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Size.                                        0.6 linear ft. (1 box, 1 OS folder)


Geographic Locations.           Newllano, Louisiana; Gainesville, Florida


Inclusive Dates.                     1920-1965, n.d.


Bulk Dates.                            1930-1935


Language.                               English


Summary.                               Correspondence, legal papers, printed items, and speeches and

                                                essays, of Guy and Nell Rogers of Newllano, La. and Gainesville, Fl. 

                                                Items pertain principally to Newllano, a socialist co-operative

                                                colony, and The People’s Industrial System, a socialist

                                                organization.  Also included is a photograph of Nell Rogers, taken

                                                circa 1964.


Access.                                   No restrictions


Copyright.                               Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the

                                                original materials is retained by descendents of the creators of the

                                                material in accordance with U.S. copyright law.


Citation.                                  Guy and Nell Rogers Papers, Louisiana and Lower

                                                Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge,



Stack Location.                      S:134, OS:G


Biographical/Historical Note


Husband and wife Guy and Nell Foster Rogers were colonists at the Newllano colony (sometimes called New Llano), Louisiana, near Leesville in Vernon Parish. The Llano Colony was a socialist cooperative society, which was organized in California in 1914. Some of its members migrated to Newllano, La., in 1918.  Guy Rogers printed the colony's newspaper The Llano Colonist.  The Rogers came to Newllano from Michigan in late 1927 and left in early 1929 over what they deemed to be colony leader George T. Pickett's fraudulent dealings with the colony's property and goods.  They migrated to Florida where they founded PINS, the People's Industrial System, another socialist organization.  Guy Rogers edited the organization's newsletter Pins.  He died in 1951.  Nell Rogers became a lobbyist in Florida.  She died in 1974.


Scope and Content Note


Correspondence consists primarily of responses to Guy and Nell Rogers communications with other socialists.  Correspondence relates principally to Newllano and The People’s Industrial System.  Legal papers include property and warranty deeds, as well as copies of stock certificates for the Llano Co-operative Colony.  Printed items contain newsletters, applications for the colony, and a survey of property in Alachua County, Fl., as well as extensive tracts on socialist thought.  Printed items also include a number of newspaper clippings concerning socialist politics. The speeches and essays relate to The People’s Industrial System.  Also

present is a photograph is of Nell Foster Rogers circa 1964. 





I.          Correspondence, 1920-1963, n.d.


II.         Legal Papers, 1925-1958


III.       Printed Items, 1925-1967, n.d.


IV.       Speeches and Essays, n.d.


V.        Photograph, ca. 1964





I.                      Correspondence, 1920-1963, n.d.


Correspondence, primarily received by Guy Rogers, pertains to the Newllano Colony, the People’s Industrial System, and Pins, a newsletter which “spread news and views of the People’s Industrial System.”  Many letters are in response to communications sent by Rogers, although some are approvals or criticism of Pins.  Also included are letters among former Newllano residents explaining their dissatisfaction with the then current state of the colony.  Several letters are from Sheridan Webster, a Missouri attorney, who developed the concept of, and helped Rogers, establish the People’s Industrial System in Florida.  A few letters are from local political leaders in response to Rogers’s or Webster’s pleas for appointments, donations, or, usually, recommendations concerning the People’s Industrial System.  Most contain details of the Newllano Colony, criticism of George T. Pickett, and attempts to establish the People’s Industrial System and a readership for Pins.


II.                    Legal Papers, 1925-1958


Legal papers primarily include Guy and Nell Rogers official documents and relate to attempts in

establishing the People’s Industrial System.  Included are copies of Llano Del Rio stock

certificates (1929), property and warranty deeds among Elzie and L.M. Rogers, George Foster,

William and Sylvia Lucas, A.D. Lucas, Alfred McGill, Aloha and Herman Fahselt, Ethel Van

Boskirk, Guy and Nell Rogers, Lucy Foster, Flora and Frank Walker, Charles and Daisy Foster,

C.V. and Lucy Mize and the heirs of George Foster, all regarding adjacent property in Alachua

County, Fl. (1926-58), George Foster’s tax deeds (1927-28), a power of attorney granting

George Foster power for J.M. Barron, Hazel Barron, Stanford McCay, and Ed Gains in matters

relating to “labors performed on land deeded to the People’s Industrial System”(1931), Guy and

Nell Rogers tax receipts for property in Louisiana and Florida (1920, 1934), a sales contract for

an automobile purchased by J.M. Barron (1931), Hugh and Lillian Edwards quit-claim deed

regarding property in Alachua County, Fl. (1958).


III.                   Printed Items, 1925-1967, n.d.


Printed items relate primarily to socialism, the Newllano Colony and the People’s Industrial System. Regarding socialism, included is a Joint Conference on Unemployment meeting program (1932), a People’s Party information sheet (n.d.), a pamphlets titled “The Development of Our Present-Day System of Mass Production and the Evolution of Money” and “The Sovereign Individual vs. Communism and Fascism” by Whitney H. Slocomb (1939, 1951), Charles Beard’s book review of “The Chart of Plenty” (1935), and an excerpt from the St. Louis Post Dispatch (1930).  Items related to the People’s Industrial System include questionnaires regarding joining the People’s Industrial System units (n.d.), a People’s Industrial System information card (n.d.), a postal statement for Pins (1932), an application to the Florida Emergency Relief Administration for self-help cooperative projects (1934), a note regarding Sheridan Webster’s 1925 book, “The People’s Industrial System” (n.d.), and a land survey of Alachua County, Fl. (1958).  The items pertaining to Newllano include minutes of the Llano Del Rio Company of Nevada Board of Directors meeting (1963), a stockholders meeting form (1967). Included are a number of newsletters regarding socialism, including Pins (1931-34), The Llano Colonist (1933-34), and The Llano Reporter.  Several newspaper clippings relating to socialism are also present. 


IV.                   Speeches and Essays, n.d.


Both the speech and essay were written by Guy Rogers and pertain to the People’s Industrial System (n.d.).


V.                    Photograph, ca.1964


Photograph of Nell Foster Rogers (c.1964).





Materials about these topics are found in the series indicated by their numbers



Agricultural laborers—Louisiana—20th century


Agricultural laborers—Florida—20th century






Collective settlements—Louisiana—20th century




Depressions—1929—United States




Florida—History—20th Century


Florida—Politics and Government—1900-1945

            I, II, III, IV

Foster, George

            I, II

Journalism, Socialist—Louisiana—Newllano     I, III

Journalism, Socialist—Florida—Gainesville

            I, III, IV

Louisiana—History—20th Century


Louisiana—Politics and Government—1900-1945

            I, II, IV

Llano Colony (Secular community)


Newllano (La.)—History

            I, II, III


            I, III

People’s Industrial System

            I, II, III, IV



Pickett, George T.,

            I, II, III



Rogers Family

            I, II, III

Rogers, Guy (d.1951)

            I, II, III, IV

Rogers, Nell Foster (d.1974)   

I, II, V             


            I, II, III, IV



Stock certificates


Utopian socialism—Louisiana—Newllano

            I, II, III,

Utopian socialism—Florida—Gainesville

            I, II, III, IV

Vernon Parish (La.)—History—20th Century

            I, III

Webster, Sheridan (b.1864)

            I, II, III

Women in agriculture—Florida—Gainesville

            I, III

Women in agriculture—Louisiana—Newllano colony

            I, III

Women printers


Women Socialists—Florida—Gainesville

            I, II, III

Women Socialists—Louisiana—Newllano

            I, II, III




Stack Location           Box                 Folders            Contents______________________



Series I.  Correspondence


S:134                 1                    1-5                  1920-1963, n.d.


Series II.  Legal Papers


            S:134                1                    6                     1925-1958


Series III.  Printed Items


S:134                 1                      7-9                 Printed Items  (1925-1967)


            S:134               1                      10                  News clippings (1931-1949, n.d.).


OS:G                 N/A                  1                   Oversized newsletters (1931-34); newspaper

articles (1930-31); Land survey (1958).


Series IV.  Speeches and Essays


S:134                 1                      11                  People’s Industrial System (n.d.).


Series V.  Photograph


S:134                 1                      12                  Photograph of Nell Foster Rogers (c.1964).