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Photocopies of family documents belonging to the George and John Kleinpeter family of Louisiana.

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George and John Kleinpeter Family Papers, Mss. 4897, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Survey map by Carlos Trudeau (signed) regarding land belonging to Joseph and George Claimpetre (Kleinpeter). Signed and sealed by Baron des Carondelet (1794). In French.

Spanish document signed by and dated Carlos de Grand Pré, listing names of both Kleinpeter and Sharp families (1796?).

Spanish land grant to Joseph Pettitpiere dated September, 1786, signed by Spanish Governor of Louisiana, Esteban Miro.


Survey map by Carlos Trudeau (signed) regarding land belonging to Joseph Charp (Sharp) for 240 arpanes. (1799). In Spanish.


Land transfer to Joseph Sharp of 80 acres of land in the district of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (22 Jan. 1810).


Extract from the sale of property belonging to Joseph Sharp, Sr., died on September 20, 1819. (22 Jan.1820).


Land claims for Joseph Sharp/Kleinpeter. (24 Nov. 1819).


Birth records kept by Mme. Marie Brown Kleinpeter dated from 1823 to 1829; also a death record of Mme. Marie Brown Kleinpeter.


Sale of land in East Baton Rouge Parish on Ward's Creek by Philemon Thomas to John Kleinpeter (20 Aug. 1835).


Extract of the public sale of slaves, estate of Joseph Kleinpeter to Andrew Kleinpeter. (20 May. 1840).


Succession papers and sale of land and slaves and disbursement of the estate of Joseph and Magdedalena Sharp Kleinpeter to their heirs. (25 Feb. 1840).


Copy of a land transfer from the estate of Joseph Kleinpeter to Andrew Kleinpeter originally dated 27 Jan. 1836 with date of copy 15 May. 1840

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Copy of an extract of land sale for the estate of Joseph Kleinpeter to Andrew Kleinpeter originally dated 15 Jan. 1834 with the copy dated 14 May 1840.


Land sale of 640 acres from Philemon Thomas to John Kleinpeter and Henry H. Gurley.


Land transfer to John Kleinpeter from the Kleinpeter heirs dated 1848 (?)


Receipt for certified copies of four documents from the succession of William Brown dated 1852-1857.


George Kleinpeter, Esq. of the Succession of Amelia Kleinpeter for $6700.73 dated 10 Jan. 1857. This is a list that includes the names of slaves, their ages and values and their personal household items and values.


Receipt for cotton seized and burned by Confederate Captain WB Krump of the Louisiana Rangers during the Civil War, to Mr. George Climpeter (Kleinpeter)

(4 July 1862)


Request for the return of two saddles belonging to Mrs. Kleinpeter. (29 Dec. 1862)



Postcard from the office of Commissioners of claims at Washington, D.C. to George Kleinpeter, July 1878.


Birth registry of Caroline Nowell born 3 Sept. 1890


Death notice for George Kleinpeter. (8 Oct. 1911).


Remedy for Charbon.