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Compiled by Kristina Dawson Zack
Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Size. 29 linear feet
locations. New Orleans, Louisiana, Southern United States, United States, England,
Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela.
Inclusive dates. 1879-1972, n.d.
Bulk dates. 1920-1965
Languages. English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian.
Summary. Article and lecture manuscripts and visual aids, notes, correspondence,
financial papers, legal documents, printed material, plats, and photographs document
Isidore Cohn's activities and associations as a New Orleans surgeon, medical educator,
and community leader.
Source. Gift, 1965.
Access. No restrictions.
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Citation. Isidore Cohn Papers, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections,
LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Stack locations. 34:136-174 ; OS:C; 102:69-70
Biographical/Historical Note
Isidore Cohn (pronounced "cone"), New Orleans surgeon and medical educator, was
born in Brusle Landing, Louisiana on April 9, 1885 to Henry Cohn, Jr. and Sophie
Farrnbacher Cohn. He grew up in Baton Rouge and in 1899 graduated from St.
Vincent's Academy. The same year, at the age of 14, he entered Louisiana State
University, and graduated in 1903. He then matriculated into the Medical school at
Tulane University, graduating in 1907 at the age of 22. He interned both at Shreveport
Charity Hospital and Touro Infirmary in New Orleans. In 1910, he married Elsie
Waldhorn (1888-1960). They had three children: Babette Cohn Golden (b. 1913,
married Dr. Abe Golden), Elise Cohn Rosenthal (b. 1918, married Robert Rosenthal),
and Dr. Isidore, Jr. (b. 1921, married Jacqueline Heymann).
Cohn began his career as a medical educator in 1909 when he was appointed by his
friend and mentor Dr. Rudolph Matas (1860-1957) to the position of assistant
demonstrator of minor surgery at Tulane University Medical School. He was later to be
appointed Professor of Clinical Surgery at Tulane University, a position he held until
1937. In 1937, he left Tulane University to teach at the Louisiana State University
Medical School, also in New Orleans, and there occupied the positions of Professor of
Graduate Surgery and Professor of Clinical Surgery. He served at LSU in this capacity
until his retirement in 1952.
Dr. Cohn was also connected with Touro Infirmary, where he eventually succeeded his
friend, associate, and mentor, Rudolph Matas as Chief of Surgery in 1935 and served
Touro in that capacity until 1940. He also was Senior Surgeon at New Orleans Charity
Hospital and consultant in surgery at Flint-Goodridge Hospital (Dillard University).
He published over 400 articles on medical subjects as well as on religious and social
issues. He is also known for his Normal Bones and Joints and Rudolph Matas: A
Biography (with Hermann Deutsch). Special interests in medical subjects included bone
development in children, surgery of trauma, and fracture treatment. Other favorite
subjects were medical ethics, socialized medicine, and medical and nursing education.
Dr. Cohn was an active member of many medical societies, including the Orleans
Parish Medical Society, Louisiana State Medical Society, Louisiana Surgical Society,
the American Medical Association, the American College of Surgeons, and the
International Society of Surgery. He served as president of the Louisiana Surgical
Society in 1950 and Vice President of the Southern Surgical Association. Dr. Cohn also
travelled abroad to medical conferences, and represented American surgery and
medical education on several occasions in Europe and South America.
Social issues also occupied Dr. Cohn's time, including active membership in the New
Orleans Community Chest, International House, and the National Conference of
Christians and Jews. He was a member of Touro Synagogue and surgical advisor to
the Jewish Orphan's home, as well as Hope Haven Institution (Catholic), and the
Episcopal Children's Home.
Dr. Cohn resided in New Orleans until his death on January 3, 1980.
Scope and Content Note
The career and activities of Dr. Isidore Cohn are documented by correspondence,
manuscripts (both medical and non-medical), notes, drafts of articles, financial and legal
papers, blueprints, newspaper clippings, other printed material, and photographs
covering the period from around 1880-1967. Most of the correspondence relates to Dr.
Cohn's professional activities, including membership in societies/committees,
publications, and discussions on various medical subjects from 1913-1972. These
include letters written in arranging for a festschrift for Rudolph Matas (1929-1932), as
well as planning for the International Society of Surgery Congress held in New Orleans
in 1949. The collection also contains a small number of personal letters from family
members and close friends, many documenting trips abroad between 1936 and 1956,
as well as personal letters of appreciation from patients. Personal business affairs are
covered to a small extent by letters as well as legal documents and blueprints,
specifically matters dealing with the Cohn Subdivision in Port Allen, LA, and land
donation to that city.
NOTE: In arranging this collection, care has been taken to preserve Isidore
Cohn's original organization whenever feasible. Most material was organized by
Dr. Cohn by subject; therefore, manuscripts, drafts, notes and visual aids for
articles and lectures as well as letters pertaining to them were filed together. This
organization has been followed in Series I.& II. (see p. 5) in order to maintain the
connection between articles and lectures and related correspondence. In the
balance of series, letters were separated from notes, meeting minutes, and other
papers, but the basic organization of papers by subject has been maintained
wherever possible. Remaining correspondence files reflect both personal and
professional affiliations. In cases where an individual has an extensive affiliation
with Isidore Cohn outside of the organization which he or she represents, there
may be two or more sets of letters from that individual--one interfiled with
organizational correspondence, one contained in a folder labelled with the
individual's name, as well as any award or publication in which an individual
might have collaborated with Dr. Cohn. Major correspondents in Series I.&II. Are
named in the series and subseries descriptions (p. 6).
List of Series and Subseries
Medical Subjects, 1913-1961, (bulk dates 1913-1949), n.d.
Subseries 1. Articles, Lectures, 1913-1961, (bulk dates 1913-
Subseries 2. Other medical, 1917-1929, n.d.
Non-Medical Subjects, 1879-1968, n.d.
Subseries 1. Rudolph Matas: A Biography, 1879-1957.
Subseries 2. The Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana,
Subseries 3. Matas Birthday Volume, a Collection of Surgical
Essays Written in Honor of Rudolph Matas, 1929-1935, n.d.
Subseries 4. Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery, 1933-1967,
Subseries 5. Tributes and Lectures/Articles about Rudolph Matas,
1961, n.d.
Subseries 6. Other non-medical, 1927-1968, n.d.
Medical/Surgical Societies, 1913-1966, n.d.
Business/Financial, 1882-1963, n.d.
Correspondence, 1913-1972 (Bulk dates 1930-1966), n.d.
Printed Material, ca. 1885-1970 (Bulk dates ca, 1925-1960), n.d.
Notebooks/Scrapbooks, 1893-1970, n.d.
Photographs, ca. 1880-1967, n.d.
Phonograph/Cassette Recordings, 1955, n.d.
Ephemera, 1923-1972, n.d.
Series and Subseries Descriptions
I. Medical Subjects, 1913-1961 (bulk dates 1913-1949), n.d. (4.33 lf.)
Subseries 1. Articles, Lectures. 1913-1961 (bulk dates 1913-1949), n.d. (3.33
Summary: Drafts, notes, and manuscripts of articles written by Isidore
Cohn on various medical subjects. Letters pertaining to their publication.
Articles written by Cohn are on various subjects include such topics as "Masses in the
Groin", "Masses in the Neck", fracture treatment, spleen disorders, bone diseases and
disorders, and bone growth (including experiments on test animals with different types
of metal bone screws). Some papers include multiple drafts, both typed and
handwritten, as well as typed and handwritten notes and visual aids such as flash cards
for lectures and sketches for article illustrations. Included also are articles by other
physicians, including Cohn's discussion of them. Letters in this subseries are those
written by Cohn in preparing these articles or planning lecture trips and letters to
medical journals and publishers and their replies, concerning the publication of these
articles, as well as letters discussing specific papers and requesting reprints. This
subseries also includes drafts of the introduction and Chapters one and two from
Normal Bones and Joints (1924). Letters with publishers Paul B. Hoeber Co., W.F.
Prior & Co. and others help illustrate the publication process. Letters are to and from a
large number of people, including those from Dean Lewis, W. H. Anderson, Rudolph
Matas, various Tulane and LSU medical faculty, and a 1927 bill from Carl Weiss.
Also included are several handmade charts on various medical studies, including
studies on the spleen and a pedigree chart for polydactylism.
Subseries 2. Other Medical. 1917-1929, n.d. (1 lf.)
Summary: Lectures, examination questions, samples of student work,
and miscellaneous medical notes.
This subseries contains lectures in minor surgery and fracture treatment given at Tulane
University and Touro Infirmary. Lectures on surgical nursing given to students at the
Touro Infirmary School of Nursing are also included. This subseries also contains
examples of senior class papers from Touro Infirmary internes, 1926-27, and a paper
"Report on a Case of Hand Infection" by Tulane student Esther Kirk, 1929. Also
included are miscellaneous notes on various medical subjects, as well as the contents
of several notebooks labelled "medical notebook".
II. Non-Medical Subjects, 1879-1968, n.d. (9.5 lf.)
Subseries 1. Rudolph Matas: A Biography, 1879-1957 [bulk dates
1920-1957] (4.5 lf.).
Summary: Notes by Isidore Cohn and Rudolph Matas,
drafts, manuscripts of various chapters, and legal
documents. Letters regarding collaboration of Cohn with
Hermann Deutsch and publisher (Doubleday).
In 1960, Cohn published a biography of his mentor and friend, Rudolph Matas (1860-
1957), in collaboration with Hermann Deutsch. This subseries includes extensive notes,
multiple drafts of book chapters, including those with notes of Hermann Deutsch as well
as Cohn. Notes cover life of Rudolph Matas and his family, and the history of
Louisiana, Touro Infirmary, Tulane University, and medicine in general from
approximately 1860 to the time of Dr. Matas' death in 1957. They include notes made
by Matas' father, Narciso Hereu Matas (1837-1904) and copies of some of Matas' legal
documents, such as property deeds and copies of Matas' will and death certificate.
Other items in this subseries include photocopies of letters from Lafcadio Hearn to
Matas and some of Matas' own correspondence (1879-1957). Other correspondents
include William Osler, Elliott Cutler, Michael DeBakey, Evarts Graham, and W.S.
Halsted. There are also letters from Adrienne Matas (Matas' wife) to her son, Arthur
Landry, while he was in treatment for tuberculosis in North Carolina, and letters from
Narciso Matas (some photocopies) and to Kate P. Hess, Matas' secretary, from Matas.
Three volumes of Mrs. Matas' diaries (1909, 1911, 1913) and one notebook of her son,
Arthur Landry, are also included here. Letters to Cohn include correspondence with the
publisher of the book (Doubleday).
Note: For galleys of Rudolph Matas: A Biography, please see series VI., Printed
Subseries 2. The Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana, 1952-
1965 (1 lf.).
Summary: Drafts, financial papers, meeting notes, and
correspondence dealing with the writing and publication of
the Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana.
This subseries primarily documents the organizational processes behind the publication
of the Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana (edited by John Duffy, using
Matas' notes). Letters between Cohn and John Duffy discuss such topics as editorial
choices made by Duffy in sorting through Matas'notes, and financial matters, such as
Duffy's salary and funding for writing supplies. Financial papers include sample
statements from Whitney National Bank, showing the activity of the trust fund set up by
Matas to fund the project. Notes and letters document meetings between members of
the committee administering the trust, which included Drs. Isidore Cohn, Andrew V.
Friedrichs, Edwin Lawson, and Arthur A. Herold.
Other letters include those from the Louisiana State Medical Society (primarily Dr. C.
Grenes Cole), Lousiana State University Press (Donald R. Ellegood), Hathaway
Aleman, Mary Louise Marshall, and Moise Dennery, Cohn's nephew and attorney.
Subseries 3. Matas Birthday Volume, a Collection of Surgical
Essays Written in honor of Rudolph Matas, 1929-
1935,n.d. (.5 lf.).
Summary: Letters, notes, committee meeting notes, and
manuscripts dealing with the publication of a Festschrift
honoring Dr. Rudolph Matas.
The Matas Birthday Volume was organized by Cohn, along with a committee gathered
by him, in 1929-1931 to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Rudolph Matas. Material in
this subseries consists mainly of correspondence between Cohn, potential article
contributors, committee members, possible monetary contributors, prospective
publishers, and the publisher, Paul B. Hoeber. Included are some of the manuscript
contributions. Also included in this series is a ledger book (1930-1932) which records
subscriptions to the volume.
Note: For galleys of the Matas Birthday Volume, please see Series VI., Printed
Subseries 4. Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery, 1933-1967, n.d.
(.33 lf).
Summary: letters and notes regarding the Rudolph Matas Award in
Vascular Surgery.
The Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery was founded in 1933 at the behest of
Violet Hart, a prominent New Orleans socialite and patient of Dr. Rudolph Matas, in
gratitude for his kindness and skill in treating the long illness of which she finally died.
The award was designed to honor those vascular surgeons who make significant or
historic contributions to the field. Letters between Isidore Cohn and Mike Hart (the
brother of Violet Hart) document the arrangements for the first and subsequent awards.
Other letters track the award process for various awards, from the first in 1933, to 1967,
and consist of correspondence with candidates for the award. Letters also document
the business of the trust fund committee, consisting of Drs. Isidore Cohn, Emile Bloch,
Lucian Landry, and Oscar Creech, the latter two of whom were replaced by their sons,
Drs. Rudolph Matas Landry and Oscar Creech, Jr.
NOTE: Invitations, programs, and other print material relating to the Matas Award
in Vascular Surgery may be found in Series VI.
Subseries 5. Tributes and Lectures/Articles about Rudolph Matas, 1936-1961, n.d.
(.33 lf.)
Summary: Notes, drafts, and manuscripts of articles and
lectures on the life and accomplishments of Rudolph Matas.
Letters arranging publication of articles or forums for
Notes, drafts, and manuscripts of articles and lectures by Cohn documenting the life
and accomplishments of Dr. Rudolph Matas are mainly laudatory in tone, with the
exception of some more fact-based biographical sketches. Letters in this subseries
show Cohn's contact with various social and medical societies in planning lectures or
publications about Matas.
Subseries 6. Other Non-Medical, 1927-1968, n.d. (2.75 lf.)
Summary: Letters, notes, lectures, and articles dealing with various
topics, ranging from socialized medicine, medical ethics and education to
travel notes and medical history. Also included are notes on Touro
Infirmary and LSU, both the School of Medicine and history of the
This subseries contains the balance of Isidore Cohn's notes on non-medical subjects.
There are several lectures on socialized medicine for lay audiences, as well as material
from the Committee to Uphold Constitutional Government and American Foundation for
Studies in Government.
Material on medical ethics includes lectures and articles directed at the medical
profession and deal with fee-splitting, the ethics of the doctor/patient relationship, and
expert testimony. Some titles are "Fee-splitting", "Opportunity and Obligation", "The
Responsibility of the Surgeon", and "The Doctor in Court". Notes deal with many
aspects of medical ethics and support articles and lectures on the subject, including
transcripts from several court cases.
Notes and articles cover the history of Touro Infirmary, business from Touro Infirmary,
and biographical information about Judah Touro, founder and benefactor of Touro
Infirmary. Business notes are composed of hospital reports and notes regarding those
reports for the years 1942-1943. Notes include Cohn's plan for financial help for
families of physicians in the service in World War II. Other notes deal with everyday
running of the hospital, dealing with such concerns as operating room hours and the
need for more beds. Organizational notes also concern the nursing staff and the Touro
Infirmary School of Nursing, and include graduation addresses Cohn made at capping
and commencement ceremonies at the nursing school. Other notes cover the history of
Touro and biographical material on Judah Touro, including statements from early
organizational meetings, as well as photocopies and photostats of the will and death
certificate of Judah Touro and the Touro Infirmary and Hebrew Benevolent Association
constitution and by-laws. Notes also cover the reception (1955) at Touro Infirmary in
honor of Dr. Cohn, including guest lists, Dr. Cohn's address, "Personal Recollections of
Touro Infirmary" and tributes by Leo. L. Hirsch and Charles Rosen.
Medical and nursing education are covered in such articles and lectures as
"Observations on Medical Education" and "A Plea for Bedside [Nurse] Training". Other
articles, addresses and miscellaneous notes are comprised of Cohn's thoughts on
undergraduate and graduate medical education, as well as preparation for medical
Notes, articles and lectures document Cohn's interest in medical history and medical
biography. "The Passing Parade" and "Observations on the Development of
Gastroenterology over Fifty Years" are examples of his work in medical history, and his
work on Profiles in the Surgery of Trauma and biographies of such men as Stanford
Chaille and Marcus Feingold are examples of his interest in the people in medical
history. This subseries contains other articles on medical history and biographies of
historical figures as well as obituaries and biographical sketches of Cohn's
contemporaries. Notes and letters support these articles as well as add to the material
contained in them.
Material on race relations and Judaism deal with the National Conference of Christians
and Jews, the New Orleans Conference of Catholics, Jews, and Protestants, and the
New Orleans Council on Judaism, as well as the position of Jews in the medical
profession and the conditions of Jews in World War II. Also included are notes on the
Episcopal Children's Home in New Orleans to which Dr. Cohn volunteered his services
as a surgeon.
Notes on travel span the years 1936-1956 and cover both the European and South
American continents. Both medical notes from conferences and sight-seeing notes are
included in this subseries, as they oftentimes fall together in narrative form, as in "Notes
on Tour of South America". The contents of several books of handwritten travel notes
are also included in this group.
Material on LSU covers Cohn's experiences with LSU as an undergraduate, alumnus
and as a faculty member at the Graduate School of Medicine. Business notes
document Cohn's activities in the LSU Alumni Association (1939-1944, n.d.), specifically
his tenure as Alumni Association President in 1943-44. "Reminiscences of LSU at the
Turn of the Century" shows his impressions of his undergraduate years. Faculty
meeting notes from the Graduate School of Medicine at LSU (1937, n.d.) and notes on
the faculty walkout of 1945 show Cohn's involvement as a faculty member.
Notes, meeting notes, and financial reports document Cohn's activities in the
Community Chest of New Orleans, and "Flint-Goodridge--An Educational Asset" shows
Cohn's interest in medical institutions other than Touro Infirmary. Other materials in this
subseries are book reviews by Cohn (1936-1949) and "Feature," a biographical story in
The Pioneer, a publication of Newman School (New Orleans), of which Cohn's
granddaughter, Elsa Golden, was editor.
NOTE: A great deal of printed material on the subject of socialized medicine may
be found in Series VI. For more documentation of Cohn's trips abroad, see letters
to his family and Rudolph Matas in Series V.
Medical/ Surgical Societies, 1913-1966, n.d. [bulk dates 1930-1966] (.75 lf.)
Summary: Notes, meeting minutes and proceedings documenting Isidore Cohn's
involvement in medical societies.
Some of the items this series contains are documents showing Cohn's involvement in
the American College of Surgeons, specifically in what has been known in various times
in its history as the General Fracture Committee, Committee on Fractures, Committee
on Fractures and Other Traumas, and Committee on Trauma. There are meeting
minutes for the general committee and the Louisiana regional committee, as well as
annual reports, registers from meetings, proceedings, and other notes. Also included
are two articles, "A Method of Study and Organization of Emergency Facilities and
Services" and "General Principles of Emergency Care".
Also included in this series are notes on the International Society of Surgery. General
notes, 1938-1950, include Rudolph Matas' inaugural address from the 1938 congress
and notes from various other activities and congresses of the society. The bulk of
material, however, documents Cohn's activities as local chairman of arrangements for
the 1949 congress, which was held in New Orleans. This includes informal notes as
well as formal reports. Also included are two register books from the 1949 congress in
New Orleans.
Other medical and surgical societies represented in Cohn's notes are the following:
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma; Louisiana State Medical Society,
Worker's Compensation and Hospital Committees; Orleans Parish Medical Society;
Surgical Association of Louisiana; Louisiana State Board of Health;Southern Medical
Association/Surgical Section, Appendicitis Committee; Southern Surgical Association;
International College of Surgeons; and Broadway Medical Society. Proceedings from
medical congresses in Lima, Peru, "Primer Congreso Pan Americano de Educacion
Medica" (1951), and "VII Congresso Americano de Cirugia" (1950) are also included.
Business/Financial, 1882-1963, n.d. (.25 lf.).
Summary: Financial papers and notes dealing with the
Cohn family's property in Port Allen, Louisiana. Income and
property tax material. Lawsuit filed against Cohn.
Business concerning the property Cohn and other members of his family owned in Port
Allen is documented in this subseries. It contains deeds of sale/donation of land to be
used for a firehouse in Port Allen and the Cohn High School and Cohn Elementary
School, as well as legal documents pertaining to the Cohn Subdivision Company and
the Carolina Planting and Lumber Company.
Other documents include income tax returns, notes, and receipts, as well as property
tax material for Isidore Cohn for the years 1960-1963. Included as well are notes and
depositions concerning Cohn's involvement in an auto accident in 1949 and the
subsequent lawsuit, "Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bolnar v. Isidore Cohn and the Travellers
Insurance Company." Also included are various other Cohn family legal papers, such as
passports and travel visas and an undated bank charter for a "State Bank in the town of
Port Allen", which was removed from a frame for conservation purposes.
Plats relating to the Cohns' affairs in Port Allen and the Cohn Subdivision may be found
in Series VI, Printed Material.
V. Correspondence, 1913-1972 (bulk dates 1930-1966), n.d. (4.5 lf.).
Summary: Correspondence between Isidore Cohn and family, friends and
This series contains correspondence between Isidore Cohn and his family, friends and
colleagues. Family correspondence (1930-1970) includes letters to and from Henry
Cohn, Jr., Elsie, Isidore Jr., Babette, Elise, Jacqueline, Robert Rosenthal, Robert
Rosenthal, Jr. (Robby -- Cohn's grandson), Moise Dennery, Linda Golden and Solon
Farrnbacher. Letters discuss everyday life, including notes of congratulations to Isidore,
Jr. on outstanding achievements, such as publications and Isidore Jr.'s admission to
"the American Surgical" [American College of Surgeons?]. Included also are letters
from both Elsie and Isidore to the Cohn children regarding trips abroad and letters from
Babette describing some of the Goldens' vacations. Other subjects include family
business affairs, such as the Cohn Subdivision and the Carolina Planting Co..
Correspondence (1921-1956) between Dr. Rudolph Matas and Isidore Cohn is also
included. Both Cohn and Matas wrote to each other when travelling, primarily Cohn to
Matas. This subseries contains those letters as well as replies. Matas' travel letters to
Cohn contain his impressions of London as well as of sightseeing in the American
Southwest and California. The bulk of Cohn's letters to Matas while travelling mostly
date from the 1950s and discuss Cohn's impressions of Europe and the people and
programs at the medical congresses he was attending there. Other letters discuss
everyday concerns of organization at Touro Infirmary and Tulane University Medical
Department. Other business letters pertain to matters concerning the International
Society of Surgery, specifically the 1949 congress which was held in New Orleans.
Larger groups of personal letters include correspondence between Cohn and Drs.
Robert Kennedy, Eduardo Palma, George Grey Turner, Frederic Bancroft and his wife,
Dorothy, Rabbi Harold and Flora Reinhart, Lady Etta and Sir Benjamin Drage, and
(Mrs.) Clover Seeling. Letters between the Drages and the Grey Turners discuss
medical conferences, specifically congresses of the International Society of Surgery;
anticipated visits of the Cohns to London, including plans for entertainment; World War
II and food rationing, and also the shortages of food and clothing resulting from the
English "Austerity" plan following the war; and personal news and events, such as
illnesses and vacations. Letters from the Reinharts discuss anticipated visits of the
Cohns to London, as well as the "Austerity" program and personal news. Letters from
Fred Bancroft talk about medical society business and news from the medical world as
well as some personal news. Dorothy Bancroft's letters relate her husband's last and
lengthy illness and her difficulties in coping with their situation and also discuss an
obituary of her husband, written by Cohn. Correspondence between Cohn and Dr.
Robert Kennedy discusses medical society business and also includes some personal
matters, such as congratulatory messages or thank-yous for gifts. Letters between
Cohn and Clover Seeling discuss hobbies, personal news, and ageing.
Cohn also corresponded with some former students. Some examples of these are Drs.
Charles Wall, Richard Faust, Alfred Gage, and Leonard Greentree. Some groups of
correspondence, such as that between Cohn and Charles Wall and Leonard Greentree,
are mostly newsy. Charles Wall began their correspondence late in life, and his letters
contain mostly current news of his life and reminiscences of his time at Tulane
University Medical School and Touro Infirmary and of Dr. Rudolph Matas. Leonard
Greentree's letters relate his adventures as a young doctor doing work in the far east in
the 1930s and 1940s. Other students wrote to Dr. Cohn, asking for help, as in the case
of Dr. Richard Faust, who enlisted Cohn's help in his application for admission to the
American College of Surgeons. Letters between Cohn and Alfred Gage illustrate
Cohn's willingness to help young doctors financially and show Dr. Gage's efforts to
repay Cohn after medical school, in the late 1930s.
Correspondence also documents Cohn's involvement with many organizations and
institutions. Just a few examples of medical societies include the International Society
of Surgery, the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma, and various
Louisiana, New Orleans, and Southern organizations. These discuss meetings,
policies, and other relevant operations of the organizations. Most prominent are letters
documenting Cohn's work in planning the International Society of Surgery's 1949
congress in New Orleans and his work as a Regional Chairman for the American
College of Surgeons' Committee on Trauma.
Letters to and from institutions mostly discuss everyday organizational problems.
Insitutions represented include Tulane University School of Medicine, Touro Infirmary
(including the Nursing School), Flint-Goodridge Hospital, Louisiana State University
Alumni Federation, LSU Medical Center, and others. Cohn's work on behalf of
charitable institutions is shown in his correspondence with such institutions as the
Jewish Orphan's Home, the Episcopal Children's home, Hope Haven Institution, and the
New Orleans Community Chest. His interest in social issues is reflected by letters to
and from The National Conference of Christians and Jews and letters documenting his
work on behalf of Dwight D. Eisenhower in his 1952 bid for president.
Letters to and from colleagues discuss medical procedures, medical society
conferences, medical ethics, and other issues pertaining to local, national, and
international medicine. Correspondents include such doctors as Michael DeBakey,
Lord Alfred Webb-Johnson, Charles Scudder, George Curry, as well as many other
surgeons affiliated with surgical societies, like Rene Leriche (International Society of
Surgery), Bowman C. Crowell, Arthur Allen, and Paul Hawley (American College of
Surgeons), some of whose personal letters may be found interfiled with institutional
business letters.
All letters which do not fit into a series of letters from institutions or individuals are filed
under "Correspondence -- Miscellaneous" by date [1913-1972, n.d.].
NOTE: For a full list of files in Series V., please see Appendix.
Printed Material, ca. 1885-1970 [bulk ca. 1925-1960], n.d. (6 lf.)
Summary: News clippings, reprints of works by Isidore Cohn and Rudolph
Matas, galley sheets, invitations, business cards, programs, pamphlets,
proceedings, certificates/awards, ephemera and other print and near-print
Under the heading of "reprints" by Isidore Cohn and Rudolph Matas are included actual
reprints as well as articles torn out of journals by Cohn and photocopies of printed
articles by Cohn and Matas. Reprints are of articles on both medical and non-medical
Galley sheets from articles and books written by Isidore Cohn include those from
Rudolph Matas, the Matas Birthday Volume, "Observations on Malignancies of the
Large Bowel", "An Appreciation of Professor Rudolph Matas", and illustrations, title
page, and preface to The Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana, "Rudolph
Matas: His Influence on Vascular Surgery with Particular Reference to the Use of the
Suture", "Urgent Abdominal Surgery in the Aged", "Personal Experiences in Abdominal
Surgery Emergencies", and "Medical Education, and its End Product--the Doctor." One
galley of an article not written by Isidore Cohn is of a June 12, 1955 article from the New
Orleans Item entitled "After 48 Years' Service Surgeon-Scholar Retires".
Bulletins, newsletters, programs, and proceedings were collected by Dr. Cohn from
various organizations, societies, and institutions. Some programs document
conferences and meetings Dr. Cohn attended for various medical societies. Some
show schedules for events or institutions, such as Tulane University Medical School
class schedules from the turn of the 20th century to the 1930s and schedules for
summer seminars given at Flint-Goodridge Hospital in New Orleans for African-
American doctors. Proceedings of events are also included.
Brochures, pamphlets, and flyers emanate from various sources, ranging from flyers,
information pamphlets, and other promotional material from the American Medical
Association's National Education Committee (on socialized medicine) to brochures from
surgical equipment and pharmaceutical companies and pamphlets about historic places
to a pronunciation guide to Louisiana names. Subject matter ranges from human interst
and historical material to religious and political messages and medical and surgical
interests such as first aid training. The subject matter most covered is socialized
medicine, with various flyers, pamphlets, and other items, mostly opposing socialized
medicine, from various organizations. Included are such items as a comic book from
the Committee on Public Medical Education (n.d.) entitled "The Sad Case of Waiting-
Room Willie" and "A Simplified Blueprint of the Campaign Against Compulsory Health
Insurance" (1949) by the National Education Campaign of the American Medical
News clippings report on various events in Isidore Cohn's life, primarily events that
happened in his own life, though some news events are also documented.
Deteriorating news clippings were photocopied onto acid-free paper in order to preserve
the information contained in them.
Larger sections of newspapers collected by Cohn as well entire publications are also
included in this group. They include daily "newspapers" from medical conferences,
publications of other organizations such as the Council for Judaism, the American
Medical Association, the American Jewish Committee, International House of New
Orleans, and such publications as Common Sense and The Federationist.
Organization and society information in this series include such items as printed by-laws
and constitutions of organizations, requirements for admission into certain societies,
and rules and regulations for institutions. Also included are information booklets on
organizations. Examples of organizations, societies, and institutions represented are
the American College of Surgeons, the American Board of Surgery, Touro Infirmary and
Charity Hospital.
Reports document the actions of such organizations and institutions as Louisiana State
University, the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Medical Association, National
Congress of Christians and Jews, and various other organizations, as well as city,
parish, and state agencies. Workman's Compensation Act legislation from various
states was also collected by Isidore Cohn in 1917.
Awards, diplomas, and other honors include diplomas from Lousiana State University,
Tulane University School of Medicine, Charity Hospital of New Orleans, and Touro
Infirmary. Awards include certificates of appreciation from Touro Infirmary, the Jewish
Children's Home, and the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana. Also included in this group
are certificates of membership in such organizations as the New Orleans Surgical
Society, National Gastroenterological Association, International Society of Surgery,
American College of Surgeons, B'nai B'rith, and the Grand Lodge of the State of
Louisiana (Masons).
Other printed material include various ephemera such as placecards, travel souvenirs,
prints of paintings of nineteenth-century surgical scenes, an enlarged photocopy of
Touro Infirmary ca. 1855 and a printed facsimile of the admissions book of Touro
Infirmary, dated "August, September 1856."
This series also contains one map of New Orleans, entitled "Sanitary Map of the City of
New Orleans Exhibiting the location of the various NUISANCES and other causes
affecting the SALUBRITY of the CITY as shewn in the occurence of near 30,000 Cases
of Yellow Fever in the Epidemic of 1853, in the DISTRICTS & WARDS respectively,
according to which the U.S. Census was taken in 1850, so that the ratio to the
estimated population should be shewn as in Table R intended to illustrate the influence
of these causes upon health. Prepared for the Report of the Sanitary Commission by
E.H. Barton, A.M.M.D." This map was removed by Isidore Cohn from Report of the
Sanitary Commission of New Orleans on the Epidemic of Yellow Fever of 1853, which is
also owned by this library. Marks made in red pen on this map indicate real estate
holdings of Judah Touro in 1854.
VII. Notebooks/Scrapbooks, 1893-1970, n.d. (1.25 lf).
Summary: Scrapbooks and notebooks compiled by Isidore Cohn, containing
notes for lectures and articles, text of lectures and articles, general notes,
autographs, letters, and news clippings.
Scrapbooks and notebooks in this series contain a combination of types of items,
ranging from notes on specific subjects to autographs and letters. Pages have been
removed from scrapbook and notebook binders for preservation purposes, and
deteriorated news clippings in scrapbooks have been photocopied onto acid-free paper
in order to preserve their content.
Transcriptions of lectures and articles include such topics as "Lectures which Express
Personal Views" and "Medical Ethics." Also included are notes researching travel and
autographs from various physicians, most of which seem to have been clipped from
other sources, mostly letters.
News clippings cover the Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery, the ceremonies at
the presentation of the Matas Birthday Volume, the International Society of Surgery's
1949 Congress in New Orleans, and scandals in Louisiana State government in 1939,
1945, and 1952 involving the resignation of Governor Richard Leche (1939) and the
LSU Board of Supervisors following a money scandal and the threatened resignation of
LSU medical school faculty members in 1945 in protest over what they considered poor
management choices, and over the management of Charity Hospital (1952). One
scrapbook is dedicated solely to "The Palestine Problem" (1947). Other news clippings
document various events in Cohn's life, and also include news clippings from 1893 and
1894 regarding Rudolph Matas' appointment to the Professor of Surgery position at
Tulane University.
Some scrapbooks contain letters from grateful patients, students, and other physicians.
VIII. Photographs, ca. 1880-1967, n.d. (2 lf.)
Summary: Photographs and photomechanical prints of Cohn, Matas, other
physicians, family members, places and events.
The majority of photographs in this series are black and white, although a few
photographs from the 1960s are color.
This series contains photographs of physicians from about 1880 to 1950, though many
are not dated. People included are many physicians who corresponded with Cohn
during his life, such as Alfred Blalock, Warren Stone Bickham, Lucian Landry, Robert H.
Kennedy, Donald Guthrie, Charles Veneble, Michael DeBakey, Leo DeJardin, Emile
Holman, and others.
Many photographs of Dr. Rudolph Matas are included in this series and range in date
from an undated photograph from around 1880 to photographs of Matas on his 95th
birthday in 1955. Most of these photographs are portraits, including photographs of a
painted portrait of Matas made in 1928. Some show Matas giving demonstrations in
surgery (1935); as a Major in the Army Medical Corps Base Hospital 24 (Tulane
University, ca. 1917) ; at the top of Mt. Mitchell in 1903; and being interviewed on
television on his 95th birthday in 1955. There are also two portraits of Adrienne Matas,
dating from around 1880 and 1900, and a snapshot of her at a typewriter, ca. 1903.
There are also many photographs of Isidore Cohn. A few are portraits, ranging from
one which appeared in the LSU Gumbo in 1903 as Cohn's senior picture to portraits of
Cohn in middle life and around 1960. Other photographs of Cohn show him at various
events, such as the 1934 award of the Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery and
an American College of Surgeons Trauma Committee meeting in 1945. Group shots
include a photograph of Isidore Cohn and others in a photograph from 1908-1909 of
what was probably internes at Touro Infirmary; a group photograph in front of Tulane
University, 1928; a photograph of the staff and instructors at Tulane University Base
Hospital 24, United States Army Medical Corps; and two 1904 shots of Cohn and fellow
medical students dissecting a cadaver at Tulane Medical School Anatomy Laboratory.
A portrait of two small boys and a baby picture may also be of Isidore Cohn.
There are a few pictures of Cohn family members in this series. Several photographs of
Isidore, Jr. appear here, including one from 1930, taken at Camp Lookout. One
photograph of Elise is labelled "From Elise to Daddy on my 11th birthday", 1928, and
another was taken at the celebration of the publication of Rudolph Matas, 1960. A
snapshot of Babette Cohn Golden at "Doctor's Day" in 1967 is also included.
Also included in this series are photographs of sights in Europe, Mexico, South America
and the U.S. Though some of these are original photographs, most of them were
purchased. Examples of places shown in these photos are, Italy, Spain, Mexico,
France, Sweden, Scotland, Stanford University, and Columbia River Highway. Some
pictures taken in Spain include shots of Elsie and her sister, Augusta Dennery.
Picture postcards show scenes from North and South America, and Europe.
IX. Phonograph/Cassette recordings, 1955, n.d. (3 items).
Summary: Recordings of the voices of Isidore Cohn and Rudolph Matas.
This series includes two recordings, originally made onto 33 and 78 rpm records and
copied onto one cassette tape for patron use. One record (ca. 1926) is a recording of
Rudolph Matas reading his Presidential address for the American College of Surgeons,
which was originally delivered in Philadelphia in 1926, and expounded the ideals of the
American College of Surgeons. It was recited again at a later date and recorded under
the auspices of the Orleans Parish Medical Society. This recording is very deteriorated
and therefore difficult to understand.
The second recording was recorded September 12, 1955 during a television program in
honor of Rudolph Matas' 95th birthday. On this program Isidore Cohn was interviewed
by a television reporter about the life of Dr. Matas, and Cohn interviews Matas himself.
In the Cohn/Matas interview, Matas recalls the medicine of earlier eras and discusses
the advances made by modern medicine. This recording is very clear.
Both recordings were recorded onto a cassette tape for patron use.
X. Ephemera, 1924-1972, n.d. (14 items)
Summary: Plaques and framed tropies of various awards and events.
This series includes several plaques presented to Isidore Cohn. They include the
following: the National Safety Award for 1966; a plaque of appreciation of service from
Touro Infirmary, 1972; and a framed inscription of a prayer, from the Hope Haven
Institution in honor of Cohn's 80th birthday. Other items include a plaque bearing the
profile of Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen; an award to Rudolph Matas from the Laudun
Sanitorium for the Aged and Infirm (1952); and a framed pen which bears the inscription
"used by Governor Hy. L. Fuqua to sign Anti-Klan Bills June 12, 1924, presented to his
friend Hy. Cohn Jr."
This series also contains several identification pins from various medical conferences,
including the Southeastern Surgical Conference (1936) and the International Society of
Surgery Congress (1949).
Container List
Series I. Medical Subjects. Subseries 1, Articles, Lectures
Skeletal anomalies and defects, 1931-1932, n.d.
Pedigree Chart -- polydactylism, n.d.
Bone graft, regeneration, and bone screw
experiments, 1913-1915, 1936.
Osteomyelitis, 1938, n.d.
"Syphillis of the Long Bones", n.d.
Bone tumors, 1947-1949
Fracture diagnosis and treatment, 1915-1948, n.d.
Fractures -- legal-sized, n.d.
"Observations on Fractures of the Elbow", 1912.
Articles, skull fractures/intra-cranial pressure,
1926, n.d.
Fracture notes, teaching of fracture treatment, 1937-
1949, n.d.
"Treatment of Purulent Arthritis", 1924
The reticulo-endothelial system -- notes, articles,
letters, and visual aids about blood transfusion,
congenital hemolytic jaundice, the spleen, and
splenomegaly, c. 1923-1949, n.d.
"The Essential Thromtopence..." by E. Frank, 1915.
Surgery in the aged, 1933, 1940, n.d.
Abdominal surgery, including treatment of
appendicitis and gastric disorders, 1928-1948, n.d.
Glandular disorders, including masses in the groin
and neck, chylothorax and chylous ascites, and
lymphatico-venous fistulae, 1918-1961, n.d.
"And Sudden Death", 1937
Vascular disorders/surgery, 1935-1948, n.d.
Cancer, 1927- 1951, n.d.
"Tumors of the Orbit" -draft, n.d.
Miscellaneous articles, 1926- 1948, n.d.
Illustrations, "Prolapse of the Rectum", other articles
n.d. [ca.1942].
Medical Charts -- miscellaneous subjects, 1924-
1938, n.d.
Surgical Clinics, 1941-1943
Surgical Clinics, 1923-1941, n.d.
Normal Bones and Joints, 1925, n.d.
Series I. Medical Subjects, Subseries 2. Other Medical
Clinical Pathological Conference, Touro Infirmary,
Medical Notebook contents, n.d.
Medical Notes -- various topics, (ca. 1920-1960), n.d.
Miscellaneous medical notes, (ca. 1920-1955), n.d.
Medical illustrations, n.d.
Lecture notes and student work, Tulane University,
Touro Infirmary, Louisiana State University [?], Touro
Infirmary School of Nursing, 1917-1927, n.d.
"Ward Rounds", parts 1-6, n.d.
Series II. Non-Medical Subjects, Subseries 1. Rudolph Matas: A
Letters regarding publication of Rudolph Matas,
Receipts -- Doubleday & Co. 1960-1965.
Notes -- Cohn's sub-headings, n.d.
Manuscript, Rudolph Matas -- final typed, ca. 1960.
Chapter drafts, n.d.
Chapter drafts, n.d.
Notes, n.d.
Notes, n.d.
Notes, n.d.
Press Release, International Society of Surgery,
Legal documents of Rudolph Matas, 1879-1957.
Biographical material, Rudolph Matas' family, 1957,
Military service, Rudolph Matas, 1918.
Exams - Tulane University School of Medicine, 1910-
Lecture notes, 1914-1918, n.d.
Rudolph Matas -- Miscellaneous, n.d.
Reviews of Rudolph Matas, 1960.
Correspondence of Rudolph Matas -- General,
1890-1943, n.d.
Correspondence of Rudolph Matas -- General,
1944-1957, n.d.
Correspondence of Rudolph Matas -- Allen-Thorek
1878-1954, n.d.
Correspondence -- Warren Stone Bickham, 1923-
Correspondence -- Lucian Landry, 1903.
Series II. Non-Medical Subjects. Subseries 2. Rudolph Matas History
of Medicine in Louisiana
Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana --
notes, illustrations, chapter drafts, n.d.
Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana --
notes, illustrations, chapter drafts, n.d.
Rudolph Matas...Trust fund Committee, meeting
minutes, 1952-1964.
Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana --
letters regarding writing/publication, 1952-1965, n.d.
Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana --
trust fund, sample statements, 1962.
Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana --
Legal papers, 1950-1964.
Series II. Non-Medical Subjects. Subseries 3. Matas birthday
volume, a collection of surgical essays written in honor of Rudolph
Matas birthday volume... -- Manuscripts/translations,
essays (incomplete) , c. 1931.
Matas birthday volume... -- letters re. publication of
volume -- publishers, committee members,
subscribers, contributors, etc., 1929-1935 (bulk dates,
1929-1932), n.d.
Matas birthday volume... -- letters re. publication of
volume -- publishers, committee members,
subscribers, contributors, etc., 1929-1935 (bulk dates,
1929-1932), n.d.
Matas birthday volume... -- notes, receipts, reviews,
1931-1932, n.d.
Container List (cont.)
Matas birthday volume... - Notes, presentation
program, guest lists, ca. 1931, n.d.
Matas birthday volume... "Collections and Deposits"
- ledger book, (1 MS Volume), 1930-1932.
Series II. Non-Medical Subjects. Subseries 4. Rudolph Matas Award
in Vascular Surgery/Violet Hart Fund
Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery --
Committee notes, letters, 1951-1959.
Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery --
Letters, Mike S. Hart, 1933-1940.
Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery -
Letters, notes, 1934, 1937, 1940, 1947, 1950, 1954,
1958, 1967 Awards, 1933-1967.
Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery -
Remarks at awards, 1940, 1954, n.d.
Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery - Notes,
miscellaneous, n.d.
Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery -
letters, notes, 1960 Award, 1960-1963.
Series II. Non-Medical Subjects. Subseries 5. Lectures/ Articles about Rudolph
Tributes, articles about Rudolph Matas -- letters,
notes, and manuscripts, 1936-1961.
Tributes, articles about Rudolph Matas -- letters,
notes, and manuscripts, 1936-1961.
Series II. Non-Medical Subjects. Subseries 6. Other Non-Medical
Socialized Medicine -- Speeches, lectures, notes,
and letters relating to speeches and lectures on the
subject of Socialized medicine, 1936-1950, n.d.
Socialized Medicine, 1949, n.d.
Medical Ethics -- articles, lectures, and letters
relating to fee-splitting, ethics of doctor-patient
relationships, expert testimony in court, and general
ethical responsibilities of the doctor, 1927-1952, n.d.
"The Doctor in Court" -- notes, transcripts, court
cases, 1934-1937, n.d.
Trauma treatment/first aid -- speeches by Isidore
Cohn and "Recent Advances in War Surgery" by
Rudolph Matas, 1918, 1949-1951, n.d.
Touro Infirmary -- hospital reports and notes on
Touro Infirmary and Touro Infirmary Nursing School.
Also includes notes on reception honoring Dr. Cohn in
1955, 1932-1955, n.d.
Touro Infirmary and Hebrew Benevolent
Association -- constitution, by-laws, 1893, 1934.
Judah Touro -- Inventory of estate, will
(photocopies), 1854
"Judah Touro" and "Touro Infirmary", 1966-1967
Touro Infirmary -- surgical department reports, rules
and regulations, 1930-1952, n.d.
Medical and nursing education -- lectures, articles,
notes, and letters pertaining to articles and lectures,
1954-1959, n.d.
Medical and nursing education -- lectures, articles,
notes, and letters pertaining to articles and lectures,
1934-1955, n.d.
"Observations on Medical Education by a Teacher
of Medicine", 1951
Medical history/biography -- articles, lectures, and
notes on medical history and biography and letters
pertaining to lectures and articles, 1933-1968, n.d.
William C. Gorgas -- notes, n.d.
Race relations/Judaism -- meeting notes, National
Conference of Christians and Jews, New Orleans
Council for Judaism, articles, notes, 1937-1947, n.d.
"The History of the Jewish Community of New
Orleans" by Julian Feibelman, n.d.
American Council for Judaism --notes, 1943, 1947,
Travel notes -- notes, lectures, articles, and letters
pertaining to those lectures and articles, 1947-1952.
Travel notes -- 1951-1960.
South American Trip [1956] --notes, 1956.
European Trip [1936] -- notes, 1936
"Feature" -- article about Isidore Cohn in The Pioneer
(Newman School, New Orleans), 1960.
Book reviews by Isidore Cohn, 1936-1949.
"Flint-Goodridge - An Educational Asset", 1940.
Flint-Goodridge Hospital -- notes, 1932-1943, n.d.
Louisiana State University --reminiscences, notes
on Medical School, faculty notes, 1937-1945, n.d.
Tulane University -- notes, n.d.
Hope Haven/Madonna Manor -- notes, 1961-1962,
Episcopal Children's Home -- notes, 1933-1955.
Eisenhower Campaign, 1952 -- notes, speeches,
Miscellaneous Other Non-Medical, [ca. 1930-1970],
"The Philosophy of the New Deal, a World
Problem" by W.B. Ross, 1940.
LSU Alumni Federation -- business notes, 1933-
1944, n.d.
New Orleans Community Chest -- notes, financial
reports, 1941-1944, n.d.
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Fraternity-- constitution,
business notes, 1926-1935, n.d.
Series III. Medical and Surgical Societies
American College of Surgeons, Committee on
Trauma (General Fractures Committee, Fracture
Committee, Committee on Fractures and Other
Traumas) --minutes, programs, agendas, reports,
notes, 1930-1966, n.d.
American College of Surgeons, Committee on
Trauma (General Fracture Committee, Fracture
Committee, Committee on Fractures and Other
Traumas) -- minutes, notes, notes on first ambulance
law in Louisiana, 1931-1942, n.d.
"A Method of Study and Organization of
Emergency Facilities and Services", n.d.
"General Principles of Emergency Care", n.d.
International Society of Surgery -- Presidential
Address, "Remarks in Homage of Antoine DePage"
by Rudolph Matas, 1938.
International Society of Surgery -- notes, minutes,
program drafts, 1941-1957, n.d.
International Society of Surgery -- 1949 Congress,
"Activities of the Chairman of Arrangements
Committee", 1948-1949, n.d.
International Society of Surgery -- Registers, 1949
Congress, New Orleans (2 MS Volumes), 1949.
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma -
- "Control of Occupational Health Hazards in the
Aerospace and Missile Industries", 1960.
Louisiana State Medical Society -- Hospital and
Workman's Compensation Committees, reports,
minutes, notes, 1913-1917, 1943, n.d.
Louisiana State Medical Society -- Report,
Workman's Compensation Committee, 1918.
Orleans Parish Medical Society -- "Code of Medical-
Press Radio-TV Cooperation", MS, notes, 1956.
Orleans Parish Medical Society -- notes on its
history for TV interview, 1967.
Surgical Association of Louisiana --"Our Aims"
(presidential address, Isidore Cohn), notes,
membership lists, proceedings, 1949-1960, n.d.
Louisiana State Board of Health -- notes, 1955, n.d.
Southern Medical Association/Surgical Section --
Appendicitis Committee notes, rosters, minutes, 1939,
Southern Surgical Association -- notes, minutes,
memoranda, 1945-1963, n.d.
International College of Surgeons -- "Estraits des
Statuts", n.d.
"Primer Congreso Pan Americano de Educacion
Medica" (Lima, Peru) -- notes, 1951
"VII Congresso Inter-Americano de Cirugia" (Lima,
Peru) -- notes, 1950.
New Orleans Surgical Association -- constitution,
memoranda, meeting agendas, programs, 1954-1958,
American Surgical Association -- "Fractures
Survey... at request of Dr. Matas", c.1915.
Broadway Medical Society, 1922, n.d.
Series IV. Business/ Financial, 1882-1963.
Auto accident, suit, "Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bolnar
v. Dr. Isidore Cohn and the Travellers Insurance Co."
-- court summons, depositions, 1949.
Loans to students -- notes, reciepts, checks, 1932-
Tax material -- income and property, 1960-1963.
Carolina Planting and Lumber Company -- notes,
legal documents, 1882, 1930, 1936, 1958.
Land donation/sale/management, Port Allen [Cohn
Subdivision Company, Carolina Lumber Company],
Other Cohn family legal papers, 1902-1956, n.d.
Plats -- Cohn Subdivision, Port Allen, Cohn
School(s), 1936-1959, n.d.
Series V. Correspondence,
Correspondence -- Abramson-American Journal of
Surgery, 1930-1967, n.d.
Correspondence -- American Medical Association-
George Grey Turner, 1926-1971, n.d.
Correspondence -- Elston Grey Turner-Robert
Rosenthal, Sr., 1917-1969, n.d.
Correspondence -- Robert Rosenthal Jr.-Wood,
1926-1972, n.d.
Correspondence -- Miscellaneous, 1913-1948.
Correspondence -- Miscellaneous, 1949-1972, n.d.
Correspondence -- legal sized, American College of
Surgeons-Touro Infirmary, 1921-1969, n.d.
Correspondence -- Legal-sized, Miscellaneous,
1952-1960, n.d.
NOTE: For a list of correspondents in this collection, please see appendix.
Series VI. Printed Material
Reprints by Isidore Cohn -- articles, reprints,
photocopies, ca. 1910-1970.
Reprints by Isidore Cohn -- articles, reprints,
photocopies, ca.1915-1960.
Reprints by Rudolph Matas -- articles, reprints,
photocopies, ca.1880-1950.
Bulletins, news releases, ca. 1920-1970.
Greeting cards, ca 1920-1960.
Greeting card (oversize), 1952.
Business/Calling cards, n.d.
Catalogs, ca. 1920-1950.
Certificates and awards, ca. 1950-1970.
Ephemera, miscellaneous, ca. 1930-1960.
Ephemera -- prints, illustrated "creeds", n.d.
Ephemera -- illustrated "creeds", n.d.
Invitations, announcements, ca. 1920-1970.
Menus, ca. 1930-1970.
News clippings, ca. 1910-1970.
Newspapers, bulletins (oversize), 1938-1962, n.d.
Pamphlets, booklets, flyers, ca. 1930-1970.
Flyer (oversize) -- on socialized medicine by the
National Committee to Uphold Constitutional
Government, n.d.
Flyer -- United Community and War Chest, New
Orleans, 1943 campaign, 1943.
Playbills, ca. 1930-1960.
Proceedings, ca. 1911-1970.
Proceedings, ca. 1910-1970.
Programs, ca 1887-1970.
Organization/Society information, ca. 1930-1970.
Organization/Society information, ca. 1930-1970.
Reports, ca. 1896-1970.
Tickets, ca. 1930-1970.
Travel ephemera, ca. 1930-1960.
Workman's Compensation Acts, various states, ca.
Printed material, legal-sized, miscellaneous ca.
Certificates, awards, diplomas, 1903-1967.
Certificates, awards, diplomas, 1914-1967, n.d.
Map -- "Sanitary Map of the City of New Orleans. . . in
the Yellow Fever Epidemic 1853. . . Prepared for the
report of the Sanitary Commission" by E. H. Barton,
1853. A.M.M.D.
Galleys, various articles and books, 1928-1956,
Series VII. Scrapbooks/Notebooks
Notebooks/Scrapbooks -- Lectures, articles,
autographs, 1915-1953, n.d.
Notebooks -- "Lectures which Express Personal
Views," "Lectures," and "Medical Ethics and Papers
by Isidore Cohn," 1909-1952, n.d.
Scrapbook -- news clippings, Rudolph Matas Award
in Vascular Surgery; Matas Birthday Volume
presentation, International Society of Surgery
Congress, 1949, ca. 1930-1950, n.d.
Scrapbook -- "A Treasure Chest," "Personal," 1893-
1940, n.d.
Notebooks, "Hyperthyroidism,"
"Addresses...Religious Subjects", 1935-1939, n.d.
Scrapbooks -- "The Palestine Problem," LSU, and
miscellaneous, 1928-1970, n.d.
Series VIII. Photographs
Portraits, group photographs, snapshots, places --
1894-1952, n.d.
Portraits, group photographs, snapshots, 1906-1960,
Negatives, Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in
Louisiana, n.d.
Photographs, Isidore Cohn -- portraits, group
photographs, snapshots, 1955, n.d.
Photographs -- Isidore Jr. and Elise, 1928-1930, n.d.
Portraits -- physicians, n.d.
Photographs, Rudolph Matas -- portraits, snapshots,
1888-1935, n.d.
Photographs, Adrienne Matas -- portraits, snapshots,
ca. 1887-1903.
Portraits -- various physicians, a dog, 1929-1956,
Photographs -- snapshots, Sweden, n.d.
Photographs -- portraits, snapshots, group photos,
1907-1936, n.d.
Photographs -- Miscellaneous, 1927,n.d.
Photographs -- "Doctor's Day", 1967.
Photographs -- Snapshots, Rudolph Matas, various
doctors, 1936, n.d.
Photographs -- Snapshots, Italy.
Photographs -- Snapshots, Montego Bay, Columbia
River Highway, OR, Stanford University, Scotland,
Mexico, and France, 1936-1956, n.d.
Photographs -- Snapshots, Portugal, Denmark,
Spain, Norway, n.d.
Postcards -- Europe, South America, Mexico, USA, n.d.
Photographs -- portraits, snapshots, group photos of
physicians, 1930-1950, n.d.
Photographs -- Group photos -- Tulane University
School of Medicine, class of 1907, Medical Congress
(ca. 1920), n.d.
Photographs- 2 panoramic, group photos --
International Society of Surgery, XII congress, 1947;
Primer Congreso Panamericano de Educacion
Medica, 1951.
NOTE: For a list of correspondents and friends of Cohn whose photographs appear in
this collection, please see appendix. Please note that the list in the appendix is not a
complete list, but only lists major correspondents and family members.
Series IX. Phonograph/Cassette Recordings
Phonographs and Cassette -- 2 phonographs and
one cassette, 1955, n.d.
Series X. Ephemera
Plaques, Other ephemera, 1924-1972, n.d.
Vault: 38
1 lapel pin, undated.
Appendix: Correspondents, Series V.
Paul D. Abramson; 1934-1954
Ian Aird; 1947-1961
Hathaway Aleman; 1955-1959
Arthur W. Allen; 1949-1950
Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternity; 1932-1935, n.d.
Julio Altabas; 1955-1956
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma; 1934-1967
American College of Surgeons; 1937-1960, n.d.
American Foundation Studies in Government; 1936-1937
American Journal of Surgery; 1951-1952
American Medical Association; 1927-1969
Manual Ampudia; 1951
W. H. Anderson; 1933-1961, n.d.
Manuel Bastos Ansart; 1953-1963
Antoine's Restaurant; 1940-1966
Dorothy Bancroft; 1949-1966
Frederic W. Bancroft; 1932-1956
Sadie Harris Baskin; 1964-1965, n.d.
Baton Rouge General Hospital; 1950
Stanhope Bayne-Jones; 1957-1960
Leo A. Bergman; 1947-1966
Frank B. Berry; 1956-1966
Ellen Johnston Beyt and Buddy Beyt; 1961
I. A. Bigger; 1947
Guy Blackburn; 1951-1960
Vilray Papin Blair; 1931-1941
Alfred Blalock; 1947-1950
Emile Bloch; 1960
William A. Bloom, Jr.; 1963, n.d.
Hale Boggs; 1955-1959
Banduccio L. Borri; 1954
Rogers Brewster; 1941-1943, n.d.
G. V. Brinaley; 1937-1955
British Medical Association; 1959-1960
Brother Albertinus; 1926
Howard E. Bruner; 1928-1938
Edgar Burns; 1940
W. Walton Butterworth; 1949-1955
William W. Butterworth; 1955-1959, n.d.
James W. Butts; 1960-1970
Guy A. Caldwell; 1955
J. L. Campbell; 1932-1946
Henry J. Carman; 1951
Charity Hospital of New Orleans; 1938-1946
Everett R. Clinchy; 1938-1952
Charles E. Coates; 1936
Elsie Cohn (letters to and from); 1941, n.d.
Elsie Cohn to Cohn children; 1936-1951
Henry Cohn, Jr.; 1930-1933
Henry Louis Cohn; 1937, n.d.
Ian and Lauren Cohn; 1953
Isidore Cohn to Cohn children; 1936-1956, n.d.
Isidore Cohn and Elsie Cohn; 1950-1959, n.d.
C. C. Coleman; 1927-1955
Frank Coleman; 1946-1947
Frederick A. Coller; 1947-1948
Committee to Uphold Constitutional Government; 1939-1940, n.d.
Community Chest (New Orleans); 1940-1949
Conference of Jews and Christians (New Orleans); 1933-1939
Atilio J. Costa; 1950-1953
Clarence Crafoord; 1951-1955, n.d.
Oscar Creech, Jr.; 1959-1967
Harold Cummins; 1947-1966
George J. Curry; 1952-1967
Louise Darling; 1957
Michael DeBakey; 1947-1963
George Degensheim; 1957-1958
Moise Dennery; 1933-1970
Henri S. Denninger; 1937, n.d.
Departmento de Turismo (Mexico); 1957
Hermann Deutsch; 1950-1958
Dictaphone Corporation; 1950-1958
Dillard University; 1960
Robert Dobbie; 1954
Reynaldo dos Santos; 1938-1957, n.d.
Benjamin Drage; 1936-1951
Lady Etta Drage; 1951-1960, n.d.
Lester Dragstedt; 1963
John Duffy; 1956-1960
J. Duran; 1960
John P. Dyer; 1965
Robert Einstein; 1955-1960
Eisenhower Campaign; 1952
E. L. Eliason; 1932-1941
Daniel C. Elkin; 1931-1932
Episcopal Children's Home (1); 1924-1941
Episcopal Children's Home (2); 1942-1956, n.d.
Fernando Etcheforry; 1950-1956
Solon Farrnbacher; 1930
Richard Faust; 1956-1965
David Fichman; 1937-1955
Warfield M. Firor; 1947
Flint-Goodridge Hospital; 1946-1960
Andrew Friedrichs; 1960-1966
Alfred Gage; 1939
I. Mims Gage; 1939-1954
Mario Galeazzi; 1954-1955
Lucien S. Gaudet; 1960
Irving Glassberg; 1942-1943
Babette Cohn Golden; 1959-1968, n.d.
Elsa Golden; 1962
Linda Golden; n.d.
Sir Gordon Gordon-Taylor; 1955-1960, n.d.
J. Leighton Green; 1960
Leonard Greentree; 1936-1946, n.d.
George Grey Turner; 1947-1957
Elston Grey Turner; 1951-1960
Mrs.(?) Grey Turner; 1951-1960
Eleanor Grimm; 1960, n.d.
Fraser B. Gurd; 1940-1946
Michael Gurdin; 1939-1941
Donald Guthrie; 1940-1955
Harper's Magazine; 1957
Paul R. Hawley; 1955
Aruthur Herold; 1949-1963
Charles Gordon Heyd; 1941-1960
Elizabeth Thigpen Hill; 1961
Paul B. Hoeber, Inc.; 1934-1957
Frederick L. Hoffman; 1931
Emile Holman; 1930-1966
Russell L. Holman; 1958
Hope Haven Institution 1935-1962; n.d.
J. Shelton Horsley; 1924-1939
Charle M. Horton; 1955-1958
Henry P. Houser; 1961-1962
John Howard; 1960
Sidney and Peggy Hummel; 1960
J.L. Hydrick; 1951
International College of Surgeons; 1936-1941
International House, New Orleans; 1949-1955
International Society of Surgery; 1936-1955, n.d.
Jewish Orphan's Home; 1963
Joseph M. Jones; 1955-1960
Tom Spec Jones; 1927-1947
R.J. Kamish; 1963-1965
Robert Hayward Kennedy 1935-1965; n.d.
Joe King; 1957-1963
Martin H. Klein; 1962
Amos Koontz; 1950-1951
Hiram W. Kostmayer; 1933-1942
Robert A. Lambert; 1930-1960
Lucian H. Landry; 1957
Rudolph Matas Landry; 1960
Max Lapham; 1941-1961
Harry Latter; 1937
James Learmonth; 1954-1955
J.C. Lee; 1937-1938
W.R. LeFanu; 1955-1960
Emil W. Leipziger; 1943-1960, n.d.
Anna Lea Lelli; 1954
Rene Leriche; 1951
J.C. Liversedge; 1960
Russell B. Long; 1941
C.P. Loranz; 1926-1955
Louisiana State Medical Society; 1917-1957
Louisiana State Police; 1938-1940
Louisiana State University; 1937-1963
John C. Mackenzie; 1947-1960
Urban Maes; 1924-1948
Hilda Scudder Manning; 1941
Mary Louise Marshall; 1922-1958
Leander Marx; 1950-1960
J.M. Mason; 1932-1947
Rudolph Matas; 1921-1956, n.d.
McClosky & Dennery; 1958
Archibald McIndoe; 1936-1955
Dorthea McIntosh; ca. 1951
Mrs. L.C. Mims; 1941-1949
Macie Mims; 1941-1948
Rudolph Moise; 1955-1962
Joseph R. Morrell; 1928-1942
deLesseps S. Morrison; 1949-1961
Gordon M. Morrison; 1940-1955, n.d.
National Conference of Christians and Jews; 1937-1953, n.d.
National Safety Council; 1963-1969
Andrew Kinrannon Naugle; 1934-1935
Edward T. Newell; 1931-1960
Edward T. Newell, Jr.; 1931-1960
New Orleans Association of Commerce; 1940-1949
William Perrin Nicholson; 1935-1955
Alton Ochsner; 1931-1951, n.d.
Orleans Parish Medical Society; 1917-1962
Ernest F. Osborn, Publisher; 1941
Whyte Glendower Owen; 1931-1932
Pan American Airways; 1950-1956
Willard H. Parsons; 1955-1960
Fernanco Paulino; 1950
Robert Lee Payne; 1931-1955
Carlos Enrique Paz-Golden; 1951
Adalberto Pazzini; 1953-1954
Rawley Penick; 1949
Esmond Phelps; 1942
Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity; 1928-1929
Robert and Fay Pool; 1946-1960
W.D. Postell; 1962-1963
Julian Quattlebaum; 1960-1969
Frederick Ratzburg; 1955-1968, n.d.
I.S. Ravdin; 1951-1955
Mont R. Reid; 1932-1939
Harold and Flora Reinhart; 1943-1970
James D. and Marion Rives; 1940-1964, n.d.
Lenna Belle Robinson; 1963-1965
Jane Grey Rogers; 1926-1927
Lambert Rogers; 1949-1960
Brother James Rolando; 1942-1966, n.d.
Louis Ronchi; 1954-1955
Charles Rosen; 1941-1955
Warren Rosen; 1937-1947
Elise Cohn Rosenthal; 1947, n.d.
F.L. Rosenthal; 1939
Robert Rosenthal/Bernard & Rosenthal; 1947-1962
Robert Rosenthal, Jr.; 1959
Hulbert A. Royster; 1937-1955
William R. Sandusky; 1963-1964
Victor H. Schiro; 1966
Lee Schlesinger; 1935, n.d.
A. C. Scott, Sr.; 1939
Charles Scudder; 1929-1946, n.d.
Sam Seeley; 1964-1966
Clover Seelig; 1962-1965
Major Seelig; 1927-1947
Herman Shann; 1959-1960
A. O. Singleton, Jr.; 1952-1955
Sister Mary Louise; 1960
Beverly Chew Smith; 1952-1953
Constance Smith; 1952-1953
Edwin P. Solomon; 1931-1967, n.d.
Edmond Souchon; 1949-1964
Southern Medical Association; 1937-1940
Southern Railway System;1948-1950
Southern Surgical Association; 1951-1965
Southwestern Medical Association; 1936
Robert Sparkman; 1949-1971
Kellogg Speed; 1933-1952
State Medical Association of Texas; 1933-1937
Harvey Brinton Stone; 1941-1968
May D. Stone; 1949-1966, n.d.
Lawrence Strug; 1931-1960
Surgical Association of Louisiana; 1948-1963
Taylor, Porter, Brooks, and Fuller; 1930-1958
Morris Tendler; 1960
Marten tenHoor; 1947-1960
Texas Railway Surgeons' Association; 1933
Thomas Cook and Son; 1936-1960
Hugh H. Trout, Sr.; 1931-1944
Joseph Trueta; 1948-1969
Tulane University; 1934-1966, n.d.
Jac S. Ullman; 1955-1957
Charles A. Vance; 1930-1955
Charles S. Venable; 1939-1953
Dan Waddill; 1955, n.d.
Preston A. Wade; 1941-1966
Charles K. Wall; 1960-1972
Alexander Webb; 1962-1963
Alfred Webb-Johnson; 1949-1955
Cecelia Webb-Johnson; 1955-1960
West Baton Rouge Parish School Board; 1948-1959
West Surgical Association; 1964
M. B. Wheeler; 1955-1963
R. J. White; 1960-1968
Lester J. Williams; 1944-1947
T. Harry Williams; 1963
Winthrop Chemical Company; 1940-1941
A. Dickson Wright; 1960-1962
S. Wood; 1959
Legal-sized, Box 25
William C. Anthony; 1960
Eugene deBellard; 1962-1963
Julian Feibelman; 1938-1963
Oscar Guzman de Villar; 1950-1951
Carlos F. Krumdieck; 1950-1951
Louisiana State University Alumni Federation (1); 1933-1943
Louisiana State University Alumni Federation (2); 1944-1963
Louisiana State University Medical Center; 1937-1966
Alfredo Monterio; 1950
Juan Nasio; 1953-1954
New Orleans Surgical Society; 1951-1961
Eduardo C. Palma; 1951-1964, n.d.
Ricardo Pazos Varela; 1950-1951
Touro Infirmary; 1921-1945
Touro Infirmary; 1946-1969, n.d.
Appendix -- Photographs
Note: This is not a complete list of photographs. Only friends, family members,
and major correspondents of Isidore Cohn are listed here.
Box 34:
Rudolph Matas, ca. 1894-1955
Lucian Landry, 1941
Robert H. Kennedy, n.d.
Donald Guthrie, 1939
Reynaldo dos Santos, n.d.
Michael DeBakey, 1954
Emile Holman, 1954
Isidore Cohn, 1941
Rene Leriche, 1949
Major Seeling, n.d.
Mary Louise Marshall, n.d.
Alfred E. Blalock, n.d.
J.M.T. Finney, 1931
Charles Veneble, n.d.
Rogers Brewster, n.d.
Box 35:
Isidore Cohn, Jr., 1937
Isidore Cohn, 1908-1966
Clarence Crafoord, 1960
Michael DeBakey, 1954
Emile Holman, 1954
Alton Ochsner, 1954, n.d.
Elise Cohn Rosenthal, ca. 1960
Rudolph Matas, ca, 1917-1931 n.d.
Lucian Landry,ca. 1917, n.d.
Officers, Base Hospital #24, United States Army Medical Corps, ca. 1917.
Rogers Brewster, n.d.
Box 36:
Negatives, Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana, n.d.
Isidore Cohn, ca. 1903-1955, n.d.
Isidore Cohn, Jr., 1930
Elise Cohn, 1928
Eduardo Palma, 1961, n.d.
Frederic Bancroft, n.d.
Box 36 (cont.):
Emile Holman, n.d.
Box 37:
Rudolph Matas, ca. 1888-1935
Adrienne Matas, ca. 1889-1910
Box 38:
Isidore Cohn, 1935, n.d.
Stanford E. Chaille, 1907
Mont R. Reid, n.d.
J.M. Mason, 1931
R.L. Payne, n.d.
E.L. Eliason, n.d.
H.H. Royster, n.d.
Ian Aird, n.d.
Charles Rosen, n.d.
J. Shelton Horsley, 1928
Base Hopital #24, Officers, U.S. Army Medical Corps, ca. 1917
Box 39:
Rudolph Matas, n.d.
Isidore Cohn, 1967
Babette Cohn Golden, 1967
Appendix - Index Terms
Cohn, Isidore (1885-1980)
Cohn, Elsie (1888-1960)
Golden, Babette Cohn (1913-)
Rosenthal, Elise Cohn (1917-)
Rosenthal, Robert
Cohn, Isidore, Jr. (1921-)
Cohn, Jacqueline Heymann
Matas, Rudolph (1860-1957)
II.1-5;III; V; VI
Matas, Adrienne (d.1918)
Landry, Lucian
II.1; II.4
Landry, Rudolph Matas (1918-)
II.1; II.4
Touro, Judah (1775-1854)
II.6; VI
Hearn, Lafcadio (1850-1904)
Duffy, John (1915-)
Dennery, Moise
II.2; IV
Hoeber, Paul B.
I.1; II.3
Hart, Mike
DeBakey, Michael
II.4; V; VI; VII
Marshall, Mary Louise
II.1-2; V; VIII
Ochsner, Alton (1896-1981)
Chaille, Stanford (1830-1911)
Tulane University Medical Center
II.1; II.4; II.5; V; VI; VIII
Army Base Hospital #24 (Tulane University)
Louisiana State University
II.6; V; VI; VII
Louisiana State University Medical Center
II.2; II.6; V; VI; VII
Louisiana State University Press
II.2; V
Louisiana State University Alumni Association
II.6; V; VI
Touro Infirmary
I.2; II.1; II.6; VI
Flint-Goodridge Hospital
II.6; V; VI
Charity Hospital (New Orleans, La.)
Hope Haven Institution
II.6; V; VI
Episcopal Children's Home
II.6; V; VI
Jewish Orphan's Home
Port Allen, LA
Cohn Subdivision (Port Allen, LA)
Carolina Planting and Lumber Co. (Port Allen, LA)
Paul B. Hoeber Co.
I.1; II.3; V
Doubleday Co.
Louisiana State Medical Society
International Society of Surgery
II.1; II.6; III; V; VI; VIII
American College of Surgeons
-- Committee on Trauma
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Orleans Parish Medical Society
Surgical Association of Louisiana
Louisiana State Board of Health
Southern Medical Association
Southern Surgical Association
International College of Surgeons
II.1; III; V; VI
New Orleans Surgical Association
Broadway Medical Association
American Surgical Association
National Conference of Christians and Jews
II.6; V; VI
American Council for Judaism
New Orleans Council of Catholics, Jews, and Protestants
New Orleans Council on Judaism
Fractures -- Treatment
I.1-2; III; V; VI; VIII
Blood vessels -- Surgery
I.1; II.1-2; II.4; VI
Bone -- Grafting
I.1; VI
Bone -- Diseases
I.1; VI
Spleen -- Diseases
I.1; VI
Abdomen -- Surgery
I.1; VI
Glands -- Diseases
I.1; VI
Medicine -- History
II.1; II.2; II.5; II.6; VI; VIII
Medicine, State
II.6; V; VI
Medical ethics
II.6; V; VI
First aid in illness and injury
I.1-2; III; V; VI
Wounds and Injuries -- treatment
I.1-2; III; V; VI
Medicine -- study and teaching
I.2; II.1; II.6; V; VI
Nursing -- study and teaching
I.2; II.6; V; VI
II.6; V; VI; VII
Intercultural education
II.6; V; VI