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Introduction to Finding Aids

Inventories and container lists include varying levels of information about our collections. Container lists are merely a listing of what is in each collection by box or container. Inventories provide more complete information about a collection and its creators. They typically include the following elements:

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To locate manuscript materials in repositories both in the United States and internationally, users may search the RLIN AMC database of over 500,000 records. This gateway is maintained by the Library of Congress. LSU Libraries Special Collections also provides searching capabilities for manuscripts collections throughout the United States through Archives USA. This service may only be accessed from a computer on the LSU campus or through an account served by Louisiana State University. For additional information about the LSU Libraries' Special Collections holdings of published materials, as well as manuscripts, be sure to search the Online Public Access Catalog.

The following list of collection titles offers links to our electronic finding aids.

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Cable (James B.) Papers (Mss. 1765) Inventory
Caffery (Donelson and Family) Papers (Mss. 1865) Inventory
Calcasieu League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN) Records (Mss. 4799)
Cale (John G.) Papers (Mss. 2304) Inventory
Campbell (Zoe J.) Diaries (Mss. 1274) Inventory
Cannon (Andrew and Family) Papers (Mss. 4979) Inventory
Capell (Eli J.) Family Papers (Mss. 674) Inventory
Capell Family Papers (Mss. 56, 257, 1751, 2501, 2597) Inventory
Carey (Cora E. and Family) Papers (Mss. 2987) Inventory
Carleton (Mark T.) Papers (Mss. 4644) Inventory
Carmouche (Annie Jeter) Papers (Mss. 2878) Inventory
Carnegie (S. Steve) Papers (Mss. 2531) Inventory
Carpenter (George H.) Family Papers (Mss. 2317) Inventory
Carrigan (Jo Ann) Collection (Mss. 2455) Inventory
Carroll (Daniel R.) Family Papers (Mss. 1514, 2296) Inventory
Carrollton Centennial Exhibit Collection (Mss. 1623) Inventory
Cartwright (Samuel A. and Family) Papers (Mss. 2471, 2499) Inventory
Cary (Sylvester L.) Scrapbook (Mss. 2337) Inventory
Casey (Powell A.) Collection (Mss. 1732, 2540, 2712) Inventory
Cazayoux Family Papers (Mss. 4827) Inventory
Chaffraix (Mrs. D. A.) Papers (Mss. 1249, 1258) Inventory
Chambers (Rowland) Diaries (Mss. 839) Inventory
Chambon (Celestin Marius) Papers (Mss. 2047) Inventory
Chase (John C.) Cartoons (Mss. 1414) Inventory
Chatsworth Plantation Store Records (Mss. 4589) Inventory
Chelette (Atala and Family) Papers (Mss. 979) Inventory
Chenel (Louis E.) Family Papers (Mss. 4631) Container List
Chennault (Lt. General Claire Lee) Family Papers (Mss. 3042) Inventory
Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park Commission: Louisiana Commission Photographs (Mss. 4504) Inventory
Chol (Emmanuel) Papers (Mss. 1780, 1906) Inventory
Civil War Letters (Mss. 983) Inventory
Civil War Photograph Album (Mss. 2572) Inventory
Claiborne (William C. C.) Letters and Depositions (Mss. 5018) Inventory
Clark (Charles) Family Papers (Mss. 3982) Inventory
Clark (Daisy Kidd) Papers (Mss. 3304, 3905) Inventory
Clark (Gladys) Papers (Mss. 4953) Inventory
Clarke (Powhatan) Diary (Mss. 893) Inventory
Clary (Hiram T.) Papers (Mss. 361) Inventory
Clay (Henry) Letter (Mss. 3452) Inventory
Clement (George) Papers (Mss. 1148) Inventory
Clifton (Christopher) Papers (Mss. 3022) Inventory
Close (John) Papers (Mss. 1646) Inventory
Coates (Charles E. and Ollie Maurin) Family Papers (Mss. 3579) Inventory
Cochran (Louis) Papers (Mss. 4482) Inventory
Cockfield (E.J. and Family) Papers (Mss. 989) Inventory
Cohn (Isidore) Papers (Mss. 3425) Inventory
Cohn (Margie deBretton and Family) Papers (Mss. 4472) Inventory
Common Cause Louisiana Records (Mss. 4469) Inventory
Conner (Lemuel P. and Family) Papers (Mss. 81, 1403, 1431, 1475, 1551, 1595, 1710, 1793, 1859, 1934, 1999) Inventory
Conrad (Archelus M.) Papers (Mss. 4126) Inventory
Constantinides (Dinos) Papers (Mss. 4613) Inventory
Coody (Archibald Stinson) Papers (Mss. 2446) Inventory
Corbin (Robert A.) Papers (Mss. 705) Inventory
Cottingham (Claybrook C.) Papers (Mss. 2686) Inventory
Cotton (William Davis) Family Papers (Mss. 4780) Inventory
Crosby (Dixie Hammond) Family Papers (Mss. 4805) Inventory
Cuny (Benjamin Philip) Family Papers (Mss. 4246) Inventory