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Sommer (Ray) Papers

(Mss. 4642)

Container List

Box 1

Folders 1-31    Sigma Delta Tau and Panhellenic Manuals, Bulletins, and
                Directories, 1955_1987, n.d. 

Folder 32       Sigma Delta Tau Photographs

Folder 33-35    Pamphlets, Resolutions, and Mu Sigma Rho Information

Folders 36-99   Sigma Delta Tau Chapter Reports

Box 2

Folders 1-14    Sigma Delta Tau/National Panhellenic Council  Information
                and Meeting Minutes, 1947-1982

Folder 15       Newspaper Articles

Folders 16-24   Sigma Delta Tau Materials, Torch Issues, Speeches,
                and Financial Statements

Folders 25-30   Correspondence, 1948-1988, n.d.

Folders 31-40   National Council and Conference Reports, 1958-1983;
                Typescript of minutes, Zeta Chapter, Sigma Delta 
                Tau (ca. 1924-1943)

Box 3

Folders 1-7     Community Concert Association, 1962-1983, n.d.

Folder 8        Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority

Folders 9-12    Speeches, Articles, Stories, and English Notes

Folders 13-16   Correspondence, 1926, 1955-1988, n.d.

Folder 17       Community Arts Get Together, 1975

Folder 18       Louisiana State University 25 Year Club, 1952-1959

Folder 19       Kappa Delta Sorority, 1971-1980

Folders 20-22   Information on Judaism, 1967-1986, n.d.

Folders 23-24   AAUW Information, 1962-1963, 1983

Folder 25       Newspaper Articles

Folder 26       Personal Information and Official Documents

Folder 27       Retirement Information and Announcements

Folder 28       Louisiana State University Information

Folders 29-35   Lydie Sommer: Photographs, Information and  Official
                Documents, Correspondence, Associations, National Mah
                Jong League, and Physical Therapy Workshop Materials                 

OS Folder       Certificates and Photographs

1 Mss. Vol.     Scrapbook, n.d.