Arthur Jones and letter from his father-in-law indicating Walsh was in Bordeaux in 1791.


Letters and passports from Madrid concerning passage from Madrid to New Orleans stopping at Bordeaux for his wife. Passports indicate Walsh was a merchant.


Walsh requests place in cavalry company; Baron de Carondelet's recommendation; granted by J. B. Macarty. Passport issued by Carondelet for Walsh to enter Philadelphia.


Safe conduct passport through England and permit to possess arms.


Letter of request by Henry Stuart of Philadelphia for the introduction of a Mr. Cadbury to Baron de Carondelet in the hope of promoting Cadbury's mercantile ventures in Louisiana, by Joseph Ignacio de Viar, Consul General to the king in stating that he may sell his cargo at any port in Europe provided he first report to the Spanish consul in that city.


Letter from Carondelet in Mexico to Walsh in New Orleans asking him for the date of his employment on the Louisiana so that he may send a certificate. Carondelet promotes Walsh to the rank of Lieutenant. Document signed by Carondelet concerning the arming and staffing of the Louisiana to fight the British. Walsh and DuParc named officers under Lieutenant Colonel Pedro Rousseau. Letters from Carondelet in Mexico concerning a certification and the delayed arrival of a ship from Vera Cruz.


Gayoso de Lemos recommends Walsh for promotion to captain in view of his excellent service on the Louisiana, 1798. Letters by Gayoso giving Walsh instructions concerning the selection of ship pilots, 1798. Letter by Gayoso to Walsh instructing him to procure ships at Vera Cruz for use in the war, 1799. Report (printed copy) of the ships which are to compose the Royal Armada, 1799. Letter to Julien Poydras relating to a cargo of indigo to be delivered for sale in New Orleans, 1799; letter from Vera Cruz to Samuel and James Moore of New Orleans concerning a commission referred to by Walsh, 1799. Letter of Arthur Morgan introducing Walsh to Richard Shea of Kingston, Jamaica, 1799. Passport issued by military governor of La. and West Florida giving safe passage to Walsh to Vera Cruz, 1799.


Passport issued to Walsh at Vera Cruz; letter to Walsh from Aranza in Mexico in which he mentions the news of enemy ships; record of the military service of Walsh from the year 1797; letter from Aranza in Mexico to Walsh discussing letters of recommendation; letters of Casa Calvo; letters from Marguina in Mexico to Walsh announcing the departure of several cargo ships from Vera Cruz bound for New Orleans; passport issued at Vera Cruz to Captain Antonio Patricio Walsh, Second commandant of the Mississippi Fleet on the













vessel of war Diligencia; statement signed by Father Antonio de Sedella of the Capuchin Order certifying that Walsh has performed all duties of the Christian faith during his time in the colony, written at New Orleans.


Accounts current with Captain John Smith of the frigate La Mexicana; letters from Casa Calvo in Mexico concerning a license, shipment of wine, and Walsh's plans to go to Europe; papers and letters regarding the erection of a cathedral in Baltimore; contract between Walsh and Captain Smith for half ownership of the Defiance later called La Mexicana; document for the purchase of the Defiance for 8000 pesos; wage agreement between Walsh and a seamen on La Mexicana; copy of a document concerning the value of La Mexicana; certification that Walsh was naturalized in 1789 and of his zeal in the performance of duty in the service signed by Salcedo; passport signed by Salcedo, governor of Louisiana at New Orleans


Passport issued to Walsh by Aguado at Bayona, Spain, destination France; accounts current of sailors on La Mexicana; letter from Terrier Brunel in Bordeaux, stating that the Mexicana belongs to the House of Rebuelta in Vera Cruz, which has instructed them to deal with Walsh; certification of Mexicana's cargo, entering New York, signed Consul Thomas Stoughton; certificate of Mexicana's sailing from New York, destination Bordeaux; personal letters between Walsh in Bayonne and Leon Carricaburu in Bordeaux; two notes requesting Blandin pay wages to George Piler and Joseph Lamontagne, employees on La Mexicana; letters from Carricaburu in Santander to Walsh in Bordeaux about a trip to Vera Cruz and about La Mexicana's return trip; letter and duplicate to Walsh from Ectraguel concerning money owed to the writer; personal letter to Walsh, in Bordeaux, from Santiago Blandin in San Sebastian


Letter, 1804, to Walsh, in Panage, Spain, from Levante, in Bordeaux; itemized account of debt of Walsh to Lacoste and receipt of payment by Walsh; letter to Walsh, in Bordeaux, from Carricaburu, in Santander, concerning the late arrival of the Mexicana, on which he wants to return to Vera Cruz; letter to Walsh, in Bordeaux, from Hernanos, in Santander, announcing Carricaburu's departure for Vera Cruz on receipt of Walsh's letter; letter from Walsh, in Bordeaux, to Ageurre and Armanos at St. Anvers, announcing the departure of Carricaburu for Vera Cruz and describing the Mexicana;


Accounts current of Walsh with Laine Jeune;


Accounts of Walsh with Jean Francois Merieult; note written at New Orleans, inviting Walsh to attend the property disposal of Ursin Deurel; document concerning will of Antonio Defan, signed by Pedro Pedersclaux, in New Orleans;


Statement of textile materials bought by Walsh from P. Hoffman, Jr.; letter of Jose Cevallos, Pensacola, stating ownership by Walsh of a mulatto slave born on his property;


Financial statement of Walsh to Marot, in New Orleans; receipt of money by Shiapella

from Walsh, in New Orleans; agreement between Walsh and Jacob Collins concerning land in Bayou Sarah; letter to Walsh from Vincent Nolte, in Philadelphia, requesting a note for $4,200 to permit R. I. Oliver in Baltimore to buy slaves;


Letter from Villanueva, Philadelphia, to Walsh in Baltimore stating the price of equipment at $800; letter signed Thomas Egan, William Griffin, A. Vencento, Baton Rouge, concerning a voyage on the Mississippi to be made by George German, also a note from Thomas Estcovan stating that John M. Pintard will reimburse Walsh for salvage of boat and proving of property; letter from Walsh to Louis Sere in New Orleans discussing money; letter from Villanueva, Philadelphia, to Walsh in Baltimore enclosing $2,276 from Bank of U. S. in payment for debt, and letters to be given to Blanque and La Porte; notebook of accounts of Walsh with Tontine Coffee House; letter from Henry Bennett requesting merchandise; letter from Walsh in Baltimore to Sere and Valverde in New Orleans stating bill of goods drawn on their house; business letter to Walsh in Bordeaux from Dufans Guillorit


Document signed Walsh, notarized Peter Pedersclaux, giving the latter power of attorney over Walsh's land and containing detailed description of land; statement of account of Walsh with Villanueva; personal letter from Sere in New Orleans to Walsh in Vera Cruz; account of Jacob Collins with Walsh in Bayou Sarah, W. Feliciana Parish, 1808-1810; account current of Robinson, Pati, Newton, with Robert Percy;


Account of Walsh with H. Bennett; personal letter from Bennett to Walsh on his plantation; receipt for $200 from Walsh by William Draughton; account of Walsh with H. Bennett;


Letter from Bennett to Walsh concerning accounts 1809-1811; bill from Walsh to H. Bennett for services rendered; account current of Bennett with Walsh; account of Walsh with Charles Curtis;


Accounts current of Bennett with Walsh; statement of final settlement of accounts between Bennett and Walsh; note to Walsh from Bennett ordering payment at sight of $166.50 to John Towles; letter from Vincent Nolte in New Orleans to Walsh in Bayou Sarah, concerning money owed to Walsh


Account of Walsh with Brooks, a blacksmith at Pinckneyville;


Account of Walsh with blacksmith; financial letter from James Hope to Walsh; letter from Dominick Hall, a judge in New Orleans, concerning news of the fleet; letters to Walsh from James Hope about corn and fodder; from Benjamin Morgan, New Orleans, requesting payment of debt; from E. S. Bernard, Baton Rouge, mentioning a shipment of cotton received by Vincent Nolte at St. Francisville; from James Hope asking him to send team of mules; financial statement of Walsh to Sterling; letter from Walsh, New Orleans, to Ganet, Bordeaux, stating himself free of all responsibilities concerning Mexicana; letters to Walsh

in Bayou Sarah from Evariste Blanc in New Orleans about farming; from James Hope, mentioning hide sent to Hope and debt Walsh owes him; letter from Natchez about textiles; a group of financial statements, promissory notes, receipts, and accounts between Walsh and Lynd, Crocker, Martin, Millandon, Montgomery, Flower and Finley; letter from Blanc in New Orleans asking Walsh to watch river boats for runaway slave; note to Walsh written at Cecelia Vale by Francis Keller concerning money.


Receipt of money owed to Turnbull from Walsh; account of Walsh with William T. Smith, in Bayou Sarah; receipt signed Maria Walsh in Dublin; letters from Lataymes and Garesche, both in Philadelphia, introducing James P. Kingston to François Clapier and Co. in Marseilles and Laine in Bordeaux; personal letter to Walsh from David Walsh in La Rochelle, c/o Aine, New Orleans merchant.


Receipt of money, Parker from Walsh; account current of Walsh with Sere, Valverde, Nolte and Villanueva.


Personal letter to Walsh from Geoghigan, apparently in Europe; letter to Walsh at Bayou Sarah from L. D. Mere Monchosse, inquiring of welfare of Marota in America; financial notes with Henry Livingston; account of Walsh with Robert Collins; account with Henry Bennett; personal letter to Walsh from Nathaniel Evans about leaving New Orleans by ship; financial notes concerning transactions with Lynd; printed circular of information on Liverpool School for the Blind; letter from Walsh, in Dublin, to American consul at Rochelle, France, requesting that he deliver enclosed letter to David Walsh; letter to David Walsh, in Rochelle, reporting the marriage of his daughter; personal letter from Thomas Sherlock in Dublin to Walsh at Cecelia Vale; personal letter from Walsh's daughter Cecelia Leonard in Dublin to him at Cecelia Vale.


Letter from Walsh at Cecelia Vale requesting payment of small debt; check for $800 to Walsh in New Orleans from Lestapis Brothers in Bordeaux; letter to Walsh, in New Orleans, from David Walsh, Rochelle, requesting note for fr. 802.50 and Walsh's reply that he is sending second note via Missouri fearing first was lost; letter from Cecelia Leonard in Sligo, Ireland, to Walsh at Cecelia Vale mentioning her mother; letter from Gareche Bros. in Rochelle to Walsh in New Orleans stating his letter delivered in Bordeaux by Marrot; receipts; letter from Kenny Laverty to Walsh, informing him of the death of Thannon; letter to Walsh from Dr. Patton, stating his account against Walsh transferred to Montgomery; letters of introduction; account of Walsh with H. Bennett; letter to Walsh, Cecelia Vale, from John Lombar, in Natchez, concerning cordage.


Letters to Walsh at Cecelia Vale from Richard Davidson, Jambu, and Chew, introducing Dr. Barton of Va., to live at St. Francisville; letter from James Bradford, Feliciana, to Walsh, stating that he will get Mrs. Percy's testimony in Walsh's case against Collins; a number of Walsh's accounts; personal letter to Walsh from Gilbert Potter, Steamboat Mobile; note from Walsh requesting Ewan Smith sit up with the corpse of Ewan Briet; letter from Gilbert Potter, in Natchez, to Walsh; personal and financial letters from David

Walsh; financial statements between Walsh and Stephen Bell, Alexander Crawford, Finley and Co.; personal and financial letter from Tambeu in New Orleans to Walsh; letter from Beauvais, St. Francisville, to Mrs. Gale, telling her that Walsh will receive her payment on debt to Mrs. De Tanneret; a letter from the Secretary of the Navy concerning admission of passengers and effects to public ships; letter to Walsh from Liautaud Bros. and Dolhondue, requesting the account of Perault; letter to Walsh from Gilbert Potter in Woodville concerning the mill; unsigned note to Walsh concerning an approaching election; letter from Dr. Robert Davidson to Walsh concerning a recent congressional election; personal letters to Walsh from Julia Kemper Lacour and from Augustin Guibert; account of Walsh with John Hughes; settlement for supplies between M. Brown and Walsh; printed circular concerning the cotton crop; note to Walsh from M. Brown, stating that he is sending beef; fragment of a list of rules for the plantation; personal letters to Walsh from N. Benvist in New Orleans, A. Guibert, and Mme. Boulet, nee Bouvin, New Orleans, who is considering opening a tailor and millinery shop there; letter from Joseph Rafignac, mayor of New Orleans, informing Walsh that he was named director of the (piece torn) of St. Francisville


Receipts of payments to or from Walsh by Colfax, Stubblefield, August Patterson, Steamboat Feliciana, Paxton Bernard and Co., Johnston and Boorman, Nasfero, McCoy and Scallon, William Leake, Ficklin and Skillman, Monroe and Norton, Sarah Ansten, Joseph Sanderson, Duttitet and Sagony, Lieutaud Bros. and Dolhon, Liles, Millandon, Hagan and Mellon. Statements of account between Walsh and Robert Layton, Co., Vincent Nolte, Jambu, Crawford and Bernard, Temple and Sterling, Smith and Mill, Skillman, Gildemeister and Ries, T. Wilckens and Co., Benjamin Jewell, Draughon, D. Holl. Personal and financial letters from Lavelina, Hollander, D. Carsten, Lombard, George Howell, Francis Evans, George Barclay, Jesse Roberson, McCoy and Scallon. Fragment of funeral notice of J. P. Kingston.

Jan.-Mar. 1822

Bills of sales of slaves at Cecelia Vale (1804-1822), letter to Vincent Nolte and Co. New Orleans, from David Walsh, Rochelle, asking for information concerning the existence of A. P. Walsh, reminder note written by Walsh to himself of things to do, promissory note to Mrs. Lydia Alsten; personal letter to Walsh from Guibert; promissory note to George Howell, receipts of money to or from Peter Bebuys, George Howell, Susan Bostwick, Chinn and Johnson, McWaters, Owen Parker; accounts with T. Augustin, Guildemeister and Ries, F. Wilckins and Co., Temple and Sterling, Crawford and Bernard, Collins and Cash; list of items bought for George Howell.

Apr.-Dec. 1822

Receipts of money to or from I. B. Stark, Millandon, Pigniguy Bros., Thomas Banks, Bouisbeth, Robert Perry, D. Holl, Lalande, James Germany, A. Crawford, Nancy Dorat, John Gibson, J. Brown, Holl and Carstens, A. B. Maxwell, Gilbert Potter, Henry Bennett, etc.; Statements of account with J. H. Robinson, M. Flaherty, Jr., Flaherty, Dalen, and Co., D. and T. Cooper, Henry Ludeling, Swifts and Hofa, etc.; Personal and financial letters and notes from John Parker, John R. Holliday, Robert Cauflan, G. Howell, Cecelia Walsh Leonard, Lloyd and George T. Pritchard, T. P. Ogdon, Turcas, Robert M. Caufland, Jesse Robertson, Cavelier Pere, A. G. le Cavelier, etc.; Letters from Walsh to G. P. Ogon, Judge

Thomas W. Chinn, Jack Toby, David Walsh.

Jan.-May 1823

Receipts for money from Jesse Edwards, Christopher Dearmes, Hugh Lemond, Charles C. Donald, Ralph Cotton, Abraham Deckker, William H. Watton, Steamboat Ramopo, McCoy and Co., H. Willett and Jesse Edwards; Order to pay to Thomas Chew, signed by Walsh; Statements of account with Collins Cash and Co., Monroe and Movea, Gab. Winter, Gildemeister and Ries, Swift and Hope, D. and T. Cooper, Holl and Carstens, and Temple and Stirling; Agreement signed between Walsh and William Draughton, concerning a slave of Walsh's to work for Draughton; Personal and financial letters from: Gilbert Potter, de Naubercy, Cavelier Pere to Guibert, J. Henry Sideling (announcing visit of Prince of Wurtemberg to Pointe Coupee and Feliciana Parishes for botany and natural history research), G. Howell, Jos. Gray, Cecelia Leonard, Jarrian, Auguste Guibert, Debuys and Longer, and Gilbert Potter; Letters to Davesague, Janin; Agreement signed at Cecilia Vale between Walsh and Eliut Jones and J. T. Montgomery, concerning rules for the plantation.

Jun.-Dec. 1823

Receipts signed Wheeler and Nye, T. Pritchard, William B. Davis, F. A. Browder (sheriff of Feliciana Parish), Roche Bros., James Hyde, Bouchon, and Zallbury and Nalles;

Promissory notes to Le Carpentier and Robert M. Causland; Bills for merchandise from: Maunsel White and Co., Calder Brock and Co., Laur. Millandon, M. Flaherty, J. Cornuber, A. Gaudry, and M. Jambeu; Receipt for taxes, signed Jacob Collins;

Papers concerning Aaron Griggs, free African American of Walsh's plantation;

List of medicine brought from New Orleans; Paper concerning the Mexicana and Walsh's defense against Cordon's claim for $600; Personal and business letters from: Cavelier, Sr., Jaque Jolyt, George Howell, M. Nicaud, A. Dupuy, Robert M. Causland, Cavelier, Evariste Blanc, Joseph Le Carpentier, E. Hollander, Vincent Nolte, and Masureau;

Letters to Cavelier, Sr., Cecilia W. Leonard, Anthony Dupuy of Louv. Bros. Tolvano Co., and Vincent Nolte; Letter to Walsh mentioning various plantations of the region and owners;


Statements of accounts with Robert M. Causland, and Holl and Carstens;

Bills for merchandise from Gildemeister and Ries, Sam Bryan, Jno. Swift and Co., D. Carstens, I. Orgoodt Co., James Purder, William Smith, M. Flaherty, Capt. Lauvan, William Davis, and meat bills; Walsh's list of accounts paid this year; promissory notes; checks on Louisiana State Bank at St. Francisville; receipt for taxes; information concerning a mortgage, unsigned; Personal and business letters from: R. H. Haile, Cecilia Leonard, James Turner, Hollander, Lewis E. Carre, Rossignac, Jno. Swift and Co.;

Letters to Dr. Banes, E. Bierne (Dublin), and Lammon;


Receipts signed James Harboad, James Johnson, and James Rosso; Walsh's account of disbursements at Cecilia Vale; Statements of accounts with W. I. Germany and Owen Parker; Statement of Walsh property (1825); List of disbursements for James P. Kingston;

Letters to or from: William Draughton, Lejeunes, Sarah Austen, David Pate, Breeding, Thomas W. Chinn, James Colman, John Lombart, Cecilia Leonard, and V. Nolte;


Receipts; calling cards; fragments of letters; unsigned note to Doctor, apparently from Walsh, thanking him for use of gig; notes concerning the funeral of Causland;

fragment of a letter to Mrs. Sere, in New Orleans, concerning the delivery of grain; account of cotton sent to Capt. William Davis' gin by J. M. Pritchard; list of names, by Walsh, possibly of slaves; remarks concerning land bought from Davis; list by Walsh of his taxable property in Feliciana Parish; notice of beginning of procedure of inventory of estate of Walsh, deceased; copy of a letter written to Ganet in Bordeaux, concerning the Mexicana; memorandum of shoes issued to slaves; fragment, suggesting value of Mexicana at 20,000 or 22,000 piastres; list of Walsh's cargo at Bordeaux; Walsh's mason certificate;

statement by Casa Calbo that A. P. Walsh served as captain of militia in charge of river galley; note requesting Blandin to pay a certain amount to a sailor of Mexicana; letter concerning claims against Thomas O'Floran at Vera Cruz by Revuelta; instructions for navigation; unsigned letter concerning Walsh's shipping business between Vera Cruz and Louisiana; metal plate for Walsh's personal calling cards; empty leather binding

2 Bound Volumes:


Bank Book.


Memorandum Book.


Armesto, Andres Lopez.


Cargo ships--Louisiana.

Caribbean Area--Commerce.

Caribbean Area--History, Naval.

Carondelet, Luis Héctor, barón de, 1748-1807.

Clark, Daniel.

Cotton farmers--Louisiana--West Feliciana Parish.

Cotton growing--Louisiana--West Feliciana Parish.

Cotton trade--Louisiana.

Dry-goods--Louisiana--West Feliciana Parish.

Dublin (Ireland)--Description and travel.

Gayoso de Lemos, Manuel, 1747-1799.


Great Britain--Foreign relations--Spain--19th century.

Great Britain--History, Naval--19th century.

Letters (correspondence)

Louisiana (Ship)


Louisiana--History--To 1803.

Louisiana--Politics and government--To 1803.

Mexicana (Ship)

Mississippi River Valley--History--To 1803.


New Orleans (La.)--Commerce--Mexico--Veracruz (Veracruz-Llave)

Orders (military records)


Plantation owners--Louisiana--West Feliciana Parish.

Plantations--Louisiana--West Feliciana Parish.

Promissory notes.

Receipts (financial records)

Ship captains--Louisiana.

Slave bills of sale--Louisiana--West Feliciana Parish.

Slavery--Louisiana--West Feliciana Parish.


Spain--Foreign relations--Great Britain--19th century.

Spain--History, Naval--19th century.

Veracruz (Veracruz-Llave, Mexico)--Commerce--Louisiana--New Orleans.

Walsh, Antonio Patrick.

Walsh, Celia.

Walsh, Maria.


West Feliciana Parish (La.)--History--19th century.






Contents (with dates)














Bank book (1794-1814)

Memorandum book (1807-1809)

Empty leather binding



1824-1828, undated