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The Louisiana Newspaper Webindex is available in two formats: Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and an online-searchable database with sophisticated query capability. To view the PDF version, you will need to download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader if this utility is not already installed on your computer. Once installed, the Reader will allow you to view a complete listing of Louisiana newspapers held by various Louisiana libraries, arranged alphabetically by parish and chronologically by first extant year of publication.

Keyword Searchable Version:

An image of the field querry screen on the searchable database.

To query the online database, simply enter one or more search terms in the appropriate fields on the search screen, and click the Shows the Submit Search button button. Searches can be further narrowed by establishing a range of dates (e.g., to view newspapers printed during the Civil War). Search results can be sorted alphabetically or numerically by any field in ascending or descending order. Some entries will link to a "family tree" diagram, a unique feature of this index that graphically displays the connections between related newspapers over time. To assist in the proper spelling of Louisiana cities and parishes, a full alphabetical listing will be available from the search screen.

Portable Document Format Versions:

An image from a page of the PDF version.

These provide in two separate lists (one by parish, one by date) the title and other information of more than 1,700 Louisiana newspapers held by LSU and other libraries. An asterisk at the end of any title indicates this title is the official journal of the parish; an asterisk at the end of extant dates indicates the issue(s) extant in that year is/are not housed in Louisiana repositories (libraries, etc.) but at other state's libraries or even at the publisher's office.

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