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Size: 96 interviews on 157 recordings

Dates of interviews: 1970s - present

Principal Interviewers: Pamela Dean, David Culbert, Helen Peterson, Kathleen Kearns, Susan Tittlebaum, Shelly Wells, Tayari Kwa Salaam, Harriet Walker, Ruth Laney, Mary Hebert Price, Jennifer Abraham

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Processing Status: 4% of interviews are cataloged (4 of 96)

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Description: These primarily biographical and regional history interviews were conducted by LSU faculty and students, by Williams Center staff under contract for interviewees' families, or were donated to the Williams Center. In addition to family history and genealogy, topics covered include: the Association for Women Historians, Lansdowne Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi, the New Llano Cooperative Colony near Leesville, Louisiana, Williams Plantation, architecture, landscape architecture, hurricanes, Mardi Gras celebrations, Louisiana fisheries, the sugarcane industry, Native American and African American artists, New Orleans history and music, and topics of international interest such as the Mexican Revolution and Nazi propaganda films.

Interview Abstracts

Interviewee Surname A-B

Edgar Aubert

Pamela K. Autrey

William Barth

Alvin Batiste

Lillian B. & Harold Bernard

Sam Bibbens

Cyril Billiot

Jamie Billiot

Dorothy Coquille Blanchard & Nova Coquille

Dr. Bonch & Fran Ivey

Chantrelle Borne

Karen Boudreaux

Laura Brackin

Ernest Brooks

Interviewee Surname C-F

Chandra McCormick Calhoun & Keith Calhoun

George Christian

Mary Collins

Ann Cook

Richard Condrey

Molly Davis

Keith Ellison

James Farr

Sarah Ford

Interviewee Surname G-K

Ricki Garrett

Peter & Clara Gerica

Allen Green

Jan Guthrie

Eileen Hammatt

Noel Hammatt

L.J. Harelson

Willie Dee Hart

Derryl Haymon

Paul J. Henderson

Damon Hewitt

Al Hirt

Julius Hughes

Terry Jackson, Brenda Bass, Linda Clark

Louise M. Johnson

Sheleen P. Jones

Tanya Jones

Debra Joseph

Interviewee Surname L-M

Stacy Lacour

Ted Landry & Rebecca Saunders

Paul Lansky

Michele LeBlanc

Ella D. Lewis

Kay Long, Marsha Budz & Terry Fluke

Frank Louis

Marie Mamalakis

Doug Manship, Sr.

Yvonne Mariki

Janet McDonald

Robbie McHardy

Ian McHarg

Nathan Meggs, Jr.

Dorothy Daly Mitchell

Cecil Morgan

Dorothy Morgan

Lew Munson

Interviewee Surname N-S

Devereux Nobles & George Marshall IV

Joan Weil Oppenheim

Lillian B. Oubre

Cynthia Payton

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Peecher

George Blair Pickett

Eric T. Reid

Lynn Richardson

Leni Riefenstahl

Kevin Robbins

Leslie Saver

John Scott

James Skelton

Amy Slowey

Gayle Smith

Caroline Coates Spiller

Nicholas R. Spitzer

Nick Spitzer

Liza Jo Stelly

Hans Sternberg

Lou Ella Swearingen

Interviewee Surname T-Z

A. Elizabeth Taylor

LaVada Taylor

A. Hays Town, Sr.

Sue Tyner

Berk Veillion

Christina Vella

Donna Washington

Katherine Watts

Susan Webre

Thomas Webre

Roena Wilford

Anna Williams

Frances Williams

Fonville Winans

Zeb White

Annie Zehyoue

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