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Biographical/Historical Note

Scope and Content Note

Series Descriptions

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Size.                                                    2 linear ft., 13 v.

Geographic locations.                        Louisiana.

Inclusive dates.                                  1786-1901.

Bulk dates.                                         1845-1880.

Languages.                                         English, French.

Summary.                                           Financial and legal papers, correspondence, printed items and graphic material, writings, manuscript volumes.

Access.                                               No restrictions.

Copyright.                                           Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the original materials is retained by descendants of the creators of the materials in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Citation.                                              Louis A. Bringier and Family Papers, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Stack location.                                    T:96-97, F:9, OS:B

Biographical/Historical Note

Louis Amedee Bringier, son of Michael Doradou Bringier and Louise Elizabeth Aglae Du Bourg, was a planter residing at Hermitage Plantation, Ascension Parish, Louisiana. As a youth he attended University of Virginia from 1845-1849, and in 1850 married his cousin, Stella Tureaud. During the Civil War, Bringier served as a colonel in the Confederate Army under Colonel Louis Bush of the 4th Louisiana Cavalry. After Colonel Bush's resignation Louis Bringier commanded the 7th Louisiana Regiment. At the close of the war he returned to Hermitage Plantation to resume planting. During the 1880's he moved to Florida taking up residence at Last Resort as a fruit farmer.

Scope and Content Note

Financial and legal documents, containing land records, military orders, receipts and bills; personal, business, and military correspondence; printed and graphic materials with photographs of family members; and manuscript volumes comprise the Louis A. Bringier and Family Papers.

Series Descriptions

I. Financial and legal papers, 1786-1892, n.d. (box 1, oversize folder 1)

Financial and legal papers include a travel document verifying that John Jackson, was a freedman, (1800); baptismal certificate for Jacques Marius Tureaud (1820), legal documents concerning Hermitage and Houmas Plantations [in fragile condition], Civil War military orders and reports, a land survey of Bagatelle Plantation (1879), certificate appointing Louis Amedee Bringier aide de camp to Governor Francis Nicholls (1877), receipts, lists of accounts for plantations and individuals, and official copies of land records for St. John Parish, Louisiana [in French] (1806-1834).

II. Correspondence, 1786-1895, n.d. (boxes 1-3)

Early correspondence, primarily written by Louis Bringier, pertains business affairs, family matters, social events including horse races in New Orleans, and also describes travel to St. Louis, Mo., Ascension Parish, La., Washington, D.C., and to Charlottesville, Va. in winter. Other letters relate to course study, class assignments, educational opportunities of boys and girls, and a patent for clarification of sugar obtained by the president of Jefferson College (Nov. 8, 1846).

Civil War letters reflect camp life, military discipline, scarcity of food, and medical care (July 8, 1864); letters also tell of military engagements including victories at the Battles of Pleasant Hill and Mansfield. Several letters comment on the search for "jayhawkers" and army deserters. Military correspondence, including letters by Colonel Louis Bush and Simon B. Buckner, relates the history, organization, election of officers, military orders and discipline of the 4th Louisiana Cavalry Regiment. Other letters by Louis Bringier discuss camp conditions, morning reports, election of officers of the 7th Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, and "cause for rejoicing" at the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (April 23, 1865).

In his postwar correspondence to his wife, Louis Bringier tells of making claims for damages caused to Hermitage Plantation during the war and his attempts to finance the plantation. Letters from I. G. Wilson, manager of Hermitage during the war give a full account of plantation affairs. Correspondence of the 1870's and 1880's relate social events, family matters, and personal activities and include letters to Stella Bringier from her son, Julian Trist Bringier, while he attended Virginia Military Academy. In letters to his children during the 1880s, Louis Bringier discusses his activities on his fruit farm in Florida. Correspondence from Julian Trist Bringier and Louis Amedee Bringier, Jr. from Houmas Plantation and "Browse" (DuBourg) Bringier to their parents comprise the remaining correspondence.

III. Printed items and graphic materials, 1864-1883, n.d. (box 4)

Among the printed items are a Kingman and Co. bicycle catalog (1893) showing various models and prices; a handbill issued by General Richard Taylor directing all persons who owed military service to report for duty (May 18, 1864); broadsides advertising equipment sold by the Bringier family; and photocopies of newspaper clippings of poetry and obituary for George Mather Tureaud (1823).. Graphic materials include cartes de visite of Stella, Julian Trist, Louis Amedee, Jr., "Browse" Bringier and a photograph of former slaves.

V. Writings, 1844-1887, n.d. (box 4)

Writings include poetry, schoolwork of various members of the Bringier family, and miscellaneous notes.

IV. Manuscript volumes, 1826-1900 (box 4, range F:9)

Manuscript volumes consist of Michel Doradou Bringier's journal (1826-1847), in French, containing accounts of Hermitage Plantation, description of Houmas Plantation, sale of sugar and molasses, Bringier genealogy, and financial accounts; ledgers (1867-1871, 1900) containing business and personal accounts; a plantation diary (ca. 1867-ca. 1869) of L. E. Tureaud describing flooding, weather, crops at Bagatelle Plantation; letter book containing outgoing correspondence of Mather D. Bringier, merchant of Burnside, Louisiana, concerning purchase of bicycles, typewriters, and firearms; a scrapbook (1860, 1880-1883) containing a collection of postmarks; and several notebooks containing poetry, notes and drawings.

Container List


location           Box     Folders            Contents

T:96                 1          1-11                 Financial and legal documents (1786-1892, n.d.)

12-15               Correspondence (1786-1858)

T:96                 2          16-35               Correspondence (1859-1889)

T:97                 3          36-45               Correspondence (1889-1895, n.d.)

46-49               Military correspondence (1864)

T:97                 4          50-52               Writings (1844-1887, n.d.),

53-56               Printed items and graphic materials (1864-1893, n.d.)

57-60               Manuscript volumes 4-7

T:97                 5          61-66               Manuscript volumes 8-13

F:9                                                       Manuscript volumes 1-3

OS:B                oversize folder 1           Legal documents - Hermitage and Houmas plantations (1858, 1869, 1870), certificate (1887)

OS:B                oversize folder 2           Louisiana Purchase facsimile