Publications Using Our Materials

Over the years many authors have published books based on research conducted using materials from the LSU Libraries Special Collections. The books shown below represent some of the more recent publications, organized by date of publication (in descending order).

The Complete Engraver: Monograms, Crests, Ciphers, Seals, and the Etiquette of Social Stationary
Collins, Nancy Sharon
New York: Princeton Architectural Press; 2012
Baton Rouge Cemeteries
Phillips, Faye
Mount Pleasant, SC: Arcadia Publishing Company; 2012
The Land of Too Much
Prasad, Monica
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press; 2012
Swallowed Tears: A Memoir
Rivers, Freya Anderson
Author House; 2012
A Glorious Army: Robert E. Lee's Triumph, 1862-1863
Wert, Jeffry D.
New York: Simon & Schuster; 2011
Best of LSU Fiction
Alexius, Nolde E. (Ed.) and Judy Kahn (Ed.)
Baton Rouge: The Southern Review, Louisiana State University Press; 2010
Louisiana Women: Their Lives and Times
Allured, Janet and Judith F. Gentry
Athens: The University of Georgia Press; 2009
The Manship School: A History of Journalism Education at LSU
Garay, Ronald
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press; 2009
Old South Baton Rouge: The Roots of Hope
Hendry, Petra M., Jay D. Edwards and Carolyn Ware
Lafayette: University of Louisiana at Lafayette; 2009
Historic Photos of LSU Football
Martin, Mark E. and Barry Cowan
Nashville: Turner Publishing Company; 2009
A Summer of Birds: John James Audubon at Oakley House
Heitman, Danny
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press; 2008
Historic Photos of Baton Rouge
Martin, Mark E.
Nashville: Turner Publishing Company; 2008
Andrew D. Lytle's Baton Rouge: Photographs 1863-1910
Martin, Mark E.
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press; 2008
Images of America: Baton Rouge
Rodrigue, Sylvia Frank and Faye Phillips
Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing; 2008
Cavalryman of the Lost Cause: A Biography of J.E.B. Stuart
Wert, Jeffry D.
New York: Simon & Schuster; 2008
Little to Eat and Thin Mud to Drink: Letters, Diaries, and Memoirs from the Red River Campaigns, 1863-1864
Joiner, Gary D.
Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press; 2007
Troubled Waters: Steamboat Disasters, River Improvements, and American Public Policy, 1821-1860
Paskoff, Paul F.
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press; 2007
Winding Through Time: The Forgotten History and Present-Day Peril of Bayou Manchac
Sternberg, Mary Ann
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press; 2007
LSU: A Legacy of Leaders
Barbre, Charles S.
Baton Rouge: Bayou Sports Promotions; 2006
Baseball in Baton Rouge
Bielawa, Michael and Janice Bielawa
Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing; 2006