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Finding aids are descriptions of archival collections.  Among other elements, they typically provide biographical or historical information about the creator(s), details about what types of materials are found in a collection and what topics they are “about,” and a list of boxes and folders to help you identify what you want to request.   The list of collections below includes links to our finding aids that are available in electronic form.

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Louque (Charles) Papers Mss. 1473
Loyd (Gladys Means) Family Papers Mss. 3224
Lusher (Robert M.) Papers Mss. 696, 788, 1025, 1161, 1353
Lyons (Charlton H.) Papers Mss. 3075
Lytle (Andrew D.) Album Photograph Collection Mss. 3708
Lytle (Andrew D.) Collection Mss. 1254
Lytle (Andrew D.) Family Collection Mss. 5207
Lytle (Andrew D.) Photograph Collection Mss. 2600
MacKowen (John Clay) Papers Mss. 2465
Madden (Roberta M.) Papers Mss. 5022
Madison Lumber Company Negatives and Prints Mss. 176236-176243
Maginnis (John) Papers Mss. 5185
Magruder (Benjamin Scott) Collection (Hilda Moss Papers) Mss. 4425
Magruder (W.H. Nathaniel) Papers Mss. 3915
Mahy Desmontils (Joseph Henry de) Letter Mss. 1171
Mandeville (Henry D.) Family Papers Mss. 491, 535
Mann (Lawrence) Papers Mss. 5161
Marchand (Sidney A.) Papers Mss. 3214
Marchant (James Alexander) Family Papers Mss 3641
Markham (Thomas Railey) Papers Mss. 250, 649, 650
Marshall (George B. and Family) Papers Mss. 969
Marshall-Furman Family Papers Mss. 2740, 4042
Marston (Henry and Family) Papers Mss 624
Martin (Robert Campbell, Jr.) Papers Mss. 1045
Martin (Sigur) Papers Mss. 460
Mathews (Charles L.) Family Papers Mss. 910
Mathews-Ventress-Lawrason Family Papers Mss 4358
McCaleb (E. Howard) Papers Mss. 2713
McCarstle (C. M.) Family Account Books Mss. 486, 652
McClure (John W.) Papers Mss. 3240
McCowan (Jane) Photographs and Papers Mss. 4645
McCutchon (Samuel) Papers Mss. 1049, 1060, 1087, 1109
McGalliard (William M. and Family) Papers Mss. 3713
McGehee (H.T.) Papers Mss. 5213
McGehee (J. Burruss) Papers Mss. 1111, 1156, 1157
McGrath (John) Papers and Scrapbook Mss. 1115
McIlhenny (John A.) Collection Mss. 4746
McIlhenny (John S.) Papers Mss. 4962
MckElvey (Peter B.) Papers Mss. 1068
McKinney (Jeptha) Papers Mss. 273, 718
McKittrick (David L.) Papers Mss. 3814
McKowen-Lilly-Stirling Family Papers Mss. 4356
McLaws (William Raymond) Journals Mss. 2967
McMorran (Charlotte Cheney) Photograph Collection Mss. 5040
McMurran (John T. and Family) Papers Mss. 1403
McMurran-Austen Family Papers Mss. 4795
McMurray (Aldridge L.) Papers Mss. 4502
McVea (Charles and Lucy Hilliard) Papers Mss. 5159
McVea-Neville Family Papers Mss. 3284
McVeigh (George W.) Diary and Letter Mss. 3871
Mercer (William Newton) Papers Mss. 292, 1051, 1233
Merrick (Edwin Thomas) Papers Mss. 1137, 1752
Mestayer (Marcelite Segura) Photograph Collection Mss. 4365
Metoyer Family Papers Mss. 836, 837, 846
Meyer Brothers Store Records Mss. 2909
Mignon (Francois) Papers Mss. 4484
Miller (Charles W.) Letters Mss. 4632
Miller (Minos D., Jr.) Papers Mss. 2511
Milne Asylum Papers Mss. 1170
Mingo Family African American Photographs Mss. 5113