What is the Reserve Desk?

The Reserve Desk houses material instructors require their students to read during a regular semester. This can include such materials as library books, tapes, and the professor's personal books on Reserve for their students. Journal articles that the Library owns can be scanned, as long as they include the copyright page, and sent to a professor through e-mail by the Reserve Desk staff. Then the professor will make them available through Moodle as required course reading.

How do I check material out from the Reserve Desk

You must come to Reserve Desk with the call number, professor's name, or book title. You may find this information on the library catalog reserves page, where reserve items are arranged by course name or instructor's name. Find the call number you need under the course, write it down, and someone behind the desk will get the book for you. If you are unable to find the information, the staff at the desk will be happy to try to assist you. NOTE: A valid LSU ID is required in order to check out Reserve materials.

How long can I have the Material?

The purple, pink, yellow, green and blue slips inside each reserve book will tell you the exact date and time your material is to be returned. Currently there are 5 circulation options:

  1. 2hrs/ BUILDING USE ONLY: This material circulates for 2 hours and cannot leave the building.
  2. 2hrs/ Overnight: This material circulates for 2 hours and can be taken out of the library overnight if the item is checked out less than 2 hours before closing.
  3. 1-Day Reserve: This material will circulate for one 24 hour period. The material will be due the following day at the same time it was checked out.
  4. 3-Day Reserve: This material circulates for 72 hours. The material is due in 3 days at the same time it was checked out.
  5. 7-day Reserve This material circulates for 168 hours. The material is due back in 7 days at the same time it was checked out.

The circulation period for the Reserve book is too short. How can I get more time with the book?

The instructors choose which circulation period that they want us to use for each title. You need to speak to your instructor if you disagree with the amount of time given for an item.

How much are the overdue fines for reserve books?

The Reserve Desk charges are $1.50/ per hour that each reserve material is late.

Am I allowed to renew materials that I have already checked out?

Reserve materials may not be renewed. If, however, the material is not checked out by another patron within 15 minutes of your returning it, you may check the material out again.

What happens if I cannot find my class on Reserve?

Everything that is currently available at the Reserve Desk for circulation will be on Reserve Desk online catalog: If the course is not on Reserve a few things can be happening.

  1. The list has not been processed yet. The Reserve Desk deals on a first come, first serve basis. The beginning of the semester is very busy for the Reserve Desk. Materials will be delayed in getting on Reserve if an instructor does not bring his/her material in early.
  2. The instruction may not have submitted his/her list to the Reserve office on time.
  3. Check with the instructor to make sure the material has been requested.

How do I Contact the Reserve Desk?

Contact person: Frances Watson
Phone number: 225 578-1407
Email address: