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Ramsland (Katherine M.) Papers

(Mss. 4464)

Container List

This collection is comprised of materials pertaining to Ramsland's books, The Vampire Companion: The Official Guide to Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, The Witches' Companion, The Anne Rice Trivia Book and Prism of the Night: A Biography of Anne Rice. Included are brief articles, proposals submitted to publishers for each book, transcripts of interviews with Anne Rice, notes and notecards, jacket covers for The Vampire Companion and The Anne Rice Tirvia Book, several book drafts, some with editorial notations and correspondence between Katherine Ramsland and Anne Rice and Ramsland and her editors.

Box List

Box 1
        Copies of articles about Ramsland;  Dutton notice of publication, 

        Prism of the Night

        Articles by Ramsland on Anne Rice

        Correspondence, 1989_1990

        Original proposal, "The Author, Anne Rice:  A Literary 
        Exploration of the Outsider"

        "All pertinent notes and scribbles"  (2 folders)

        Drafts of Introduction

        Early draft, extra copies

        Partial draft between 1 and 2

        Notes to editor and notes taken from 1st editorial meeting after  

        3rd draft

        1st draft (2 folders)

        2nd draft, as it went to 4 readers for comments prior to 
        submission to editor,  May 1990 (4 folders)

        2nd draft, with changes (4 folders)

        3rd draft, submitted to editor, May 1989 (4 folders)

        "The changes that went into the 4th draft, which consisted of  3  
        chapters.  No clean copy of a whole 4th draft"

        4th draft, only chapters 4-6 were rewritten

Box 2

        5th draft, copy of copy-edited draft after changes (4 folders)

Box 3

        6th draft, with some but not all changes from copy_edited draft  
        (4 folders)

        2 drafts of the Afterward for paperback edition, written Dec.  
        1991 and Jan. 1992                             

Box 4

        Draft of Anne Rice: Prism of the Night

        Letter from Ramsland, 1991

Box 5

        Original, copy-edited draft of The Vampire Companion, typescript  
        (8 folders)

        Notes for Witches' Companion

        First draft of Witches' Companion, typescript (5 folders)

        Second draft of Witches' Companion, typescript  (7 folders)

        Third draft of Witches' Companion, typescript  (7 folders)

        Seventh draft of Witches' Companion, uncorrected bound proofs

        Drafts of the Introduction to Witches' Companion

        Drafts of proposal and sample entries of Witches' Companion

        Genealogical charts, chronology, maps to Witches' Companion

Box 6

        Fifth draft of Witches' Companion, photostatic copy of unbound 
        galley proofs without photographs

Box 7

        Sixth draft of Witches' Companion, photostatic copy of unbound 
        page proofs with photographs

Box 8

        Notecards for Witches' Companion

Box 9

        Transcripts of interviews with Anne Rice by Ramsland, n.d.

        Transcripts of interviews with Anne Rice by Helen Knode, 1990

        Transcripts of conversations with Anne Rice, 1989-90, n.d.

        Miscellaneous transcripts, 1990-92, n.d.

        Correspondence to and from Anne Rice, 1991-92, n.d.

        Correspondence, general, 1991-93, n.d.

        Drafts of The Vampire Companion:

                1st draft, September 1992  (3 folders)

                2nd draft, October 1992  (5 folders)

                3rd draft, n.d.  (5 folders)

                3rd draft with editorial comments (electrostatic copy),  
                n.d.  (5 folders)

Box 10

        Drafts of The Vampire Companion (continued):

                4th draft after editorial revision, February_March, 1993
                (5 folders)

        5th draft, copy-edited, last draft, n.d.  (5 folders)

        Drafts of the Proposal and sample entries, n.d.  (2 folders)

        Drafts of the Introduction, 1993, n.d.

        Drafts of Acknowledgements, back cover text, Time Line, 
        Bibliography, and Index, 1993, n.d.

        Page proofs, June 1993  (3 folders)

        Unidentified draft pages, n.d.

        Illustrations research, 1993, n.d

        Research notes, n.d.  (2 folders)

        Jacket cover for The Vampire Companion

Box 11

        Research cards for The Vampire Companion, n.d.

Box 12

        Research cards for The Vampire Companion, n.d.

Box 13

        Drafts of Introduction to The Anne Rice Trivia Book  with 
        editorial notes

        Drafts of The Anne Rice Trivia Book

                First draft, typescript, n.d.

                Second draft, typescript, n.d.

                Third draft, typescript, n.d.  (2 folders)

Box 14

        Correspondence from Anne Rice, 1992-1994

        Correspondence to Anne Rice, 1993-1994, n.d.

        Correspondence to and from editors, 1993-1994, n.d.

        Trivia book proposal, n.d.

        Notes and photocopies of drawings

        Extra chapter 11 with incorrect pagination

        Jacket cover for The Anne Rice Trivia Book