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Louis E. Chenel and Family Papers

(Mss. 4631)

Records documenting Louis E. Chenel and family, Krewe of Clones, Mardi Gras and the artistic career of Denise Chenel Vallon, later known as Denise Daughtry. Papers consist of correspondence, legal documents, photographs of family members and friends, slides, negatives and printed items.


Stack Location - Range 95, OS:C Box 1 Land Purchase in La., correspondence
and documents, 1942-44 Tung oil production: Louis Chenel, 1943-67 Tung
Grower's Council of America (TGCA), n.d. TGCA, 1948-49 TGCA, 1950-52 TGCA,
1953-55 TGCA, 1956-59 TGCA, 1960-61
Tung World (TGCA publication),
1949-59 Tung Oil Producers Co-Operative Association, 1943-46 Ozone Tung
Co-Operative, 1946-54 Tung oil production: printed items, 1948-61, n.d.
Livestock, 1950-65 Agricultural papers, 1943-64 Production Credit Association,
1946-60 Miscellaneous agricultural co-operatives and associations, 1944-61,
n.d. United States Department of Agriculture and Louisiana State University
and A & M College: circulars, correspondence, 1941-64 Printed items:
agriculture, 1955-57, n.d. Newspaper clippings: agriculture, n.d. Grazing
lease, 1950-51 Mss. volumes: farm payrolls, 1951-57, 1978

Box 2 Eighteenth century French documents Nineteenth century French documents French documents, 1904-20, n.d. French documents, 1915-23 French documents, 1924-27 French documents, 1928-31 Legal documents (French), 1969-85, n.d. French documents: Roland Arnoult, 1985-86 French documents: Cabinet A. Lamy, 1930-49 Property in France: bound documents, 1923-33 Property in France, 1916-33 Property in France, 1934-80 Business in France, 1924-48, n.d. Free France Campaign, 1941-43 French Societies, 1966-67 French Societies: printed items, 1930-68 Immigration: Chenel family, 1950-56 Louis Chenel: passports, permits, 1921-82 Louis Chenel: letters of recommendation, 1934 Chenel family correspondence, 1936-86 Louis Chenel: correspondence, notes, 1979, n.d. Correspondence to Louis Chenel, 1930-75 Political Papers, 1950-79 Medical papers, 1966-82 Transatlantic voyages, 1949-65 Music, n.d. Postcards, n.d. Printed items, 1874-1973 Newspaper clippings, 1920s Newspaper clippings, World War II

Box 3 Chronology of Louis Chenel's business and personal affairs, 1944-74 Raymond Chenel v. Louis Chenel: divorce, 1943 Investigation of Ellen Sheehan Chenel: divorce, 1970 Divorce of Ellen Sheehan Chenel and Louis Chenel: correspondence, 1971-79 Divorce of Ellen Sheehan Chenel and Louis Chenel, 1971-79 Ellen Sheehan Chenel and Louis Chenel: property settlement, 1972 F. Pierre Livaudias appointed attorney for Louis Chenel, 1966 Power of attorney: Louis Chenel to Denise Chenel Vallon, 1987 Power of attorney: Louis Chenel to M.F. Menge, 1978 Wills of Louis Chenel, 1962-65 Preparation of estate of Louis Chenel, 1984-85 Funeral arrangements and probate: Louis Chenel, 1988-89 Ellen Sheehan Chenel: business papers, 1965-79 Will and death of Ellen Sheehan Chenel, 1965-80 Succession and estate of Ellen Sheehan Chenel, 1979-81 Succession and estate of Ellen Sheehan Chenel, 1981-84 First National Bank v. succession of Ellen Sheehan Chenel, 1981 Estate of Mary Hackett Sheehan, 1980-84 Chenel v. Chenel, 1980 Case of minors: Elisabeth Ellen Deal and Jean-Louis Deal, 1987 Vallon v. Sheehan et al, 1984 Louis Chenel: financial papers, 1944-83 Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., 1955-65 Northrop Inc., 1960-65 Oil lease, 1980-81 New Rochelle House, 1943 Hunting, 1959-64, n.d. Merrywood Club, 1974 Merrywood Estate: maps, n.d. Merrywood Estate: management, 1963-76 Merrywood Estate: real estate, 1966-67 Merrywood Estate: printed items, n.d. Merrywood Estate: police jury, 1979 Merrywood Estate: land description, 1961-65 Merrywood Estate property, 1980s LEC Inc.: property, ca. 1968-77 LEC Inc.: workmen's compensation Insurance, 1988 LEC Inc., 1980-87 LEC Inc., 1967-87 LEC of Pensacola Inc., 1985-87 LEC Inc. and Louis Chenel: monthly income, 1987 Right of way, 1956-61

Box 4 Land purchase and sale, 1941-65 Housing and urban development, 1977-80 Chalet Indien Hotel, N.Y., 1943 Land appraisal, St Tammany Parish, 1976 St Tammany Tung Realty Co. Inc., 1942-43 212 Georgia St., Metairie, La., 1979 Pierre E. Bagur, Estate Agent, 1966-69 Hud exemption, 1978 Dr Donald Spence: foreclosure, 1983 Normandy Plantation: land description and documents, 1945-81 Property in Florida: miscellaneous, 1978-86 2805 E. Gadsen St., Pensacola, Fl., 1981 2660 Bayou Blvd., Pensacola, Fl., 1978-89 2665 Bayou Blvd., Pensacola, Fl., ca. 1977 215 W. Wright St., Fl., 1973 North Barcelona St., Fl., 1972-78 410 Tanglewood Drive, Pensacola, Fl., 1979-80 Grille Property, 1988-89 1416 E. LaRu, Pensacola, Fl., 1979 1416 E. LaRu, Pensacola, Fl., 1981 Employee tax returns, 1940s Louis Chenel: taxes, 1940s Louis Chenel: taxes, 1950s Louis Chenel: taxes, 1960s LEC Inc. and Louis Chenel: income tax file, 1970-75 LEC Inc. and Louis Chenel: income tax file, 1976-79 LEC Inc. and Louis Chenel: income tax file, 1985-87 Account book: Normandy Plantation, 1945-61

Box 5 Edward Alker (Fiaco), 1979 Edward Alker v. Merrywood Property Owners Association Exchange: Edward Alker v. Louis Chenel J. Charles Collins, Jr. Collins Suit Summary Collins v. Chenel letters Collins, Pittman, Viola, Otillio Ralph T. Mason Frank C. O'Halloran III Conversation with O'Halloran O'Halloran: New Bullshit file, 1984 Lester J. Otillio Chenel v. Otillio Mr. Benedict X. Viola Mr. Pierre Callens Nicholas B. Chisesi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Estachy Norris V. Fitzmorris Charles M. Johnson Charles M. Johnson: Exchange of Lots Sam A. Miceli, Jr. Sam A. Miceli: Bankruptcy, 1981 Coleman Oldsmobile Mr. and Mrs. L. Mims Mrs. Polly Moore Morrison Mr. Nash Roberts Mr. Robert Robyns Mr. Jorge Saucedo Conrad Dale Stout Mrs. Corinne M. Torina, 1979 Carlo Torina Louis F. Valentine Paul J. Wolfe

Box 6 Merrywood Trust News Articles Investigation Notes Pond Suit Interviews: N.O. Magazine Drainage Complaint, 1983 Lake Contamination File, 1981 Merrywood Road Engineering Files Merrywoodians Merrywood Blacktopping Folsom Bush Road Merrywood A-Z Chenel Farms Audio Tapes Merrywood Estates: 1984 Reference File Reference File, 8/1984 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) Suit Chronologies, 1972-1985 RICO Suit: Walter Reed RICO Suit: James F. Quaid, Jr. RICO Suit: Police Jury Attorney Fees, 1988-1989 RICO Litigation File RICO Litigation: Correspondence Vallon Reference File:RICO Chenel v. State of Louisiana Louis Chenel v. Ralph T. Mason Louis Chenel v. State Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism Edward Alker v. Louis Chenel Louis Chenel v. Lester J. Otillio, Jr. Louis Chenel v. Honorable Lucy R. Rausch, Clerk of Court

Box 7 Ralph Mason v. L.E.C. Inc. J. Charles Collins, Jr. v. Louis Chenel Frank C. O'Halloran v. L.E.C. Inc. Collins Edward Alker v. Lucy R. Rausch Viguere v. Chenel Land Engineering Inc. v. Margaret Green

Box 8 LEC Inc., 1990-91 Mortgage notes, 1977-82 (2 folders) Records of office telephone calls, 1978-86 Roads, 1987 Chenel vs. St Tammany Parish police ("Civil Rights") Mason vs. Chenel LEC Inc. vs. Barnett Bank Office correspondence, personal Chenel Village, 1986 Denise Chenel Vallon: legal correspondence, 1976-89 Denise Chenel Vallon: taxes, 1986-87 Denise Chenel Vallon: Community Access Corporation, 1987 Avant Garde Club, 1988-91 Denise Chenel Vallon: correspondence, 1978-88, n.d. Danielle Vallon: papers, 1981 Death of Danielle Vallon, 1981-82 Chenel family: education, 1954-69 Denise Chenel Vallon: art brochures, n.d. Denise Chenel Vallon: printed items, n.d.

Box 9 Family photographs and negatives, 1941 (1 folder) Family photographs and negatives, n.d. (34 folders) Family photographs and negatives, Ellen Chenel, n.d. (1 folder) Family photographs and slides, n.d. (1 folder) Family photographs, 1983 (1 folder) Family photographs, n.d. (19 folders) Photographs of friends and family, n.d. (1 folder) Photographs and negatives, 1938-41 (4 folders) Photographs and negatives, n.d. (23 folders)

Box 10 Photographs, 1937 Photographs, n.d. (14 folders) Photographs, Ellen Chenel, n.d. Kingston photographs and negatives, 1980 Estate Suit photographs and negatives, n.d. Bishop's Farm photographs and negatives, n.d. Merrywood Estate photographs, negatives and slides, n.d. Merrywood Estate photographs and negatives, n.d. (6 folders) Chalet Indien photographs and negatives, 1934 Chalet Indien photographs and negatives, 1937 (2 folders) Chalet Indien photographs and negatives, n.d. North Carolina House-Mann's Chapel Road photographs, 1968 My Odessa photographs, n.d. Photographs with correspondence, n.d. Video Access Studio photographs, negatives and literature, n.d. Postcards, n.d. Miscellaneous negatives, n.d. (3 folders) Miscellaneous slides, n.d. Charles M. Johnson - Jim Watler home, n.d. Merrywood Estate Property Owner's Association Inc, n.d. (2 folders) HUD file, 1986 Normandy Estates, n.d. Jerald and Rita Hauswald - Chase One, 1988 Norris Fitzmorris Building, 1977 Norris Fitzmorris Building, 1978 Lake property, n.d. Land maps, n.d. Merrywood Estate memorabilia, n.d. Land survey, n.d. Telephone services for Chenel Farms and Merrywood Estate, 1973

Box 11 Children's art, 1960 Undergraduate application to Tulane, negatives, 1971 Mardi Gras Ball - Tulane MFA thesis, 1971 Mardi Gras Ball - Tulane MFA thesis photographs, 1971 MFA negatives, 1970, n.d. Tulane MFA show negatives, 1971 WYES-PBS negatives, 1971 and Show negatives, 1976 Simonne Stern, 1971 Simonne Stern photographs, 1971 Galerie Simonne Stern, 1974 Galerie Simonne Stern photographs, 1974 Geophysics, 1976 Geophysics photographs, 1976 Contemporary Arts Center, 1977-79 Contemporary Arts Center slides, 1977-79 Contemporary Arts Center negatives, 1977-79 Contemporary Arts Center photographs, 1977-79 Private Duty slides, 1978 Newcomb Women's Artists, 1978 Newcomb Women's Artists negatives, 1978 UNO Sculpture - Origin and Destination, 1978 UNO Sculpture - Origin and Destination photographs, slides and negatives, 1978 Meridian Museum of Art, 1979 Jackson Museum, 1979 Jackson Museum slides, 1979 Jimmie Williams, 1979-80 Jimmie Williams photographs, negatives and slides, 1979-80 New Orleans Museum of Art/Triennial, 1980 New Orleans Museum of Art?Triennial photographs, 1980 Houston video, 1980 Art: UNO, 1981 Gone with the Wind, 1981 Gone with the Wind photographs, 1981 La Table aux Diables, 1981 La Tables aux Diables photgraphs and slides, 1981 Delta Xing reference materials, 1982 Delta Xing reference materials photographs and slides, 1982 Arts d'Oeuvres, 1982 Arts d'Oeuvres slides, 1982 Pontchartrain Beach, 1983 ACNO: Seldom Seen, 1984 World's Fair, 1984 (2 folders) Brochures, 1967-77 Brochures, 1978-83 Denise Chenel Vallon: miscellaneous slides, n.d.

Box 12 Oversize photographs, n.d.

Slide Boxes Merrywood Estate (4 boxes) Chenel Farms (1 box) Pensacola (4 boxes) Lake (1 box) Denise Chenel Vallon: MFA (7 boxes) Denise Chenel Vallon: MFA/Clones (1 box) Unidentified (1 box)

Oversize Materials Photographs , ca. 1920-40 Printed items, n.d. Graphic items, n.d. Certificates, 1865-1976 Plans, n.d.