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Finding aids are descriptions of archival collections.  Among other elements, they typically provide biographical or historical information about the creator(s), details about what types of materials are found in a collection and what topics they are “about,” and a list of boxes and folders to help you identify what you want to request.   The list of collections below includes links to our finding aids that are available in electronic form.

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Campbell (Zoe J.) Diaries Mss. 1274
Cannon (Andrew and Family) Papers Mss. 4979
Capell (Eli J.) Family Papers Mss. 674
Capell Family Papers Mss. 56, 257, 1751, 2501, 2597
Carey (Cora E. and Family) Papers Mss. 2987
Carleton (Mark T.) Papers Mss. 4644
Carmouche (Annie Jeter) Papers Mss. 2878
Carnegie (S. Steve) Papers Mss. 2531
Carpenter (George H.) Family Papers Mss. 2317
Carrigan (Jo Ann) Collection Mss. 2455
Carroll (Daniel R.) Family Papers Mss. 1514, 2296
Carrollton Centennial Exhibit Collection Mss. 1623
Cartwright (Samuel A. and Family) Papers Mss. 2471, 2499
Cary (Sylvester L.) Scrapbook Mss. 2337
Casey (Powell A.) Collection Mss. 1732, 2540, 2712
Cazayoux Family Papers Mss. 4827
Chaffraix (Mrs. D. A.) Papers Mss. 1249, 1258
Chambers (Rowland) Diaries Mss. 839
Chambon (Celestin Marius) Papers Mss. 2047
Chandler (Thomas W.) Papers Mss. 3956
Chaney (Thomas R.) Papers Mss. 5162
Chaplin, Breazeale, and Chaplin Papers Mss. 952, 967, 1028
Chase (John C.) Cartoons Mss. 1414
Chatsworth Plantation Store Records Mss. 4589
Chelette (Atala and Family) Papers Mss. 979
Chenel (Louis E.) Family Papers Mss. 4631
Chennault (Lt. General Claire Lee) Family Papers Mss. 3042
Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park Commission: Louisiana Commission Photographs Mss. 4504
Chol (Emmanuel) Papers Mss. 1780, 1906
Civil War Letters Mss. 983
Civil War Photograph Album Mss. 2572
Claiborne (William C. C.) Letters and Depositions Mss. 5018
Clark (Charles and Family) Papers Mss. 3982
Clark (Daisy Kidd) Papers Mss. 3304, 3905
Clark (Gladys) Papers Mss. 4953
Clarke (Powhatan) Diary Mss. 893
Clary (Hiram T.) Papers Mss. 361
Clay (Henry) Letter Mss. 3452
Clement (George) Papers Mss. 1148
Clifton (Christopher) Papers Mss. 3022