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Joseph Kleinpeter and Family Papers (Mss. 1241) Inventory Compiled by M. Stone Miller, Jr. 1988 Revised 2008 Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library Louisiana State University Libraries Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University

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51 items, 1 manuscript volume, and 1 printed volume

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Iberville Parish, La.; Baton Rouge, La.; New Orleans, La.

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English, French


Land records and other legal documents, financial records, Civil War documents and military commissions, and one record book, 1817-1852, of sugar planter Joseph Kleinpeter of Iberville Parish, Louisiana, and his sons, J.C. and Joseph Sebastian.


The collection is organized into the following series: I, Legal Documents, 1803-1886 II, Financial Documents, 1819-1894 III, Military Documents, 1862-1889 IV, Volumes, 1813-1852 V, Newspapers, [1837]-1895

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Joseph Kleinpeter and Family Papers, Mss. 1241, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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C:63; OS:K; 99:K; J:6

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Microfilm 5322, Series I, Part 1, Reel 9

Biographical/Historical Note Joseph Kleinpeter, sugar planter and owner of Variety Plantation in Iberville Parish, was the son of John Kleinpeter (1762-1848) and Catherine Sharp. He was born on Sept. 17, 1798. On June 11, 1822, Joseph married Caroline Therese Dardenne, widow of Jacob Brown and daughter of Charles Dardenne and Elizabeth Langlois. The two had a number of children, including sons John Charles and Joseph Sebastian, both represented in later papers. Scope and Content Note Over one-half of the items in this collection consist of land records, slave sales, mortgages, and John Kleinpeter succession documents. Of interest are true copies (1840) of land grants, deeds, and certification of claims executed between 1803 and 1822, and the estate of Antoine Guyot (1819). One land grant is for 40 acres issued in 1852 to Daniel Wilson, Private in Captain Edwards Company, Louisiana Volunteers and awarded for his military service in the Florida War. The other, for 160 acres of Louisiana swamp land, is issued to Joseph Kleinpeter in 1859 by Governor Robert C. Wickliffe. Financial records consist of loose bills (in French) for merchandise purchased, including one dating back to Jacob Brown, the first husband of Kleinpeter's wife. Entries in the record book relate to cash expenditures and net proceeds for slaves and horses (1817-1818), and accounts (1820-1842) for corn and its grinding, other agricultural produce, mutton, clothing, shipping, building a levee in 1825, and other expenses. Besides the aforementioned slave sales, there are two slave lists, dated 1856 and 1860, which give names and ages. In the record book, slave births are recorded from 1822-1852, and an undated entry gives the number of slaves by cabins. Two Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands labor contracts for 1865 and 1866 are also included. Civil War documents include a discharge granted to Sebastian Kleinpeter because he had supplied a substitute for the army (1862); a military order to furnish two men to work on the fortifications at Plaquemine, and a provost marshal form certifying that Joseph Kleinpeter had taken the oath of allegiance (1862). There are also two post-Civil War printed commissions: one signed by Governor James Madison Wells, appointing John C. Kleinpeter as captain of the Iberville Parish militia (1865) and one issued in 1889 to C. Kleinpeter as color corporal of the First Battalion of state militia. Two Plaquemine newspapers, The Iberville South (Nov. 23, 1878) and The Weekly Iberville South (Oct. 12, 1895) are included, as is a facsimile of the first issue of The Picayune, Jan. 25, 1837.

Series Descriptions Series I; Legal Documents; 1803-1886 A large portion of the collection consists of legal documents such as land records, slave sales, and John Kleinpeter succession papers. Documents involving the sales of slaves include a bill of sale to Caroline Brown and promise of payment of slaves (1820), a document of ownership of slaves and children (1840), a bill of sale to Joseph Kleinpeter (1846), and two lists of slaves and their ages (1856, 1860). There are a number of true copies of land sales, certification of claims, and estate papers (1840), comprised of the following: sales of land of Honoré Leonard to Felix Breaux and George Crouse (1810-1811); sale of land of Henry Vigé to André Langlois (1812), sale of land of Felix Breaux to André Langlois (1812), estate of G. Crouse (1815), succession of Jacques Villiers, proceedings and sale to Antoine Guyot (1817), sale of land of André Langlois to Antoine Guyot (1818), succession of Antoine Guyot (1819), and confirmations of land ownership of Honoré Leonard (1803) and Henry Vigé (1803). Other legal papers include an appraisal of the property of Joseph Kleinpeter (1840), a petition of John Kleinpeter, Jr. concerning the succession of John Kleinpeter, Sr. (1848), the amnesty oath of J. Kleinpeter (1865), and a copy of a police jury ordinance to G.D. May (1886). Also included are a family record listing dates of birth and marriage of John Kleinpeter, Sr. and dates of birth of his children (undated) and the marriage license of Joseph Kleinpeter and Caroline Dardenne (1822). Series II; Financial Documents; 1819-1894 Some financial documents include accounts and receipts of Mrs. Jacob Brown (1819) and Joseph Kleinpeter (1837-1894), and a letter from Joseph Kleinpeter to the President and Director of the Branch of the Exchange and Banking Company in Plaquemine discusses payments (1840). Two issues of the New Orleans Price Current are also included (August 1, 1866 and October 30, 1869). Series III; Military Documents; 1862-1889 Military papers include the discharge of Sebastian Kleinpeter from the Army of the Confederate States (1862), the oath of Joseph Kleinpeter required for a citizen of the U.S. (1862), and an order for labor (1864). There are also two post-Civil War printed commissions: one signed by Governor James Madison Wells, appointing John C. Kleinpeter as captain of the Iberville Parish militia (1865) and one issued in 1889 to C. Kleinpeter as color corporal of the First Battalion of state militia.

Series IV; Volumes; 1813-1852 One manuscript volume, a record book, is found in this collection. The book contains cash entries (1817-1818), slave births (1822-1852), net proceeds for slaves and horses (1817-1818), and accounts for agricultural produce, shipping, and the building of a levee in 1825 (1820-1851). Also included is one printed volume of The Plays of William Shakespeare in Six Volumes, Printed from the Text of Isaac Reed, Esq., Vol. II, (Boston: Charles Williams, 1813). Series V; Newspapers; [1837]-1895 Two Plaquemine newspapers, The Iberville South (Nov. 23, 1878) and The Weekly Iberville South (Oct. 12, 1895) are included in the collection. The former contains a long list of deaths at Plaquemine and on each side of the river from the 1878 Yellow Fever epidemic. There is also a facsimile of the first issue of The Picayune, Jan. 25, 1837 as well as a clipping about Highland Cemetery (Baton Rouge, La., undated)

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Confederate States of America. Army--Recruiting, enlistment, etc.


Iberville Parish (La.)

I - V

Land grants--Louisiana.


Labor contracts--Louisiana.






Oath of allegiance--Louisiana.


Plantation owners--Louisiana (Iberville Parish)


Seminole War, 2d, 1835-1842.


Slave records--Registers of births, etc.--Louisiana.




Wells, James Madison, 1808-1899.


Wickliffe, Robert C., 1819-1895.


Yellow Fever--Louisiana.


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John Kleinpeter, Sr. Family Record (undated)


Legal Documents (1820-1886)


Financial Documents (1819-1894)


Slave Lists (1856, 1860)


Military Documents (1862, 1864)


New Orleans Price Current (1866, 1869)




Volumes (1813-1852)




Land Grants, Military Commissions, Labor Agreements (1852, 1889)




Newspapers (1837-1895)

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