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Dylan Burchett Named Graphic Notation Music Competition Winner

Dylan BurchettCongratulations to Dylan Burchett, winner of the first annual Music in Motion: Graphic Notation Music Competition, held by LSU Libraries’ Music Resources Department. Competitors were tasked with designing graphic notations, or expressive visual symbols that represent music, movement, or actions.

Burchett is a PhD candidate in LSU’s Experimental Music & Digital Media program who is graduating in Spring 2024. His winning entry, “Dueling Dragons,” involves intertwining scraps of fabric sewn onto three movable panels. First, for the score to be read properly, the panels must be aligned in a way that connects the two trails. Then, each performer selects a fabric trail to follow and plays the music indicated based on the trail chosen. In the case of two performers, each must select a different trail and play together.

First prize was $50 and publication of the score in LSU Scholarly Repository in addition to a performance of the winning composition. The soon-to-be-scheduled performance will be held in Spring 2024.

intertwining scraps of fabric sewn onto three movable panels
Burchett’s award-winning entry, “Dueling Dragons”

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