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Finding aids are descriptions of archival collections.  Among other elements, they typically provide biographical or historical information about the creator(s), details about what types of materials are found in a collection and what topics they are “about,” and a list of boxes and folders to help you identify what you want to request.   The list of collections below includes links to our finding aids that are available in electronic form.

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Fleming (Walter L.) Collection Mss. 890, 893
Florida Parishes Photographic Collection Mss. 2355
Fluker (David J.) Papers Mss. 727
Fontane (Doralice) Papers Mss. 3622
Fontenot (Ozeme and Family) Papers Mss. 3248
Foster (James and Family) Correspondence Mss. 2184
Foster (Murphy J. and Family) Papers Mss. 4710
Fournet (John B.) Papers Mss. 2558
Fourrier (Henri and Joseph Amedee) Papers Mss. 1456, 2298
Freemasons, Feliciana Lodge No. 31 (St. Francisville, LA) Records Mss. 4777
Freemasons, St. James Lodge No. 47 (Baton Rouge, LA) Records Mss. 2860
Frellsen (Henry) Plantation Diary Mss. 3497
French (George N.) Papers Mss. 3695
French Society of New Orleans Papers Mss. 318, 1012
French-Clarke Family Papers Mss. 3494
Frenzel (Michael and Mary Anne Hynes) Family Papers Mss. 5054
Fuqua (Henry L.) Lytle Photograph Collection and Papers Mss. 1898
Furlow (Kent) Photographica Collection Mss. 4754
Gamble (Harry Pollard, Sr.) Papers, Mss. 4054
Gandy (Thomas H. and Joan W.) Photograph Collection. Cameras and Equipment Subgroup Mss. 3778
Gardiner (John I.) Papers Mss. 2206
Garig (William Wallace) and Family Papers Mss. 2993
Garland (Henry L.) Collection Mss. 1788, 1978
Garland (Henry L.) Papers Mss. 3087
Garland (Kate) Papers Mss. 154
Gasquet (Marshall J.) Record Books Mss. 1229
Gay (Andrew Hynes and Family) Papers Mss. 2542
Gay (Edward J. and Family) Papers Mss. 1295
Gay (Edward J., III) Congressional File Mss. 1295
Gay-Butler-Plater Family Papers Mss. 4872
Gebelin-Walsh-Hynes-Frenzel Family Papers Mss. 4983
Gendron (Lorraine P.) Papers Mss. 5004
George (John Thomas and Family) Papers Mss. 3292
Gianelloni (Sabin J., Jr.) Papers Mss. 3458
Gianelloni (V. J.) Papers Mss. 1939
Giauque (Florien) Papers Mss. 1900
Gibson (Randall Lee) Papers Mss. 2402, 2412, 2423
Giles (G. W.) Letters Mss. 2133
Gillespie (James A. and Family) Papers Mss. 669
Girault (Auguste) Papers Mss. 1145