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Fielding Yeager Doke Papers

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Natchitoches, La.; New Orleans, La.; Demopolis, Ala.; Warren Co.; Mo.; Limestone Co.; Tex.; Atlanta, Ga.; Marietta, Ga.; Arkansas; Mississippi; California

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Letters and other materials concerning the departure of youths to California in the gold rush and letters, printed items, and military documents concerning the Civil War.


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Fielding Yeager Doke Papers, Mss. 2215, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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Biographical/Historical Note

Fielding Yeager Doke was a Confederate captain in Company F of the 9th Missouri Regiment, Trans-Mississippi Department. He served primarily in Louisiana and Arkansas and was assigned to a board for the inspection of beef for the Confederate Army (1864). Doke owned land in Kasse, Limestone County, Texas, and had a brother, Thomas, in Missouri.

Scope and Content Note

Includes letters from family concerning home life and the departure of Missouri youths to California (1864). Letters from fellow soldiers concern the Atlanta campaign, skirmishes, deaths of Missouri natives (1864), and letters from friends (1865, 1905, 1910). Military papers include orders of Doke and other soldiers, receipts for damaged ordnance, and an inquiry concerning an absence without leave.

Financial papers include a daily statement of gold received by Bill McKana and brother for prospecting in California (1849), a statement of account with a merchant (1868), a promissory note (1877), and documents of land sales.

Printed items include broadsides, some published by the Young Men's Secession Association (1860-1865), 3 items concerning a benefit performance for Louisiana soldiers (1865), a broadside concerning Louisiana railroads (1884), a calendar, business cards, and scattered issues of "The Countryman," a Georgia newspaper (1862).

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Aug. 1849

1 item:

Daily statement of gold received by Bill McKana and brother for prospecting. [California]



11 items:

3 Confederate broadsides include “Independence Hymn,” by A. J. Requier, published by the Young Men’s Secession Association, Dec. 21, 1860; “Secession Song,” published by the Natchitoches Times Print, [Jan. 1865] and “Alabama War Song,” by J. H. Woodcock, [1865].

3 items concern benefit performance for Louisiana soldiers by ladies of Natchitoches include program for the Tableaux-Vivants, and 2 clippings commenting favorably on performance, Jan. 14, 1865, and published letter from Henry W. Allen, Louisiana governor, expressing thanks for proceeds, Jan. 26, 1865.

1 letter to James J. Williams, Company “F,” 9th Missouri Regiment, Trans-Mississippi Department, from father, S. S. Williams, in Warren County, Missouri, comment on crops, departure of local boys for California, and local news. June 12, 1864.

4 letters to Fielding Y. Doke, Confederate captain, Company F, 9th Missouri Regiment, Trans-Mississippi Department, Arkansas and Louisiana, from Charles S. Coxe, Company C, Missouri Brigade, near Demopolis, Alabama, seeking information from home and friends (letter has 2 United States stamps on ack and notation of censorship), Mar. 8, 1864; N. L. Norton, [Tible’s] Station, in Mississippi, expresses hope for Confederate Army, comments on forces under Joseph E. Johnston, defeat of S. D. Sturgis and Grierson near Baldwyn, in Lee and Prentiss Counties, by Nathan B. Forrest, Confederate general, in the Atlanta Campaign and wretched appearance of Federal prisoners taken there, states 35 Missourians killed in skirmish near Marietta, Georgia, states no news in 3 weeks from Trans-Mississippi but Confederate telegraph furnishes good reports on other quarters, June 19-28, 1864; Thomas Doke, brother, Madisonville, in Ralls County, Missouri, relating home news with notation by Richard Gaines stating closing paragraph “suppressed,” Aug. 20, 1864; and J. J. Williams stating failure to report for duty to hospitalization, undated





20 items:

4 items of A. D. Ellis, Confederate captain, consisting of 2 receipts for ordinance turned in as unfit for use signed by Charles Martin, Ordnance Sergeant, Fort Weightman, Feb. 12 and Mar. 14, 1863; 1 inquiry from J. Waldo, adjutant, Headquarters, Musser’s Battalion, concerning absence from dress parade, mar. 7, 1863; and 1 handwritten furlough blank stating soldier considered deserter for failure to return, [1865].

2 special orders detaching privates in Company D, Musser’s Battalion, for duty as blacksmith, Aug. 7, 1864, and in Nitre Bureau, Aug. 30, 1864, signed respectively by T. T. Taylor, adjutant, on order of Brigadier General Frost, and by J. Waldo, adjutant, on order of Lieutenant Colonel Musser.

1 receipt signed by Charles Martin, Ordnance Sergeant, Fort Pleasant, for damaged rifle and musket, Apr. 12, 1863.

13 items of Fielding Doke, lieutenant, Company F, 9th Regiment, in Drayton’s Brigade, Musser commanding, include 6 orders, signed by T. T. Taylor, adjutant, detailing Doke as Officer of the Day, Dec. 12, 24, and 26, 1863, and Jan. 15, 1864 (Camp Bragg), Feb. 1, 1864 (Duly’s Ferry), and Feb. 16, 1864 (Camp Sumpter); 3 special orders to Doke as Officer of the Day giving directions for countersigning, Aug. 20, 28-29, 1864; 1 order from Colonel Mitchell signed by J. Waldo, adjutant, appointing Doke to board for inspection of beef, Aug. 1, 1864; 1 transfer of McKenny to Company F, Apr. 11, 1865; 1 order from Richard Gaines, Collingsburg, in Bossier Parish, returning James S. Hart to Company E at end of Doke’s leave of absence, May 16, 1865; 1 roll of Company F, 9th Missouri Infantry.






The (Turnwold, Ga.) Countryman, Sept.-Dec., 1862. 9 items.

Volume III, Nos. 1-2, 6-12.



10 items:

1 letter to Doke, Shreveport, from A. M. Pike introducing Thomas Dougherty of Pike County, Missouri, Dec. 29, 1865; 2 letters to Doke, in Corsicanna, Texas, from former comrades in arms, Sept. 6, 1905 and Jan. 2, 1910.

1 statement of account of Doke with Cumming, Morrison, and Co., general merchants, Shreveport. Feb. 5, 1868.

1 promissory note signed by A. L. Butler payable to G. W. Ford, Feb. 1, 1877.

2 acts of sale for land at Kasse, in Limestone County, Texas, from S. F. and B. A. Williams to V. B. Stephens, Oct. 9, 1880, and from John A. and Mary J. Harrington to Doke, Feb. 25, 1881.

1 broadside, “Railroad Address,” ca. 18844, “To the Property Tax Payers of Ouachita, Morehouse, Caldwell, Catahoula, Grant, Winn, and Rapides Parishes.”

Joaquin Miller (author) Calendar for 1897 with card “compliments of Joaq Miller.”



3 items: Business Cards

3 business cards of commission merchants—Banks and Co., St. Louis, Thurmond and Bowles, Shreveport, and Converse, Duxbury and Co., New Orleans.

Index Terms

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Description of relevant documents

Atlanta Campaign, 1864.


N. L. Borton’s comments on Johnston’s forces, defeat of Sturgis and Grierson by Nathan Forrest, and skirmish near Marietta. June 19-28.

Broadsides--Confederate States of America.


“Tableaux-Vivants” program. Natchitoches. January; “Alabama War Song,” by J. H. Woodcock. No publisher.

California--Gold discoveries.


daily statement of gold received for prospecting.

Censorship--Confederate States of America.


Charles S. Coxe letter, Mar. 8, and Thomas Doke letter, Aug. 20, carry notation of censorship.

Confederate States of America. Army. Missouri Infantry Regiment, 9th. Company F--Officers.

1862-1865, 1905, 1910

ordnance receipts, orders, roll of Company F; letters from family and friends in Atlanta Campaign; issues of The (Turnwold, Ga.) Countryman; and post-Civil War letters to Doke in Texas from former comrades.

Confederate States of America. Army. Trans-Mississippi Dept.


ordnance receipts, orders, roll of Company F, 9th Missouri Regiment

Georgia--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Prisoners and prisons.


Norton’s description of wretched appearance of prisoners at Brice’s Cross Roads. June 19-28.

Land titles--Registration and transfer--Texas--Limestone County.


2 acts of sale for property at Kasse. Oct. 9, 1880 and Feb. 25, 1881.

Miller, Joaquin, 1837-1913.


calendar and card with “compliments of Joaq Miller.”

Ordnance--Confederate States of America.


receipts signed by Charles Martin, Ordnance Sergeant, for guns turned in by 9th Missouri Regiment. Feb.12, Mar. 14, and Apr. 12.



regiment in Confederate States Army service; home front


ca. 1884

“Railroad Address” to tax payers of Ouachita, Morehouse, Caldwell, Catahoula, Grant, Winn, and Rapides Parishes.

Secession--Southern States--Posters.

1860, [1865]

“Independence Hymn,” by A. J. Requier. Young Men’s Secession Association, publisher. Dec. 21, 1860; “Secession Song.” Natchitoches Times Print, publisher. [Jan. 1865]

United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Veterans.

1905, 1910

2 friendly letters from former comrades in arms comment on personal matters and other members of 9th Missouri Regiment, Company F.

Women--Louisiana--Natchitoches Parish.


program for soldiers’ benefit; favorable comments on performance, Jan. 14; Henry W. Allen’s published letter of thanks for proceeds, Jan. 26.

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Fielding Yeager Doke Papers (1849, 1860-1910)

MF:5735, Series B

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