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2.75 linear feet.


Geographic Locations


Assumption Parish, Louisiana.


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English, French.



Personal papers, newspapers and published materials, and manuscript volumes of Robert Campbell Martin, Jr., a sugar planter of Albemarle Plantation in Assumption Parish.


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No restrictions. 

Reproduction Note


Reproductions are to be made from the microfilm. 

The following items were not microfilmed:

Folder 7, Printed Materials

v. 8-12, Checkbooks, 1886-1889

v. 36-37 and 39-41, Memorandum Books, 1862-1887

v. 44-46, Miscellaneous Autograph Books, 1858

v. 47, Miscellaneous Cookbook, n.d.

v. 48-53, Miscellaneous Genealogical Notebooks, n.d.

v. 57, Accounting book, 1875

v. 58, Notebook, 1858

v. 59, Notebook, 1905-1906

v. 65-67, Time Books, 1874, 1875, and 1896-1901




Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries.  Copyright of the original materials is retained by descendants of the creators of these materials in accordance with U.S. copyright law.




Robert Campbell Martin, Jr. Papers, Mss. 1045, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 


Previously known as Robert Campbell Martin, Jr. Account Books.


Stack Locations


C:9; OS:M; O:18-19; Range 99


Also available on Microfilm 6061, Records of Southern Plantations from Emancipation to the Great Migration, Series B, Part 3, Reels 7-11





In 1839, Robert Campbell Martin, Jr. was born to Robert Campbell Martin, Sr. (1813-1881) and Mary Winifred Pugh Martin (1815-1858) in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. 


Both of Robert Campbell Jr.’s  parents were originally from North Carolina.  Robert Campbell Sr., son of Peter Boyd Martin (1777-1838) and Janet Smith Bryan Martin (1789-1818), was born in Bertie County, North Carolina.  Besides Robert Campbell Sr., the couple had two daughters: Elisabeth Gray (1814-1832) and Susan Bryan (1815-1883).  On February 8, 1818, their second son, Samuel Hyman, was born.  Four days later, however, both Samuel and Janet died. Soon after his wife’s death, Peter Boyd Martin and his three remaining children moved to Rapides Parish, Louisiana.


Robert Campbell Jr.’s mother, Mary Winifred Pugh Martin, was also born in Bertie County.  Her great grandfather, Colonel Thomas Pugh (1726-1806), obtained land in North Carolina from the Tuscarora Indians during the 1760s and 1770s. Census records show that by 1820, Mary Winifred Pugh Martin’s father, Whitmel Hill Pugh, had moved the family to Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. In 1835, she married Robert Campbell Martin, Sr.


Robert and Mary had a total of six children.  Besides Robert Campbell Jr., they had three more sons and one daughter:  Mary Janet (1836-1843), William Whitmel (1840-1863), James Bryan (1844-1921), and Thomas Pugh (1846-1910).  They also had another son, Peter Boyd (1842) who died only a day after his birth.  In 1839, Robert Campbell Sr. bought the plantation in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, that has since been known as Albemarle.  This sugar producing plantation, possibly named after a historic county in North Carolina, would remain in the family for multiple generations.   


Both Robert Campbell Jr. and his brother, William Whitmel, attended the University of North Carolina (ca. 1858), but later returned to Assumption Parish.  In 1861, Robert Campbell Jr. married Margaret Ann Chisholm Littlejohn (1837-1879), daughter of Reverend William Littlejohn (b. 1811) and Eliza Ann Chisholm Littlejohn, at Melrose Plantation in Assumption Parish. Margaret had two brothers who, like the Martins, were also involved in sugar planting.  In 1862, Robert and Margaret’s first child, Robert Campbell III was born at Melrose Plantation.


Several members of the Martin and Littlejohn families moved to Texas during the Civil War.  It was here that Robert and Margaret’s second child, William Littlejohn, was born in 1865.    However, all of the Martin sons, including Robert Campbell Jr., assumed service in the Confederate Army.  William Whitmel Martin entered the 8th Louisiana Regiment at its formation as a private and was later made 2nd lieutenant. While taking a leave of absence in Assumption Parish to recover his health, he raised a company, formerly part of the 26th Louisiana volunteer infantry, of which he was captain.  He was promoted to the rank of major several months before he was killed at the battle of Vicksburg (1862).  Robert Campbell Jr. served as 1st lieutenant of Company C in the 26th Louisiana volunteer infantry.  Like his brother, he also participated in the battle of Chickasaw Bayou and the siege of Vicksburg. 


After the Civil War, Margaret and the two children returned to Assumption Parish, Louisiana, while the rest of the Littlejohns remained in Texas.  In 1867, Robert Campbell Jr. and Margaret had their third child, William Whitmel Pugh.  The next year,  Robert Campbell Sr. returned to Albemarle Plantation and recommenced planting with his three sons:  Robert Campbell Jr., James Bryan, and Thomas Pugh. 


In 1879, Robert Campbell Jr. and Margaret had their last child, Margaret Eliza.  However, the mother died five days after giving birth, and the baby died seven months later. 


Around 1905, Robert Campbell Jr. married his second wife, Marie R. Theriot (b. 1859).  He lived in Assumption Parish until his death in 1916.





Papers, newspapers and published materials, and manuscript volumes covering the period 1767-1932 document the lives of the Martins, a sugar planting family of Assumption Parish, Louisiana.  Papers include official documents such as land agreements and bank statements relating to transactions involving various members of the Martin or Pugh families. Papers also consist of personal items such as financial records, newspaper clippings, and correspondence regarding a variety of matters including farm labor, gardening, crop sales, sugar cultivation, politics, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.   Genealogical materials are also included. 


Newspapers (1861-1895) and published materials (ca. 1855-1904) consist of items collected by members of the Martin family.  Selected newspapers from Louisiana, New York, Texas, North Carolina, and Illinois are included.  Published materials consist of items such as catalogs and political pamphlets. 


Manuscript volumes include cashbooks, checkbooks, diaries, ledgers, memorandum books, miscellaneous volumes, notebooks, a poll book, record books, and time books belonging to various members of the Martin family.  Includes information on personal finances, plantation operations and expenses, crop sales, business accounts, and the 26th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry. 






I.          Papers, 1767-1913, n.d. (box 1 and oversize box 1)


II.         Newspapers and published materials, ca. 1855-1897, n.d. (box 1 and oversize folder 1)


III.        Manuscript volumes, 1858-1932 (volumes 1-67)

            Subseries 1.     Cashbooks, 1881-1932 (volumes 1-7)

            Subseries 2.     Check books, 1886-1890 (volumes 8-12)

            Subseries 3.     Diaries, 1907-1909 (volumes 13-15)

            Subseries 4.     Ledgers, 1868-1915 (volumes 16-35)

            Subseries 5.     Memorandum books, 1862-1896 (volumes 36-43)

            Subseries 6.     Miscellaneous volumes, 1858, n.d. (volumes 44-53)

            Subseries 7.     Notebooks, 1858-1906, n.d. (volumes 54-59)

            Subseries 8.     Poll book, 1904 (volume 60)

            Subseries 9.     Record books, 1858-1896 (volumes 61-63)

            Subseries 10.   Time books, 1873-1901 (volumes 64-67)







I.          Papers, 1767-1913 (0.3 linear feet)


Summary:  Papers relating to the lives of members of the Martin family in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, consist of a variety of documents including deeds and leases, death notices, muster rolls, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and family trees. Items arranged chronologically.


Box 1


Folder 1


6 items

Papers relating to the property and estate of the Pugh family in North Carolina including deeds and leases from the Tuscarora Indians; order for inventory of estate; power of attorney; promissory note; and an order to pay. 


Folder 2


            3 items

Two copies of a funeral notice for Mrs. Mary W. Martin (1858); marriage license of Robert C. Martin, Jr. and Maggie Chisholm Littlejohn (1861); and a muster roll of the 26th Regiment, Company C of Louisiana Volunteers of which Robert Campbell, Jr. was first lieutenant (1864).


            Folder 3


            51 items

Letter from Robert Campbell Sr. to his son telling of the shortage of farm labor and asking that he get others to help assist him (1874); itemized druggist receipt (1875); duplicate of promissory note of Robert Campbell Sr. to Wm. W. Pugh (1877); a price current of L. Surle & Co., commission merchants in New Orleans (1877).  Also included are 46 newspaper clippings:  11 concerning the Civil War, the Confederacy, and Confederate money; 7 pertaining to political events and Reconstruction; 11 relating to sugar production, gardening near the gulf, salt making, and the raising of castor beans; 4 regarding remedies; and 13 concerning miscellaneous topics. 


            Folder 4


            1 item

Broadside addressed to African Americans concerning democracy in New Orleans. Also discusses the election of 1876, civil rights for African Americans, discrimination faced in the southern courts, and brutal conditions of convict labor. 


            Folder 5


            75 items

Itemized statements of accounts and receipted bills; clippings from Ascension Democrat containing copy of Phoenix Volunteer Company muster roll (September 8, 1883); notice of patent approval to William Littlejohn; printed advertisement for a bagasse burner used in sugar production (1885); will of Robert Campbell Jr. (1891); funeral notice for Mattie Twyman Martin (1893); form letters to Robert Campbell Jr. from the United States Treasury Department regarding payments of claims for bounty on sugar (1896-1897); application of John Melancon to register for voting (1900); letter for information on family history (1900); printed notice of Napoleonville Ice Company meeting (1902); bank statements (1906-1907); and income tax form filed by Robert Campbell Jr.


            Folder 6


            57 items

Miscellaneous notes of entries into the account books; plan of a garden listing names of camellia plants and their location in the garden; memorandum; remedies; list of coal purchasers; and stencil designs. 


Oversize box 1



Genealogical notes

Includes handwritten family trees documenting the lineage of the Martin family.



II.         Newspapers and published materials, ca. 1855-1897, n.d. (0.2 linear feet)


Oversize folder 1



47 items

Includes the following titles:


Christian Advocate, New Orleans

                        1867:  May 11 and 18;  and July 20

                        1873:  May 22

The Louisiana Democrat, Alexandria

                        1864:  November 2 and 16

1866:  June 27; July 25; August 8, 15, 22, and 29; September 5, 19,

and 26; and October 3 and 17

The Weekly Picayune, New Orleans

                        1861:  November 9

                        1873:  September 6; October 4; and November 15

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans

                        1873:  June 16

                        1875:  January 16 and 18; and April 22

                        1876:  March 4

The New Orleans Bulletin, New Orleans

                        1875:  January 16*

The New Orleans Times, New Orleans

                        1863:  December 25*

                        1871:  April 17*

The New Orleans Weekly Times, New Orleans

                        1875:  October 9

L’Abeille De La Nouvelle- Orleans, New Orleans

                        1881:  July 3

The Weekly Sun, New York City

                        1876:  February 2

La Sentinelle De Thibodaux, Thibodaux

                        1873:  September 6

                        1875:  February 27

                        1876:  August 26; September 30; and October 7

The Weekly Thibodaux Sentinel, Thibodaux

                        1866:  October 13*

                        1874:  July 18*

Assumption Chronicle, Napoleonville

                        1876:  September 16 and 30

The Home Advocate, Jefferson, Texas

                        1871:  August 5

The Times-Democrat, New Orleans

                        1883:  December 19*

Windsor Ledger, Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina

                        1897:  March 4

Southern Trade Review, New Orleans


Farm Field and Stockman, Chicago, Illinois

                        1885:  January 1 and February 15


            *           Copy in Hill Memorial Library


Box 1


            Folder 7

            Printed materials

            7 items

            Printed materials include the following titles:


            Congressional Directory, First Edition (Washington:  Government Printing

                                                               Office, 1881).

John Wyeth & Brother’s Dose Book of Pharmaceutical Preparations,

                      (Philadelphia:  Geo. F. Lasher, Steam-printer, 1882).

Price List of Scroll Saws, Carving Tools, Model Makers’ Goods, Engravers’

                   Supplies of the John Wilkinson Co., (Chicago, Ill., 1884).

            The Common Sense Engine, Illustrated Catalogue (Springfield: Common Sense

                                                           Engine Co., 1885).

            The Tariff, speech of Hon. Charles F. Crisp, of Georgia, in the House of

                         Representatives (Washington D.C.: Geo. R. Gray, Printer, 1890).

            Brief of Defendant and Appellant in Supreme Court case of James L. McCormick           vs.

                      William W. Pugh, appeal from the Fourth Judicial District Court of the

                                                        Parish of Assumption.


Incomplete pages from a book or magazine published between 1850-1860 are also included.



III.       Manuscript volumes, 1858-1932 (2.25 linear feet)


Summary:  Manuscript volumes include checkbooks, diaries, ledgers, memorandum books, notebooks, poll book, record books, and time books.  Materials primarily offer information concerning personal and plantation expenses, records of agricultural production and labor accounts, and genealogical records.  Of note is a memorandum book kept by William Whitmel Martin while Captain of Company C, 26th Louisiana volunteer infantry. 


            Subseries 1.     Cashbooks, v. 1-7 (1881-1932)


Cashbooks for the Albemarle Plantation consist of detailed account information.  Entries contain records of personal finances including dates of transactions, names of individuals paid, and monetary amounts. Later entries give the page of the ledger on which the transaction was posted. Some books also contain records of accounts with laborers as well as documentation of molasses and sugar sales.


            Subseries 2.     Checkbooks, v. 8-12 (1886-1890)


Includes check stubs giving such information as to who issued the check, person/company paid, date written, and amount disbursed. 


            Subseries 3.     Diaries, v. 13-15 (1907-1909)


Diaries kept by Robert Campbell Martin, III.  Includes information concerning the plantation such as agricultural production, labor, and weather conditions.  Also includes personal accounts regarding social events around Napoleonville and Bayou LaFourche, and descriptions of travel and health conditions. 


            Subseries 4.     Ledgers, v. 16-35 (1868-1915)


Ledgers kept by Robert Campbell Martin, Sr. and Robert Campbell Martin, Jr. for Albemarle Plantation contain entries for labor accounts, accounts with commission merchants, cash advances, banking records, and sugar and molasses production and sales.


Account entries give the name of account, date, purpose of the debt or credit, and in some instances advance of supplies.  Ledgers also contain miscellaneous entries, including a statement by Robert Campbell Martin concerning his obligation to William Whitmel Pugh and provision for its settlement from his estate (volume 16), lists of crops (volume 21), and income tax information (volume 35). 


            Subseries 5.     Memorandum books, v. 36-43 (1862-1896)


Memorandum books belonging to William Whitmel Martin and Robert Campbell Martin, Jr.  Early entries consist of information recorded while William Whitmel Martin served as Captain of Company C, 26th Louisiana volunteer infantry.  Includes records of expenses, travel, list of those wanting shoes and their sizes, list of men not issued shoes, names of those to whom blankets were issued upon organization of the company, and names of those issued uniforms. 


The majority of the entries include plantation records with detailed labor accounts giving information on the type of labor performed, time worked, and wages paid.   Information concerning agricultural production includes cost of crops raised, as well as notes on the cutting of cane, the stopping of the mill, and condition of the kettles.  Many of the entries are in diary form. 


Entries in memorandum books also consist of notes on monetary exchange rates and charges for travel, as well as several lists detailing possessions such as property, cars, and farm animals.  A list of laborers without property is also included.  Miscellaneous notes document health conditions and describe treatment of diseases in horses. 


A single memorandum book documenting subscription information is also included.  Recorded information consists of lists of subscribers and addresses, amount of subscription copies of verse, extracts from published works, names of books, and addresses of the publishers.  Later volumes consist of rough notes written by Robert Campbell Martin, Sr., assessor of Assumption Parish, listing property, owner, and valuation. 


            Subseries 6.     Miscellaneous volumes, v. 44-53 (1858, n.d.)


Miscellaneous volumes include autograph books, a cookbook, and genealogical notebooks.  Autograph books belonging to Robert Campbell Martin, Jr. contain personal information entered by University of North Carolina schoolmates including their names, addresses, birthdates, class, societies to which they belonged, and their intended professions.  Also includes notes written to Robert Campbell Martin, Jr. from members of Epsilon Alpha Fraternity.


Genealogical notebooks contain information on the Bryan, Martin, and Whitfield families. Extracts from Reverend John Bryan Williams’ research in family history are also included.


            Subseries 7.     Notebooks, v. 54-59 (1858-1906, n.d.)


Notebooks include personal academic items and practice accounting books pertaining to plantation matters.  Academic items consist of a history concerning William Blount of Tennessee, chemistry notes taken by Robert Campbell Martin, Jr. while a student at the University of North Carolina, and English History notes written by Maggie C. Martin, Robert Campbell Martin, Jr.’s granddaughter.  


Practice accounting books are comprised of a day book, journal, and ledger utilized by Robert Campbell Martin, Jr.  Includes notes, recipes for making whitewash and vinegar, and miscellaneous remedies for horses, cows, and snake bites.  Also includes information concerning personal finances such as property owned, records of sugar and molasses sales accounts, cost of crops, and accounts with extra hands and commission merchants. 


            Subseries 8.     Poll book, v. 60 (1900-1904)


Poll book of Assumption Parish, Ward 5, Precinct 2 for the year 1900 lists voter registration information such as names, occupations, ages, races, and places of birth. Notation in book indicates whether person voted in 1904.  There are two undated certifications that the poll book is correct: one by Edgard Aucoin as registrar and the other by Robert Campbell Martin, Jr. as registrar.  A loose printed picture of Stonewall Jackson is located in the front cover of the book. 


            Subseries 9.     Record books, v. 61-63 (1858-1896)


Record books belonging to Robert Campbell Martin, Sr., Robert Campbell Martin, Jr., and A. Pedeau, a cane weigher at Albemarle Plantation.  Books document plantation expenses at the recommencement of planting cane on Albemarle.  Includes records of accounts with commission merchants, labor accounts, and sugar and molasses production and sales.  Entries in A. Pedeau’s record book give cart number, gross, tare, and net weight. Personal financial information is also included detailing expenses in relation to the family’s move from Louisiana to Texas in 1863.  Many pages of Volume 61 are missing.   


            Subseries 10.   Time books, v. 64-67 (1873-1901)


Time books detail information concerning labor accounts such as name of workers, time worked, amount earned, and amount paid.





(Materials about the people, places and things listed may be found in the series or subseries represented by their respective numbers thereunder.)


Accounts—Louisiana—Assumption Parish.

            I; III.1, 4, 5, 7





Agricultural laborers—Louisiana—Assumption Parish.

            I; III.1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10


Agriculture—Economic aspects—Louisiana—Assumption Parish. 

            III.4, 5, 7, 9


Albemarle Plantation (Assumption Parish, La.)

            I; III.1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9


Assumption Parish (La.)—History—19th century.

            I; III.3, 5, 8


Autograph albums.



Bank statements.

            I; III.4


Bertie County (N.C.)—History—18th century.



Blount, William, 1749-1800.



Bryan family.












Clippings, newspaper.



Commission merchants—Louisiana—New Orleans.

            I; III.4, 7, 9


Confederate States of America.  Army.  Louisiana Infantry, Regiment, 26th.

            I; III.5


Confederate States of America—History.









Crop yields—Louisiana—Assumption Parish. 

            III.3, 4, 5, 9


Deeds—North Carolina—Bertie County.






Gardening—Louisiana—Assumption Parish.



Genealogical tables.

            I, III.6


Lafourche, Bayou (La.)—Social life and customs—20th century.



Louisiana—Race relations—19th century.



Ledgers (account books).



Littlejohn, William, b. 1811.



Martin family.



Martin, Maggie C., b. 1889.



Martin, Margaret Ann Chisholm Littlejohn, 1837-1879.



Martin, Marie Theriot, b. 1859.



Martin, Mary Winifred Pugh, 1815-1858.



Martin, Robert Campbell Jr., 1839-1916.

            I; III.1, 5, 7


Martin, Robert Campbell Sr., 1813-1881.



Martin, Robert Campbell III, b. 1862.



Martin, William Whitmel, 1840-1863.



Memorandum books.



Molasses industry—Louisiana—Assumption Parish.

            III.1, 4, 5, 7, 9


Muster rolls. 



Napoleonville (La.)—Social life and customs—20th century.






Plantations—Louisiana—Assumption Parish—Cost of operation.



Property—Louisiana—Assumption Parish.

            III.5, 7


Property—North Carolina—Bertie County.



Pugh family.



Pugh, Thomas, 1726-1806.



Recipes—Louisiana—Assumption Parish.

            III.6, 7


Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877)—Louisiana.



Sugar crops—Louisiana—Assumption Parish. 

            I; III.1, 4, 5, 7, 9


Texas--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.



Time books.



Tuscarora Indians—Land tenure—North Carolina.



United States—History—Civil War, 1861-1865.



University of North Carolina (1793-1962).



Voting—Louisiana—Assumption Parish.



Voters’ lists.



Whitfield family.












Contents (with dates)


Series I.  Papers





























Genealogical notes, n.d.



Series II.  Newspapers and published materials


Range 99

Oversize folder 1

Newspapers, 1855-1897.




Printed materials, 1881-1890, n.d.



Series III.  Manuscript volumes




Subseries 1.  Cashbooks



v. 1 Cashbook, 1881-1883.




v. 2 Cashbook, 1884-1886.




v. 3 Cashbook, 1887-1888.




v. 4 Cashbook, 1891-1900.




v. 5 Cashbook, 1906-1912.




v. 6 Cashbook, 1913-1918.




v. 7 Cashbook, 1928-1932.





Subseries 2.  Checkbooks




v. 8 Checkbook, 1886-1888.




v. 9 Checkbook, 1888-1889.




v. 10 Checkbook, 1889-1890.




v. 11 Checkbook, 1887-1888.




v. 12 Checkbook, 1888-1889.





Subseries 3.  Diaries




v. 13 Diary, 1907.




v. 14 Diary, 1908.




v. 15 Diary, 1909.
















Contents (with dates)


Manuscript volumes






Subseries 4.  Ledgers




v. 16 Ledger, 1868-1871.




v. 17     Ledger, 1872-1876.




v. 18     Ledger, 1874-1891.




v. 19     Ledger, 1883.




v. 20     Ledger, 1884-1885.




v. 21     Ledger, 1885-1888.




v. 22     Ledger, 1886-1887.




v. 23 Ledger, 1888-1889.




v. 24 Ledger, 1890-1891.




v. 25 Ledger, 1892-1895.




v. 26 Ledger, 1896-1897.




v. 27 Ledger, 1898-1900.




v. 28 Ledger, 1901-1902.




v. 29 Ledger, 1902-1903.




v. 30     Ledger, 1903-1905.




v. 31     Ledger, 1905-1906.




v. 32     Ledger, 1906-1909.




v. 33     Ledger, 1909-1910.




v. 34     Ledger, 1911-1912.




v. 35     Ledger, 1912-1915.





Subseries 5.  Memorandum books




v. 36 Memorandum book, 1862-1864.




v. 37 Memorandum book, 1864-1865.




v. 38 Memorandum book, 1869-1870.




v. 39 Memorandum book, 1869-1871.




v. 40 Memorandum book, 1879-1880.




v. 40-A Memorandum book, 1883-1888.




v. 41 Memorandum book, 1886-1887.




v. 42 Memorandum book, 1895.




v. 43 Memorandum book, 1896.





Subseries 6.  Miscellaneous volumes




v. 44 Autograph book, 1858.




v. 45     Autograph book, 1858.




v. 46     Autograph book, 1858.




v. 47     Cookbook, n.d.
















Contents (with dates)


Manuscript volumes






Subseries 6. Miscellaneous volumes (continued)




v. 48 Genealogical notebook, n.d.




v. 49 Genealogical notebook, n.d.




v. 50 Genealogical notebook, n.d.




v. 51 Genealogical notebook, n.d.




v. 52 Genealogical notebook, n.d.




v. 53 Genealogical notebook, n.d.





Subseries 7.  Notebooks




v. 54 Notebook, n.d.




v. 55 Accounting book, 1867-1881.




v. 56 Accounting book, 1871-1874.




v. 57 Accounting book, 1875.




v. 58 Notebook, 1858.




v. 59     Notebook, 1905-1906.





Subseries 8. Poll book




v. 60     Poll book, 1900-1904.





Subseries 9. Record books




v. 61     Record book, 1858-1864.




v. 62     Record book, 1868-1870.




v. 63     Record book, 1895-1896.





Subseries 10. Time books




v. 64     Time book, 1873-1875, 1880.




v. 65 Time book, 1874.




v. 66     Time book, 1875.




v. 67 Time book, 1896-1901.