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Head (William H. and Family) Papers

(Mss. 3238)


Biographical/Historical Note

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Size: 7 linear ft.
Geographic Locations: Hinds County, Miss.; Pike County, Miss.; France.
Inclusive dates: 1838-1947.
Bulk dates: 1845-1930.
Languages: English, French.
Summary: Correspondence, sermons, writings, legal and financial records documenting the careers of Baptist preachers and laymen, newspapermen and druggists in Pike and Hinds County, Miss. in the 19th and 20th centuries, and service in Louisiana and France in World War I.
Citation: Head (William Hughes) Family Papers, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Biographical/Historical Note

The Head family resided mainly in Mississippi in Winston County, Hinds County and Copiah County. They were involved as ordained preachers and laymen in the Baptist Church and in the drugstore business.

William Hughes Head (1821-1886) was the son of Burr H. and Martha Head, and was a Baptist minister and educator. In Mississippi, he served as pastor to Concord Baptist Church, Louisville (near Winston County), and to other Baptist churches in Terry, Hinds County and Crystal Springs, Copiah County. In Texas, he was pastor for Tryon Church, Brazos County and North Grove and Hallettsville churches in Lavaca County. He also held preaching engagements in Louisville, Hinds County and Copiah County in Mississippi and in Texas. He taught in Louisville and Hinds County, Mississippi, and Union Parish, Louisiana. From 1882 he made his home in Mississippi in the areas of Copiah County, Hinds County and Winston County, where he died. He was married to H.R. Potts, a daughter of Samuel L. Potts, in 1848.

William T. Head, Sr. (1859-1949) ran a drug store in the town of Terry, Hinds County, Miss., both independently and in partnership with Dr. C.L. Catching. From 1892-1901, he was the editor of the newspaper the Headlight (Terry, Miss.). He was also active as a Baptist layman. In 1886, he married Varina ("Rena") Bonney (1866-1951), who taught school in Summit, Mississippi until her marriage. Their children were William T., Jr. and Gladys Hester.

William T. Head, Jr.. (b. 1896) attended Mississippi College from 1912/13 until 1917 when he enlisted in the army. At college he entered the Mississippi College band and was also active in the YMCA. He then joined the 1st Artillery Band, Clinton, Miss., and later entered the 140th Field Artillery, 39th Division, in 1917, stationed at Camp Beauregard, La. In 1918 he was sent to France. While in service in the 140th, he was a member of the military band and rose to the rank of corporal. When he returned home in 1919 he went to the Clinton A & M College, Mississippi, where he was a member of the A & M Band Company. In the 1920s and 30s he lived in Terry, working in the family business and continuing his involvement with the Y.M.C.A. and his musical interests.

Henry Smith Bonney (b. 1822) and family were residents of Pike County, Miss., and were involved primarily in the newspaper business. In the early 1840s, Henry Bonney established a newspaper in Holmesville, publishing the Holmesville Whig, which became the Quarto Whig and eventually the Planter's Free Press. In the late 1840s he traveled to New Orleans and worked on the New Orleans Bee and the Commercial Bulletin. In 1851 he returned to Holmesville and worked on the Southron, eventually buying up this business and establishing the Holmesville Independent, which he ran until 1862 when he joined the Holmesville Guards. In the early 1870s he lived at Osyka and Magnolia, Mississippi, and worked on two short-lived projects, the Osyka Reporter and the Eureka Centralian. He then returned to Summit and established the Summit Sentinel. His son, Nelson P. Bonney, also worked in his father's business and became the owner of the Sentinel.

Henry Bonney's wife was Evelyn French Adams (1833-1890). Their children were Nelson P. ("Buddie"), Flora Adams (1857-1936), Varina ("Rena"; 1866-1951), Ladie (d.1894), Clarence D. ("Boy"; d. 1922) and Robert M. ("Rob"). Flora eventually made her home with Will and Rena Head in Terry. For a period, Boy worked in New Orleans on the Times Democrat and later the Picayune. At one point, ca. 1892, Rob worked for Will T. Head, Sr. in Terry, where he settled.

Scope and Content Note

The Head family papers document the professional and lay careers of the family in the Baptist church and the drugstore business. Papers relating to William Hughes Head document his preaching and teaching life. Other papers reflect his time as a student in Indiana. Correspondence reflects William H. Head's concerns with theology (in particular Baptist doctrine), the courtship of Will T. Sr. and Rena Bonney and the time spent by Will T. Head, Jr. at college in Mississippi both before and after World War I. Letters written during the period of World War I document the service of Will Jr. at Camp Beauregard, La. and later on the front in France, and activities on the home front in Terry. Writings reflect William H. Head's service as a preacher, including sermons and addresses given, as well as his own continuing education in theology and Scriptural and Classical languages. Financial, legal and business records include receipts, accounts, insurance papers, promissory notes, mortgages, deeds of sale and trust, reports and certificates. Some financial and legal papers belong to Dr. C.L. Catching, Will T. Head, Sr.'s partner in the drugstore business. Manuscript volumes consist of sermons and essays written by William H. Head, diaries and journals, financial records primarily related to Will T. Head, Sr.'s business and registers, roll books and notebooks. Printed items mainly consist of ephemera, invitations, programmes and religious items such as Sunday School materials and addresses. Serials include issues of local commercial and college newspapers and Baptist imprints. Photographs depict members of the Head family and postcards include many from France during World War I that depict Will Jr.'s camps and areas visited while on leave.

The papers of Henry Smith Bonney and family reflect family and business concerns. Correspondence consists largely of letters between members of the Bonney family and related families, the Adams, Gibsons and the Boxleys (who were either related or had close connections with the family) concerning family and local news. There is also correspondence concerning the newspaper businesses run by members of the Bonney family. Financial, legal and business papers include receipts for subscriptions and advertisements, invoices, deeds of conveyance, inventories, notices issued by the county clerk and certificates. Writings include an autobiographical account of Henry Bonney's career, genealogical material, academic notes and poetry. Manuscript volumes consist of accounts, memorandum books and a sentiment book. Printed items and newspaper clippings include items related to family news.

Subgroups and Series Descriptions

  • Group 1. Head (William Hughes and Family) Papers
    1. Correspondence, 1843-1947, n.d. (3 linear feet)

Correspondence mainly concerns the ministerial career of William H. Head, the courtship of William T. Head, Sr. and Rena (Varina) Bonney and the lives of the Heads and their son William T. Head, Jr. during the latter's years at college and during service in World War I.

Correspondence to and from William H. Head largely concerns pastoral affairs. There are several letters (June - Oct., 1845) between William H. Head and a pseudonymous "Peter Incredulity" on theological matters such as the Creation. There are also letters to Baptist publications concerning doctrinal questions, including those to the Mississippi Baptist concerning "The Land-Mark Question"--whether pedobaptists can preach to Baptist audiences (Feb. 5, 1853)--and "Ministerial recognition" (June 1, 1859). In one letter (May 2, 1847) Head declines a call to become a missionary.

Letters written between Rena Bonney and Will Head, Sr. during the period of their courtship (1884-1886) include one (Oct. 2, 1885) containing a self-portrait by Will and several (Sept. 1886) concerning the last illness of Will's father. Other correspondence from this period includes a letter (Dec. 1881) from William L. Birdsong to William T. Head, Sr. concerning the evasion of prohibition laws and letters (Feb. 1884) from Rena's brother, Buddy, during his time at the Keeley Institute, New Orleans, where he underwent treatment for alcohol abuse.

Letters from Will T. Head, Jr. while at Mississippi College generally concern his work, finances, music lessons and involvement with the college band and the Y.M.C.A. They include his organization of a music club (Oct. 6, 1914), and the description of concerts given by the band (e.g. Feb. 22, 1916). Another letter (May 21, 1915) discusses the construction of a new library at Mississippi College. Other letters discuss the military groups being set up at Mississippi College (Sept. 21, 1916) and Will's enlistment in the army (Aug. 31, 1917).

Correspondence written during Will Jr.'s time in service includes letters (Oct. 1917 and Feb. 1918) discussing quarantine for suspected cases of meningitis at Camp Beauregard, La. Other letters from Camp Beauregard discuss issues and events that include his experiences at gas school (Jan. 2, 1918), working with the 141st and 142nd Field Artillery (Mar. 24 and May 8, 1918), his involvement with the military band (May 26 and July 13, 1918), a marriage held at the fence boundary of the camp (May 12, 1918) and the gradual dispersement of the 140th as troops were sent to France (May 8, 1918). Letters from the front in France include descriptions of Will's arrival (Sept. 12, 1918), the land and his travels (e.g. Dec. 11, 1918 and Jan. 20, 1919) and playing with the military band (e.g. Feb. 7, 1919). Other letters describe Will Jr.'s involvement with the American Expeditionary Forces University ("A.E.F.U."), an English university in France. These include his initial application (Feb. 14, 1919), and his refutation of a rumor that the university is in fact a segregation camp for those afflicted with venereal disease (May 1 and 3, 1919). Another letter (Mar. 1, 1919) discusses the debate over whether the troops of the A.E.F. should be entitled to gold service stripes since they did not fight in France. One letter (Nov. 12, 1917) is partially written on the reverse side of a pamphlet describing the work of the Army and Navy Y.M.C.A. Other correspondence between the Heads and relatives and young men from Terry, Miss., include a letter ( June 29, 1918) to William Sr. from his nephew Henry Rey Bonney on active service in France and one (Jan. 1st, 1919) from Henry to Will Sr.. from Germany. There are also several letters to Will Jr. from Simone Pinom, a young French girl who became his penfriend including one (Mar. 17, 1918) that thanks him and his friends for the Allied victory.

Letters from the home front during this period include one (Dec. 5, 1917) describing the activities of the local Red Cross, and one (May 17, 1917) from Rena Head concerning the rumors that the Germans have been setting up offal factories where the bodies of dead German and Allied soldiers are processed.

Postwar correspondence includes letters (e.g. Jan. 29, 1922) from Will Sr. to Will Jr. discussing the latter's claims for disability pay from the army on account of being poisoned by a tin of salmon, a letter (Apr. 1, 1922) from Rena on Will Jr. joining the Shriners, a Masonic order, and a postcard depicting the Head residence (Oct. 9, 1919).

    1. Writings, 1846-1916, n.d. (2.4 linear feet)
      • Subseries 1. Sermons, sermon notes, Bible study notes, preaching engagements, 1846-86, n.d.

The sermons of William H. Head address areas of preaching such as scriptural exegesis, missionary work, Baptist doctrine, the Christian life and revival. They include "Conformity to the World" (June 4, 1847), "Dancing" (August 10, 1850 and July 25, 1866), "Religious Philanthropy" (Oct. 6, 1859), "How to be Happy" (Nov. 8, 1860), "Farewell Sermon--Mt. Moriah, Choctaw Co., Miss" (Dec. 10, 1867) and "The Duty of Attending Public Worship" (Nov. 30, 1870). Some form series of expositions on scriptural topics, e.g. John 17:3 (Feb. 6 and April 20, 1860) and "Christ's Sermon on the Mount" (Mar. 10, Mar. 22, Mar. 23, 1882). Missionary topics include "The Duty of Supporting Preachers of the Gospel" (Dec. 9, 1853), "Duty of Churches to Extend the Gospel" (June 3, 1869) and "Foreign Missions" (Mar. 18, 1885). Doctrinal topics include "Salvation of Infants" (Nov. 21, 1871), "Baptizing" (July 6, 1871), "Institution of Deaconship" (May 22, 1872) and "Terms of Communion" (Oct. 2, 1872).

Bible study, doctrinal and sermon notes (1867-86, n.d.) include "Proof that scriptural baptism is of believers only" (n.d.) and "Evidences of Christianity" (n.d.). Sermon indexes and lists of preaching engagements (1867, n.d.) include a list of places in which William Head preached and the miles traveled between engagements (n.d.) and a "statistical table of texts preached at Mt. Moriah", Miss. (Dec. 1867).

      • Subseries 2. Addresses, essays and other writings, 1849-1916, n.d.

These include addresses to religious and secular associations and societies such as prayer meetings and temperance societies; epistles to churches; speeches to Sabbath schools and day schools; funeral, baptismal and ordination speeches. They were given at Hephzibah Baptist Church in Louisville, Beulah Baptist Church in Winston and Good Hope Baptist Church in Winstonville [Skillet] in Mississippi and at Hallettsville Baptist Church, Texas.

Addresses on doctrinal topics include "Is it right or consistent for Baptists to invite Pedobaptists to preach with and for them?" (June 24, 1856) and "Query: Upon what grounds do Baptists churches deal with and exclude their members for participating in dancing and upon what Scriptures do they rely for their authority in so doing?" (n.d.). Addresses to associations include one on the occasion of the "Fourth anniversary of the Louisville division No. 11 of the Sons of Temperance" (Oct. 10, 1851) and several to the Louisville Association of Baptist churches (e.g. July 24, 1866, Oct. 2, 1866, and Oct. 10, 1866).

Essays include one on Romans 8.20 (Nov. 17, 1857) and "How should a Church proceed in calling a Pastor?" (May 25, 1858). Epistles and addresses on the subject of William H. Head's career as a preacher include "Answer to the call of the North-Grove Church, Lavaca Co., Texas" (Jan. 1882) and "Some remarks to be addressed to the members of the Louisville Church on the subject of my current support while peaching for them" (April 3, 1885). Other addresses include "Charge: Delivered at the constitution of Beulah Church Winston Miss." (Mar 23, 1861), one on the occasion of the "New church in Hallettsville" (1882), a resolution on building a new church in Hallettsville (n.d.) and "Examination of candidates for the deaconship" (n.d.).

Exercises, translations, poetry and notes (1854-1916, n.d.) include Latin and Greek translations from the Classics and Scriptures, Latin exercises and notes (n.d.) on mathematics. Other writings include a birthday ballad (Sept. 23, 1879) composed by W.H. Head and a poem (n.d.) written upon the occasion of Will T. Head, Jr.'s enlistment. Also included are sketches (n.d.) of pastors of the Louisville Association by W.H. Head and resolutions (n.d.) of Hepsibah Church.

    1. Financial, legal and other official papers, 1843-1923, n.d. (0.6 linear feet)
      • Subseries 1. Financial papers, 1843-1923, n.d.

Papers consist of receipts, accounts, tax receipts, insurance papers and promissory notes. They include a subscription (Nov. 6, 1847) to the expenses of William H. Head in his capacity of pastor to the Baptist church in Louisville and the War Risk Insurance papers (1919) of Will T. Head, Jr. Also included are the financial papers of Dr. C.L. Catching, the partner of Will T. Head, Sr., including his tax licenses (1888-89) to practice as a physician in Terry.

      • Subseries 2. Legal papers, 1871-1904

Documents include mortgages, copies of court rulings, deeds of sale and deeds of trust. The majority are the papers of Dr. C.L. Catching and family, and consist of deeds of sale and trust for property in Hinds County, Miss. Items include a mortgage note (Jan. 10, 1871) for William H. Head for property in Copiah County, Miss., and a survey (Jan. 6, 1892) of an addition to Terry, Hinds County, Miss., showing the property of C.L. Catching.

      • Subseries 3. Reports, passes, membership, certificates, rolls, 1874-1922, n.d.

Papers include teaching certificates (1874-84) for William H. Head, college reports (1914-1917) of Will T. Head, Jr. while attending Mississippi College, a pass (Jan. 18, 1919) for Will T. Head, Jr. for leave from camp in France and a roll of members of Louisville Baptist church (n.d.).

    1. IV. Manuscript Volumes, 1838-1926, n.d. (1.3 linear feet)
      • Subseries 1. Sermons and indexes to sermons, 1854-85, n.d. (16 vols.)

Sermons address the same topics as those described above. One volume (Jan. 17, 1855) contains a list of places where William H. Head preached. There is also an index (June 24-July 21, 1865) of text subjects preached and an incomplete index (1847-85) of texts, themes and places preached. At least one volume (March 11, 1859) is a copy of a loose sermon included in this collection. Another volume (1852-56) contains a roll book, sermon index and index to prayer meetings.

      • Subseries 2. Addresses, essays and other writings, 1838-82 (3 vols.)

One volume (1838-44) contains essays, addresses and notes on debates transcribed from papers written during William H. Head's time at Bloomington College, Indiana. Another (1844-82), a poetry book, contains translations, transcriptions, newspaper clippings and original compositions. A religious notebook (ca. 1854-55) mainly contains notes and newspaper clippings concerning the doctrine of baptism.

      • Subseries 3. Diaries and journals, 1840-1915 (3 vols.)

A diary (1840-42) belonging to William H. Head details his journey to Bloomington College, Indiana. A brief diary (1913-14) belonging to William T. Head, Jr. includes photographs of female acquaintances.

      • Subseries 4. Financial records, 1882-1926 (9 vols.)

Records include shipment records and account books (1882-92), apparently from the business of William T. Head, Sr., and personal account books (1894, 1926).

      • Subseries 5. Registers, roll books and notebooks, 1846-1921, n.d. (8 vols.)

Documents include class roll books for William H. Head's day and Sunday schools (1849, 1877-79) and a Sunday School and cradle roll kept by Rena Bonney Head (1911-21). There is also a railroad memo book (1888) tracing services from the Jackson, Miss. area and an unidentified roll book (n.d.) noting the sex, age and color of those registered.

    1. Serials, printed items and newspaper clippings, 1845-1939, n.d. (1.2 linear feet)

Serials include proceedings of the annual sessions of the Central Baptist Association (1891-1918), and The Athenian (March-Sept., 1846), a publication of the Athenian Society of Indiana University. See the appendix for a list of newspapers and serials removed from the collection.

Printed items consist of funeral notices, ephemera, clippings from serials, invitations, announcements, tickets, Christmas cards, programmes, business and calling cards and religious items such as Sunday School materials, addresses and moralisms. Invitations include two for Will T. Head, Jr.'s birthdays (May 1902 and 1903). Programmes include one for Memorial Day (May 30, 1918), 64th Field Artillery Brigade, Camp Beauregard, La. Ephemera include advertisements for Kodak (1917), a souvenir of Easter 1919 with the American Expeditionary Forces, an "Officers Guide Book" for members of the Woman's Missionary Societies and "Social Unrest and the Gospel" by Richard H. Edmonds (n.d.). Other items include French ration tickets (1919) and political tickets for Hinds County (n.d.).

Newspaper clippings mainly consist of poetry and articles on religion or World War I. They include items on Baptism (ca. 1854) removed from the manuscript volume of notes on baptism.

    1. VI. Photographic and graphic materials and postcards, 1913-1919, n.d. (0.1 linear feet)
      • Subseries 1. Photographic and graphic materials, 1913-1919, n.d.

These include several photographs of Will T. Head, Jr. in army uniform (ca. 1917-1919), a photograph of his military band (April 21, 1918), and photographs of General Pershing's inspection of troops at American Expeditionary Forces University, France (April 9, 1918). There are also photographs of Will T. Head, Jr.'s penfriend, Simone Pinom (Sept. 1919) and of the construction of the library at Mississippi College (April 18, 1915).

      • Subseries 2. Postcards, ca. 1919, n.d.

These include cards depicting the military camps in France at which Will T. Head, Jr. was stationed. There are also postcards from France and Terry, Miss.

    1. Realia, ca. 1913-1919, n.d. (1 folder)

Realia includes a perpetual counter for baseball scores (ca. 1913) printed by the Coca-Cola Co. and a division insignia (1919) for the American Expeditionary Forces University.

  • Group 2. Bonney (Henry Smith and Family) Papers
    1. Correspondence, 1848-1934, n.d. (0.2 linear feet)

Correspondence consists largely of letters between members of the Bonney family and the Adams and Gibson families concerning personal and local news. There is also correspondence concerning the newspaper businesses run by members of the Bonney family.

Family news includes the birth of Henry Rey to Buddie and Alexine Bonney (March 28, 1883) and letters of condolence on the deaths of Evelyn Bonney (Dec. 1890-Jan. 1891) and Ladie Bonney (Aug. 18, 1894). Other letters (1895) describe the experiences of R.M. Bonney while studying in Washington. Another (Sept. 2, 1864) from John [Reid] to Mr. Boxley describes the death of Boxley's son, George, in the battle of Ream's Station (25 August, 1864). Other correspondence of note includes a letter (July 14, 1857) from a former neighbor of Mrs. Hall describing an overland trip from Iowa to California and an account (April 24, 1883) of a cyclone disaster at Beauregard and Weston in Mississippi that destroyed the former town.

Business correspondence includes several letters (August 1886-July 1889) concerning the adjustment of the salaries of postmasters under the "Spalding Act" of March 3, 1883 and the claim for compensation that H.S. Bonney was making for his late father, Peres Bonney. In another letter (July 14, 1891) Boy corresponds with his brother, N.P. Bonney, on the possible purchase of the Mississippi newspaper the Hazlehurst Signal.

    1. Writings and notes, 1852-1887, n.d. (0.1 linear feet)

These include an autobiographical account (1887) of Henry Bonney's experiences in the field of journalism, that details the history of newspaper publishing in Pike County, Miss., from the 1840s to the 1880s, and a journal extract (May 1, 1854) written by H. Boxley. There are also genealogical materials (n.d.), recipes, (n.d.) academic notes (n.d.) and poetry, that includes a poem (May 1883) by Henry Bonney written upon the occasion of Flora Bonney's return to Summit from Selma, Miss.

    1. Financial, legal and business papers, 1850-1919, n.d. (0.2 linear feet)
      • Subseries 1. Financial papers, 1852-1897, n.d.

These include receipts for subscriptions and advertisements placed in Bonney's newspapers, money orders and invoices. Items relating to Bonney's newspaper concerns include a list of bills (June 20, 1868) and an order for type (Oct. 28, 1880).

      • Subseries 2. Legal and business papers, 1850-1919, n.d.

These papers consist of quit claim deeds, deeds of conveyance, inventories, county clerk notices and certificates. Legal papers include the marriage certificate (19 Sept. 1851) of Robert Hall and Esther Adams, a certificate (Jan. 1919) recognizing the service of Flora Bonney in the Red Cross during World War I and a notice (April 28, 1869) of the appointment of Peres Bonney as Probate Clerk for Pike County. There is also a deed of conveyance (June 1, 1854) for the sale of a printing press and type to Henry S. Bonney and several printing notices relating to matters of probate advertised in Bonney's paper, the Holmesville Independent (1863-1868) that are certified by the Clerk of the Probate Court of Pike County. Also included is a promissory note (Nov. 7, 1862) written by J.H. Graves to Mrs. Robert Hall that is indicated as being named in Graves's will.

    1. Manuscript volumes, 1875-1936 (6 vols: 0.1 linear feet)

Manuscript volumes include a seamstress's notes and memorandum book (1886-90) and a memorandum book (1892-1936) that notes family events, both belonging to Flora Bonney. There is also a sentiment book belonging to Flora Bonney that includes newspaper clippings recording the death of Evelyn French Bonney (1890) and the wedding of Rena Bonney and Will T. Head, Sr. (1886).

    1. Printed items and newspaper clippings, photographs and graphic items and realia, 1857-ca. 1934, n.d. (0.1 linear feet)

Printed items and newspaper clippings (1857-ca. 1934, n.d.) include notices relating to family members, e.g. an obituary (ca. July 30, 1865) on the death of Lucy Maggie Bonney, the infant daughter of Evelyn and Henry Bonney and a funeral notice (Dec. 1890) for Evelyn Bonney. There is also a handbook (Jan. 1880) for the Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleans Railroad and a notice (n.d.) of the family right to use "Jackson's Universal Washing Compound" made out to Mrs. E.H. Boxley. Newspaper clippings include an account (ca. 1934) of a Bonney family reunion.

Photographs and graphic items and realia (n.d.) include a carte-de-visite and a small sampler.

Index terms

Head, William Hughes, 1821-1886                          
Head, William T., Sr., 1859-1949     
Head, William T., Jr., b. 1896   
Head, Varina Bonney, 1866-1951         
Bonney, Henry Smith, b. 1822)                         
Bonney, Evelyn French, 1833-1890                       
Bonney, Flora Adams, 1857-1936              
Catching, C.L.                                        
Pike County (Miss.)                                     
Hinds County (Miss.)                                     
Baptist Church--Clergy                         
Baptist Church--Sermons                          
Mississippi College                                
Courtship--United States                                   
Newspapers--Mississippi--Pike County                    
Holmesville Independent (Holmesville, Miss.)          
Summit Sentinel (Summit, Miss.)                           
World War, 1914-1918                                
Military music--United States                            
United States.  Army.  Field Artillery, 140th.  Division, 39th
United States.  Army--History--World War, 1914-1918
Camp Beauregard (La.)                                       
War and society     &nnbsp;                          
Mississippi College--Students          
Memoirs                                         &n

Container list

Stack                              Folder    
location    Box       nos.         Contents
Group 1.  Head (William Hughes and Family) Papers
                       I.  Correspondence
34:123      1         1-11         Correspondence (1843-Nov. 1886).
34:123      2         1-9          Correspondence (1887-1913).
34:123      3         1-10         Correspondence (1914-1915).
34:124      4         1-8          Correspondence (1916-Feb. 1917).
34:124      5         1-9          Correspondence (March-Dec., 1917).
34:124      6         1-9          Correspondence (1918).
34:125      7         1-10         Correspondence (1919-1921).
34:125      8         1-9          Correspondence (1922-1947).
34:125      9         1-6          Correspondence (n.d.).
                         II.  Writings
34:126      10        1-7          Sermons (1846-1854).
34:126      11        1-8          Sermons (1856-1860).
34:126      12        1-8          Sermons (1861-1871).
34:127      13        1-8          Sermons (1872-1876).
34:127      14        1-8          Sermons (1877-1886, n.d.).
34:127      15        1-9          Sermons (n.d.); Bible study, doctrinal
                                   and sermon notes (1867-86, n.d.);
                                   sermon indexes, preaching engagements
                                   (1867, n.d.).
34:128      16        1-7          Addresses and essays (1849-1885, n.d.).
34:128      17        1-3          Exercises, translations, poetry and
                                   notes (1854-1916, n.d.).
OS:H        OS folder 1            Sermon (n.d.); translations (1886).
        III.  Financial, legal and other official papers
34:128      17        4-11         Financial papers (1843-1923, n.d.);
                                   legal papers (1871-1904); reports,
                                   passes, membership, certificates,
OS:H        OS folder 1            Insurance papers, bond (1894-1902);
                                   teacher's certificates (1874-76).
                    IV.  Manuscript volumes
34:128      18        1-4          Sermons and indexes to sermons (16
                                   vols.: 1854-1885, n.d.).
34:129      19        1-3          Addresses, essays and other writings 
                                   (3 vols.: 1838-1882).
34:129      19        4            Diaries and journals (3 vols: 1840-1915).
34:129      20        1-4          Financial records (4 vols.: 1882-1899).
34:129      21        1-2          Financial records (5 vols.: 1887-1926).
34:129      21        3-7          Registers, roll books and notebooks
                                   (8 vols.: 1846-1921, n.d.).
       V.  Serials, printed items and newspaper clippings
34:130      22        1-6          Serials (1846-1918).
34:130      23        1-6          Printed items (1845-1939, n.d.);
                                   newspaper clippings (ca. 1854-1923,
     VI.  Photographic and graphic materials and postcards
34:130      23        7-12         Photographic and graphic materials (1913-  
                                   1919, n.d.); postcards (ca. 1919,
                          VII.  Realia
34:130      23        13           Realia (ca. 1913-1919, n.d.).
Group 2.  Bonney (Henry Smith and Family) Papers.
                       I.  Correspondence
34:130      24        1-14         Correspondence (1848-1934, n.d.).
                    II.  Writings and notes
34:130      24        15-16        Writings and notes (1852-1887, n.d.).
           III.  Financial, legal and business papers
34:130      24        17-18        Financial papers (1852-1897, n.d.).
34:130      25        1-2          Legal and business papers (1850-1919,
OS:H        OS folder 2            Financial, legal and business papers 
                                   (1855-1872).      &n
                    IV.  Manuscript volumes
34:130      25        3-6          Account books, memorandum books, 
                                   sentiment book (6 vols.: 1875-1936).
V.  Printed items and newspaper clippings, photographs and graphic items
    and realia
34:130      25        7-9          Printed items and newspaper clippings
                                   (1857-ca. 1934, n.d.); photographs and
                                   graphic items (n.d.); realia (n.d.).


Items removed for processing by the Louisiana Newspaper Project:

The Mississippi Baptist (12/9/1858; 2/24/1859; 3/17/1859; 4/7/1859;
4/28/1859; 7/7/1859;  8/11/1859)  The Meteor (6/16/1899)

Other newspapers removed from collection:

New Orleans Weekly Baptist Chronicle (8/31/1854)
The Winston Signal (4/3/1886)
The Mississippi Collegian (12/16/1916; 11/8/1919; 5/8/1920; 5/15/1920;
The Spectator (4/1/1922)
The Terry Headlight (9/8/1923)
The Midnight Cry (June 1930)
The Stars and Stripes (12/27/1918; 1/3/1919; 1/17/1919; 3/14/1919) 
The Alpine American (5/9/1919)

Items removed for cataloging in the Louisiana Collection:

Mississippi College Magazine (Vol. XXI, Nov. 1914-Jan. 1915, Nos.