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Louisiana Postcard Collection

Mss. 3645




List of images by place



Size: 507 items (506 postcards, 1 photograph)

Dates: 1904-1951

Geographic locations: Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming

Arrangement: Alphabetical by place

Summary: Postcards depict subjects in towns and regions of Louisiana and some areas of Mississipi and Wyoming. Louisiana towns and regions best represented in the collection include Abita Springs, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Bogalusa, Convent, Covington, Donaldsonville, Franklin, Hammond, Houma, Jennings, Lake Charles, Mandeville, Monroe, Morgan City, New Orleans, Plaquemine, Saint Francisville, Shreveport, and Thibodaux. Included is a photograph depicting three women in front of a plantation house. The photograph is labeled "Alice Emilie Knapp, Forrest Home."

Stack location: E:65 (short shelf)



List of images by place

Abita Springs, 20 items

New Abita Springs Hotel, 1909

Walk Leading to Abita Springs, 1909

Mutti's Famous Magnesia Spring, 1909

Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1909

Abita River, 1909

The Most Ruralistic Ford, 1910

The Famous Abita Springs, 1910

The New Abita Springs Motel, 1912

Live to a Ripe Old Age, 1913

Longest Bridge in St. Tammany Parish, n.d.

N.O.G.N. Track, Main Bridge & Pavilion, n.d.

Mutti's Hotel, n.d.

Lutheran Church and Public School, n.d.

Morgan's Swimming Pool, n.d.

Hickory Street Bridge, n.d.

St. Jane's Catholic Church, n.d.

Main Building Long Branch Hotel, n.d.

St. Jane's Catholic Church, n.d.

Famous Abita Springs Health Giving Waters, n.d.

Famous Abita Springs Health Giving Waters, n.d.

Alexandria, 35 items

Churches, 1906

Post Office, 1906

State Insane Asylum, 1907

Alexandria Belles & Public Library, 1910

A. J. Wolf's Residence, 1910

Jewish Temple, 1911

Third Street, 1911

Second Street, 1912

Hotel Bentley Lobby, 1912

The Louisiana Hospital for Insane, 1912

The Louisiana Hospital for Insane, 1912

West End School, 1912

Alexandria High School, 1912

Federal Post Office, 1912

The Louisiana Hospital for Insane, 1913

River Scene, 1913

Elks Home, 1913

St. James Church, 1913

Confederate Monument, 1914

City Hall & Hotel Bentley, 1915

City Hall, showing Confederate Monument, 1921

First Methodist Church, 1921

Opera House, n.d.

First Methodist Church, n.d.

St. Francis Xavier Church, n.d.

National Cemetery, n.d.

St. Francis Xavier Church, n.d.

Traffic Bridge, n.d.

Rapides Theatre, n.d.

Simon Bros. Ltd. Department Store, n.d.

Public Library, n.d.

Kent Park Natorium, n.d.

Post Office, n.d.

The Flood at Alexandria, n.d.

River Scene, n.d.

Amite, 5 items

Amite Graded High School, 1912

Steel Bridge, Tangipaha River, 1916

Connors Bridge, Tangipahoa River, n.d.

Court House, n.d. (1907)

New Court House, n.d.


Avery Island, 1 item

Jungle Gardens, n.d.


Baton Rouge, 16 items

State Capitol, 1904

LSU (Bird's eye view), 1906

Baton Rouge (Bird's eye view), 1906

Federal building and Fireman's Parade, 1907

High School, Baton Rouge, 1908

St. Joseph's Convent, 1909

St. Joseph's Convent, 1909

Governor's Mansion, 1910

High School, 1928

Dameron Home, n.d.

Dining Hall, Southern University, n.d.

State Institute for the Deaf & Dumb, n.d.

Masonic Temple, n.d.

Farrnbacher, Baton Rouge, n.d.

LSU Stadium, n.d.

View of Standard Oil Co. Plant, n.d.

Bayou Goula, 1 item

Pilgrim Baptist Church, n.d.

Bayou Lafourche, 3 items

Madewood Plantation, 1947

Woodlawn Plantation, 1947

Railroad bridge, 1905?

Belle Alliance, 7 items

St. Jules Chapel, 1905

St. Jules Chapel, 1905

Residence of J.P. Kock, 1905

Plantation Residence of J.P. Kock, 1905

Garco Hotel, 1905

Living Arrangement, n.d.

Belle Alliance "Quarters", n.d.

Belle Chase, 1 item

Plantation Home of Judah P. Benjamin, n.d.


Berwick, 1 item

Berwick Water Front, n.d. (1906?)

Bogalusa, 13 items

Y.M.C.A. Building, 1914

Bogalusa High School, 1914

Great Southern Lumber Co., 1914

Lobby of Pine Tree Inn, 1926

Pine Tree Inn, 1935

Long Leaf Southern Pine, 1951

Residence of Mayor W.H. Sullivan, n.d.

Residences & Industrial Section, n.d.

Administration Building, Great Southern Lumber Co.,

Lake View of Pine Tree Inn, n.d.

Elizabeth Sullivan Memorial Church, n.d.

Young Women's Christian Assoc. Bldg., n.d.

Great Southern Lumber Co. Department Store, n.d.


Bonfouca, 1 item

Bayou Bonfouca (church), 1907


Boyce, 1 item

Romantic Country Scene, n.d.

Breaux Bridge, 2 items

Armory Hall, 1929

West Main Street, 1936(?)

Burrwood, 1 item

Wireless Telegraph Station, n.d.

Centreville, 1 item

W.O.W. Camp No. 41 Bldg., n.d.

Clinton, 1 item

Court House, 1919


Convent, 8 items

Jefferson College, 1906

Jefferson College, 1906

Sacred Heart Academy, 1909

Post Office, 1910

Sacred Heart Convent (interior), 1911

Academy of the Sacred Heart, 1917

Sacred Heart Academy Chapel, n.d.

St. Michael's Church, n.d.


Covington, 52 items

Street Scene, 1906

Cooper Shop and Portable Stave Mill, 1907

Southern Hotel Bldg., 1907

Schooners Landing, 1907

Interior of St. Peter's Catholic Church, 1907

Exterior of St. Peter's Catholic Church, 1907

Christ Episcopal Church, 1907

Southern Hotel, 1908

Schooner Landing, 1908

Court House, 1908

St. Joseph's College, 1908

Dixon Academy, 1909

Scene on Bogue Falaya River, 1909

The Old Goodbee Ford, 1909

Riverside Inn, 1909

Steel Bridge across Bogue Falaya River, 1910

Boat Landing, 1910

Hon. H.R. Warren's Residence, 1910

St. Tammany Ice & Electric Plant, 1911

St. Peter's Church, 1911

Cars crossing Bogue Falaya River, 1911

Depot Scene, 1911

Bogue Falaya Park Pavillion, 1911

Bogue Falaya Landing, 1911

Making Rail Road, 1911

Charropin Park, 1911

Bogue Falaya Park Pavillion, 1912

Bogue Falaya Park, 1912

Motor Line crossing Bogue Falaya, 1913

Entrance to Bogue Falaya Park, 1914

Covington Bank and Trust Co., 1914

St. Paul's College, 1915

Onzia, 1915

St. Joseph's Abbey Church, 1937

Senior Day, St. Paul's College, 1938

St. Scholastica's Convent & Academy, 1944

Claiborne Hotel & Cottages, n.d.

Bridge on Bogue Falaya River, n.d.

Sunshine Cottage, n.d.

Jefferson Avenue, n.d.

Court House, n.d.

St. Scholastica's Convent, n.d.

Dredging on Bogue Falaya, n.d.

Bridge on Bogue Falaya River, n.d.

Street Scene, n.d.

Bogue Falaya River, n.d.

St. Peter's Catholic Church, n.d.

New Bridge to Claiborne, n.d.

Bridge from Abita to Covington, n.d.

Tchefuncta Bridge, n.d.

Bogue Falaya Park Pavilion, n.d.

Southern Hotel, n.d.

Crowley, 2 items

Flume emptying into canal, 1907

High School, n.d.


Delhi, 1 item

High School, 1914

Des Allemands, 1 item

"Lillies," n.d.

Donaldsonville, 25 items

New Opera House, 1902

Railroad Construction, 1905

Church & Courthouse, 1906

Old Catholic Church, 1906

Mississippi Street, 1906

Market, 1907(?)

Market, 1907

Bayou Corne, 1907

Confederate Monument, 1908

Court House, 1908

New Opera House, 1908

Donaldsonville High School, 1908

St. Joseph's Commercial Institute, 1910

"Presbytery," 1910

Bank of Ascension, 1910

"Presbytery", 1910

Post Office and Lodge Rooms, 1912

Hotel Donaldson, 1914

Court House, n.d.

Interior of Catholic Church, n.d.

Donaldsonville High School, n.d.

"Residence District," n.d.

Mississippi Street, n.d.

Mississippi Street, n.d.

Gondran Theatre, n.d.

Donaldsonville Catholic Churches, n.d.

Empire, 1 item

Downtown, n.d.

Franklin, 18 items

Steamer on the Teche, 1906

St. John's Academy, 1907

Scene on Bayou Teche, 1907

Court House, Main St., Willow St., 1907

New City Market, 1907

St. Mary's Courthouse, 1908

St. John's Academy, 1908

Fish Market, 1908

Residence of Mayor John C. Lewis, 1908

St. Mary's High School, 1911

City Market, n.d.

Willow Street, n.d.

Willow Street, n.d.

Oaklawn Residence, n.d.

New High School, n.d.

Catholic Convent, n.d.

Summer Scene on Bayou Teche, n.d.

St. Mary Sanitarium, n.d.

Franklinton, 1 item

Steel Bridge, 1911

French Settlement, 1 item

Country lane, n.d.

Gonzales, 1 item

Main Street, 1907

Grand Coteau, 6 items

Religious School/Church, 1910

Front of Church, 1910

Retreat Invitation, 1910

St. Charles College, 1912

Wireless Station, St. Charles College, 1916

St. Charles College, n.d.

Grand Isle, 1 item

Ocean Beach Hotel, 1909

Grand Terre, 1 item

Memories of Fort-Livingston, n.d.

Hammond, 25 items

I.C. Depot, Park, & Lunch Stand, 1906

Hauling Logs to Sawmills, 1906

Bank of Hammond, 1907

State Bank and Post Office, 1907

Hammond Sanitarium, 1907

Oaks Hotel, 1908

Typical Hammond Residence, 1908

No. 2 Bank of Hammond, 1908

Residence of B.M. Morrison, 1908

A Country Home, C.H. Hummell, 1911

I.C. Depot, 1913

New City Hall, 1928

The Oaks Hotel, n.d.

The Oaks, n.d.

New Oaks Hotel, n.d.

Log raft Scene on Tangipahoa River, n.d.

Christian Church, n.d.

The Hammond Oak, n.d.

View from "The Oaks", n.d.

Southeastern Louisiana College, n.d.

Sheep Grazing, n.d.

Camping on Tangipahoa River, n.d.

Southern Home, n.d.

Notalbany Lumber Co. Office, n.d.

Hollybrook, 2 items

Home Scene, n.d.

Home Scene, n.d.

Houltonville, 1 item

As seen on the "Tchefuncta", 1909

Houma, 12 items

Oyster Shop of C. Cenac & Co., 1906

Catholic Church, 1906

Shuckers of Houma Fish & Oyster Co., 1906

Bayou Terrebonne, 1907

Court House Square, 1907

Log Slip, St. Louis Cypress Co., 1907

Scene Along Bayou Terrebonne, 1907

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 1909

Opera House, 1910

Catholic Church, 1914

Bayou Terrebonne, 1917

Catholic Church, n.d.

Jackson, 2 items

View of Thompson's Creek, 1908

Louisiana State Insane Asylum, 1909


Jeanerette, 5 items

Jeanerette Club House, 1906

Jeanerette Post Office, 1906

C.L. Mannot Residence, 1906

Main Street, Jeanerette, n.d.

High School, Jeanerette, n.d.

Jennings, 11 items

State National Bank, 1907

Main Street, 1909

A Burning Gusher, 1910

St. Henry's Academy, 1911

Country Club House, 1912

Oil Field, n.d.

Oil Well Fire, n.d.

Oil Field, n.d.

Oil Tanks, n.d.

Market Street, n.d.


Kentwood, 1 item

Morgan Bros. Store, n.d.

La Branche, 1 item

"Cattle," Suburban Realty Co., 1914

Lacombe, 1 item

Techny Trades, 1935

Lafayette, 6 items

Southwest Louisiana Industrial Institute, 1906

Southwest Louisiana Industrial Institute, 1906

Southwest Louisiana Industrial Institute, 1907

Cathedral, 1925

First National Bank, n.d.

Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Circular Drive, n.d.

Lake Arthur, 2 items

Refreshment Stand, n.d.

Lake Arthur High School, n.d.


Lake Charles, 11 items

Logs on Calcasieu River, 1906

Majestic Hotel, 1906

High School, 1907

View of Calcasieu River, 1909

Court House, 1909

Kirby Street, 1911

Vinton Oil Fields, n.d.

Post Office, n.d.

Bridge across Calcasieu River, n.d.

Hotel Charleston, n.d.

City Hall, n.d.

Leesville, 3 items

Bank of Leesville, 1907

Going to Church, 1908

Bank of Leesville, 1908


Lockport, 9 items

River Scene, 1907

St. Sauveur Catholic Church, 1909

Price Building, n.d.

Bank of Lockport, n.d.

Boats Along the Bank, n.d.

Residence, n.d.

Lafourche Street, n.d.

Bridge Across Bayou Lafourche, n.d.

Lerille's Fish and Oyster Shop, n.d.

Loreauville, 1 item

View near Loreauville Bridge, 1907

Lutcher, 1 item

Bank, Drug Store, and Post Office, n.d.

Mandeville, 13 items

Light Political Job, 1906

B.Y.P.U. & Sunday School Encampment, 1907

Telephone Exchange, 1907

Benty (The Hermit), 1909

A Summer Home, 1909

Motor Car at Boat Landing, 1910

Bathing Scene and Old Break Water, 1915

The Catholic Church, 1916

Public School, 1922

A Sailing Trip, n.d.

Lake Shore Front of Mugnier House, n.d.

Rest-A-While, n.d.

Audubon Hotel, n.d.

Mathews, 2 items

Residence, n.d.

Entrance to Plant, n.d.

Minden, 4 items

Court House, 1909

Court House, n.d.

Main Street, n.d.

Academy Park, n.d.

Monroe, 13 items

Y.M.C. A., 1907

High School, 1907

Methodist Episcopal Church, 1908

First Presbyterian Church, 1911

Pine Street, 1913

View Across Ouchita River, 1927

Grand Street (Flood), 1927

South Grand Street Flood, 1927

South River Front, 1927

Virginia Hotel, n.d.

New Baptist Church, n.d.

Country Club, n.d.

DeSaird Street, n.d.

Morgan City, 21 items

Catholic Church, 1906

S.P. Railroad Bridge, 1907

Oneota Park, 1907

A Typical Louisiana Home, 1907

Bank Building, 1908

Greenwood Street, 1908

Old S.P. Bridge, 1909

Roman Catholic Church, 1909

Front Street, 1909

City Hall and Court House, 1911

Residence, 1911

Sacred Heart Convent, 1911

Flood Scene (Front Street), 1912

Sacred Heart Convent, n.d.

Blessing of the Fleet, n.d.

A View of Front Street, n.d.

The Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge, n.d.

Elk's Club and Masonic Temple, n.d.

The Avoca Bridge over Bayou Beouf, n.d.

Morgan City and Berwick Ferry Boat, n.d.

Bandstand in City Park, n.d.

Napoleonville, 2 items

Christ Church, 1912

Main Street, 1912


Natchitoches, 5 items

Matron's Building and South Dormitory, L.S.N., 1907

Dining Hall, State Normal College, n.d.

State Normal College, n.d.

Dairy, State Normal College, n.d.

Training School Building, State Normal College, n.d.

New Iberia, 5 items

Joe Jefferson Home, 1907

City Hall, 1908

Steamboat on Teche, 1908

Bayou Teche from Bridge, n.d.

Episcopal Church, n.d.


New Orleans, 10 items

Church Scene, 1906

New Orleans Ostrich Farm, 1915

State Capitol & New Huey P. Long Bridge, 1936

New Court House, n.d.

Warrington House (Haunted), n.d.

W5B1 Radio Operation (Ham), n.d.

Three Oaks Plantation, n.d.

Interior of St. Mary's Assumption Church, n.d.

Mardi Gras, n.d.

New French Market, 192-

New Roads, 2 items

Grave of Julien Poydras, 1910

St. Mary's Catholic Church, n.d.

Norco, 1 item

Sharkey's Bar, n.d.

Opelousas, 4 items

Lacour Hotel and City Building, 1907

U.S. Post Office & Government Building, 1910

Main Street, 1920

Plumb Orchard, n.d.


Plaquemine, 13 items

Iberville Courthouse, 1908

Streamer Carrie B. Schwing, Steamboat, 1909

Streamer "Jennie Barbour", 1913

Main Street Residences, 1914

Court House, Iberville Parish, 1926

Interior, the Mission Confectionary, n.d.

View of Plaquemine Locks, n.d.

Iberville Courthouse, n.d.

A Bend in Bayou Plaquemine, n.d.

Iberville Parish Bridge, n.d.

View of Plaquemine from Foot Bridge, n.d.

Catholic Church, n.d.

St. Louis Plantation, n.d.

Ponchatoula, 1 item

South Side of East Pine Street, 1926

Port Allen, 5 items

Drug Store & Post Office, 1909

Port Allen Train Depot, 1909

School/Church Building, 1911

Levee Scene, 1911

West Baton Rouge, Road Along the Levee, 1911


Ruston, 4 items

City Park, 1910

Methodist Orphanage, 1910

Louisiana Industrial Institute, 1915

Street Scene, 1950

St. Francisville, 9 items

West Feliciana's Court House, 1907

Ruins of Julius Freyhan High School, 1907

Residence of Hon. J. P. Bowman, "Rosedown," 1907

F. M. Mumford Bayou Sarah Depot, 1907

Residence of Judge S. McLawrason, 1907

Bank of West Feliciana, 1908

Court House, 1908

View from High School Hill, 1909

Julius Freyhan High School, n.d.

St. Martinville, 1 item

Scene on Bayou Teche, 1912


Shreveport, 30 items

Caddo Parish Jail, 1906

Post Office, 1906

Post Office, 1907

Union Depot, 1907

Texas Street, 1907

Court House, 1907

Court House, 1907

The Levee, 1907

Residence of Gov. Blanchard, 1907

St. Mary's Church, 1909

Princess Park, 1909

Texas Street, 1912

Caddo Parish Court House and Confederate Monument, 1912

Continental Bank, 1914

Texas Street, 1915

Genevieve Orphanage, 1917

B.P.O.E. Building, New Elk's Home, 1917

Shreveport Golf and Country Club, 1917

Charity Hospital, 1917

Hotel Youree, 1917

T.E. Schumpert Memorial, 1917

WRAY-Dickinson Co., 1918

State Fair Building, 1918

Central Christian Church, 1919

Bridges Across Red River, 1937

Post Office, n.d.

Union Depot, n.d.

Confederate Monument, n.d.

Traffic Bridge over Red River, n.d.

Hotel Youree, n.d.

Slidell, 2 items

Southern Creosoting Co., 1908

Bank of Slidell, n.d.

Solitude, 1 item

Residence, 1905

Sulphur, 1 item

Baptist Church, 1908

Tangipahoa, 1 item

Dr. J.W. Lambert's Residence, 1908

Thibodaux, 19 items

Catholic Church, 1906

Court House, 1906

Catholic Church, 1906

Main Street, 1906

Green Street, 1906

Live Oak, 1906

Court House, 1906

Bayou Lafourche, 1907

Texas and Pacific Depot, 1907

Mount Carmel Convent, 1908

Catholic Church, 1908

St. Philip Street, 1908

St. Philip Street, 1910

Thibodaux Bridge, 1910

Mount Calvary, n.d.

Governer F.T. Nicholls' Residence, n.d.

Catholic Church, n.d.

Mount Calvary, n.d.

Court House, n.d.

Venice, 1 item

Venice Grammar School, n.d.

Winnfield, 1 item

Old City Hotel (Snow Scene), 1907



Mississippi Postcards, 3 items

Saint Mary's of the Pines, Chatawa, n.d.

Elks Club, Gulfport, n.d.

Corpus Christi Day, Fayetteville, n.d.

Wyoming, 1 item

Rawlins, n.d.

Unidentified post cards, 11 items

Photograph, n.d. The photograph depicts three women in front of a plantation house. Its verso bears the inscription "Alice Emilie Knapp, Forrest Home."