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3 linear feet, 2 volumes

Geographic Locations

Louisiana, Arkansas, France

Inclusive Dates

1879-1986, undated

Bulk Dates



English, French


Correspondence, financial documents, photographs, printed items, scrapbooks, and writings reflect the personal and professional lives of a Jewish family in Louisiana, primarily Baton Rouge, from the 1880s to the 1980s. Papers primarily relate to service in World War I, family businesses and involvement in banking, Congregation B’nai Israel, and attendance at and service to Louisiana State University.

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Moyse-Gottlieb-Sommer Family Papers, Mss. 4671, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

Stack Location(s)

U:317, OS:M, M:19


Simon Moyse (1855-1946) was born in Nancy, France. Upon immigrating to the United States in 1872, he became a merchant in Donaldsonville, La. From 1881 to 1916, he ran a general merchandise business in St. Gabriel, La. From 1916 until his retirement, he was one of the leading retailers in Baton Rouge and served as vice-president of the store Sommers, Inc. In 1880, Moyse married Flora Joseph (1854-1932). Simon and Flora had six children: Henriette (also known as Harriet), Jeanne, Carrie, Isaac, Hermann, and Stella. The Moyse family were members of Congregation B’nai Israel in Baton Rouge.

Henriette Moyse Sommer (1880-1973) was born in Donaldsonville and married Leopold Sommer (d. 1932) in 1902. Leopold served as president of Sommers, Inc., in Baton Rouge. Henriette and Leopold had two daughters, Lydie and Ray. The family were members of Congregation B’nai Israel, and Leopold served on its financial committee in 1920.

Lydie Sommer (1903-1981) graduated from Baton Rouge High School in 1920 and from Louisiana State University with a degree in education in 1924. She taught English and worked as the guidance counselor at Istrouma High School.

Ray Sommer (1906-1995) graduated from Baton Rouge High School in 1922. In 1926, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Louisiana State University. From 1926 to 1971, she worked as the assistant registrar at LSU. Sommer also served as the faculty advisor to LSU’s Sigma Delta Tau, a Jewish women’s fraternity.

Hermann Moyse, Sr. (1891-1985), a son of Simon Moyse, was a prominent attorney, president of the East Baton Rouge Bar Association, and vice-president of the Louisiana State Bar Association. He attended Louisiana State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1910 and a Bachelor of Law degree in 1912. As an undergraduate, Moyse belonged to the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and served as editor-in-chief of the student newspaper, The Reveille. After being admitted to the bar in 1912, he worked for the law firm of Cross and Moyse.

Moyse was one of the earliest Louisiana volunteers in the World War I effort, enlisting in the Army’s First Officers Training Camp in 1917. He was eventually commissioned as first lieutenant and then sent to the Alsace sector, where he was severely wounded in trench warfare during the Aisne-Marne offensive on July 21, 1918. After months of convalescence, he returned to active duty as the assistant to the adjutant general of the Service of Supply at Tours, France. Moyse was honorably discharged in 1919 and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Purple Heart, and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm. Upon returning to Louisiana he was promoted to captain in the Reserve Corps of the United States Army. Moyse was active in local patriotic groups and during World War II served as state commander of the Louisiana Department of the American Legion.

In 1920, Moyse married Rosalie Gottlieb of Baton Rouge; their children include Hermann, Jr. and Betty. From 1921 to 1924, Moyse represented East Baton Rouge Parish in the state legislature. He worked as an attorney for the City National Bank in Baton Rouge from its inception in 1933 and became its vice-president and trust officer in 1946. He also served in various capacities with the Chamber of Commerce, the Red Cross, and other civic groups.

Hermann Moyse, Jr. (1921-2007) earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Louisiana State University in 1942. After having participated in the Second World War, he began working at City National Bank in Baton Rouge, where he served as assistant vice president, chairman and CEO. Moyse also served as chairman of the First Commerce Corporation, director of the Bank of Zachary, and director of Pan American Life Insurance Company. Moyse married Marie L. “Rocky” Levy Moyse and belonged to Congregation B’nai Israel, where he served as president.

Betty Moyse earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Louisiana State University in 1946. As an undergraduate, she worked as editor-in-chief of the university’s yearbook, Gumbo. In 1947, she married Joseph Simmons.

Lewis Gottlieb (1894-1975) is the brother of Rosalie Gottlieb, who married Hermann Moyse, Sr. He served as chairman of the board at City National Bank in Baton Rouge and as vice chairman of building committee for Temple B’Nai Israel. Gottlieb also served on the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors. He was also involved with local organizations such as Community Chest, United Givers Fund, and the Council for Christians and Jews.


The Moyse-Gottlieb-Sommer family papers are comprised of correspondence, financial documents, photographs, printed items, scrapbooks, and writings related to the personal and professional lives of a Jewish family in Louisiana, primarily Baton Rouge. Many of the central topics within the papers are found throughout multiple series. Early correspondence and financial documents concern Simon Moyse’s general merchandise business in St. Gabriel and Baton Rouge, La. Correspondence and printed items relate to Hermann Moyse, Sr.’s education at Louisiana State University, involvement in World War I, and professional activities as a lawyer and vice president of City National Bank in Baton Rouge, La. Correspondence, scrapbooks, and writings involve Lydie and Ray Sommer’s personal and educational activities. Family members’ involvement with Temple B’nai Israel in Baton Rouge appears in correspondence, financial documents, printed items, and scrapbooks. Photographs in various formats primarily depict family members.


Series I. Correspondence, 1886-1969, undated (0.75 linear feet)

Earliest correspondence relates to Simon Moyse. A letter in French from Reverend J. M. Laval mentions his time serving at a church in St. Gabriel then transferring to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in New Orleans (March 3, 1898). One letter from Thomas D. Boyd, President of Louisiana State University, compliments the progress of Simon’s son, Hermann, who attended the school as an undergraduate and law student (June 19, 1912). Correspondence from A. Feibelman of Camden, Arkansas, concerns the acquisition of oil, gas, and mineral rights on land in Ouachita County, Arkansas (February 6 and May 16, 1920; February 12, 1922).

Much of the twentieth century correspondence pertains to Herman Moyse, Sr. Letters to his family and to his future wife Rosalie Gottlieb during World War I describe his experiences training in Arkansas (circa May-August 1917) and Texas (August-December 1917) and his time in France (January 1918-circa May 1919), including being wounded (August 18, 1918). Telegrams from family and friends congratulate him and his wife, Rosalie Gottlieb, on their marriage (September 30, 1920). Letters from the French Consul at New Orleans relate to Moyse’s position as state commander of the Louisiana Department of the American Legion (September-October 1923). Acquaintances describe their experiences in World War II (June 12 and October 21, 1943; November 17, 1944); other letters refer to Robert P. Breazeale being taken as a prisoner of war in Germany (November 6 and December 30, 1944; January 1945). One letter from Charles Vernon Porter, Jr., a president of the Baton Rouge Bar Association and one of the co-founders of the law firm Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips, discusses family news (June 24, 1945). Much of the correspondence from February to September 1960 relates to the 50th reunion of Louisiana State University’s graduating class of 1910, an event coordinated by Moyse. Letters discuss planning the event and also include personal and family news written by classmates.

A group of letters from the 1920s, addressed to Ray Sommer, relates to family news from her cousin, Jake (1922-1925), Ray’s student life at Louisiana State University (1922-1925), the death of her aunt, Caroline (August-September 1925), and her relationship with Francis Levy of New Orleans (March-July 1929).

Letters addressed to other family members are also present. These letters cover such topics as Leopold “Lep Sommer serving on a financial committee for Congregation B'nai Israel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (March 11, 1920) and Lewis Gottlieb receiving thanks from Troy H. Middleton for serving on Louisiana State University’s Board of Supervisors (July 29, 1958). Correspondence also appears in the Scrapbooks series.

Series II. Financial Documents, 1886-1946 (2 folders and 1 ledger book)

Early financial documents pertain to Simon Moyse. These include a prenuptial agreement describing the property and rights of Moyse and his wife, Flora Joseph (January 13, 1880), a receipt for Moyse renting a store and home at Bayou Paul (April 1, 1883), a receipt for items purchased at his general merchandise store in St. Gabriel, Louisiana (1909), and documents related to his oil, gas, and mineral rights on land in Ouachita County, Arkansas (1921-1930). Financial documents also include a statement of accounts on the rebuilding of Temple B’Nai Israel (March 31, 1916), a receipt for Lydie Sommer’s stock in City National Bank of Baton Rouge (July 8, 1933), and a ledger book detailing transactions with National Bank of Commerce and Riggs National Bank (1935-1938).

Series III. Photographs, circa 1900-1979, undated (19 folders)

Photographs depict members of the Moyse, Gottlieb, and Sommer families as well as their friends and acquaintances. Included are both portrait and candid images. There is a group of photographs taken in France during World War I that includes images of bombed villages, French children lined up watching the American soldiers arrive, and American tanks and artillery. Hermann Moyse, Sr., is shown in uniform during World War II (undated), at a mortgage burning (1951), at the 50th reunion of his Louisiana State University graduating class of 1910 (1960), and with his wife (undated). Photographs depict Hermann Moyse, Jr., as a baby (circa 1921) and as a child with his grandfather, Simon Moyse, (undated). Betty Moyse (Simmons) is shown in graduation regalia (1946) and with her mother and cousins at the Gottliebs’ house on Dreher Avenue in Baton Rouge. Photographs of Lydie Sommer include portraits as a child (undated), adult (undated), and faculty member at Istrouma High (1945-1946, 1956-1957). Ray Sommer’s photographs include her participating in Louisiana State University’s graduation ceremony while serving as registrar (undated) and with the LSU chapter of Sigma Delta Tau sorority as faculty advisor (mid-1940s to early 1950s) and other members at a conference in Quebec (undated). Betty Moyse is also pictured in one of the chapter photographs. Also included are candid photographs of Ray with her sister (1979), her mother (undated), and others (1979, undated).

This series also contains Baton Rouge school class photographs, including photographs from Lewis Gottlieb’s Convention Street private school (circa 1900) and Ike Gottlieb’s studies at Baton Rouge High School (1903) and Istrouma High School (1903). For itemized list, see appendix. Photographs also appear in the Scrapbooks series.

Series IV. Printed Items, 1879-1986, undated (14 folders)

Printed Items consist of clippings and general items.

Newspaper clippings primarily relate to Hermann Moyse, Sr. These document his retiring as editor of Louisiana State University’s student newspaper, The Reveille (April 30, 1910), graduating from LSU (June 1910), fighting in World War I (January to October 1918; April 23, 1967; November 11, 1981), serving as the state commander of the Louisiana Department of the American Legion (August 18, 1923), and working as the vice president, trust officer, and member of board of directors at City National Bank in Baton Rouge (circa 1946). A group photo printed in a 1954 newspaper article depicts Moyse at the East Baton Rouge Parish Courthouse in 1922. Other clippings of note describe the wedding of Leopold Sommer and Henriette Moyse (July 6, 1902), Betty Moyse’s activities and awards at LSU (October 9, 1945; April 30, 1946), and Lewis Gottlieb’s Golden Deeds award from the State-Times-Morning Advocate (May 26, 1960).

Many of the earliest general printed items also relate to Hermann Moyse, Sr. These include his Louisiana State University commencement program (1910), LSU Bachelor of Arts diploma (1910), LSU Athletic Association membership card (1911-1912), LSU Bachelor of Laws diploma (1912), and an issue of Temple B’nai Israel’s newsletter, Our Community, which mentions his experiences in World War I and includes a photo of him receiving decorations in France (June 1919). Also present are certificates naming him Baton Rouge Chapter Commander of the Military Order of World Wars (1956, 1986). Materials related to the 50th reunion of Moyse’s 1910 graduating class at LSU include a list of classmates (February 1960) and an alumni day program (April 30, 1960).

Other general printed items relate to Ray Sommer. The May/June 1920 issue of Our Community contains a photograph of her confirmation class. A program for the confirmation is found in this series as well (May 23, 1920). Another program documents her Baton Rouge High School graduation (June 2, 1922).

General printed items also contain materials regarding Lewis Gottlieb. An August 10, 1950, certificate recognizes his membership on the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors. A 1953 certificate identifies him as president of the United Givers Fund of Greater Baton Rouge. A program for the dedication ceremonies of Temple B’nai Israel on September 24, 1954, acknowledges his position on the building committee. Lagniappe, a City National Bank publication, recognizes Gottlieb receiving the Justice B. Brandeis Gold Medal (March 1960). Also included is a May 25, 1960, program for a banquet honoring him as the Outstanding Citizen of the Year, an award presented by the State-Times-Morning Advocate.

Other general printed items of note include an invitation for a grand ball held at Pike’s Hall in Baton Rouge hosted by the Ladies Hebrew Association (October 15, 1879), commencement programs for Istrouma High School in Baton Rouge (June 2, 1927; May 31, 1928), a certificate recognizing Lydie Sommer as a observer of the Ground Observer Corps, Aircraft Warning Service, U.S. Army Air Forces (June 11, 1943), a sermon

delivered by Rabbi Walter G. Peiser at Temple B’nai Israel (March 23, 1945), and junior high certificates earned by Hermann Moyse, Jr. A Moyse family history written in 1980 provides genealogical information dating back to the 1820s. Items in this series also relate to LSU events: a commemorative service program honoring students who served in World War I (January 2, 1920) and an invitation to a Gamma Tau event (October 28, 1922). A photographic essay entitled “The Awful Truth” (circa 1918-1919) contains images of war torn Europe. Printed Items also appear in the Scrapbooks series.

Series V. Scrapbooks, 1910-1922 (0.33 linear feet)

Scrapbooks created by Lydie and Ray Sommer each document their senior year at Baton Rouge High School. Lydie’s was created in 1920 and contains material from 1910 to 1920. Ray’s was created in 1922 and contains material from 1914 to 1922. Each scrapbook includes photographs of classmates, teachers, and the school’s campus. Also present are homework assignments, invitations, name cards, and report cards. Programs exist for such events as commencement ceremonies, plays, dances, and confirmations at Temple B’Nai Israel. Clippings detail parties, dances, and school events. Also of note are items found in Lydie’s scrapbook: photographs of her father’s store and baseball team; a program for the inaugural ceremonies of Louisiana Governor John M. Parker, and correspondence from her uncle, Hermann Moyse, Sr., describing his World War I training camp in Arkansas (June 9, 1917).

Series VI. Writings, 1925-1927, undated (6 folders and 2 manuscript volumes)

Writings include many undated and unattributed poems, short stories, and speeches. Student papers by Ray and Lydie Sommer were written for classes at Louisiana State University. A manuscript volume and a notebook contain poetry excerpts collected by Lydie Sommer. One speech introduces LSU President, Troy H. Middleton, at the university’s centennial celebration. Writings also appear in the Scrapbooks series.


Materials relating to these people, places, and things can be found in the series indicated, as represented by their numbers.

Baton Rouge High School (Baton Rouge, La.)


Baton Rouge (La.)--Social life and customs.


City National Bank (Baton Rouge, La.)


Clippings (information artifacts)


Congregation B'nai Israel (Baton Rouge, La.)

I, II, IV, V

Financial records.


Gottlieb family.


Gottlieb, Lewis, 1894-1975.


Istrouma High School (Baton Rouge, La.)


Jewish bankers--Louisiana--Baton Rouge.


Jewish families--Louisiana.


Jewish lawyers--Louisiana--Baton Rouge.


Jewish merchants--Louisiana.

I, II, V



Letters (correspondence)

I, V

Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College--Students.


Middleton, Troy H. (Troy Houston), 1889-1976.


Military training campsArkansas.


Military training campsTexas.


Mineral rights--Arkansas--Ouachita.


Moyse family.


Moyse, Betty.


Moyse, Hermann, 1891-1985.


Moyse, Hermann, 1921-2007.


Moyse, Rosalie Gottlieb, 1896-1994.


Moyse, Simon, 1855-1946.


Photographic prints.




Sigma Delta Tau. Zeta Chapter (Louisiana State University)


Summers family.


Sommer, Henriette Moyse, 1880-1973.


Sommer, Lydie, 1903-1981.


Sommer, Leopold.


Sommer, Ray, 1906-1995.


World War, 1914-1918--France.

I, IV, V

World War, 1939-1945--Personal narratives, American.


Writings (document genre)







Contents (with dates)

Series I. Correspondence




Correspondence (1898-1969, undated)

Series II. Financial Documents



Financial Documents (1886-1946)




Ledger Book (1935-1938), volume 1

Series III. Photographs (for itemized list, see Appendix)




Photographs (circa 1900-1979, undated)



Photographs (circa 1918-1919)




Photographs (undated)




Photographs (undated)

Series IV. Printed Items

U: 317



Clippings (1902-1924)


Clippings (1945-1981, undated)


General (1879-1920)



General (1921-1986, undated)



General (ca. 1918-1919)




General (1910-1912)


General (1923)


General (1938-1963)


General (undated)





Contents (with dates)

Series V. Scrapbooks




Lydie Sommer (1910-1920)


Ray Sommer (1914-1922)

Series VI. Writings




Writings (1925-1927)


Writings (undated)


Items removed from “Lydie Sommer” manuscript volume (undated)



“Lydie Sommer” manuscript volume (undated), volume 2




Map (undated)


Items removed from “Lydie Sommer” manuscript volume (undated)




Lydie Sommer Poetry (undated)


Descriptions of photographs provided by donor, except for photographs in Box 7.

Box 2

Folder 1 (circa 1900-1903)

Private school photo, circa 1900: Ike Gottlieb; the Kauffmans were cousins of the Gottliebs
Group photo, Baton Rouge High, 1903: 2nd row from back is Ike Gottlieb (brother of Mrs. Rosalie Gottlieb Moyse)

Folder 2 (1921-1942)

Hermann Moyse Jr. baby, circa 1921
1927 Jules Moyse, great uncle of Betty Moyse (Simmons) and brother of Simon Moyse
Group photos (2) of Istrouma High students, 9th and 11th grades, 1930
Kahn trophy, 1942

Folder 3 (1944-1946)

Charlene Boyce, née McNutt, a friend of Betty Moyse (Simmons), 1944 Fonville photo
Betty Moyse (Simmons) graduate, 1946

Folder 4 (1945-circa 1950)

Multiple portraits of Lydie Sommer from days at Istrouma High, 1945-1946
Six group photos of Sigma Delta Tau sorority, mid 1940s-early 1950s. Betty Moyse (Simmons) is found seated on the arm of the sofa, 2nd row, 2nd from right; Ray Sommer is also found in several of these photos.

Folder 5 (1951-1960)

Lewis Moyse and Hermann Moyse III, 1951 photo by Budd Anderson
Mortgage Burning, 1951. Hermann Moyse, Sr. and microphone; probably Payne Brezeale far left; probably at Elks Club
Fourmy family portrait by Fonville Winans, 1951: back row= Harold Barnes, James Fourmy, Mr. Fourmy (former LSU quarterback); front row= Myrtie Lou Fourmy Barnes, Susie Barnes (Graham), Myrtie Dameron Fourmy, Kate Barnes (Miller)
Mimi Moyse Schlessinger, daughter of Hermann Moyse, Jr., Fonville photo, 1956
Multiple portraits of Lydie Sommer from days at Istrouma High, 1956-1957

Folder 6 (1976-1979, undated)

Istrouma class of 1936 40th reunion: (front row) Mrs. Wedge Keyes, Lydie Sommer, Janice Bankston, unknown, (back row) unknown, Aileen Brown, Fuzzy Brown (football coach and later principal of Istrouma), unknown. The names on the back do not refer to those pictured, according to donor. Perhaps they gave the photo, hence “compliments of.”
Ray Sommer and Lydie Sommer, 1979 blurry photo
Ray Sommer and Lydie Sommer, undated
Undated group photo of four people on couch, left to right: unknown, Ray Sommer, Harriette Moyse Sommer (their mother), and Lydie Sommer
Hermann Moyse, Sr. and Rosalie Gottlieb Moyse with baby Prentis Mathis, undated
Mr. and Mrs. Hermann Moyse, Sr. outdoors, undated

Folder 7 (undated)

Hermann Moyse, Jr.
Simon Moyse and Hermann Moyse, Jr.
Colonel Prescott at commandant of cadets at LSU

Folder 8 (undated)

Envelope “Miss L. Sommers”: Lydie Sommer; maybe Baton Rouge Jr. High, located on Laurel St.
Envelope “Miss Ray Sommers”: LSU graduation when Ray Sommer was registrar. She is at the far right, assisting with handing out diplomas.
Bound photos: travel photos of Ray Sommer and friends, possibly with Sigma Delta Tau, a Jewish women’s fraternity. She was the faculty advisor for the chapter at LSU.

Folder 9 (undated)

Multiple portraits of Lydie Sommer from days at Istrouma High
Lewis Moyse, son of Hermann Moyse, Jr.
Pool photo--unidentified
3 Moyse children, left to right: Buck, Mimi, and Lewis
2 women and a man: Lydie Sommer on left, other 2 are unidentified.
Ike Moyse, brother of Hermann Moyse, Sr.
Leah Albert Sommer and sister
Lydie Sommer with student Fuzzie Dyer (3 photos on strip)

Folder 10 (undated)

215 Milan St., New Orleans, La. --unknown house
Two photos taken at Gottlieb House on Dreher Ave., Baton Rouge
Seated L-R: Betty Moyse (Simmons), Jane Long, Jane Levy Strauss, and Jill and Joan Long
Standing L-R: Jane Long, Joan Long, Jill Long, Rosalie Gottlieb Moyse, Betty Moyse (Simmons)
Rosalie Gottlieb Moyse and Lewis Gottlieb, receiving award from United Way. According to the donor, the Gottliebs let United Way use the old family home, located at Convention and 7th Street, for its offices. The Post Office is now at that location.
Hermann Moyse, Jr., WWII, probably in Czechoslovakia. He was with the army of occupation.
Hermann Moyse, Jr. at Lookout Mountain Camp

Back row, L-R: Jace Barbari or Abe Michael, Harry Rabenhorst, Bill Lobdell

Middle, L-R: unknown, Tom Cross, Felix Jumonville

Front, L-R: Hermann Moyse, Jr., Jimmy Boyce, Clark Boyce, unknown

Rosalie Gottlieb Moyse

Folder 11 (undated)

Group photo possibly Istrouma High faculty; Lydie Sommer 2nd row, 2nd from right.
Group photo; left to right: G.T. Owen, Hamilton Crawford (with box), Mrs. Joe Cohn, Lewis Gottlieb
WWII City National Bank Honor Roll, including Hermann Moyse, Sr.
Four photos related to a Sigma Delta Tau conference in Quebec. Includes Ray Sommer presenting cup and in group photo 2nd from left, back row (at party)
Ray Sommer and mother Harriet Moyse Sommer

Folder 12 (undated) Facsimiles of photographs mounted on cloth

Harriett Moyse Sommer
Leopold “Lep” Sommer
Lydie Sommer

Folder 13 (undated)

Largest negative: Flora Moyse
Unidentified negatives

Box 5

Folder 1 (undated)

Ike Gottlieb
Hermann Moyse, Sr. in World War II

Box 6

Folder 1 (undated) Photographs mounted on cloth

Harriett Moyse Sommer
Leopold “Lep” Sommer
Lydie Sommer

Box 7

Folder 2 (circa 1918-1919)

“Bound for France”
“Les Américains”
“The Cliff Dwellers (on the Meuse)”
“The Rolling Kitchens (Boillonville)”

Folder 3 (circa 1918-1919)

“The Church at Lucy”
“A Yard at a Time (Exermont)”
“Artillery in Action (Varennes)”
“The Tanbo (Juvigny)”

Folder 4 (circa 1918-1919)

“The Engineers on the Aire (Bourevilles)”
“On to Mont See (St. Michel Sector)”
“Forward from Verdun”
“The Ambulance Train (Very)”

Folder 5 (circa 1918-1919)

“The Wounded (Neuville)”
“Rifle Grenades (In the Argonne)”
“Heavy Artillery Cutting Railroad to Metz”
“The Armistice in Two Minutes (Stenay)”