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(Mss. 105)



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Tara E. Zachary


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

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June 2000


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Biographical/Historical Note                                                                

Scope and Content Note                                                                                             

Index Terms                                                                                        

Container List                                                                                      

List of Microfilmed Volumes                                                                                               



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Size.                                        21 m.s. volumes; 4 microfilm reels                                                                                            


locations.                                Louisiana.     



dates.                                      ca. 1880-1894



Languages.                             French, English.


Summary.                               Twenty-one volumes containing manuscript drafts of short stories written by Madame Sidonie de la Houssaye under the pseudonym Louise Raymond. 


Access.                                   No restrictions.


Copyright.                               Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the original materials is retained by descendants of the creators of the materials in accordance with U.S. copyright law.


Citation.                                  Sidonie de la Houssaye Papers, Mss. 105, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.[1]



location.                                  F:17; Mf:L       


[1] Collection previously known as the Sidonie de la Houssaye Collection.  Following the form of the de la Houssaye’s name as defined by the Library of Congress Name Authority (La Houssaye, Sidonie de), this collection files under “L”



Biographical/Historical Note


Sidonie de la Houssaye was a French Louisiana author born August 17, 1820 to Ursin Perret and Francoise Pain of St. John the Baptist Parish and raised on Bellevue Plantation near Franklin.  Married to Alexandre de la Houssaye, she resided first in St. Martinville and then Franklin, where she ran a school until the Civil War. After the death of her husband, she served as postmistress of Franklin and later reopened the school.  When her daughter died in 1875 she assumed the responsibility of raising her eight grandchildren.


She began writing in the 1880s for New Orleans periodicals L'Abeille, Le Meschacebe, and Le Franc-Louisianais.  In 1890 she was awarded the gold medal of the Athenee Louisianais, a society founded to preserve the French language in Louisiana.  Her published works include three novels under her own name—Pouponne et Balthazaar, Charles et Ella, Amis et fortune, and a series, Les quarteronnes de la Nouvelle Orleans, under the pseudonym Louise Raymond.  Sidonie de la Houssaye died Feb. 18, 1894.[2]


2For more information about Sidonie de la Houssaye, see Joseph John Perret’s LSU Ph.d dissertation A Critical Study of the Life and Writings of Sidonie de La Houssaye with Special Emphasis on the Unpublished Works, 1966, and Velma Savoie’s LSU thesis The Life and Writings of Madame Sidonie de la Houssaye, 1936.



Scope and Content Note


Twenty-one volumes containing manuscript drafts of short stories (in French) written by Madame Sidonie de la Houssaye under the pseudonym Louise Raymond.  See Container List (p. 6-8) for a listing of titles and locations.  All but Volume 5a available on microfilm.



Index Terms


Athenee louisianais (New Orleans, La.)




French-American literature--19th century.


French-American literature--Louisiana.




Manuscripts (for publication)



Container List


Stack                           Volume                       Contents



F:17                             1                                  “L'etoile D'argent”                   

Mf:L, Reel 5                


F:17                             2                                  “L'etoile D'argent” (cont’d)

Mf:L, Reel 5                                                                 “Le Fort de Keronec”

                                                            “Une Paire de Gants”

“Une Poupee D'autrefois”

“Les Fleurs et les Bijoux de la Grand'mere”

“Rose Blanche”

“Les Petits Vagabonds” 


F:17                             3                                  “Mythologie des Enfants”                                   

Mf:L, Reel 5


F:17                             4                                  “George Gerard”

Mf:L, Reel 5


F:17                             5                                  “Une Mere”

Mf:L, Reel 5                                                     “Souvenir du 18 Octobre, 1838”

                                                                        “La Mere et le Lys”

“Souvenir du 12 Septembre, 1838”


“La Fausette et le Poete” 

“L'amour Qui Renferme”

“Une Histoire D'amour”

“Calemboux Monstere”

“Souvenir d'une Sofa”


F:17 (not filmed)           5a                                “Souvenir d'une Sofa” (cont’d)

“L'enfant des Prairies” 


F:17                             6                                  “Rough on Pain”

Mf: L, Reel 1                                                    “Chatanooga”



F:17                             7                                  “Violetta”

Mf:L, Reel 1                                                     “Souvenir de L’exposition”

“Chanson Negre”

                                                            “Gina la Quarteronne” 

F:17                             8                                  “Gina la Quarteronne”  (cont’d)

Mf:L, Reel 1


F:17                             9                                  “Gina la Quarteronne”  (cont’d)

Mf:L, Reel 2                                                     “Dahlia” 



F:17                             10                                “Dahlia” (cont’d)

Mf:L, Reel 2


F:17                             11                                “Le Dogit de Dieu”

Mf:L, Reel 5                                                     “Sahretta Ladanseuse”

                                                                        “Extraits de Lettres d'un Medecin” 



F:17                             12                                “Extraits de Lettres d'un Medecin”  (cont’d)

Mf:L, Reel 3                                                     “Frere et Soeur” 


F:17                             13                                “Frere et Soeur”  (cont’d)

Mf:L, Reel 3


F:17                             14                                “Frere et Soeur”  (cont’d)

Mf:L, Reel 3                                                     “Claire” 



Mf:L, Reel 2                 15                                “Claire” (cont’d)


F:17                             16                                “Claire” (cont’d)

Mf:L, Reel 3                                                     “L'oeuvr d'une Jeune Fille”



F:17                             17                                “Black Draught”

Mf:L, Reel 6                                                     untitled story


“Pouponne et Balthazar”


F:17                             18                                last few lines of "Une Page dans Ma Vie"

Mf:L, Reel 4                                                     “Simple Histoire”

“Le Portrait”

“La Mariole”

“Une Histoire de Revenant”

“Mardi Gras”

“Ecrit pour le Moniteur:



F:17                             19                                “Subille” (translation)

Mf:L, Reel 6                                                     “Les Reoutables” (unfinished).




F:17                             20                                “Un Roman a Franklin”

Mf:L, Reel 6                                                     “Schiller” (translation)

“L'enfant Perdue”


F: 17                            21                                “La Maison de Poupees”

Mf:L, Reel 6                                                     “Les Petits Soldats”

“Un Jour de Pluie”

“Tenez-vous Yeux Ouverts”


“Le Bon Homme Pistache”

“Un Revenant”

 “Le Petit Heros Congo”

“Une Boucle de Cheveaux” (unfinished).



Microfilmed Volumes


Location: Mf:L             


Reel 1              Volumes 6, 7, 8


Reel 2              Volumes 9, 10


Reel 3              Volumes 12, 13, 14, 16


Reel 4              Volume 18


Reel 5              Volumes 1-5, 11*


Reel 6              Volumes 15, 17, 19-21           


*Volume 5a not filmed