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Papers include letters, photographs, bills and receipts, workbooks, ephemera, and saving deposit and union books of Dudley Turnbull, a free man of color of Baton Rouge, La., and his descendants.

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Box 3 restricted until 2029.


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Dudley Turnbull and Family Papers, Mss. 2907, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Dudley Turnbull, a free person of color living in Baton Rouge, La., was born about 1852 and married Rosemarie Aldometer Mather (born in 1851, daughter of George Mather and Jane Giddings, also referred to as Jane Giddens or Giddins). Mather and Giddings were also free people of color.

Dudley and Aldometer had six children including John, Arthur, Estelle (“Stella” born about 1880), Dudley, Jr., Warren, and Maudie, a Catholic nun who went by the name Sister Mary Cornelia. Dudley Jr. was born in 1891 worked as a plasterer and was active in the African American Catholic community. He married Juanita Hebert (born in 1894) and had seven children: Naomi, Grace, Kenneth, Bruce, Dudley Gregory (b. 1925 and also referred to as Dudley), Juanita (b. 1928), and Maudie (b. 1930). Juanita and Maudie attended St. Mary’s Academy in New Orleans, and Juanita joined the Sisters of the Holy Family, taking the name Sister Frances Cabrini. Kenneth and Dudley Gregory fought in World War II. Additional members of the Turnbull family are also represented in these papers, including relatives living in Chicago, Ill., and St. Louis, Mo.


Papers include letters, photographs, bills and receipts, workbooks, ephemera, and saving deposit and union books of Dudley Turnbull and family, free people of color of Baton Rouge, La. The earliest papers include tax receipts for Jane Giddings and George Mather, a photocopy of an oath of allegiance and pass for Jane Mather to cross the Federal picket lines in Baton Rouge during the Civil War, and receipts for tuition for Aldometer (1863, 1864). Items related to settling Jane Gidding’s estate are also found. Letters pertain to religious and personal matters. Topics discussed include updates on the various family members, including those living in St. Louis, Mo., and Chicago, Ill., personal finances, and acknowledgements of religious sacraments received. Papers include bills for rent, state, parish, and corporate taxes, church tithes, receipts for goods and services, birth certificates, insurance policies with premium booklets; saving deposit books, and union due books of the Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Finishers International Association of the United States and Canada. The constitution and bylaws of Dudley Turnbull’s plasterers union, lists of soldiers transferred or discharged with the Turnbull boys during World War II, and items from St. Mary’s Academy that show Juanita and Maudie’s involvement in school musical performances and bands are included among the printed items. Papers also mention Kenneth Turnbull’s mental health. Mental health items restricted until 2029.

Photographs in the collection depict members of the Turnbull family, African American faculty of Baton Rouge College and McKinley High School in Baton Rouge, and religious events. Educational activities are documented by report cards of Juanita Turnbull and Dudley Gregory Turnbull; school workbooks belonging to Juanita Turnbull, Maudie Marie Turnbull, and their cousin Ella Mae Wilson; the high school diploma of Juanita Cecilia Turnbull; and numerous school awards and certificates for various Turnbull children. The collection also includes autograph books of Kenneth and Maudie Marie Turnbull and charcoal portraits of Estelle Turnbull Jones in first communion dress and Warren Turnbull, both by H.P. Bedon.

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African American CatholicsLouisianaBaton Rouge

Free African AmericansLouisianaBaton Rouge

African AmericansLouisianaBaton Rouge

African Americans--Illinois--Chicago

African Americans--Missouri--Saint Louis

African American musicians--Louisiana--New Orleans

Baton Rouge (La.)--History--Civil War, 1861-1865

Baton Rouge (La.) History

EducationLouisianaBaton Rouge

EducationLouisianaNew Orleans

Giddings, Jane, b. 1830.

McKinley High School (Baton Rouge, La.)Photographs

Saint Mary’s Academy (New Orleans, La.)

Nuns--Louisiana--New Orleans.

Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Finishers’ International Association of the United States and Canada

PlasterersLabor UnionsLouisianaBaton Rouge

PlasterersLouisianaBaton Rouge

Turnbull Family

Turnbull, Rosemarie Aldometer, b. 1851

Turnbull, Dudley, b.1852

Turnbull, Dudley, b. 1891

Turnbull, Dudley Gregory, b.1925

Women musicians--Louisiana--New Orleans



Photographic prints







Contents (with dates)




Papers, May 1863 - November 1967, n.d.

(55 items)


Bills and Receipts, April 1849 - October 1965, n.d. (145 items)


Insurance Policies, March 1912 - March 1930, December 1934 - February 1959, n.d

(47 items)


Printed Items, January 1918 - January 1948, n.d. (18 items)

Includes the constitution and by-laws of Baton Rouge Plasterer’s Protective Union; program for the Eighth Musical Concert by St. Mary’s Academy Band and Orchestra; War and Navy Department, Going Back to Civilian Life”; muster roll; St. Mary’s Academy paper, Regina; Navy pamphlet “The Last Word on Life Insurance for Men Discharged from the Navy”.

Folder 10

Newspaper clipping, n.d. (1 item)

Folder 11

Photographs, 1916, n.d. (9 items)

Black faculty, McKinley High School; First Communion pictures, Aldometer Mather Turnbull; Alex Hebert in World War I uniform.

Folder 12

Photographs, 1946, n.d. (11 items)

Baton Rouge College group; Dudley Turnbull, Kenneth Turnbull, other family members identified.

Folder 13

Empty Envelopes, 1918-1949, n.d. (8 items)



Vol. 1

Savings Deposit Book, Bank of Baton Rouge, March, 1918-February, 1922.

Vol. 2

Savings Deposit Book, Capitol Building and Land Association, Baton Rouge, December 1927 - July 1937.





Contents (with dates)

Vol. 3

Savings Deposit Book, Capitol Building and Land Association, Baton Rouge, February 1942 - February 1948.

Vol. 4

School Workbook: Juanita Turnbull, St. Mary’s Academy, New Orleans, My Workbook in Arithmetic, Book 4,1927c.

Vol. 5

School workbook: Maudie Marie Turnbull, A Workbook in Arithmetic, No.2, 1933 c.

Vol. 6

School workbook: Juanita Turnbull, 20th Century Problems and Projects in Geography, Book 1, May-June, 1941.

Vol. 7

School workbook: Ella Mae Wilson 20th Century Problems and Projects in Geography, Book 1, 1932c.

Vol. 8

Autograph Book: Kenneth Turnbull May - June 1941.

Vol. 9

Autograph Book: Maudie Marie Turnbull, January, 1942 - June 1943.

Vol. 10

Autograph Book: Kenneth Turnbull, September 1943 - April 1944.

Vol. 11

Dudley Turnbull, Union Dues Book: Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association of the United States and Canada, January 1948 - December 1952.

Vol. 12

Dudley Turnbull, Union Dues Book: Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association of the United States and Canada, January 1953 - October 1957.





Kenneth Turnbull mental health items.



Manuscript Items, 1834, 1940, 1945. (3 items). Thomas Giddings Will, August 24, 1834, East Baton Rouge Parish (Xerox copy);

Juanita Angela Turnbull First Communion and Confirmation Certificate, 1935, May 1940.





Contents (with dates)



Juanita Cecilia Turnbull High School Graduation

Diploma, St. Mary’s Academy, New Orleans, June, 1945.


Charcoal Drawing: Portrait of Estelle Turnbull Jones in First Communion dress


Charcoal Drawing: Portrait of Warren Turnbull.