Safe Spaces at LSU Libraries

As a resource for everyone on campus as well as our surrounding community, the Libraries is committed to being safe, inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

Several LSU Libraries staff members from both Middleton Library and Hill Memorial Library are specially trained to provide safe spaces for members of the LGBTQ+ community:

Antonia Aultman | Rikki Babin | Cristina Caminita | Will Conlin | Larissa Elliott | Jeremy Fontenot | Mitch Fontenot | Gabe Harrell | Narcissa Haskins | Andrea Hebert | Mona Jarreau | Aaron Lercher | Allen LeBlanc | Mark Martin | Tasha McClain | Chad Metz | Elisa Naquin | Brittany O‘Neill | Nick Skaggs | Melissa Smith | Marcus Spann | Caroline Ziegler | Scott Ziegler LSU Safe Space Logo

More about the Safe Space Campaign

The goal of the Safe Space Campaign is to identify and educate individuals who will affirm and support all people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. People displaying the Safe Space symbol are committed to combating hatred and discrimination through assistance and support.

In the training you will learn some basic LGBTQ+ terminology and ways to make your language more inclusive, identify some of the privileges of being a straight non-transgender person, discuss the coming out process, and go over some ways that you can be a better ally to LGBTQ+ students on your campus.

For additional information, please see the LGBTQ Project: