Right to Privacy

Every library patron has a right to privacy while using properly charged library materials. Names of borrowers will not be disclosed (Louisiana Revised Statutes, Section 44:13).

Please be aware that this statute prohibits us from discussing patron accounts with third parties, except in the case of parents of minor children. For privacy and security reasons, we also do not discuss patrons' accounts over the telephone. Patrons who have questions about their accounts should e-mail them to libcirc@lsu.edu and a library staff member will send a response to the patron's myLSU account. In compliance with Policy Statement 16.15, "Use of Electronic Mail," we will send e-mail communications only to the "lsu.edu" e-mail address if it exists. We will only use other types of e-mail addresses for correspondence in the case of public patron card users or former LSU employees and students whose myLSU accounts are no longer active.