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Baton Rouge Audubon Society Records Mss #4133-91

Acc #91-117

Container List

Box 1:

Miscellaneous (correspondence, printed items, etc.), 1974

Internal Revenue Service


Arts and Humanities festivals

Audubon Acadian Chapter

Audubon books

Audubon gifts

Baton Rouge chapter newsletter, 1974

Barred Owl, 1975

Barred Owl, 1976

Barred Owl, 1977

Barred Owl, 1978

Barred Owl, 1979-1980

Barred Owl, 1980-1983

Barred Owl, 1983-1984

Baton Rouge Audubon by-laws and constitution

Brochures, etc.

Check stubs

Chicot Arboretum

Coastal zone

Department of the Army


Printed items

Box 2:

Unidentified folder


Nature books (not Audubon)

Newsletters, other chapters

Newsletters, miscellaneous

Nongame Fish and Wildlife Newsletter, 1979-1980

OSM (Office of Surface Mining), news releases, 1979-1980

Population studies

Waste treatment

Water development project

Miscellaneous, Audubon general

Unidentified folder

[original box 2]


Annual report (?), miscellaneous

Audubon brochures

Audubon Leader, 1975-1980

Audubon Washington representation

Baton Rouge Audubon activities

Coast, year of the

for Consideration by the board

Department of Transportation and Development

Endangered species map

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park

National and Regional Audubon memos, 1978-1979

Box 3:

Bulletin, National Guide



Birding, Vardaman's Gold Sheet

Conservation Committee

Constitution, by-laws

Correspondence, Augustus B. Small (President, 1975-76)

Correspondence, Charles Fryling, Jr. (President, 1976-1977)

Correspondence, 1978-1980

Correspondence, Martha H. Small (President, 1979-1980)


Ecology, clippings

Ecology, workshops, travel

Education committee

Education grant

Field trips



Insurance, Audubon

Investment, literature

Legislature, pending

Louisiana Ornithological Society

Louisiana Wildlife Federation

Legislation, pending



Moore, Henson

Printed items (hazardous waste)

Box 4:

Nature center

Nature centers, trails

New Orleans chapter

Nongame, Audubon





Program committee

Programs information


Publicity committee

Southwest regional meeting, B.R.A. (Baton Rouge Audubon)

US, Department of Interior

Wildlife Management Institute brochure

[loose items]

Blue binder (constitution/by-laws, membership, adopt-a-refuge, lobbying/taxes, effectiveness)

Ecology camp scholarship

Miscellaneous (correspondence, 1983 draft of Louisiana Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutant Regulations, printed items), 5 folders

Printed item: From Outrage to Action, 1982

Public Notices

[original box 3]

Printed item: Bird Seed Savings Day

Miscellaneous (ephemera, printed items, public notices, center for energy studies information, etc.), 7 folders

Box 5:

Cheniere Project


Correspondence, 1982

National computer list, 1976-1981

Miscellaneous, 3 folders

Membership index cards

[original box 4]

Audubon Leader, 1982-1983

B.R.A.S. conservation committee, 1986

B.R.A.S. conservation committee, 1986

B.R.A.S. conservation committee, 1985

B.R.A.S. conservation committee, billboard lawsuits, 1985

B.R.A.S. Marsh Island allegator hunt, 1986

Baton Rouge Nature Center

Barred Owl, Apr. 1984-Mar. 1985

Center for Energy Studies

Box 6:

Correspondence, 1985-1986

Correspondence, 1984-1985

Correspondence, 1983-1984

Current Miscellaneous

D'Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge controversy


Holleyman Refuge

Louisiana Audubon council

Membership 1982-1983

Minutes, 1984-1985

Minutes, 1981-1984

Minutes, 1980-1981

National Audubon Society 5-year plan, 1983-1988


Possible sale items


Upper Ouachita, 1988

Washington Post article

Miscellaneous (trip information, correspondence, minutes, public notices, printed items), 11 folders

1 reel film: Parrots, Orchids, Cockatoos

Box 7 (ca. 1985-1986):

[original box 5]

Acid rain


American birds

Amite River/Darlington Dam

Atchafalaya basin

Audubon action alert

Audubon adventures

Audubon energy plan

Audubon hall, St. Francisville

Audubon hotline

Audubon, John T.

Audubon, TV

Big Cypress

Birdathon records

Bird feeding

Bluebonnet Swamp

B.R.A.S. annual report information

Caddo Environmental Action League, Inc.


Chapter policy study

Constitution and by-laws


Department of Environmental Quality

DEQ seminar, fall 1985

Field trip information/bird tape

Finance committee

Global Tomorrow Coalition

Holleyman Sanctuary

Household hazardous materials day


Interstate trees/billboards


Job descriptions

Lake Verret Watershed

Legislative issues

Membership information

National park system

Nation Audubon Society correspondence



Nuclear issues

Planned giving


PSAs (Public Services Announcements)


Rummage sale

Safe deposit box

SCS (Soil Conservation Service) brochures


Travel (NAS)


Box 8:

Certificate, Articles of incorporation, Baton Rouge Audubon Society, 1979

Certificates, Baton Rouge Chapter participation in the National Audubon Society, 1974 and 1975

City of Baton Rouge proclamation of Earth Day, 1980

State of Louisiana proclamation of Earth Day, 1980

6 color TV spots (30 and 60 second reels):

Hawk Migration

Gators Alive

Oiled Birds

Tern Island

Endangered Species

Four Holes Swamp