Carrel Policy


LSU Libraries has over 150 carrels available to patrons engaged in research which requires the prolonged consultation of significant quantities of library material. All carrels have outlets and desk lamps. Faculty carrels have wall outlets, and graduate carrels have outlets in the base of the desk lamp under the shelf. 32 of the carrels are for faculty use only; the rest are assigned on a first-come-first served basis to faculty and graduate students. Undergraduate students are not eligible to hold a carrel. If no carrels reserved for the use of a faculty member are available, the faculty member will be assigned a graduate carrel and can request to be put on a waiting list for the next available faculty carrel. Carrel assignments to faculty expire at the end of the academic year, carrel assignments to graduate students at the end of each semester.

How to apply for a Carrel

  1. Application for a carrel may be made at any time during the academic year at the LSU Libraries Access Services Desk, by e-mailing the Carrel Manager directly or by submitting the Study Carrel Request Form.
  2. Patrons to whom carrels are assigned will be notified by an e-mail sent to their myLSU account. If no carrels are available, patrons are placed on a waiting list until one becomes available or they request to be removed from the list. The carrel will be held for the patron for two weeks. If the key is not picked up within that time, the carrel will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.
  3. Each carrel holder will be issued a key after presenting a copy of the notification e-mail, signing that they are in receipt of a copy of these carrel regulations, and paying a $5.00 deposit at the Access Services Desk. A credit will be issued to the patron's account at the Bursar's Office upon the return of the key.
  4. Toward the end of the carrel reservation period, patrons will be sent a renewal notice via e-mail. Keys for non-renewed carrels are due 2 weeks after the end of the reservation period. Failure to return the key on time or to respond to the renewal notification in a timely fashion will result in the loss of the carrel and the forfeiture of the key deposit.
  5. Carrel holders should notify the Carrel Manager as soon as they no longer need the space.

General Regulations

  1. No cooking or household appliances allowed in the carrels.
  2. Carrels are intended for reading and research only. They are not to be used for conference or office space.
  3. A carrel may be used only by the person to whom it is assigned.
  4. Nothing should be affixed or installed on any surface of the carrel in a way that would cause permanent damage. The use of screws, nails or permanent adhesives is therefore forbidden. Any other materials not specified in this regulation will be subject to review by Library Management.
  5. No additional locks may be installed.
  6. Do not block air conditioner vents near carrels.
  7. The Library cannot be held responsible for personal property left in any carrel. Thieves occasionally break into carrels and remove items.
  8. Do not leave any items or papers in the carrel.

Violation of any of these regulations will result in the revocation of the carrel assignment.

Use of Library Materials

  1. Library materials cannot be charged directly to a carrel.
  2. Library materials charged to the carrel holder may be left in the carrel, with the understanding that, should they be stolen from the carrel, the patron, not the library, is responsible for all fines and replacement costs for the item.
  3. Carrels are checked biweekly for uncharged materials. Any such items will be removed from the carrel and reshelved. Library staff will notify the patron about the removal, explaining why it was done. If a carrel holder continually leaves uncharged items in the carrel, the assignment will be revoked.


Carrels must be renewed within two weeks of receiving a renewal notice! Only properly registered students whose library previlleges have not expired or been revoked will be permitted to keep their carrel assignments!


Questions regarding carrel assignments should be directed to the Carrel Manager at the LSU Libraries Access Services Desk.

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