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Inventories and container lists include varying levels of information about our collections. Container lists are merely a listing of what is in each collection by box or container. Inventories provide more complete information about a collection and its creators. They typically include the following elements:

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To locate manuscript materials in repositories both in the United States and internationally, users may search the RLIN AMC database of over 500,000 records. This gateway is maintained by the Library of Congress. LSU Libraries Special Collections also provides searching capabilities for manuscripts collections throughout the United States through Archives USA. This service may only be accessed from a computer on the LSU campus or through an account served by Louisiana State University. For additional information about the LSU Libraries' Special Collections holdings of published materials, as well as manuscripts, be sure to search the Online Public Access Catalog.

The following list of collection titles offers links to our electronic finding aids.

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Bacon (Edmund) Letters (Mss. 2178) Inventory
Badin (Norbert) Papers (Mss. 825) Inventory
Badley Family Papers (Mss. 3062) Inventory
Bagwell (Gary) Letters (Mss. 3279) Inventory
Bagwell (Harrison G.) Collection (Mss. 2840) Inventory
Baines (Henry) Papers (Mss. 1209) Inventory
Baldwin and Co. Records (Mss. 4597) Inventory
Banes (Alexander and Nannie I.) Family Papers (Mss. 4392) Inventory
Banks (Nathaniel P.) Letterpress Copybook (Mss. 2326) Inventory
Bankston (Jesse) Papers (Mss. 5078) Inventory
Barel (Leona Queyrouze) Papers (Mss. 1204, 1222, 1278, 1314, 1323, 1335) Inventory
Barksdale (Eugene) LSU Photograph Collection (Mss. 4990) Inventory
Barron (Charles) Letters (Mss. 1221, 1248, 1272, 1334) Inventory
Barrow (Abram F. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3696, 3745) Inventory
Barth (William) Papers (Mss. 4421) Inventory
Bass-Farrar Family Papers (Mss. 4907) Inventory
Batchelor (Albert A.) Papers (Mss. 919) Inventory
Batchelor Family Papers (Mss. 1293) Inventory
Baton Rouge Audubon Society Records (Mss. 4133) Container List
Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations Records (Mss. 4813) Inventory
Baton Rouge Funeral Notices (Mss. 643) Inventory
Baughman Family Collection (Mss. 1852, 1981) Inventory
Baxter (Robert G.) Papers (Mss. 1819) Inventory
Beauford (Gertrude M.) Papers (Mss. 4380) Inventory
Bechtold (John Adam) Photographs (Mss. 5175) Inventory
Bell (James T.) Letter (Mss. 3453) Inventory
Bell (William R.) Papers (Mss. 2117, 2118) Inventory
Bennett (George) Account Books and Papers (Mss. 1010) Inventory
Bernard (A. M.) Family Papers (Mss. 2830) Inventory
Bertrand (Alvin Lee) Papers (Mss. 4787) Inventory
Betts (Ephraim) Diaries (Mss. 3433) Inventory
Bills (John H.) Family Papers (Mss. 2075) Inventory
Binning (Wayne) Collection (Mss. 2043) Inventory
Birge (N.A.) Papers (Mss. 918, 1036) Inventory
Bisland (John and Family) Papers (Mss. 29) Inventory
Blackburn (J.) Letter (Mss. 3326) Inventory
Blanche (Alexander) Papers (Mss. 3342) Inventory
Bond (Priscilla Munnikhuysen) Papers (Mss. 2155) Inventory
Boney (Richard Kinsey) Papers and Diaries (Mss. 3041) Inventory
Bonnecaze (Leon) Papers (Mss. 5074) Inventory
Boothby (Charles W.) Papers (Mss. 4847) Inventory
Bordelon (Leonce P.) Diaries (Mss. 4952) Inventory
Bosch (Charles W.) Papers (Mss. 4731) Inventory
Bosley (Hubbard S.) Papers (Mss. 963) Inventory
Boucry Family Papers (Mss. 790) Inventory
Boudreaux (Maximilien E. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1099) Inventory
Bowers (Laura Boddie Jones) Papers (Mss. 3546) Inventory
Bowman (James P. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1372, 1382) Inventory
Bowman-Turnbull Family Papers (Mss. 5059) Inventory
Boyd (Leroy S.) Papers (Mss. 99) Inventory
Boyd (Thomas J.) Papers (Mss.99) Inventory
Boyer (Mrs. Albert P.) Record Books (Mss. 1258) Inventory
Braden (Waldo W.) Papers (Mss. 3352) Inventory
Bradley (James E.) Family Papers (Mss. 1259) Inventory
Breaux (John B.) Papers (Mss. 4922) Inventory
Breazeale (Nita Sims and Family) Papers (Mss. 2442) Inventory
Brent (Joseph L.) Papers (Mss. 1477, 1822) Inventory
Brickell (D. Warren) Papers (Mss. 1430) Inventory
Bridges (Tyler) Papers (Mss. 4899) Inventory
Bringier (Louis A. and Family) Papers (Mss. 43, 139, 544) Inventory
British Museum Map Collection (Mss. 3200) Inventory
Britton (Audley Clark and Family) Papers (Mss. 1403) Inventory
Brooks (Overton) Papers (Mss. 2492, 2520) Inventory
Brooks Read Brer Rabbit Collection (Mss.4476) Inventory
Brouard (Brother Arsene) Papers (Mss. 3568) Inventory
Brown (Harry Bates, Sr.) Family Papers (Mss. 2530) Inventory
Brown (James) Papers (Mss. 44) Inventory
Brown (Sarah Goodwin) Collection (Mss. 1573, 1986) Inventory
Brown (Sarah Goodwin) Scrapbooks (Mss. 2333) Inventory
Brownell Land Company Records (Mss. 5112) Inventory
Bruce, Seddon and Wilkins Plantation Records (Mss. 2668) Inventory
Brunot (James) Family Papers (Mss. 1242) Inventory
Buck-Ellis Family Papers (Mss. 4820) Inventory
Buhler (John Robert) Papers (Mss. 1311) Inventory
Buhler (Mary Edith) Papers (Mss. 1192, 1210, 1333) Inventory
Buhler Family Papers (Mss. 1192, 1210, 1238, 1311, 1333) Inventory
Burden (Ione and Family) Papers (Mss. 3063) Inventory
Burguieres (Jules M., Jr.) Papers (Mss. 1927, 2026, 2134, 2264, 2525) Inventory
Burke (E. A.) Papers (Mss. 547, 620, 641, 893, 1226) Inventory
Burnham (B.) Letters (Mss. 3443) Inventory
Burruss (John C.) Family Papers (Mss. 1209) Inventory
Burrwood (La.) and Southwest Pass Jetties Construction Photographs (Mss. 5068)
Butler (Anna and Sarah) Correspondence (Mss. 581) Inventory
Butler (Edward and Family) Papers (Mss. 4315) Inventory
Butler (Richard) Papers (Mss. 1000) Inventory
Butler (Robert O.) Papers (Mss. 1068) Inventory
Butler (Thomas and Family) Papers (Mss. 2850) Inventory
Butler (Thomas and Family) Photographs and Plantation Journal (Mss. 4347) Inventory
Butler (Thomas W.) Papers (Mss. 888) Inventory
Butler Family Papers (Mss 1026) Inventory
Bynum Family Papers (Mss. 3104, 3174) Inventory