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Size: 322 interviews on 681 recordings

Time period covered: 1908 - present

Dates of interviews: 1970s - present

Principal interviewers: Jennifer Abraham; Everett Besch, Melisse Campbell, Susie Crews, Pamela Dean, Jack Fiser, Mary Hebert, Sally Kuzenski

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Description: Interviews with faculty, staff, and alumni conducted by Williams Center staff, LSU Recording Services, volunteers, and graduate students, focusing on the history of Louisiana State University. Various topics are covered and since interviews are often life narratives, multiple topics arise, including major historic events outside of the scope of LSU history, including, for example, the 1927 Flood, the Great Depression, Governor Huey Long, military history, and civil rights.

Interview Abstracts


Interviewee Surname A-H

Charles Alexander

Charles Alexander and Roothogs, Charles McClendon

Charles & Frances Barney

George Bevan, Mike Anderson, Warren Capone

Martin "Doc" Broussard (by D. Mahaffey)

Martin "Doc" Broussard (by Scott Purdy)

Billy Cannon and Jim Taylor

Tommy Casanova and Ronnie Estay

Chinese Bandits (defensive group on 1958 team)

Joe Dean

Paul Dietzel, Lynn LeBlanc, Gus Kinchen, Don Purvis, Mike Rhoades

John Ferguson (by Melisse Campbell)

John Ferguson (by Scott Purdy)

Lora Hinton

Tom Hodson, David Browndyke, Eric Hill, Joseph "Nacho" Albergamo

Interviewee Surname I-Z

Bud Johnson

Bert Jones, Tyler LaFauci, Brad Davis, Boots Garland

Gaynell "Gus" Kinchen

Tyler Lafauci

Carl Maddox

Philip Moses

Wilbert Moss

Alan Risher, Lance Smith, Malcolm Scott

Merle Schexnaildre

Marvin Stewart

Jim Taylor

Gaynell Tinsley

Gaynell Tinsley, Marvin "Moose" Stewart, Ken Kavanaugh

Roy Winston, Fred Miller, Jerry Stovall

Distinguished Alumni

Interviewee Surname A-C

1942 Class 5oth Reunion

Smiley Anders

Adrian Angelette

Paul Arst

Andrew Babin

H. Parot Bacot

Charles Barre

Lee Berwick

John Blanchard

Fred P. Bordelon

Malva Huson Brown

Gordon Cain

Patty Spear Calvert

Virginia Lanier Martin Carmouche

Richard "Ray" Cart

Powell Anna Casey

Edmond Cheramie

Pat Cheramie

Jewel Claitor

Albert L. Clary

Claude C. Couvillion

John A. Cox

Charles Craig, Jr.

Interviewee Surname D-H

J.D. DeBlieux

Sue Brown Dietrich

Mary Frey Eaton

Claude Martin Enright

Myron Falk

Norman Ferachi

John W. (Jack) Fiser

Charles Fugler

Lloyd Funchess

Henry L. Fuqua, Jr.

Herbert Graves

Julia Hawkins

E.L. Henry

Ted Holmes

Jimmy H. Hoover

Leona Spaht Huff

Interviewee Surname I-P

Ethel James

J.P. Jewell

Dean Johnson

T. Earle Johnson

George Jones

Libby Falk Jones

Kenneth Land

Frances Landry

Margaret Lane

Ruth Laney, Sr.

Rufus J. LeBlanc, Sr.

Jack Lord

Shirley Love

Bill Lynch

Jean McCandless

John J. McKeithen

Glenn L. McMullen

Frank Middleton

James Peltier

Jack Pulwer

Interviewee Surname Q-Z

Sammy Ray

Grover J. Rees

Thomas Ruffin

Bob Scearce

Vernon Schexnaydre

Carlos Spaht

Carlos G. Spaht & Leona Spaht Huff

Albert St. Dizier

Dorothy St. Dizier

John Staples

Jo Mechlin Steetle

Ralph Steetle

Hans Sternberg

Bingham Stewart

Raymond Strother

John Tarver

Richard H. Wiggins

Estelle Skolfield Williams

Lew Williams

Lucile Ruby Woodard

Kenneth Zachary

Distinguished Faculty & Administrators

Interviewee Surname A-C

Harold V. Andersen

Hilda Arndt

Marian Baun

Irwin Berg

Alvin Bertrand (by Everett Besch)

Wilma Blackwell

Arnold Bouma

Vance Bourjaily

Cleanth Brooks

H. Rouse Caffey

C.C. "Cliff" Cameron

Charlie Campagna

Rosario (Roe) James Cangelosi

John Capdevielle

Mark T. Carleton

Doyle Chambers

A.B. Clark

Jesse Coates (by Scott Purdy)

Jesse Coates (by James Traynham)

Helen Cobb

Quinn Coco

Quinn Coco, et al.

James Perry Cole

Interviewee Surname D-H

Melvin Dakin

Edwin Davis, Sr.

Gresdna Doty, et al.

Caroline Durieux

Charles East

Eleanor Dalrymple Fauver

Jean Ford, et al.

Arden French

Fred Frey

Polly Gibbs

A.O. Goldsmith

Max Goodrich

Ordell Griffith (by Kathleen Jenkins)

Ordell Griffith (by Everett Besch)

William G. Haag

William G. Haag & G. Quimby

Robert Haspel

Murry F. Hawkins

Franziska Heberle

Rudolph Heberle

Elsie Hebert (by Charles Wade)

Elsie Hebert (by Melisse Campbell)

Harold Heck

Peter Herlihy

Katherine Huckaby

John Hunter

Charles Hyneman & Melvin Dakin

Interviewee Surname I-P

Nick Kalivoda (by Mary Hebert)

Nick Kalivoda (by Melisse Campbell)

Thomas Kirby

Fred B. Kniffen (by Susie Crews)

Fred B. Kniffen (by Sally Kuzenski)

Helen Levy

John Loos

Hoguet Alexandre Major

Mary Manhein

Kathy Marcel

George "Red" Matthes

Theodore McMullan

Sig Mickelson

Maurice Morrissette

Grover Murray

Paul Murrill

Paul Murrill et al.

Claude Jean "C.J." Naquin

T. Wayne Parent

Huel D. Perkins

Interviewee Surname Q-Z

James Reddoch

Robert Reich & Max Conrad

Oscar Richard (by Everett Besch)

Oscar Richard (by Angie Juban)

Miles Edward Richardson

Roger Richardson & Carrie Richardson

E.B. Robert

Frances Roper

Douglas A. Rossman

George Schwab

Josephine Scurria

David Senior

Claude Shaver (by Jack Fiser)

Claude Shaver (by unknown interviewer - 1983)

Lewis Simpson

Peter Soderbregh

Ray Sommer

Donald Stanford

Cecil G. Taylor (by Pamela Dean )

Cecil G. Taylor (by Kay Harrison)

Cecil G. Taylor (by Jack Fiser)

Charles Teddlie

John Thompson

Everett Timm

Charles Titkemeyer

Virginia Vercher

Jess Walker

Philip W. West

Robert C. West

Martin Woodin (by Susan Teddlie)

Martin Woodin (by Everett Besch)

Paul C. Young

Paul C. Young, et al.

Integration & the African American Experience

Mrs. Anonymous

Maxine Crump

Leo Hamilton

Demetris "Dee" Williams Howard

Joanna D. Lamotte

Oliver Mack (by Mary Hebert)

Oliver Mack (by Forest Smith)

John McNeese

Adrian Vaughn Mitchell

Pearl H. Payne

Freya Rivers

Dolores R. Spikes

Alexander Pierre Tureaud, Jr.

Ole War Skule: The Military Tradition

Interviewee Surname A-J

Robert Badon

Quinn Becker

Alvin Bertrand (by Jennifer Abraham)

William Bigler

Thomas O. Blakeney

Steve A. Chappuis

Frank C. Collins, Jr.

A. Harry Conrad, Jr.

John A. Cox

Joseph Dale

Jerry Daly

David H. Garland

Charles Hair, Jr.

Wilbur Joffrion

John Jolissaint

Interviewee Surname K-Z

Marion Kirby

E. B. Kitchens, Jr.

Robert LeBlanc

Daniel Lestage

Dalton S. Oliver

Fred Palmer III & Bob Wooten

Carey A. Randall

Louie Reinberg (by Jack Fiser)

Loiue Reinberg (by Mary Hebert)

R.G. Richard

Raymond Rockhold

David A. Schorr

Fred Schuber

Wiltz Segura

Aubrey Williams

James W. Wilson, Jr.

Erbon W. Wise

Dalton Woods

William R. Wray


Rural Life Museum

Steele Burden (by Suzanne Turner)

Steele Burden (by Kathy Grigsby)

John A. Cox

John Dutton

David Floyd

George Fraley

Dudley Fricke


Student Government Association Past Presidents

Kenneth Deshotel

Alfred Glassell

Lloyd F. Love

Abe Mickal

Hugh O'Connor

Roger Ogden

Kerry Louis Pourciau

Evelyn Norman Raser

Theodor "Ted" Schirmer

Jimmy Stoker

David E. Walker

Horace Wilkinson, IV

Women at LSU

Marian Berkett

Malva Huson Brown

Sheryl Campbell

Celine McGinn Geary

Sarah Sue Goldsmith

Frances Greer

Helen Haymon

Sara Hinkel

Nancy Jane Honeycutt

Anne Howe

Dorothy Howell

M. Margaret Jameson

Gloria Hodge Johnson

Dee Walker Jones

Jane McGowan

Ellen Bryan Moore

Carolyn Bennett Patterson

Nancy Prothro

Grace Ramke

Sterling Rolfe & Lea Lanier

Tommy Collier Simmons

Jeanette Singleton

Dixon Smith

Annie Spencer

Jo Stumberg

Dorothy Sutz

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