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Constantinides (Dinos) Papers

(Mss. 4613)

Composer and faculty member at Louisiana State University. Original musical scores and photocopies of compositions by Dinos Constantinides. Includes some concert programs, phonograph records, and compact discs.

Container List

Stack Location 34:169-174

Box 1
Rerformance Posters
Brass Quintet, original, parts, and copy, 1978
W. W. Quintet, original and parts, 1978
Antigone: Opera in Three Acts, original and copy, 1989
Antigone: Opera in Three Acts Piano/Vocal Score, original, 1989
Antigone: Opera in Three Acts Program, 1993
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra: Patterns I, Idyll, Patterns II, original and copy, 1994
Box 2
Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin, original and copy, 1968
Four Songs on Poems by Sappho, original and copy, 1968
Study for Brass, parts and copy, 1970
Designs for Women's Voices: The Lamb, original and copy, 1975
Sonata for Solo Guitar, original, 1977
Aria of Celeste from Intimations, original, 1981
Reflections II for Voice and Viola, original, 1982
Music for Hamlet, original and copy, 1982
Reflections I for Voice and Three Instruments, original and copy, 1982
Inaugural Images for Solo Flute and Strings, original and copy, 1984
The Death of a Salesman, original and copy, 1986
Claudio's Song, Balthazar's Song, Benedick's Song, original and copy, 1987
Biff's Theme from The Death of a Salesman, original, n.d.
Three Studies for Two Violins, original, n.d.
Studies for Two Violins, original, n.d.
Box 3
Symphony No. 3 for Wind Ensemble, original and copy, 1988
Suite No. 2 for Orchestra, original and copy, 1990
Midnight Fantasy III for Wind Orchestra, original and copy, 1990
Box 4
Study 1 - By Virtue of Organization, 1979, original
Study 2 - By Proportion I, n.d., original
Study 3 - By Proportion II, n.d., original
Studies 5, 6, & 7 Three Miniatures for Two Violins : I. Beginning Dancing Lessons, 
  II. Clusteritis, III. The First Kiss, 1979, original
Study 9 - Some Chance for Two Violins, n.d., original
Study 11 - Graphics for Two, n.d., original
Studies 12 & 13 Monotonia in C, n.d., original 
Study 14 - To Be Eclectic for Two Violins, n.d., original
Exploding Parallels, 1972, original
Marche Funebre for Trumpet, Snare Drum, Piano, and Double Bass, n.d., original  
Marcha de Galvez Canata for Narrator, Soloists, Mixed Chorus, and Chamber Orchestra, 1976-1995,
  original 1, original 2 & copy
Reflections VI - The Tyger for Baritone and Piano, 1994, copy
Delphic Hymn from Oedipus Rex (for flute and guitar), 1979, original 
Delphic Hymn from Oedipus Rex (for flute and harp), 1979, original & copy
Oedipus 3 - Delphic Hymn (for flute, vibraphone, and guitar), n.d., original
Delphic Hymn (B), n.d., original & copy
Study for Violin, Viola, and Cello, 1970-1983, original
La Folia (or Fantasia) for Violin and Tambourine - Prelude, n.d., original & copy
Dance (for violin and woodblock), n.d., original & copy
Fantasia (or Piece) for Solo Flute, 1979, original 1, original 2 & copy
Fantasia for Solo Clarinet in Bb, 1981, original& copy
Fantasia of Solo Alto Saxophone, 1981, original & copy
Study for Brass for Solo Euphonium and Brass Ensemble, 1970, original
3 Atonal Studies for Two Violins, 1970, original
Clarinet Quartet for 3 clarinets and bass clarinet, 1994, original & copy
Fantasy for Solo Euphonium, 1978, original & copy
Four Greek Songs in the Old Manner, 1972, sketch & original
Byron’s Greece (piano score), 1984, original
Listening and Silences for Voice Alone, 1988, original
Dedications for Two Euphoriums: I. Pandiatonic, II. Polytonal, III. Quartal, 1970-1977, original
Dedications (Three Studies) for Baritone and Tuba : I. Pandiatonic, II. Polytonal, III. Quartal,           1970-1977, original
Dedications 2 for Quartet of Saxophones, 1978, original
Sonata No. 2 for Solo Violin, 1976, draft & original
Reflections II for Voice and Clarinet, 1982, original
Rhapsody for Oboe or Flute and Piano, 1977, original & copy
Kaleidoscope Fantasy for Solo Violin (also listed as. Sonata No 3), 1979, original & copy
Kaleidoscope Fantasy for Solo Cello, 1979, original & copy
Mutability Fantasy for Alto Saxophone and Piano, 1979, originals & copies 
Mutability Fantasy for Euphonium or Tuba and Piano, 1979, originals & copies
Rhapsody for Solo Harp, 1981, original & copy
China I - Shanghai: Songs of Departure : I. Prelude and Separation of the River Kiang,
  II. Taking Leave of a Friend, III. Leave-Taking Near Shoky, IV. The City of Choan, 1991, 2 originals
Suite for a Young Man : I. Proud and Solemn, II. The First Kiss, III. Beginning Dancing Lessons,       IV. Clusteritis, V. Cotillion, 1980, original
Trio for Two Violins and Viola, 1970, original & copy
Study IV for Violin, Clarinet in Bb, and Piano, 1994, original
Homage - A Folk Concerto for Flute and Orchestra : I. Prelude, II. Idyll, III. Dance, 1988,                 3 originals
Grecian Variations for Viola and String Orchestra, 1987, 3 originals
Transformations for Clarinet Alone : I. Castle in the Air, II. Recollections, III. Tender             Conversation, IV. On the Playground, 1990, original
Transformations for Oboe Alone : I. Castles in the Air, II. Recollections, III. Tender                         Conversations, IV. On th
e Playground, 1989, original
To the Tree Graces for Three Clarinets, 1988, original
Suite for Two Pianos : I. Legent, II. Memories, III. Dance, IV. Song, V. Festivities, 1985,                original & copy
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra - China IV - Shenzhen (piano reduction) : I. With Expression,      II. With Serenity, III. Playful and Mischievous, 1982, 2 originals & 2 copies
Three Odes from Antigone : I. Numberless are the World’s Wonders, II. Love Unconquerable,  III. God of Many Names, 1993, original & copy
Sonata for Solo Piano, 1977, original & copy
Dream for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano, 1983 original
Lemon Tree (for Chorus SATB and Strings), 1986, original
Lemon Tree (for Chorus SATB and Brass Quintet), 1992, original
Dedications 11 and 3 for Two Flutes, Bassoon, and Percussion and Study II for Two Flutes,              Xylophone, and Bassoon, 1974, original
Mutability for Baritone and Piano, 1979, 2 originals & copy
I Never Saw a Moor, 1986, original
Theme and Variations for Piano, 1965, original & published copy
Trio No.2 for Violin, Cello or Clarinet, and Piano, 1982-1986, 4 originals
Box 5
Diakos Suite, original, 1961
Introduction and Dance, original, 1965
Woodwind Quartet, original, 1966
Dedications for String Quartet, original, 1966
Fugue for Two Voices: Intimations, original, 1970-1977
Evangeline, original, 1975
Paraphrase of Designs, original, 1976
String Quartet No. 2, original, 1979
Mountains of Epirus, original, 1980
Rejoice Evermore, original, 1980
Concerto for Euphonium or Tuba and Orchestra, original, 1980
Intimations, copy, 1980
Intimations, original, 1981
Reflections, original, 1981
New Orleans Divertimento, original, 1982
Fantasia for Solo Viola, original, 1982
Music for Hamlet, original, 1982
Symphony No. 2, original, 1983
Reflections III, original, 1984
Four Greek Songs, original, 1985
I Hear America Singing, original, 1985
Dance for Four Harps, original, 1985
The Battle of Thebes: Antigone, original, 1985
Walls of Time, original, 1986
Sonata for Solo Guitar: Impressions, original, 1986
Reflections V, original, 1987
Ballade, original, 1987
Legend for Alto Saxophone and Piano, copy, 1988
Midnight Fantasy, copy, 1989
Quartet Study for Diverse Instruments, copy, 1989
Patterns for Violin and Piano, copy, 1989
Study I for Diverse Instruments, copy, 1990
Four Interludes for Viola, original, 1991
Four Interludes for Violin, original, 1991
Four Interludes, original, 1991
Four Interludes for Guitar, copy, 1991
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, original, 1992
China III: Guangzhou, copy, 1992
Symphony IV: Antigone, copy, 1993
Antigone Poster, 1994
Concerto for Violin and Piano, copy, 1994
Idyll for Violin and Piano, copy, 1994
A Gathering of Friends, copy, 1994
Study III for Violin, Bb Clarinet, and Piano, copy, 1994
Fantasia for Solo Viola, copy, 1995
Tale for Piano, Trumpet, and Trombone, original, 1995
Ballade for John and Samantha, original, 1995
The Lamb, original, n.d.
Composition for Three Instruments, original, n.d.
Fugue, original, n.d.
Mazche Funebre, original, n.d.
Benedictus, original, n.d.
Performance Programs and Flyers
Box 6
Music Educator's National Conference, 1984, LP
Vally Weigl, n.d., LP
Chamber Works of Dinos Constantinides, 1989, LP
Festival of Contemporary Music, n.d., LP
Live from the Louisiana Sinfonietta, 1992, CD
Music from Six Continents, 1992, CD
Louisiana Composers Guild, 1992, CD
Antigone and Other Vocal Works, n.d., CD
Antigone, 1993, Video