McKinley High School Oral History Project

Size: 210 interviews on 228 recordings

Time period covered: 1920s - 2000s

Dates of interviews: 1995-1998, 2002, 2005, 2006

Principal interviewers: Beau Bogart, Nedra Carter, Khary Carrell, Michael Goods, Shawnte Green, Helen Haw, Melvin Heard, Rudolph Henry, Benny Hester, Shawnda Hollins, Paula Jacobi, Shanta Jenkins, Rahshada Jenkins, Veonetta Jewell, Roderick Jones, Chastity Lovely, Heidi McGee, Toni Morrison, Carmen Posey, Tayari Kwa Salaam, Lavada Taylor, Rose Thompson, Katina Welsh

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Processing Status: 33% of interviews are cataloged (70 of 210)

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Description: McKinley High School students, with the assistance of faculty and students from LSU’s College of Education, conducted interviews focusing on the African American experience in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In1995, students began interviewing community members on the history of McKinley High School, established in 1926 as the first high school for African American students in Baton Rouge. The interviews continued in subsequent years, focusing on African American businesses during the period of segregation, the history and role of African American churches, the Baton Rouge Bus Boycott, and African American social organizations.

Interview Abstracts

History of Mckinley High School

African American Businesses

Interviewee Surname A-I

Dyon Brown

Dyon Brown, James Washington, Eddie Johnson, Jr.

Estelle Elayne Butler Bryant and Hedi Butler

Robert Gordon Buffington

Herman Cooper

Joseph A. Delpit

Albert Domino

Barbara Laconta Earthly

Peggy Goods

Donald Lee Harris

Frederrick Hatter

Ronald L. Hatter

Alton E. Ingram

Interviewee Surname J-Z

Theodore J. Jemison

Mary L. Johnson

Mandy L. Jones

Lionel Lee, Sr.

Eva Legard

Fred C. Matthews, Jr.

Melvin Sambo, Sr.

Mabel C. Scott

Charles T. Smith

Isiah Smith

Isadore E. Tansil, Sr.

James Washington

Earl Wheeler, Sr.

African American Churches

Interviewee Surname A-F

Marcus Babaoye

Estelle Beachaump

Frank Bowers

Don Bradford

Bridgett D. Jackson Brister

Carolyn Brown

Virginia Butler

Betty Camble and Leslie Coates

Earline Cary-Williams

Quention Thomas "Q.T." Ellis

Almenia Freeman

Hazel J.P. Freeman (by Rose Joubert-Thompson)

Hazel J.P. Freeman (by Helen Haw)

Interviewee Surname G-J

John Ralph Gray, Jr.

Nathaniel Harrison, Jr.

Eula Mae Hatter

Louise Payne Haynes

Mary Alice Heard

Annie Mae Holmes

Shanta Jenkins

Betty L. Johnson

Eddie Johnson, Jr.

Beatrice Jones

Jennifer Jones

Sarah Jones

Interviewee Surname K-R

Annie Kimble

Lionel Lee, Sr.

Fred C. Matthews, Jr. and Melvin Sambo

Beryl McGhee

Jasmine McKnight

Eugene Miller

Sadie Keel

Claryce Jordan Minor

Mary Whitley Moss

Franklin Nwagbara

Betty Parker

Brenda and Isaac Patterson, Jr.

Huel D. Perkins

Leo Perkins

Julia B. Purnell

Boyd Remo

Interviewee Surname S-Z

Michael Kwa Saah-Buckman

Melba Stewart Simmons

Charles T. Smith

Chiquatia Smith

Eula Vercher Smith

Donald R. Sterling

Ida Mae Whiten

Almenia Williams

Roger C. Williams

Rosella Williams

Willie Mae Williams

The Baton Rouge Bus Boycott

Interviewee Surname A-F

Dupuy Henry Anderson (by Dawn Wallace)

Dupuy Henry Anderson (by Courtney Zachary)

James Batiste, Sr.

Cornelius Betz, Jr.

Reginald R. Brown, Sr.

V. Jean Butler

Joseph A. Delpit

Joanna F. Dillon

George Washington Eames

Geraldine Freeman Ellis

Almenia Freeman

Interviewee Surname G-L

Mary Mason Gordon

Freddie Greene

Tony Joseph Hall

Eula Mae Hatter

Isabel M. Herson

Louis and Carolyn James

Theodore J. Jemison

Eddie Johnson

Johnnie A. Jones, Sr.

Chester Laborde

Lionel Lee Sr.

Eva Legard

Interviewee Surname M-Z

Fred C.Matthews, Jr.

Mary Edith Moody (by Catherine Martin)

Mary Edith Moody (by Amy Horn)

Albert C. Odell

Nina Nichols Pugh

Willis V. Reed, Sr. (by Emily Smith)

Willis V. Reed, Sr. (by Rashada Jenkins)

Patricia A. Robinson

Willie Spooner, Jr.

Isadore E. Tansil, Sr.

John H. Thomas III

Horatio Thompson

Social Organizations

Interviewee Surname A-C

Inez Smith Anderson

Patricia E. Baranco

Emerson Bell

Josephine C. Bonfanti

LaVada Taylor Brandon

Armond D. Brown

Reginald R. Brown

Wilbert Brown, Johnny Brown, Debra George

Lorri Burgess

Edmae LaMotte Delpit Butler

Barbara West Carpenter

Inez W. Chrisentery

Interviewee Surname D-L

Keith Douglas

Cleo Fields

Nona Mae Dumouil Gray

Louise Payne Haynes

Randell Henry

Olivia C. Huey

Joseph A. Hutchinson

Charles A. Jones, Sr.

Dorothy Mae Walter Jones

Harriett M. Jones

Johnnie A. Jones, Sr. (by Beth Smith)

Johnnie A. Jones, Sr. (by Nicholas Ng-a-Fook)

Earl Dean Joseph

Interviewee Surname M-S

Interviewee Surname T-Z

Isadore E. Tansil, Sr.

Wilhelmenia Thompson

Ronald Trahan

J.W. Vaughn

Charles Vincent

Anna Williams

Kathlen (Kathy) Cascio Wink

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