Book Delivery

Book Delivery is a service that delivers Main Library and Interlibrary Loan items to departmental mailboxes. 

Who is Eligible

LSU Faculty & Staff

How to Submit a Request

Place book delivery requests for LSU Library and interlibrary loan material through your interlibrary loan account. Logon to your interlibrary loan account, choose "Book" from the left menu, and complete the request form. When asked for your delivery preference, choose "Deliver to Departmental Mailbox." 

Book Delivery Policies

  • LSU Libraries and interlibrary loan items are eligible for delivery, excluding materials that do not circulate outside the library (ex. course reserves and microfilm)
  • Most deliveres are made in 1-2 business days delivery but it is not guaranteed
  • You will be notified when the book is in transit to your departmental mailbox
  • After two delivery attempts, LSU Libraries items will be placed on hold at the Access Services desk for 7 days then returned to the collection. Interlibrary Loan items will be held for pickup at the Access Services desk until their due date then returned to the lending library
  • Patrons are responsible for the return of items; there is no pick-up service
  • Maximum request allowance is 8 per day


For questions about placing a book delivery request, contact interlibrary loan at For other book delivery issues email