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Finding aids are descriptions of archival collections.  Among other elements, they typically provide biographical or historical information about the creator(s), details about what types of materials are found in a collection and what topics they are “about,” and a list of boxes and folders to help you identify what you want to request.   The list of collections below includes links to our finding aids that are available in electronic form.

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Daigle (Isadore) Family Papers Mss. 4041
Daniels (Josephus) Letters Mss. 2389
Dart (Elisabeth K.) Collection Mss. 5023
Davidson (John M.) Legal Papers Mss. 1472
Davis (Don) Slide Collection Mss. 4896
Davis (E. F.) Papers Mss. 4312
Day (Anita G.) Digital Prints Mss. 4993
de Caro (Francis A. and Rosan A. Jordan) Collection Mss. 3197, 4089, 4164
De La Vergne (Charles E.) Memorial Collection Mss. 2642
De Lapouyade (Robert) Collection Mss. 1011, 1040, 2629
DeClouet (Alexandre and Family) Papers Mss. 74, 258, 461, 756
Delsarte (Francois) Papers Mss. 1301
Democratic State Central Committee of Louisiana Papers Mss. 3760
Desmond (John) Papers Mss. 4792
Devall-Hyams Family Papers and Photographs Mss. 4242
DeVol (H. Donald) Collection on Huey P. Long Mss. 3653
DeWees (John) Family Papers Mss. 3089
Dietz (Walter F.) Papers Mss. 1894
Dixon (Margaret) Papers Mss. 2545
Doerr (Charles T. and Family) Papers Mss. 3312
Doke (Fielding Yeager) Papers Ms. 2215
Dore (J. Hugo) Papers Mss 1389
Dornier (Jules A. and Family) Papers Mss. 3468
Dougherty (John A.) Papers Mss. 3528
Douglas (Emily Caroline) Papers Mss. 566
Doussan Family Papers Mss. 4800
Dreger (Ralph M.) Papers Mss. 3900
Drouillard (Jean Baptiste) Family Papers Mss 2590
Dugas (Claiborne J. Bobby) Memoirs Mss. 3571
Dugas (Honore and Family) Papers Mss. 1645
Dumas (Woodrow Wilson "Woody") Collection Mss. 3563
Duncan (Stephen) Correspondence Mss. 1431, 1551, 1595, 1793
Dunham (Marshall) Photograph Album Mss. 3241
Duplantier (Armand) Family Letters Mss. 5060
Durieux (Caroline W.) Papers Mss. 3827
Durnin (James and John) Papers Mss. 697
Eager (Paul H.) Papers Mss. 130
East (Charles) Papers Mss. 3471
Edwards (Marianne) Letters Mss. 1850
Eggleston-Roach Papers Mss. 832
Elam (James E.) Letter Book Mss. 672, 2464
Elliot (William St. John) Papers Mss. 1147
Ellis (E. John) Diary Mss. 2795
Ellis (E. John, Thomas C. W. and Family) Papers Mss. 136
Ellis (E.P. and Family) Papers Mss. 663
Ellis (Hazel and Nellie) Family Papers Mss. 467
Ellis (William H.) Papers Mss. 2274
Ellis-Farar Papers Mss. 1000
Evans (H.) Letter Mss. 1063
Evans (J. Bruce) Papers Mss. 4664
Evans (Simeon A.) Letters Mss. 1845
ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Historic Collection Mss. 5030
Faler (M.) and Company Letterbook Mss. 1092
Farar (Benjamin) Papers Mss. 1364
Feliciana Female Collegiate Institute Record Books Mss. 757
Ferguson (Katie Lee) Papers Mss. 1416, 1576
Ferguson (Samuel Wragg) Papers Mss. 1416, 1576
Fern (A.) Letter Mss. 3404
Ferris (Livingston Polk) Papers Mss. 2829
Fields (Harvey G.) Papers Mss. 5006