A gift of $20,000 or more creates a permanent endowment which may bear the donor's name, the name of a friend or loved one, or may be designated as a memorial or given an honorary title. This type of fund represents a gift to the LSU Libraries in perpetuity. A percentage of the interest on the corpus is either spent or re-invested each year, while the principal remains untouched.

Endowment funds allow the donor to create a method of giving to library materials in their respective graduation unit or interest area. Broad designations (i.e., Psychology, Zoology, Foreign Language, etc.) serve the university best. Some donors allow the Dean of the Libraries to use the gift in the area of greatest need.

Pledges can also be used to fund an Endowment. Information is available at the LSU Foundation outlining the number of years allowed to complete the gift.

There are many ways to fund endowment gifts. An outright gift of cash is preferable to some donors while others prefer to use planned gifts, charitable trusts, or stock transfers. The professional legal staff of the LSU Foundation can share information with a donor's personal tax advisor. All inquiries are held in strictest confidence.

LSU Libraries Endowments

  • Senator Russell B. and Carolyn Long Endowment: for the support of Special Collections acquisitions, conservation, maintenance, and exhibitions.
  • T. Harry Williams Center Endowment: to support all operations of the T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History.
  • Mrs. Ellen Albright Taylor Memorial Fund: for materials in art history or ornithology.
  • Conner Memorial Fund: for rare books and manuscripts for the rare book collection.
  • Noland Endowment: for purchases in art history, history, or English.
  • Libraries Endowed Conservation: for conservation of materials.
  • Hill Maintenance Fund: for maintenance-related expenditures of the Hill Memorial Library.
  • McIlhenny Natural History: for the purpose of buying items for the E.A. McIlhenny Natural History Collection.
  • M. Stone Miller, Jr. Fund: to purchase manuscript, book and other library materials for the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections.
  • Joseph Green Dawson Jr.: to acquire materials in the discipline of psychology.
  • Arthur J. Riopelle Endowment: for the support of the library needs of the department of psychology.
  • Goodrich-Taylor Fund: to fund a graduate assistantship for Special Collections.